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6 mature big breasted, white ladies bbc cottage ad

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6 mature big breasted, white ladies bbc cottage adMy wife went up to our cottage to spend a long weekend with 5 of her girlfriends. My wife was 53 years old, 42DD-35-41, curvy, big breasted, blonde, blued eyed, full bush. The other 5 ladies were Wendy, Beverly, Steph, Connie & Elaine. One was a blonde, the others were brunettes. All were curvy women, all complained they couldn’t lose those stubborn 25lbs that crept up over the years and won’t go away. Their ages were 47-53, Connie was the biggest being roughly 48E-44-49. Although us husbands repeatedly told our wives that we didn’t expect them to look 25 again, but that we thought their lovely mature curves, now extra large all natural breasts, made them extra sexy and voluptuous. All 6 of us husbands thought our wives were drop dead gorgeous! All had several c***dren, Connie having the most at 7, the least was Beverly with 4, my wife had 6.Both cars pulled into our cottage’s driveway about 3:00 Friday afternoon, they picked up something for dinner on the way up. After unpacking, 2 ladies to a bedroom Wendy suggested they go for a swim as afterwards they could just eat the take out dinner brought up. Hot summers day, cottage was super hot, so opened the windows to air it out, put their groceries in the fridge and were looking forward to jumping in the lake. We had made a great little beach, k**s, grandk**s and friends k**s all loved visiting. Ladies were putting their one piece swimsuits on, after all, they were all conscious of those extra 5-7″ in their waists. Wife wanted something from the living room, came walking out in the nude, swimsuit in hand. Elaine looked at her and said you look really hot, hey, why don’t we skinny dip? You still have some naturalists and nudists around here, so even if someone saw us, would it be a problem? Wife said probably not. Other ladies stripped down, grabbed a towel and headed out the door. Ladies were a little nervous if someone was next door, looked unoccupied, walked the 100″ down to the beach. Dropped their towels ran into the water, wife said it looked hilarious, all these mature ladies, little extra here and there wiggling, big breasts flopping all over. Ladies enjoyed the water, laughed, swam, commented on how they could see men love water trickling down a woman’s big breasts.Exited the water and lied down on their towels, soak up some rays, rubbed suntan lotion into each other. Nervous at first but they relaxed after a while. Didn’t notice a fishing boat slowly coming closer to shore after a while. 3 men called out to the ladies, commented on what a beautiful sight they were! Steph answered and said you’re just being polite. Guys came right back and said seriously, real women are the best looking, not some skinny runway model! Women thanked them, they moved away but before they left they said my wife and her friends made their day!! Wendy looked at the ladies and said “we’ve still got it”!! All laughed and felt much better.As they approached the cottage side door, Beverly suggested they walk to the end of the driveway, turn around and come back, hey, fishermen liked what they saw, let’s tempt some other men! Ladies loved the idea. While walking up the driveway about halfway Connie thought she saw the blinds move in the cottage beside us. All ladies smiled, finished walking to the end, turned around and came back into the cottage. Connie said someone next door enjoyed the show! All laughed!Wife then asked if they felt like tempting their neighbours all weekend? Wendy said sure, let’s drive the guys crazy! Wife said okay, no clothes and no using the car, just us au naturel! Ladies agreed. They warmed the take out up and came out to the porch, all naked to eat dinner. After dinner they all had a drink, started to play some cards. Connie kept saying someone next door is really enjoying the show! Sun was starting to set, ladies noticed two young men watching them from the top of our driveway, wife waved for them to come up. The porch was screened in, wife opened the door and invited the men to join them. They couldn’t stop looking at the 12 large breasts right in front of them. Ladies loved the attention, made them feel super sexy!After an hour or so my wife asked the young men what they liked about these old ladies because it was apparent they couldn’t stop looking at the 12 large breasts in front of them. One guy, Randy, was a bit embarrassed, and was shocked at how old everyone was, Randy said they all looked gorgeous! Wife then stood up, put her right palm gently against her belly, rapidly moved it up and down. Asked Randy if he liked the jiggle her belly made? He gulped and said yes! She said well that’s 8lbs of my extra weight that won’t go away. She turned around ran her hand down along the outside of her right butt then squeezed the side at the bottom of her butt, said there’s another 2lbs extra, did the same to her other butt side. She looked