29 Haziran 2020

A day in the dungeon


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A day in the dungeonI wake up to find myself in a small cramped black cage. I soon realize that i have been placed into chastity and a collar around my neck. I scan the room and to me it appear that I’m in a dungeon, whips, bondage gears you name it was s**ttered across the dimly lit walls of the dungeon. There i see another man in a cage but he has more freedom in his than i do and lots of movement can be made in it. It was Ali. “Why is his cage bigger than mine” i said to myself. And look he isn’t in chastity either, so why is it me that has been restricted of freedom. Soon i hear the sounds of high heels clicking away on the marble tiles. The tall dominant women entered the dungeon and took a slow stroll across the room and both me and ali were adrmiring her and drooling. It was Mistress Carmen she wore a red and black leather corset along with 7″platform boots. She walks over to ali and releases him and says “i have plans for you my boy toy.” And she clips a leash to ali collar and leads him to the centre of the dungeon. “Kneel before me slave and wait here while i fetch my latest new sissy slut.” Mistress Carmen says. I gulped upon hearing these words but somehow it made me feel aroused. My cage door was opened and Mistress Carmen clipped a leash onto me and lead me over to the wardrobe. “Since you’ll be my sissy slave i have prepare a maiden french uniform for you Michelle, you’ll find it at the end of the wardrobe and i want you to dress into what has been laid out for you” Mistress Carmen says. My reply was simply “Yes Mistress Carmen.” I go after the dress Mistress Carmen had laid out for me, when i reach it i fell in love with what was laid out. There was a note on top of it all. It was a set of instruction on how Mistress want me to dress. The note reads:Hello slave Michelle Here you find your French maiden uniform outfit here i want you put everything on thats is here. I want you to attach wrist and ankle cuff to yourself and they are to be padlocked, your heels will be 7″ inch platform that has a locking device on it, so attached that once you done everything. I want you to plug yourself as you can see which plug you must insert, There is a blonde wig i have laid out for you to wear so put that on tooAnd ill see you shortly my slutMistress Carmen”Wow” i was shocked for words as i have to wear this outfit. I start immediately to change into the maid dress. The order i put them on is a pair of red g string, illegal bahis siteleri black garter black, black seamed stocking attaching to the garter belt, black bra, maiden uniform, blonde wig, wrist cuff and padlocking them, ankle cuff and padlocking them and lastly i put on the sexiest and slutty platform heels and lock them into position. Next was the makeup and hair, I took plenty of time making sure my hair was perfect. Then I pulled out the makeup kit and started with the eye shadow, a little blush, then a dark red lip stick, and finished off with some glittered gloss. Of course it’s not as simple as applying it, but to go into detail would take me too long, so let’s leave it at, I looked gorgeous. Next was my nails, I painted them all black, I then laid back for a little bit to let them dry, but not all the way down so my hair could not be ruined. My heart beating and racing. I excitedly crawled back to see my Mistress and here i see Mistress getting worship by Ali. Ali is worshipping his Mistress Boots and showing his devotion and affection towards her. I simply crawl behind the pair and kneeled in silent.Mistress finally responds Michelle since you are my sissy slave i decided to make you a cuck. You are not worthy of pussy but rather cock. “Over there” points Mistress Carmen “you’ll find a gag and a cleaning brush, grab em and bring the two items to me in your hands slut.” “Yes Mistress Carmen as you wish” i reply obediently. I crawl across the dungeon and grab the two items and returned them to Mistress Carmen. “Good bitch now i’ll have you gag as i don’t want to listen you winge, this brush you will use to clean all my dungeon i want it looking nice and shiny and polished my maid, do you understand me?” Mistress Carmen says. “Yes Mistress Carmen will do” then off i go away cleaning up the dungeon.As Michelle cleans the dungeon Mistress Carmen continues to play with her male toy slave Ali. Ali continues to to clean and polish his Mistress boots. “Its an absolute honor to be kissing your boots Mistress Carmen” ali says. “Indeed my slave, now stop”‘says Mistress carmen. Mistress take ali over to a saw horse and straps him down in the leather harnesses, now able to escape from the wrath of his Mistress. She walk away and returns with a large strapon protruding from in between her two legs. She lubes up master ass and teases it momentarily before easing the strapon into ali ass. Mistress then moans youwin güvenilir mi thru fucking ali ass, she thrustes the cock in and out