29 Haziran 2020

A Day I’ll Never Forget


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A Day I’ll Never ForgetChecking myself in the mirror one last time before leaving, his orders were quite specific. Nails painted, color of my choice, dress, thigh highs, no panties, heels, freshly shaven. All is in order, as I glance the mirror I am certain he will be pleased. I want nothing more than to make Sir happy.I arrive at the apartment, with only minutes to spare, but this is excellent timing as I have always been told to not arrive early or late. I get out of the car, as I’m walking to the door I can feel the moistness growing between my legs. Before I enter I am to text and let him know I have arrived, and then wait for my instructions. They come quickly, enter, lock the door, turn around, hands on door, do not move or speak until told to do so.The locks have been turned, I place my hands on the door above my head as this is how Sir will want to find me. I hear his footsteps, he is coming down the stairs, now through the kitchen, and down the hall way where he can now see me. “Well done baby girl, so far very well done.” He walks up behind me, his lips on my neck, hands on my thighs, slowly moving up and under my dress. He reaches my ass and firmly squeezes before delivering the first smack. Lifting the hem of the dress up onto my back, he moves around to stand beside me, one hand still on my ass, delivering smacks that vary from soft to stinging badly, the other has found my pussy and he is quite pleased to find me wet and ready. He moves back behind me, grabs both hips firmly and pulls me onto his hard cock fast. A few hard fast thrusts, it’s all I can do to remain quiet. His cock slides out and he turns me around, “Kneel”. Without hesitation and without looking at him I drop to my knees and open my mouth. “Now taste how good you are today baby girl” as he shoves his cock deep into my throat. Holding my head to control my speed he fucks my face briefly. He reaches down and takes hold of my arm and pulls me up to stand in front of him, his hand under my chin lifting my face to look at him. “Speak.” “Hello Sir, how may I serve you today?” His only response is to pull me close and kiss me deeply. He takes my hand and leads me up the stairs.He lays on the bed, cock standing tall and hard. “Undress, and then crawl to me and suck my cock.” I undress slowly, just the way he likes, never taking my eyes off his cock. When I am done, I go to the end of the bed and begin to crawl toward him. As I reach the place between his legs I pause, “may I please suck your cock Sir?” “Yes baby girl, you may.” My mouth wraps around the head of his cock, one hand takes his balls canlı bahis and begins to slowly massage them, the other wrapped around the shaft of his cock stroking firmly. His precum is quite tasty today, I can’t wait to get a load of cum dumped down my throat. I suck the head softly, my tongue running underneath on that spot that makes him moan. My hands never slowing as he begins to thrust up into my mouth. “Now take me deep baby girl, I’m going to feed you.” I move my hand and him in deep until he’s against the back of my throat making me gag. He grabs my head as feel cum begin to shoot down my throat. I do not stop until I know he has finished. He releases my head, “good girl, now come kiss me.” I slide my way up his chest and kiss him deeply as his hands roam over my ass.He wraps his arms around me, “that was excellent baby girl, now let’s reward you.” Oh yes, I love when he says this. He rolls me onto my back and kisses his way down my chest, taking his time to suck on my nipples, his hand teasing my clit as he does. He shifts his body lower, spreads my legs open wide. He starts with nibbles on my clit while his fingers slide in and out of my dripping pussy. “Let’s make this interesting today, shall we baby girl? If you remain quiet you will get what you want, when you moan or purr, well I am not going to tell you what will happen, but it will be quiet different. Do you understand?” “Yes Sir, I understand.” My mind is racing trying to decide what this means, is it worth it to let myself go? I decide that I will try to remain quiet as long as I can for I do so love the way he eats pussy. As he sucks on my clit hard and I feel spasms already building I quickly realize that decision will not last long. His fingers plunging in and out of me so perfectly timed with the sucking, I realize that I will cum quickly. He has not said I have permission to cum freely, this presents a new problem. I quickly learn that he has no intention of me staying quiet as he sucks my clit so hard I let out a very loud moan. “You surprised me baby girl, you lasted longer than I thought you would. Now before I change things is there anything you want to say?” “Yes Sir, may I please cum freely?” “Not yet, you will beg for the first one, and you will not cum until I command you to, do you understand?” “Yes Sir, I understand.”He has not stopped fingering me the whole time he spoke to me, so what will change? And as soon as I had the thought, I got my answer. He reached under the blanket and pulled out a vibrator. It’s been a while since he’s used that on me. This is the vibrator king, bahis siteleri I have no control when he uses this, his warning