6 Eylül 2021

A Camping Trip


A Camping TripLinda and I went out to go camping one nice summer. We packed our sleeping bags, tent, food, little portal T.V. and clothes with swimming wear. We went to the national park to camp, the people with tents had an area near the pond, the pond was pretty clean. There was a portal potty near by, knowing me, I’ll just pee in the woods. We were in the wooded area, where only people with tents can go, if you had a camper you had to park in a non wooded area. So the woods was almost private, you could see another person about 20 feet away, but it was far way. We got to our camp site, I put the tent up, Linda got our sleeping bags and clothes, I had to care the food. I made a fire and we sat next to it. It was still day, and we just looked around. One other tent was in site, so it wasn’t that bad. I suggested we go for a swim and sit next to the fire afterwards. Linda agreed, we both went into the tent and changed into our swim suits. We didn’t put up the privacy flap, just the screen, no one was really around. My wife has a one piece swim suit, I have swimming trunks, we grabbed our towels and went to the pond. We were the only one there swimming and the pond is only 4 feet deep. I went over to Linda and took her straps off and pulled it down, her D cup breast was out. We started to kiss, until a guy came up to the pond. Linda dove down some and put her swim suit back up. We talked to the guy, he said he was camping with his friend Bill and he saw us put our tent up. So I asked for his name, he told me it was Tom. Bill showed up and got into the pond, we all swam around, they were telling me how pretty Linda was. Linda, like I said has D cup breast, she is a BBW, she weights about 190 lbs. It was getting late so Linda and I got out, grabbed our towels and went back to our tent. I rebuilt the fire and we sat next to it drying off. It was night time now, I took off my trunks, I was still outside, and put them near the fire. I told Linda give me her swimming suit and it can dry next to the fire. She went into the tent and hand me the suit. I grabbed Linda and yank her out of the tent. I told her it was just me and her, the other two guys are far away, they can’t see us. We both sat outside next to the fire naked. We started to kiss, I started to stroke my cock, she was getting horny too. We went into the tent and I ate her pussy, I ate her until she came, I like my pussy wet. şişli escort She had a orgasm, not a loud one. I zipped up the screen and fucked Linda. I was pounding her very hard, she had a loud orgasm. I fucked her for about 20 minutes, and she told me to stop, she thought she heard something outside. I told her it was probably a raccoon or something. I fucked her for another 20 minutes and I came inside of her. Good thing about me is I had a vasectomy, so I can’t have k**s, well a .1% very small chance. We laid there catching our breaths, and I went out to check on our swimming suits. My trunks was almost dried but Linda’s swimming suit was gone. I know I put it next to mine, I guess I have to find it in the morning. I heard noises over from Bill and Tom’s tent, sounds like moaning, I’m guessing they heard Linda having her orgasms if I can hear them. I stopped and think for a moment, they didn’t mention any women, then it came to me, they are lovers. There moaning kinda turned me on, don’t know why but my dick got hard. I went back to the tent and saw Linda rubbing her pussy, she can hear them moaning as well. So I fucked her again, I gave it to her hard, just like how she likes it. She moaned and had another orgasm. I shot my load in her again, I saw my cum running out. We kissed and cuddle together and fell asleep. Next morning, I got up early, I’m guessing about 6 am, I had to go pee. I put some boxers on, zipped up the screen, and went out over near a bunch of trees and started to pee. I walked over to the pond to see if anyone was swimming in it. Of course no one was here, so I enjoyed the sun coming up for a few minutes and headed back to my tent. I got back to the tent and checked on my trunks, they were dried and I found her swimming suit, right near my trunks, they felt little bit dried. Strange, I couldn’t find them at all last night. The screen was unzipped but Linda was still asleep, her legs was spread open too. I went in the tent and sucked on her nipples, she woke up. She told me she liked it when I was licking her pussy, I asked when, she said about 5 minutes ago. I told her that wasn’t me, she said she was still half asleep so it could have been a dream. I said maybe. We put our clothes on, and had breakfast. we heard Bill and Tom chatting. I told Linda we should go to the pond and get cleaned up. We would just use the water mecidiyeköy escort to clean ourselves, since we can’t use soap nor shampoo in the pond, bad for the fish, if any. We went to the