at him and said so I have 8+2+2=12 of my extra 25lbs. Lifted her arms, skin hung down a bit, said another 2+2, up to 16lbs. Squeezed her little love handles, another 2+2, up to 20lbs now. Squeezed under her chin, other parts of her top, that’s another 5lbs, up to 25lbs now. Lifted her leg up onto the chair, thighs a little bigger, another 4-7lbs, pulled her pubic hair up and said and what gives with my pussy lips? They started to grow after I hit 45, soon they’ll be dragging on the ground as they’re almost 3″ now, another 1lb. Wife said, oops, guess I’m carrying an extra 30-33lbs, not just 25. She then squeezed her breasts together, held them up, squeezed some more, let them flop back down. One at a time picked them up, let it flop back down, said to Randy they’re not perky anymore, just big and floppy. Wife then bent over said to Randy my big breasts hang straight down plus the 8lbs extra on my waist hangs down. So, Randy, you still like my body, the one that jiggles a bit when I walk, belly hangs down when I bend over? Randy said she looks curvy, full figured and voluptuous, absolutely stunning! He said all you ladies are really hot!!Wife sat down, she wanted to give Randy a show, poor guy had a hard time keeping his breathing down. Ten o’clock came, ladies told the young men they have to leave. They reluctantly stood up, hard to hide a couple kaynarca escort massive erections in just a bathing suit! All ladies gave them a big hug, made sure to rub their breasts against their chests. Two young men walked gingerly up the driveway.Wife looked at her 5 friends and said maybe our husbands have been telling us the truth. We hate those stubborn extra pounds here and there, but it seems men, even young men, love our big floppy breasts and full mature curves! Even if mine is 30-33lbs instead of 25lbs!! Yikes, wish it were only 25lbs, but hey, I flash a little flesh to my husband and he’s all over me, so I shouldn’t complain! Ladies stood up and entered the cottage, Connie again said they were being watched by the cottage next door. Wife said the owners are in Europe, so it must be rented, Wendy said seeing as we’re such a hot item with the boys up here, tomorrow we should just walk over and introduce ourselves! Steph laughed and said if there’s some young men there seeing our 6 voluptuous, curvy, big breasted (rocked her hips sideways with hands on her hips with sass), mature bodies, may give them a heart attack! Wife puffed her chest out, rubbed her belly and said I never thought having a “nude weekend” would be so much fun! So none of us are even going to wear a pair of socks until late Monday when we head back? Beverly said “amen” to that! Elaine then in a very powerful voice with gusto said, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it baby”!! Ladies all yelled and high fived each other! All slept soundly.Wife woke up, went and had a shower. Phone rang while in the shower, Wendy answered the phone, took a message. After all the ladies freshened up they had breakfast, then Wendy remembered the phone call. Message was from Mario, a neighbor just up the road, my wife’s honey was in. He had a 10lb tub for her, but was heading back into the city at 1:00, so if she could come pick it up that would be great! It was now 9:30. Wife stood up, said great, I’ll just get dressed, drive up there and be right back. All other ladies went hey, hey, hey, what about no clothes and no cars while up here? Wife went, but Mario is a good 12 minute walk up the road? Steph said, the rules are the rules! Wife had another coffee, was nervous thinking about her trip of walking nude up the road. Ladies discussed it, Wendy said the guys love us up here, you’ll be so excited by it! Wife thought about that, she knew Mario and his wife were nudists several years ago, so he shouldn’t have a problem. She thought about any k**s? Don’t want that, seemed there was minimal k**s up there at the moment. After they cleaned up it was time to leave. Wife walked half way up the driveway, stopped, was nervous to keep going. Connie came up and said she’d go with her. Wife said if she gets in trouble for it, better it’s only her, but thanks anyway. Connie stood in the driveway, said I’ll walk you to the end. End of the driveway my wife took a deep breath and started walking towards Mario’s cottage, Connie came back. Wife definitely noticed curtains move in the neighbor’s cottage, but figured they already had been watching. Five minutes no cars, she breaths easier. Then she hears a car driving up from behind, gets really nervous. Car pulls over, it’s Bertha and Gertrude, the old German sisters (mid 70’s) a few doors down. Bertha asks if she’s alright? Wife tells her it’s a no clothes weekend with 5 of her girlfriends, she’s terrified walking on the public road naked, but aside from that she’s fine. Ladies exit their car, come over, give her a hug. Tell her they wished they’d done it when younger, were too timid. Wanted a picture with my wife. Took one picture then another car pulled over. It was the Johnson brothers, Carl, Danny and Glen. Of