5 Kasım 2021

A Day at the Beach


Late summer, last week of July — everyone had been working hard all week, and Sunday was supposed to be a perfect day — low 80’s, light breezes, not a cloud in the sky — so we were on our way for a day at the beach.

We had all been out the night before, hanging out at the local bar; just talking, drinking, shooting a little pool and listening to the cover band wailing out fair facsimiles of the current rock hits. Jeff, the tallest of our little group, handsome, his Scottish heritage obvious, had brought Pam, a pale, willowy redhead with big knockers and a short bob. Jeff and I had been wingmen for many adventures, and were currently housemates; judging from the sounds coming from his room at night, and the fact that I only saw Pam immediately before or after those noises, I was guessing their relationship was mostly just banging each others’ brains out.

Martin, the terminally morose manic-depressive of our little crew was carrying on about his latest tragedy. They all tended to blend together and after a while, so we all just more or less ignored him. What Erin, his on-again, off-again girlfriend saw in him was beyond me. It was dizzying trying to keep up, their break-ups and make-ups coming on almost a daily basis. And she certainly didn’t need to put up with it — she might have been the shortest of our group at just over five feet, what God withheld in her stature he more than made up for in other areas — long curly blond hair, sparkling sea green eyes, ta-tas to die for, narrow waist, tight perky ass, all in a size four package. Erin had no problem attracting male attention, including mine — I’d been fantasizing about her practically since we first met.

Sitting next to Erin at the table was my current squeeze, Nichole. We had been dating a couple of months, but as she still lived at home while working part time and attending the local community college. And let’s just say we hadn’t been having as much quality time as I would have liked. She had a nice athletic figure and honey blond hair, but not a lot of imagination. Kind of dull, actually, and lately she had started getting kind of clingy as well.

And I, your humble narrator? I’m just an average guy, home from Northwestern for the summer, working for my father’s construction company to make some spending money for the following year. Medium height, medium build but with wide shoulders, hazel eyes and brown hair that highlights to red in the sun, well tanned from working outdoors.

The band finally took a well needed break to fire a doobie back stage before their next set, and I took the opportunity to flag down a waitress and order another pitcher.

“I don’t know about you guys,” I opined, “but it’s the end of August and I’ll be going back to school in a week. It’s supposed to be a great day tomorrow; we should all head to Lake Michigan and spend the day at the beach.”

Jeff was in. He was working on the same construction crew as I was, and was ready for a break too. Pam decided she would tag along as well.

“I promised my mom I would help her weed the garden tomorrow,” Nichole said. “If you came over and helped, we could be done by 2 or so, and go to the beach after that.”

This was not really what I had in mind. It was an hour and half drive to the lake, so we wouldn’t get there until four at the earliest. “I don’t know, Nikky,” I replied. “I’d like to spend the whole day at the lake, not just a couple of hours.”

She frowned, her eyes going dark. Yep, I was headed for the doghouse. But she kept to the high ground. “Well, I promised her so you’ll just have to go by yourself.” Meaning I would be going home by myself tonight as well.

Then Erin piped up, flirty as always. “I just happen to have a brand new black bikini that I’d like to try out,” picking up her beer and taking a swig, green eyes sparkling. “So I’m in.” More dark looks, not only from Nikky but also Martin. “So Martin,” I asked, “What about you? Are you in or out?”

“I hate the beach,” he retorted. “Too many people, you just get sand in everything, and I’ll just get sunburned.” He’d already had too much to drink, and was on the downhill slide to the depressive side of his personality. We knew it was best to just let it go.

So the four of us arranged to meet in the morning, and leave a little before ten. That way we would get there just before noon, hopefully before the crowds got too thick.

The next day, we were off to the beach – or more exactly, Warren Dunes. A state park, with miles of Lake Michigan shoreline buffered by sand dunes a hundred feet high. For those not from the Midwest, “lake” doesn’t really do it justice. It’s not the little puddle you imagine. It’s over 80 miles across, and hundreds of miles long, actually an inland freshwater sea. You can’t possibly see the other side – think ocean without the huge waves and you’ve got the picture.

Warren Dunes State Park is a quite popular place too, especially on a hot weekend. Most of the families hang out right near the parking lots — so if you’re willing to hike a bit, you can still get away from the crowds. Of course we walked… and walked… and walked… escort izmit and eventually found a nice location on the beach, no one within a hundred yards or so, and set up our spot for the day, just the four of us. We spread out the blankets, stripped down to our bathing suits and jumped in the lake to cool off. It’s the usual horseplay in the surf — dunking each other, splashing, chicken fights… Erin’s bikini was everything she advertised it to be, and I shamelessly took every opportunity to take advantage of close contact in our play.