that I will be begging hits me. He never stops with the fingers, plunging in and out so slowly, rotating around inside me. He takes the end of the vibrator and pushes down on my clit hard, my body arches upward, and he pushes me down, I am squirming trying to move so that it will get off my clit but he keeps forcing it down harder. I can’t stand it, my pussy is clenching so tight his fingers have a hard time moving now. I give, “please Sir please may I cum”. “No” as he pulls the vibrator away. At least I get a bit of a break. Or so I thought. He immediately puts it back on my clit, again causing my back to arch, again I am forced down. Tears running down my face, “ please, Sir, please, please, please.” My tears shock him, it usually takes much more before I reach this point, but he does not waiver. “No” Pussy clamping down hard on his fingers my legs begin to tremble as he pushes down again. “please, please Sir, please let me cum, please, please….” My voice fades, the room starts to spin, and finally he takes pity on me. “Now.” Without even thinking about what I had heard my body reacted, cuming and squirting so hard not only is the bed now soaked, but his chest, cock, balls, legs and even part of his face are covered in my cum. “Oh baby girl, that was quite impressive.” I can not speak to answer him.He puts the vibrator down, comes up to my face, strokes my arm, kisses me gently, and I feel his palm against my pussy slowly rubbing back and forth. “I am going to give you what you want baby girl, you have pleased me very well.” He moves back down between my legs and so slowly sucks and licks my pussy in a way I can’t remember him ever doing. I’m so sensitive that even the slightest touch is almost more than I can stand. He pulls his mouth away just long enough to tell me I am free to cum as I wish. And with that command, I started cumming over and over with each flick of his tongue. My whole body trembling, I have no control. He realizes the state I am in, and lays beside me, kissing me gently all over. “Would you like my cock in you now baby girl?” I don’t know how to answer, I do so want him inside me but I honestly do not know if I can handle it without passing out. I decide it’s worth the risk and tell him “yes Sir, please fuck me Sir.”Realizing how fragile I seem he does not take me hard and fast the way he normally would, but instead starts slowly. Sliding his cock in slowly, and resting inside me before he proceeds, as he feels bahis şirketleri my pussy throbbing around him he begins to thrust slowly, deeply, watching me for any response. After a moment my body begins to calm down, his cock feels so good when he’s in me deep, but I need him to fuck me not make love to me. “Sir?” “Yes baby girl?” “would you please fuck me hard like your little slut?” “Are you sure baby girl? I have pushed your limits today.” “Yes Sir, Please fuck me hard.” He lifted himself off me, grabbed my hips and flipped me over, driving his cock into me hard, he stops, “are you sure?” Why is he being this way? “Yes Sir, please fuck me hard.” “Then assume the position, face down ass up arms behind your back, NOW.” He grabs my arms and starts thrusting into me hard and deep and fast. Oh yes, yes ,yes, I start cumming again, squirting cum all over his balls. He thrusts harder every time I do. My legs began to tremble again, my mind thinking please don’t stop. And it all goes black.I awaken to find myself on my back, Sir over me with a cloth wiping me down, he notices I’ve opened my eyes. “Baby girl, are you ok?” So softly he speaks, I almost wonder who he is. I’ve never seen this side of him. I nod my head and yes as he pulls me close and continues to wipe my face. He holds me for hours so close, taking care of me, bringing me back. After I have dressed he leads me downstairs and makes me eat a snack of fruit, cheese and crackers. “Sir, I’m fine really, you shouldn’t be doing this.” “Nonsense baby girl, you pleased me very well today, and it’s my place to make sure you are ok before I let you leave.” I eat the snack just to please him. He instructs me that I am to go straight home, and I must keep him updated as to where I am until I arrive safely. “Is that really necessary Sir?” “Do not question me baby girl, these are your commands and you will follow them, do you understand?” I smile and say “Yes Sir”, for now is again the Sir I know and love. He walks me to the car, kissing me on the forehead before saying “do not forget your commands”. “Understood Sir, and thank you.” “Thank you baby girl, you serviced me very well today, you shall be rewarded.” All along the drive home at every stop sign, stop light and intersection I came to I kept him updated on where I was until I arrived home. When I had his last command for the day came. “You are to take a hot bath and go to bed, you need rest. You will contact me tomorrow upon awakening to let me know you are ok. If anything doesn’t feel right during the night you are to let me know.” “Yes Sir I understand.” I sat in the hot tub running that last sentence over and over in my mind. What did actually happen today that I can’t remember? Why is showing this level of concern? And that was when I fell into that dark place I had only read about previously.

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