course, they all knew my wife, so asked is everything all right? She again told her story, guys hugged her, thought it was a great and adventurous idea, certainly started their day off right! Carl looked at my wife and said “dang Tryphaena, I knew you were gorgeous, but didn’t know just how beautiful you are until now, you always fill out your one piece bathing suit, but being nude as you are now, all I can say is WOW!” So here was my gorgeous voluptuous wife having pictures taken of her, first with the German sisters, then Johnson brothers and various combinations. Harriett from the immediate cottage came out to see what was happening, she hugged my wife after hearing the story, said “you go girl”! Wife ended up in more pictures than she’d been in for the past couple of years, noticed the Johnson boys tried to be discreet, but had a hard time taking their eyes off my wife’s breasts. Wife actually felt herself getting warm between her legs, even the other woman’s attention was nice. Gertrude and Harriett stood beside my wife with an arm around her waist, all laughed. Bertha said watch out for old Mrs. Andrews, she’ll call the cops, real party pooper. Johnson boys left, wife noticed them looking in their mirrors as they drove off, wanted that one last look. Other three ladies left, all hugged my wife goodbye, told her to strut her stuff, swing her hips and make sure her breasts are always moving, drive the men wild!!! Almost at Mario’s now, another car pulls up beside her. It’s Linda and Butch with her brother and his wife visiting from Holland. They exited their car, hugged my wife, couple from Holland thought this was great, back home people walk in the nude all over, were surprised about it here. Linda informed them my wife could be arrested here, but most neighbors at the cottage couldn’t care, if fact, they’d probably enjoy the show! Numerous pictures again! Wife felt like a celebrity.They drove off, as she was just about to turn into Mario’s driveway another car approached, one young man who my wife didn’t know, he made some lewd comments about older women are ugly and he wouldn’t touch her for anything in the world. Wife felt on cloud 9 from the other neighbors, so didn’t give this strange man any attention, turned and started walking up Mario’s driveway. Mario and his wife were sitting out back, looked surprised at my wife’s attire, or lack thereof. They laughed, said she looks great! Nice when an older mature women flaunts her stuff, old ladies are beautiful too!! orhanlı escort She had a coffee with them. Realized the normal roughly12 minute walk to Mario’s took her an astounding 40 minutes with all the pictures and such! Wow, wife felt really popular and empowered!When my wife went to leave Mario’s wife warned her about old Mrs. Andrews as well, back when they were practicing nudists she’s the one who would call the cops. Wife thanked her, carried the 10lbs of honey tub and turned on the road to come back to our cottage. Two more stops, neighbors wanting to make sure she’s okay, then once knowing the story wanting pictures and more pictures. Wife arrived back at our cottage exactly 2 hours after she left. Couldn’t believe the short trip took so long and only one lewd and rude young man, everyone else was fantastic!Connie said they had their own excitement while my wife was gone. Wife asked how so? The 5 ladies went next door to introduce themselves! There’s four young well built and polite black men renting the cottage, ladies invited them for dinner that evening. Wife was, so you were all nude? Of course, Elaine said, guys had said they noticed them as Connie suspected, but that these lovely mature white ladies were super hot and down right gorgeous!!Ladies ate lunch, then headed down to the beach to rub suntan lotion on and catch some rays. They all discussed the black men next door, as all these ladies have one rule with black men, if they make love to one, no using a condom and no pulling out. They all love the feeling of black men’s sperm swimming throughout their reproductive system, if a baby starts, it happens, no problem as they’ve all had a black baby. Young black men from next door came out, saw all ladies lying in the sun completely naked and asked them if they’d be okay if they were nude? Connie said of course it’s fine. They removed their swim trunks, walked down into the lake. Wife asked did you see the tall guy’s penis? Wendy went, duh, how could we miss it almost dragged on the sand! Elaine said slight exaggeration, but not by much! Beverly asked if they noticed the bald guy’s massive ball sack? Wife missed that, but Steph said she didn’t, wow, he must have enough sperm to fertilize the whole female populace! They all laughed, sounded like school girls not women from 47-53 years of age.Wife then asked, is anyone ovulating? Wendy and Beverly both said yes. Wife asked if they’re okay with this? One more black baby would be fine if it happens said Beverly, but because of our ages I doubt we’d get pregnant. Wife said but we all have to be okay with this or forget it. All