Eventually we tired and returned to our blankets, got something to drink, and stretched out and to let the warm sun dry our bodies.

We dozed for a while, the sun baking into our bones, with just enough of a breeze to keep us cool. After a bit Erin suggested that she and I go for a walk up the beach. So we grabbed our flip-flops and towels and headed off down to the water’s edge, leaving the others behind. We walked along, the waves lapping over our feet, just talking about nothing at all.

After we had walked down the beach for a while, I suggested that we take one of the little trails up into the dunes to see if we could find a place where we could sit and look out over the water. And sure enough, we found a nice little spot — a sunny, small sandy clearing surrounded by dune grass up high on the bluff, with pine trees behind us and a fantastic view of the beach and lake below.

“You know, it’s just not fair,” Erin complained as we spread out our towels on the sand. “You guys all get to walk around without shirts at the beach, and we girls have to keep our tops on. Do you mind if I take mine off too?” Like I’m going to say no… And with that she turned around and looked back over her shoulder at me, pushing her blond curls out of the way and smiled, her eyes twinkling, and asked, “Can you untie me?”

Somehow I managed to oblige, fingers shaking, and she slid her black bikini top off and handed it to me. Erin laid back on her towel, one leg languidly up, her arms stretched over her head to catch the full rays of the sun. She looked magnificent in her artful pose, beautiful firm breasts standing proudly in the noonday sun, wisps of her hair blowing in the breeze, her eyes mostly closed with just a hint of a smile curling the ends of her lips — probably from seeing the pup tent that had suddenly sprouted in the front of my trunks that I was suddenly and very acutely aware of.

So I laid down carefully next to her, never taking my eyes off her sleek tan body. Erin turned her head and looked at me with those deep green eyes, that quirky little smile, and I was lost. “Can I touch you?” I asked, and she whispered back, “Yes…” obviously thinking “You better…” I reached out with just one finger and lightly circled her pinkish tan nipple, feeling the rougher texture of her aureole. It was incredibly sexy – I heard her breath catch and felt her nipple start to harden. I ran my fingertips around her breast and up to her throat, her neck, and then intertwined them in her curly blonde hair. Cupping her head I rolled to her and kissed her soft, oh so sweet lips — and when they met, they parted. I nibbled on hers, she nibbled on mine, our tongues touched and teased and danced… I pulled back for a moment, and then we moved back together for a long, deep, passionate kiss, her body feeling so, so warm and good as she rolled up into me.

Finally we broke, and I had to ask, “What about Martin, and Nichole?” Erin looked down for a moment, biting her lower lip, and then looked back up at me, straight into my eyes.

“I’ve been wanting to get you alone for most of the summer,” she finally answered softly. “They’re not here now, and you’re going to be gone in a week. So let’s just enjoy today for today…”

How could I refuse? I couldn’t, not looking into the emerald pools of her eyes and feeling her warm, mostly naked body tight against mine. So I started kissing her neck, biting little bites, tasting her skin. Erin tilted her head back, her eyes closed, and I moved to her throat, kissing my way down her chest in between her breasts, and then swirled the same aureole I first touched with the tip of my tongue. I could feel the tension flowing in her body, while I cupped Erin’s other breast, gently caressing it, flicking her taut nipple with my finger as I kissed the first one again. I took it lightly between my teeth and licked it with my tongue, and heard a little moan escape her lips, her hands reaching up around my neck. It felt like electricity was running through our bodies, on fire, so exquisite. I ran my hand down Erin’s body, over her belly, until I felt the top edge of her bikini bottoms. I slid my fingers inside, my palm against her skin, down, down, down until I felt the downy silky softness of her little furry patch. “What are you doing?” she whispered, as I gently tugged and twisted those little tufts.

“Exploring,” I answered, sliding my hand deeper into her bikini until I found her little moist cleft, and started rubbing it gently.

“Oh god, that feels good,” she moaned. “I want to go exploring too”.

And with that Erin slid her hand inside izmit darıca escort my trunks. At the first touch my cock jumped, and as she started to stroke me it was my turn to gasp. I was already rock hard, the skin on my cock so taut that it was tingling. Feeling her hand on me was like being in heaven. I pushed my hand even further into her bikini, between her legs, my fingertips just barely sliding into her pussy, all hot and wet.

