25 Kasım 2021

A black guy at the mall


A black guy at the mallThat morning I woke up alone at home. Victor had left so early to the airport and I did not hear him when he was gone. I felt too fucking horny as I stretched myself in bed. I really needed a huge dick inside me. My loving husband was a little bit stressed last week and he had not fucked me properly…I had a warm shower and later stood up in front of the mirror. I saw the reflection and it looked really obscene. So I then put on fancy stockings, a short black leather skirt that barely covered my ass and a soft red silk top. My heels were only five inches; but they were so fucking sexy…Then I drove my car until a mall situated not so far from town. I got out the parking lot and headed into the stores.It was a nice summer day, just before lunch.I was there hoping to find a big black cock that had come to the mall looking for a sale. The very thought had kept me moist during the long drive to reach here. As I walked along the mall alleyways, I felt the eyes of every man looking at me and specially looking at my butt. I almost had an orgasm, feeling my pussy lips were wet right now…My dark oversized sunglasses allowed me to scope out the crowd. But I noticed there were few candidates to pick up. I headed toward some shoe places; I was sure I could get some interesting there…I suddenly spotted a young handsome black guy looking inside a sport stuff store. I walked past him, making my high heels rang loudly on the floor. I saw him turn and stare at me. The hook was in the mouth. So I dropped my wallet, stopped and bending mostly from the waist, I bent down to pick it up…I could feel the skirt ride up high on my ass cheeks istanbul escort and then I knew I was showing him my garter covered ass and my black stockings. I risked a quick glance and saw him staring at me.He was taking the bait. As I started to stand, I dropped a card out of my purse and had to turn around to get it. This time, I assumed a little more modest pose. Though I knew he would now get to look and see my nice firm tits straining inside my cleavage.I looked at him as I stood up and smiled at this young black man. I could see a bulge in the front of his pants and a smile on his face. Then I spotted a lingerie store just on the other side of the hall and then I decided to see how well he would play. I walked to this place.I turned my head and saw him staring at my round butt. His right hand was rubbing a significant bulge in the front of his trousers.But he did not follow me into the store. So I made a quick purchase of three pairs of sexy thongs and walked back out into the mall. The fine black guy was still standing there. He smiled as I stopped in front of him.“If you are man enough to make me cum in less than five minutes, I will give you your choice of one of the panties I just bought..”“Oh, yeah, slutty white babe: let’s do it…” He said aloud.“Follow me then” I said and I walked down into a hallway that led past the security department to the restrooms. I went directly to the ladies’ restroom door; pushed it open and got inside, motioning the hesitant black guy to follow me inside.I locked the door and whispered in his ear:“Show me what you got…, I need at avcılar escort least ten inches of real man”I then sat down on the toilet and looked up at him.“You will not be disappointed, bitch!” He said as he opened his fly and pulled his trousers down to his ankles, letting out a huge black snake jumping out.I gasped in surprise. He was really huge…more than ten inches…It was the biggest black dick I had seen in so much time. Right before my eyes, the black monster was rising up. It was already nearly as big around as my wrist and then I decided I had better grab it before it grew any bigger. Aiming the thick black snake at the back of my throat I used my full talent to eat it and push more and more into my hungry mouth.The black guy grunted as my slutty lips were around his huge cock.The sight of my spit coating the monster and my red lipstick all the way down at the root of it made me even get more aroused…I stood up, leaned over the sink and looked at him into the mirror. “I want you to bust your huge black cock deep inside in my pussy”The black guy smiled as he stepped up behind me and with no further ceremony, he put the huge cockhead against my open wet pussy lips.He stretched me out just with his thick tip…He pushed forward and the sound of him squishing into my wetness was something that made me tremble and think I might come on his very first stroke.As if reading my mind, his big right hand slapped my ass and said:”I know you love my cock inside you; but we only just begun this…”Then he slapped my ass a couple more times before leaning over my back and pulling my blouse up over my firm round tits.As şirinevler escort he sank the last of himself into me, I understood he was really huge. His giant monster cock was really hurting me. I looked back at him in the mirror and he was leering at me with open lust and unconcealed desire. Looking into his eyes, I opened my mouth and licked all around my red lips. In response he slammed his cock deep into my cunt, nearly lifting my heels off the floor.”Now you will feel a real man deep inside you, bitch” He whispered in a threatening way and he started by just moving in an inch and then two and then three and within a minute he was pulling out and drilling me again and again with at least eight inches of black cock while still never pulling out…I felt my orgasm beginning just below my ribs and then exploding down to my toes and up through my full body. My nipples tightened so as I pinched and pulled on them with one hand. At the same time, my pussy squeezed and strangled the black mamba stuffed deep up in me and through barely open eyes, I saw in the mirror the young black guy arching his back as he slammed everything into me with full speed and power.Back and forth between us the pulses, twitches, shudders and clenching went for what seemed like forever before I squeezed one more final time and his softened girth slid out of me to hang between his legs.I then felt his full load of burning semen deep into my stretched cunt. We struggled to get our pounding hearts back to normal…After checking my make up in the mirror, I pulled my sunglasses down over my eyes and much of my face; then I had a last look at that magnificent black cock, unlocked the door and walked out.I was very relaxed after my visit to the mall; my well cum filled cunt was still trembling between my shaky legs. I was sore, but I was also fully satisfied…As I drove back home, the only thought in my mind was where I was going on to meet another black cock during the next week…

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