11 Temmuz 2021

A day at the races!


A day at the races!This story happened quite recently when a friend of mine decided to have a evening at the local racetrack, we got the train at the town station and travelled the 10 miles to the coast, he said we have a few drinks no big gambling as he had to be home for 11-00 pm My friend is younger than me and has a small family, I being a lot older and mature had no restrictions on time to get home as my partner had gone on a girly week-end 4 days in Spain,we had a few bets I won a a big amount on one outsider coming home at 20 to 1 , more drinks than we should and then we heard lot of screaming and laughing from just outside of one of the bars, we went to see what was causing the merriment and found 20 women raging from maybe 24 to 50 all the worst for wear. I got talking to two of the older ladies about 50 yrs of age and offered to get them a drink from my winnings,(they refused for like 30 seconds). they explained it was a hen party as the youngest girl was bride next week end. Anyway we had a good evening and had been drinking from 6-00 pm till 9-15 pm when it became time to get back to town, Carol an attractive blonde but the oldest of the two ladies offered us a lift in there mini-bus, my friend was not keen which miffed Carols friend Jane who was quite taken by him. We took the front two seats in the bus as the safest option a lot of kissing and touching went on the short ride back to town. On arriving back in town Dean decided to do a runner as he wanted to clean up remove make up and the smell of perfume which his wife would detect. Carol said stay for one drink as I am not interested in night clubs you can get a taxi with me after one more drink. Jane went of with the girls saying I will see you at two am maybe, I asked what did she mean. Carol said I have her apartment keys so we can carry what we started on the bus. We did some fumbling in the Taxi well a bit more really as I nearly got her tits out in the back of the taxi and tuzla escort was sucking her left nipple when the driver said to us to hang on till you get her in bed. We got in the apartment and we where like two sex starved crazy mind less perverts , we stripped each others cloths of in no time. As I said am mature but still horny so I had took a viagra an hour earlier and was rampant , I rammed my Cock all Severn half inches right up to the hilt,it looked a lot bigger and was I think because of the tablet. Carol was a fit girl who worked out Large Breast, slim waist, nice arse but she felt like a tight virgin although excited and a little wet. We banged away for ages sliding my rock hard Cock right in, then out to the tip purple bell end and back so I slammed into her a deep as I could get in bottoming out against her bushy black pubic and cervex .(was not a real blonde) Carol had multiple Orgasms but I could not Cum although bursting with Spunk in my swollen ball pack. I reckon she had three Orgasms with out the first multi one so she and suggested we had a drink as she was getting Sore.All she could find was Vodka and lemonade with Ice, we sipped the strong mix and she fondled my erect Cock and took it in her mouth , I must say she was good she deep throat-ed me taking my Cock right down then back to the tip some where along the way she slipped a finger in my arse(nice,) then in the build up to my hopeful climax two fingers, this was tight but in excitement felt good., It got painful as she seemed to want to get deeper ,then three fingers I could not take it and cried out, she went looking for cream for me but I had another Idea.! When she came back in the bedroom I put on her back she thinking I was going to fill her with bucket’s of Spunk urging me on,I put a pillow under her arse poured some cream she had gotten down her pussy pouring some towards her anal tight heaven, I rode her hard for about 5 minits then slipped my swollen Cock in to tuzla escort bayan her arse right in as far as I could thrust , I felt like I had burst in to her guts as I felt my Spunk filled balls with what felt like pints of Cum deep in her anal Canal right up to my sack full it took minits for me to empty my sack full, she cried out at first to Cum then your slicing me in two ,she screamed its to much but i was in bliss and eventually spent and empty. We lay in each other arms,her sobbing and saying it was to much I think I will be bleeding from my arse hole and my fanny.We both fell a sleep I had thought!, I woke on my back which must have been 2-30 am I could not move my arms as they where tied with leather straps to the bed head ,my legs the same to the two posts at the other end a pillow under my arse and a leather strap across my Chest. Carol and Jane came in to the room laughing with drinks in hand Carol holding a Blue Vibrator about six inches long four inches width, they explained it was my turn now I cried no you can!t but Jane put a Gag in my mouth Carol said Jane is in to bondage and we are both pissed so take it like a man. Jane climbed on to the bed and straddled my face facing towards my Cock, she commanded lick me dry you bastard, I did as I was told and was rewarded with a cunt that smelt of Spunk and tasted of it so I can only guess what she had been doing. Jane then leaned forward and took my Cock in her mouth and started to Suck like hell. With the Viagra still working my Cock sprung to life,I was startled to feel two fingers thrust in to my arse hole, that pleasure did not last long as they where replaced with 6 x 4 Vibrator buzzing away on full speed luckily Carol had oiled my tiny butt up.I was surprised my Cock stayed hard as rock although it was painful I was distracted by Jane’s screams of lick me hard you bastard I am cumming which she did flooding my throat with her cum and who!s ever ball sack she had emptied an escort tuzla hour before. What seemed like an age passed when Jane climbed off my face , Carol removed the vibrator which was creamed with my shit then the gag only to be replaced with a piece of wood. They both had a drink and dabbed neat Vodka on my lips I said I do not like Vodka neat Jane & Carol said together you will need it.I was then threatened with what Jane produced from a box at the side of the bed, It was a strap on Dildo/ Probably 6 inch long by 4 inch round but the other end was incredible it was 9 inches long and 6 inches round, Carol pushed one of her nipples in my face and said suck it hard you Bastard you would be licking my cunt dry if it was not so sore.Jane then put the small side of the Dildo in to her Cunt slowly , tied to her waist with leather straps. I cried you can!t which got me a slap from Carol hard on my Cock, Carol said you are out of your league Arse fucker see what it feels like. They untied my feet, bent my feet up towards my head then fastening my feet & hands together, Carol was strong and with Jane’s help I could do nothing. Jane poured liquid on my arse hole which cooled it.The first 2-3 inches where painful the next 4-6? kike a red hot poker I screamed out which got another cock slap from Carol, she said No more crying or you get it slammed in it like you did Carol ! I tried not to cry out but a few more Cock slaps from both women arrived , I did shed tears and blood as Jane slowly pumped the Dildo in and out slowly of my little hole soon to be well busted, by the time this monster Dildo 6 inches round 6 inches was in I knew I had never felt pain like it in my life,I wondered if I would be turned in to a sissy ,Jane seemed to enjoy it Carol definitely did saying ram it in all the time at 8 inches in or so I passed out .I woke with blood all over my arse hardly able to walk laying in a garden half my cloths on. I flagged a cab home for bed rest with note in my pocket saying it all been taped so do not ring the Police.They said it would be posted I now wonder where they are and worried when I have thoughts, I might be happy for them to do me again Spainishjohn.

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