I was so aroused I was actually quivering and shaking, and then Erin did something incredible — she reached over with her other hand, pulled down the front of my trunks, leaned over and went down on me, sucking me, swirling the tip of my cock with her tongue while she continued to stroke me. I couldn’t help it. Once I felt her warm moist lips engulf my cock I was gone. I exploded in Erin’s mouth, and she just kept stroking and sucking and swallowing. “I’m sorry Erin,” I apologized. “You totally surprised me — it felt too good I couldn’t stop.” She just turned around, smiled, and then straddled me, grinding her crotch against the shaft of my still hard cock.

“It’s OK, Dan,” she said with a wicked grin, “I’m not done with you yet.”

Looking up at her, backlit by the summer sun, wisps of hair blowing gently around her face, she looked so lovely, so sexy, so desirable it was heartbreaking. I raised my hands to her breasts, massaging them, rubbing her nipples, then slid them down her body to her narrow waist, her hips, and following her rhythm I reached behind her, slid my hands into her swimsuit bottom and grabbed her butt, squeezing as I pulled her onto me. “You know what I think?” I asked, as we rocked together, pressing into each other. “I think it’s time we make you cream.”

She leaned forward, grinned saucily, and said “Mmmm. You know I’m already halfway there, right?”

So I rolled Erin back on the towels, our legs still intertwined, and started kissing her all over — her eyes, her lips, her neck, with my hand on the small of her back, pressing her into me. Then I leaned back, ran my hand up her body to caress her breast again, rolling her hard little nipple gently between my fingers, twirling and tugging that little pinkish brown nub until I heard Erin gasp with pleasure. I decided to tease her a bit more, so I licked the tip of my finger and then slowly traced a line from her throat down the center of her chest, down to the top of her bikini. Then I followed that line with little kisses, every inch or so, pausing between each one for a moment, while she ran her fingers through my hair. I finally stopped only when I reached edge of her bottoms, and tugged them down just a little bit with my teeth.

I looked up at Erin again, gazing upon her supine body in all its glory, her head back, eyes closed, and thought how lucky I was at that moment — and how much I wanted to bring her to the pinnacle of arousal, to see her writhing in pleasure. I moved down and took her feet in my hands and massaged them, kneading the insteps on the bottom of her feet with my thumbs, rotating them and stretching out the muscles. I slowly worked my way up her ankles and her calves, rubbing and massaging her muscles, relaxation flowing from my hands into her.

But when I got to her knees, I hesitated. I licked my fingertip again, and slowly drew another line straight up the inside of Erin’s thigh, just lightly touching. I knew she knew what was coming next, anticipating, and then it was her turn to start quivering. She opened her legs to me as I slowly kissed my way up that line, inch by inch. I paused after each one, listening to her breath, watching the muscles under her skin, as I kissed my way further and further up her thigh until my nose was gently nestled up in her crotch. I could smell Erin’s salty, musky scent, so intoxicating, so inviting, as I gave her one last lick along the edge of her bikini, hearing her gasp yet again and another little moan escape from her lips.

I pulled back a little bit, and ran my hand up her leg again, this time moving all the way up. I pressed my palm against her mound, massaging her and rotating in little circles. I could feel Erin’s bikini getting wetter as I started rubbing my thumb directly over her clit. Seeing Erin so turned on was incredible — I wanted to push her over the edge, send her rocketing into an orgasm. She moaned again, another little throaty moan, as I slid my thumb in under the leg of her bikini, feeling the slick juiciness of her pussy. I paused and took another look up and saw her head tilt back as she started to squirm. She pushed her hips against my hand and reached up to my neck, running her fingers through my hair. She felt so wet, so warm, so good I could barely stand it.

I let my thumb run lightly up and down her slit, gently brushing over her little bud. I wanted to inhale her, I had to taste her, so I pulled her bikini bottom to the side and covered Erin’s mound with my open mouth. I spread her lips with my tongue, and licked her slit from the bottom to the top, brushing her little furry mons with my lips. I circled back to her clit, swirling it with my tongue, licking it and izmit rus escort sucking it, feeling it swell. By now Erin’s breath was coming in ragged gasps, her back arched, her hands wound in my hair, pulling me onto her.

