10 Nisan 2021

750 No. 02: Crossroads


‘It seems you’re at a crossroads.’

I say nothing.

‘I think I know why you’re here. You met your wife when you were young, am I right?’

I nod.

‘I thought so. She’s a quiet one, I think; like you – a little shy?’

I nod again.

‘The only people you’ve known intimately are each other. That suits her, and at one time it suited you. But your instincts have been eating away at you.’

A primal urge makes its presence felt within me.

‘Ah, there it is. The reason you’re here, with me: the biological urge to fuck, to spread your seed wherever you can. You know you ought to overcome your primal wiring, to keep the vows you made to the one you love.’

I nod.

‘But that wouldn’t be fun, would it?’

I shake my head.

‘I think you hide your desires from your wife. She’s conservative in the bedroom. One might say… prudish.’

I fail to conceal the regret in my eyes.

‘You have sex. But you don’t fuck. She doesn’t think there’s a difference. You know there is. Now you crave new blood: you need to feel alsancak escort bayan new breath on your neck; new skin under your lips; new warmth around your cock.’

I shudder as I inhale a deep breath.

‘You see. Even my words make you lose control. And actions, as you know, are far more powerful than words.’

I silently agree.

‘Nothing to say? Or are you simply enjoying my voice; a new voice, one you should never have heard, talking to you about pleasures of the flesh.’

Her sensual tones reverberate through me.

‘You are. Does your wife not tease you? Does she not tantalise you, bring you to the edge of your impulse control? Has she ever talked dirty to you?’

I shake my head.

‘Have you asked her to?’

I nod.

‘Does she think it’s degrading, that it’s beneath her?’

I nod.

‘I bet even the word “fuck” makes her squirm, am I right? Such a shame; it’s a beautiful word. Fu-ck. So full and heavy. So impactful out of lips that love to say it. Fu-ck. Lips like mine.’

I alsancak escort fixate on her lips.

‘But you still love her. She’s been good to you. Kind, supportive, loving. An immovable rock by your side, an impenetrable shield for your back. That’s why you have doubts about me, even though you stay. A battle between pleasure and morality rages in your mind, and you don’t yet know which side will win.’

I picture the armies of lust and duty, fighting to the death in a whirlwind of steel.

‘Of course, you can have both. She’d never have to know, if your conscience could take it.’

I consider.

‘You could indulge your carnal desires with me, and she’d be none the wiser. Don’t tell me it doesn’t sound good, feeling my lips on yours, having my smooth skin glide over your body, seeing my pussy slide up and down your cock.’

A groan escapes me.

‘Ah, you break your silence. What are you thinking? Are you undressing me with your eyes? Picturing what I have on under my dress?’

My eyes flicker escort alsancak up and down her body.

‘Are you a thong guy? Do you prefer a negligee? Something else? Whatever it is, I don’t think your wife wears it. Hmm, a word to describe her underwear… efficient?’

I nod.

‘Well, with me, the possibilities are endless. I like my body, and I can tell you like it, too’

I shift uncomfortably.

‘Full, creamy breasts; a firm, round bum. It’d be a shame to waste them with boring underwear.’

I silently agree.

‘Worn by your boring wife.’

Her words sting… but I don’t argue.

‘Imagine the feel of these tits in your hands, this arse pressed against your long, thick cock. And judging by that bulge, I don’t think I’m exaggerating… your wife doesn’t appreciate what she has.’

I cover myself.

‘You don’t have to hide it from me. It’s rare to find someone so blessed. Tell me: how do you use that impressive tool with your wife? Missionary? Once a week?’

I shake my head.


I nod.

‘Well, we can’t have that. A cock like that deserves better; it deserves a yearning, appreciative pussy.’

I look at her crotch, a growl in my throat.

‘Yes, like this one. The question is… Are you going to come over here and take it… or are you going home to the woman you love?’


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