of ali ass. Mistress then grabs ali cock and begins to stroke it nice and slow. “Thank you Mistress Carmen” says Ali. “Good boy ali unlike my sissy slut (Mistress gives a stern look at Michelle) she has a job to for us when we finish up *laughs*” says Mistress. “Yes Mistress Carmen” says Michelle while she continue her job cleaning the dungeon. Mistress withdraws the strapon from ali ass and she begins to whip ali ass tenderly. “Sissy get over he and start sucking ali cock” says mistress. Immediately Michelle obliges and crawls over in an orderly fashion. “Now suck his cock bitch”say Mistress. “Yes Mistress”says Michelle. Michelle begins suck on ali cock while Mistres carmen moves to the front and she raises herself to allow ali to lick Mistress delight pussy. “Ali make your Mistress cum.” Ali then sticks his tongue out and start to lick her pussy. Mistress moans at each lick ali does being her closer to cumming each time. Mistress Carmen cums and pants in exhaustion, “Michelle stop sucking ali cock” says carmen. She stops and kneels hands behind back awaiting for mistress. Mistress carmen unstraps ali and bring her two slave with her to the lounge. “Ali you may fuck my pussy and cum inside” says carmen. Ali stands up and aims his cock into his mistress pussy and begins to ponder her pussy. Poor michelle watching the two play together and her clit trapped in its cage. Ali orgasm into mistress pussy, “michelle get that fucking mouth of yours over here and clean up ali cum from my pussy, this will be your only way of touching my pussy slut.” Mistress says. Michelle crawls over and start cleaning up Mistress carmen cum filled pussy. “Back to your cage you fucking sissy, back to where you belong. Me and ali still have more to do.” Michelle crawls back into her tiny confined cage and watch the rest of the session from her cage.After settling back into her cage Michelle found herself that she was to watch the rest of Mistress and ali play together. “Slave i want you to stand like a dog while i go and get something for you ali. Ali stand like a dog and Mistress attaches a collar to his neck and connect the leash to a hook in the ground to prevent ali from moving about. Soon after some time mistress came back into the room but this time someone was with her, it perabet was a tall black bull that followed closely behind Mistress. Mistress present her man to ali, introducing them together his name was tim. Then next mistress led him over to me and introduced tim to me. Mistress told him very humiliating stuff about me and how useless i was. Then tim was turned and wanted to fuck me but Mistress intervenes ands says ill prepare tim but tim fucks ali. Then swiftly a cock was shoved into my cage and mistress order me to lube it up while she goes and grab ali. As i continue prepping tim cock Mistress had put ali into chastity. Soon i was finished preping his cock, mistress then order ali to stick his ass onto my cage and order me to lick it clean and lube it up. While i lick ali ass mistress went and got herself a strapon and when she came back we were all ready to start. Ali was order put ass in the air head on floor. He obey mistress and accepted the fact that he was about to get fucked by a black man. Tim inserted his cock into ali ass and started to pound his ass while Mistress fucked ali mouth with some strapon. And here i was sitting in my cage watching ali get all the action and attention. It had made me hard seeing ali getting fucked like this. After a lengthly period of mouth and ass fucking on ali. Mistress said i think we missing something here poor michelle not receiving anything, tim would you please go and fuck my sissy’s white ass for me and you are permitted to to cum in his pussy. Upon hearing this Michelle body sudden sank and felt heavy. She had to simply accept what was about to come. Soon tim inserted his cock thru the cage bars and i guided he cock into my pussy. Mistress then ordered me to fuck tim cock for him. Whilst fucking his cock mistress then released ali cock for a small time and ordered ali to stick his cock into the cage and told me i must suck him off while fuck tim ass. Michelle was in a position with both cocks up her two holes, simply to please her Mistress. Mistress Carmen then walked over to tim and started to admire what was happening to me and laughed and giggled at me, calling me humiliating stuff like sissy and cock slut. Soon michelle hear tim say to mistress if it was okay for him to cum and mistress said yes. Michelle felt a warm spray inside her ass as tim filled michelle pussy up with his spunk. Immediately after time came into michelle ass Mistress Carmen immediately inserted a plug into michelle pussy and inflated to max to trap the spunk inside michelle pussy. Ali was then placed back into chastity and was lead out of the dungeon along with his mistress and tim. Michelle was left behind in the dungeon by herself. She was utterly humilated

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