I heard Erin’s low dulcet voice telling me “Right there, baby, yes, right there, right there…” and I was right where I wanted to be, between her legs, submerged in her essence. I slid a finger into her tight little pussy, so hot, so creamy and wet, sliding in and out in time while nibbling on her clit. Her legs clamped around me, holding me in place as she started to buck in ecstasy as the first wave of orgasms rocked through her body. It was so hot, watching Erin abandoning herself to me. My dick was raging, aching to be inside her, to fuck her.

“Let’s take these off, Erin,” I said, tugging at the remains of her bikini.

“Oh god, yes”, she gasped, “And these too,” as she pulled down my trunks, freeing my engorged cock from its prison. We quickly divested each other of our suits, our hands taking every opportunity to touch each other, stroking and fondling and caressing. I laid Erin back down on her towel, flat on her back, and knelt between her legs. I moved in closer and closer in between her raised knees, and rested the shaft of my cock on her mound. Erin reached down to touch me, sliding her hand on the top of my cock as I glided slowly back and forth. She stroked my full length from the tip to the base, rubbing my cock on herself, teasing me. I could feel her wetness on the bottom of my shaft, her little hairs tickling the tip of my penis, as she rocked your hips back and forth to meet me.

I looked down on Erin, lying there gloriously naked in the afternoon sun, and moved my hands over her belly, her ribs, cradling her beautiful firm breasts and then back down again to her hips, and knew that nothing could be better than this. I was so aroused that she could feel my cock twitch in time with my heartbeat. “I want you, Erin,” I whispered. “I want to be inside you, feel you all around me.”

She didn’t say a word – instead she just grasped my cock and guided me so that the tip was pressing against the delicate petal lips of her pussy. I slowly leaned in, the head of my cock gently spreading them, until I encountered that tight muscular ring guarding her cunt. I pushed forward a little more, and Erin yielded with a little gasp, the head of my manhood just inside her. She felt so incredibly good, so warm, so wet, so sublime, that I just stopped. “I need to do that again”, I thought, and I slowly pulled back out.

“What’s wrong?” Erin asked, a look of concern on her face.

“Nothing, babe… That just felt so good I have to do it again,” I replied with a smile, and entered her again, slowly, once more stopping as soon as the tip of my dick was inside her.

“Mmmm,” she responded, tucking her ankles behind my knees as I pull out again.

“And again,” I whispered as I slid into her once more, this time a little further, feeling her tightness on the end of my shaft. I withdrew, and entered her another time, still very slowly so we could savor every sensation. I pulled out one last time, slid my hands under her ass, and lifted her up to meet me. This time I looked down and watched as I pushed into her all the way to the hilt, intensifying the feeling as my cock slowly disappeared inside her.

“You feel so big, so hard,” Erin said, her voice low, husky. “And it feels so good, so so good…”

And she felt incredible too, like a tight slippery velvet glove, fitting me perfectly. I started moving back and forth inside her, slowly, gliding effortlessly in her tightness as she matched my rhythm. Erin looked so sexy, lying in the sun, hearing the wind sough through the trees, feeling the indescribable pleasure of her arousal, moving inside her. I never wanted it to end.

And then Erin surprised me again. “I want to be on top,” she whispered. “I want to ride you until you come.” So we tried to change places without breaking contact — I pulled her up and we fell back clumsily, our legs and arms akimbo. We both just laughed and reached for each other. I ended up on my back and she leaned forward, lying on top of me, her body pressing into mine. We were nose to freckled nose and I stared into her beautiful green eyes, her curly hair framing her face. We kissed again, longingly and passionately, and then she pushed herself up to straddling me one more, hands on my chest.

Then Erin grabbed my cock again and guided me into her. She slowly impaled herself on my cock, this time her eyes joining mine in watching my boner disappear into her satiny sex once more. As she started to rock back and forth I let my hands flow all over her body, up her legs, her ass, grabbing those tight cheeks, pulling myself into her. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her, moving them up her sides, cupping her glorious firm breasts, her hard nipples, running them down her arms. I brought her fingers to my lips and sucked them, in and out of my mouth in unison with our fucking. My hands ended up on her hips, guiding her as she started moving up and down on my cock, faster and faster. I could feel Erin’s muscles start to tense up, and heard her breath start to get shorter as her arousal deepened. She leaned forward a little bit, holding herself up with her hands on my broad shoulders, gripping them, rolling her hips forward for better contact.

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