pond, took off all of our clothes and got in. We were washing ourselves off when Bill and Tom showed up. They also took there clothes off and joined us. My wife saw there cocks, they were the same size as mine, 6 in. long. I whisper to Linda, remember, you don’t have to be embarrass or cover up since they are gay. They might check me out or something. Linda laughed at that last part. We chatted, and told them we kinda heard them moaning last night. There faces got beat red, and they told us that they had heard us as well. Bill told Linda she has nice breast, she said thanks. He asked if she can show them off. Linda stood up and showed her tits off. They both said she has very nice tits. They asked us to come over there camp site tonight and have a bite to eat and talk some. We said sure.We went over to there site, both of them came out of there tent topless, they were musclier, Linda was getting turned on. They said I should take off my shirt, and Linda should too. So we took our tops off, they told Linda the bra too. She took it off. They cooked some food, we ate and talked. They suggested we take off our pants. I thought this was getting to weird, but Linda took her shorts and panties off and told me to take mine off. So I did… Linda had a patch of pubic hair about her c-spot, she sat down and pretended like nothing was wrong. I saw there cocks get rock hard. Bill told Linda to suck my dick, she said ok and went over and sucked on my dick. While she was sucking my dick I say Tom go over and suck on Bill’s dick. Bill said, lets go into our tents. So we went inside, Linda was so fucking horny, I’m guessing watching two guys doing it turns her on. I got on top of Linda and started to fuck her, Tom laid down on his stomach and Bill got on top and started to fuck him. Both Linda and Tom had an orgasm, we both pounded our partners. I came inside of Linda and I guess Bill finished up too. I went out to go pee and Tom went with me. It was weird peeing with a guy I just watched getting fucked. We started to walk back to the tent, that’s when I heard Linda moan, I looked in and saw Bill fucking her. I said, what the fuck is going on here. Linda told me that Bill şişli escort bayan wanted to have sex with a woman just one time. Then she begged me to let him fuck her. I said fine, but I get to watch. Bill fucked her, and she was having an orgasm, my cock was rock hard. I went outside of the tent for a moment, I was so horny I started to masturbate, Tom saw me and came over and talked to me. Not sure how or what happened, me and Tom went back to my tent and I ended up having sex with him. I had him on all 4’s and fucked him up his ass. As I heard Linda with her loud orgasms I pounded Tom very hard. I’m not gay, I’m guessing Linda orgasms made me so horny I would fucked anyone. I came in Tom, I walked over back where Bill and Linda was, they were still fucking. Bill was about to cum when I said he couldn’t, not inside, we didn’t want to have a baby. So he pulled out and shot his load on her tits. We went back to our tent and I told Linda I had sex with Tom. Her eyes got real big.We went to sleep, I woke up around 3 am, Linda was gone, I got out and looked for her, I heard her moaning again. I was like what the fuck. I went over to Bill and Tom’s tent, looked in and saw Tom fucking Linda this time. He was giving it to her very good, I heard her say, oh god I’m cumming. Linda came and Tom pulled out and shot his load on her tits. Bill slid his cock in and started to fuck her. He pounded her pussy, she moaned and moaned. She came again, she was breathing heavy. Bill pulled out and shot his load on her face. Linda was about to get up, Tom came over and got on top of her and fucked her again. These guys must be bi, and damn they took turns fucking Linda that night. I think Tom fucked her 4 times and Bill fucked her 5 times. Her face and tits was cover in cum. I went back to my tent and waited for her. She came over, thinking I was still asleep. She was surprise when she saw me awake. She told me she got up around 2 am and remember our clothes was still over there site. She went picked up there clothes and she said her panties was missing. That’s when she saw Tom masturbating over her panties in there tent. She said something and next thing she knows she was fucking both of them. I said enough, and told her to lay down, I told her I watched them fucked her and I wasn’t too happy. I told her I was super horny by watching, and I wanted some. Her pussy was so warn out, I fucked her for an hour before I came in her. Next morning, we noticed that Bill and Tom was gone. I guess there trip was over. Linda pussy was sore that morning from all that fucking. We stayed there for 3 more days, we fucked some. Nothing else came up. So we packed up and went home. We never talked about what I did….

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