agreed, all in or no dice! Elaine then said she’d read that if a bunch of girlfriends are really close their bodies periods can synchronize, that’s why many best friends have babies around the same time. Steph then asked, so you think we could all be fertile because of hormones or whatever and getting super excited because of our trip up here? Elaine said yes, exactly what I’m thinking. Wife then said we need to treat this as all of us getting pregnant as a possibility. Who’s still in? Everyone was okay. Elaine asked my wife, she said at 53 her periods are few and far in between, been 3 months now, but no hot flashes and such yet. So Elaine said you could potentially still be fertile? Wife said I guess so.Wife lied still thinking about having another black baby, she had one 22 years ago. Didn’t know about it, but found herself getting very warm and excited between her legs. Connie looked at my wife, said wow, your pussy lips are open about 2″. Wife smiled, said that happens when I’m excited, no control over it. Guys started to come out of the water and walk over to the ladies. Connie told my wife, keep your legs open let’s see if they notice your lips being open, can see your vaginal opening clear as day!Randolph was the extra long penis guy, came over to introduce himself to my wife, she loved how his big penis hung straight down and freely swung from side to side. They talked a bit, he couldn’t hide the look on his face when he noticed my wife’s pussy lips were wide open, tried to hide his delight and surprise. Wife looked at him and said that happens, regularly. He smiled, I was that noticeable was I? Wife and him laughed, they talked for 30 minutes as he massaged my wife’s huge pussy lips. Wife had a couple of orgasms. Ladies excused themselves, wife asked them to help her up as her knees were wobbly from her orgasms, had to cook dinner for everyone, guys would go and pick up some wine and dessert, dinner at 5:30. As they cooked dinner, Steph excused herself, went to the washroom, came back and said she’s now ovulating too. She lied down on the couch, other ladies looked at her vagina, yep, mucus is coming out, your time of month! Hour later Elaine said her mucus isn’t moving out of her vagina, but knows the feeling just before she ovulates and she feels that way right now. Wife goes that makes 4 ovulating. What about Connie? Connie said she’s due, but doesn’t feel anything yet.5:30 arrives, guys come over, butt naked, just the way the ladies were hoping for. They had an enjoyable dinner, laughed, played cards. At 7:30 wife asked the ladies to a bedroom. She said okay ladies, this is it, if anyone doesn’t want to go through with this we’ll all back out? All said they’re in, Connie then reached down between her legs, said it’s extra slippery. She looked shocked, said to Elaine there appears to be something about this synchronizing of periods you talked about. Wife goes that’s 5 ovulating. Connie said what about you to my wife? Wife said no, but she is the oldest at 53. Ladies exit the bedroom. Wife walks over to a drawer, pulls out a seamstresses tape measure, looks at Randolph and says please stand up I have to measure you penis, it’s simply huge. Everyone laughs, wife loves a large penis that hangs straight down like Randolph’s. She measures its length, 10.7″, his ball sack hangs down an impressive 5″. She says his penis head is enormous, measures it. His penis shaft is a thick 7.3″ a round, his penis head is 3″ long, and where his head starts at the shaft it’s 9.3″ a round. Wow, wife says, that’s fantastic, love it. But all the ladies loved each guys, whether it’s extra large balls, tepeören escort long shaft or one guy’s massive foreskin, all were great looking young black men. They exchanged massages, talked about health issues. Guys pulled 2 big packages of condoms from a bag they brought. Ladies asked to look at them, wife asked what should we do with these? Ladies all looked at the fire. Wife walked over to the fire, put both boxes into the raging inferno. Tom said what are we going to do now? Wives said lie down boys, started to massage the young black men, discreetly asked about any health concerns, were very satisfied, no diabetes, std’s and such. Ladies then asked the guys why do they like these old, curvy white women? To a man they all said the same thing, a young black guy’s favorite lay is a mature, big breasted, curvy white woman! Just something about them, it’s their default first choice. Ladies liked hearing that, smiled their approval. So the women came straight out and told them they’d love to receive as much sperm as these guys can deliver, but there’s 6 women and 4 men. They next informed the black men 5 of them are ovulating, so how to choose who tries to impregnate who? Men said, ladies it’s our turn to give you a slow sensual massage, we can think about our dilemma. Sam was working on my wife, loved her huge pussy lips, but in the middle of rubbing and caressing them he asked what’s this green sticky liquid? Wife reached down, pulled some up to her face, Elaine looked