3 Temmuz 2021



21:59(L)21:38 – Message from 213-200-0944(21:38) 213-200-0944:Hey(21:39) you:Hi, Do I know you?(21:39) 213-200-0944:Yeah, My name’s Justin(21:39) you:Sorry, do you have the wrong number? I don’t recall meeting a Justin?(21:39) 213-200-0944:haha, you might know of me from instagram? @justinbieber(21:39) you:look buddy, i don’t know how you got my number but please just leave me alone it was a hilarious prank(21:39) 213-200-0944:nice one, but seriously this is me.(21:40) you:yeah, cause you would totally be texting me on messages and not in my insta dms.(21:40) 213-200-0944:haha your funny, you canlı bahis really think i manage that account?(21:40) you:hmmm, fair play. can you prove its you?(21:45) you:got you there, have a nice day!21:51 – Image from 213-200-0944(21:51) 213-200-0944:(21:52) you:Almost got me there but, how do I prove that you aren’t just getting that off the internet.(21:51) 213-200-0944:Liam, you just have to trust me. You know what? How do I know this is you?(21:51) you:This doesn’t mean i trust you btw.(21:52) 213-200-0944:Look, if it means so much to you, why don’t i just message you on Instagram.(21:52) bahis siteleri you:Let’s see how this turns out.(21:58) Instagram:1 new messagejustinbieber:HeyYou:Yo, whats up?justinbieberYou still don’t believe me?You:What?justinbieberI was texting you. Like 7 minutes ago.You:That was actually you? What are you doing texting me? Its like 21:59.justinbieber:Correct me if i’m wrong but you are doing a show in New York tomorrow right?You:Yea, why? You still haven’t answered my question.justinbieber:Look. You ain’t fooling anyone with Cheryl. We all know your batting for the other team.You:Haha bahis şirketleri you’ve got to be joking.justinbieber:Don’t beat around the bush with me.You:Say that you are right, and I am gay. Why do you feel the need to tell me this?justinbieber:Isn’t it a bit obvious?You:No…?justinbieber:I wanna fool around with you.You:Wow Justin i’m flattered its just…justinbieber:Fuck i knew i shouldn’t have done this.You:It’s just i never thought you’d ask.justinbieber:;) cool, so how we gonna do this?You:I haven’t got a clue. Aren’t you in Honolulu or something right now?justinbieberYea, but i’m in new york from tomorrow. You:Look justin, i would love to talk all night but i can’t. I’ve got to rest. I’ll have my assistant send a car to bring you to my hotel. Until then xx.justinbieberI feel you, no problem. Cya then x.00:03 –

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