between my wife’s legs, yelled very excitedly, girl you’re ovulating!! Wife was rubbing her mucus between her finger tips, said I guess I am. So Randolph goes you’re all ovulating right now? 6 yeses. So ladies want each man to have equal chance of fertilizing their waiting eggs. How to do that? Wife instructed Sam to reach deep into her vagina and scoop out as much mucus as possible as seeing she’s ovulating she wants the men’s sperm to swim unobstructed deep inside her so it will swim and reach her uterus and fallopian tubes forcing her waiting egg to swim in a sea of sperm, hopefully insuring fertilization! Sam loved that idea!!!Connie says I have a plan. So the ladies tease each man, get him super excited than have them ejaculate into a glass, she’s impressed with how much sperm they contributed! She stirs the sperm mixture, ladies, on your backs and raise your hips a bit. Wife looks at Connie, give me just a bit first. Connie smiles, oh right I forgot you like that.Connie pours about half a tablespoon onto the spoon, moves up to my wife’s face. My wife holds her eyes open, Connie pours an equal amount in each eye. Wife winces as it stings a bit, starts blinking her eyes to have the sperm mixture evenly around her eyeball. Wife relaxes, says it feels fantastic, nothing like a sperm eye bath. Guys love it, never had a woman want that before. Connie goes, should I give her eyes a little more? To a man all the guys go give her a full tablespoon this time! Wife winces when it stings, holds her eyes open and blinks rapidly. Wife screams and says “god that feels so good”! Connie then starts using the tablespoon to pour an approximate even amount of the sperm mixture into each woman’s vaginal opening. Connie laughs, everyone’s cervix is already pulling the sperm mixture up into their respective uterus to force the woman’s waiting egg to swim in a sea of the men’s sperm mixture, fastest sperm will win!!Guys look and love seeing their sperm mixture get sucked deep inside each woman. They make another sperm deposit into the glass, mix it up, and evenly pour more into each woman’s vaginal opening. Wife tells the guys it’s best if they keep their hips raised for an hour, give all the sperm an equal opportunity to fertilize each lady’s waiting egg, but the guys should fist them and massage their cervix thereby guaranteeing the cervix will suck all the sperm mixture deep into each woman’s uterus and into their fallopian tubes where their egg will be waiting. Guys love this, for 90 minutes they fisted the ladies, kept changing who they did. Wives had repeated orgasms, loved it. All through the night the guys went from woman to woman, making more sperm deposits and ensuring each lady’s womb was filled with tens of millions of virile, young black sperm.Sunday morning everyone woke up around 8:00, had a quick breakfast. Then by 12:00 noon each lady had a man deep inside her for 2.5-3 hours already. By 10:00 at night my wife estimates she had a man inside her for 9-10 hours that day, couldn’t keep count of how many sperm deposits. Loved it!! Monday morning all were a little sore, but felt great! Guys said it’s a shame the ladies were leaving as they have the cottage next door until the following weekend. Ladies all called home, I told my wife to stay, have a great time and come home with a “bun in her oven”! She liked that idea.In total the young 4 black men made love to our women for 9 days, with each woman having a man inside them for 8-10 hours per day, no one could count how many deposits of sperm the young black men made. All ladies loved every last drop of sperm they could donate. Even though these were all mature white ladies with that extra 25lbs or so, these raging hormone young black men made them feel like a million bucks. Ladies felt super satisfied they could please such good bodied, young black men. When Tom was inside my wife on their last day together he thanked her for letting him try to impregnate her. She smiled asked his age as he looks young. He said he’s 18. Wife’s eyes bugged out, you’re 35 years younger than me! How does it feel to impregnate an old chubby white woman as myself? He said she’s gorgeous, they’re all gorgeous. Because they’re all older ladies it only inspires them more, to give these white hot ties one last black baby! Wife deeply kissed him, said you’re mine for the last 2 hours, keep pumping away, I can feel your sperm will get lucky inside me! Tom grinned from ear to ear, said “with pleasure”!Fast forward, nine months later 6 beautiful healthy black babies were born! My wife was thrilled at 53 she could still have a healthy black baby! We didn’t want money from any of the guys, but just wanted to know who the father is? That huge sperm mixture at first must have worked on most of the ladies! Came back that Tom fertilized 4 of our wives, big balled Danny was the father of the other 2 babies. All the wives were thrilled at using the sperm mixture, gave each man an equal opportunity, now we know who’s sperm swims the fastest!!

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