4 Ocak 2021

A Day to Remember Ch. 04


I went to see a movie today, expecting to see Erik at the theater. I assumed he was on break or something because I did not see him at his usual post. I asked somebody at the counter if he was there, they confirmed my suspicions.

I told them, “Could you tell him I’m in theater 3 and wanted to say hi.”

They said they would relay the message. I was satisfied.

I waited and waited in the movie. At first I had a strong boner, but then I wanted to wait to do anything until Erik arrived. He didn’t come. I started to watch the movie. It was some romance flick. As the girl and the boy kissed, you could see his erection. I was confused by this, not having seen this in a non-porn film before.

I soon realized that it was a porn flick. I didn’t remember that that was what I was walking into but I was satisfied. I looked across the aisle, for some reason or rather, and there he was. He had been waiting for me to look at him the whole time. I could see his movie theater shirt and the reflection from his white nametag.

There were only a couple other men in the room. They had sat nearer to the front. I scooted all the way over to where he was and grabbed his dick. He was openly masturbating bahis firmaları as I.

He was very confused in the whole matter. I said, “Erik, do you want a blowjob?”

He responded, “My name isn’t Erik. He was cut because of the crisis.”

“Damn,” said I.

He replied, “You can do me if you want to,” in a hopeful manner.

“What the hell.”

I could now see that his penis was much different than Erik’s. I could see that he was circumcised, as I am. This made me hot. I had never done a circumcised guy before – well I had never done a guy other than Erik before -. I stuck his dick in my mouth. I could feel his mushroom shaped head slip through my lips. His dick was also substantially shorter than Erik’s making it easier to suck.

I saw that he was focused on the movie so I gave him a playful little bite to bring his attention back to me. He hit my head in reprimand, not very hard, but it still hurt. I didn’t know that some men didn’t like this.

I began to rapidly lick the area directly under his head. Erik had done this to me, and I figured it was a good technique. This man seemed to enjoy it as well. At this point, he grabbed my penis, loosely, and began to wank me.

It kaçak iddaa was an interesting feeling because I had never done it that way before. I liked it. I removed the button on his trousers and pulled them down a little so that I could suck his balls. He did not protest. I licked my way down his dick ever so slowly.

I ended on his balls. They were much furrier than Erik’s but pleasant tasting. They tasted like cherry. I used my empty right hand to masturbate him while my other hand was rubbing his inner thigh. He was immensely enjoying the situation, but lifted me off for a little while.

As he lifted my head from his dick area, his head went down over my dick. A repayment I suppose. His tongue was intense. While he was moving his lips gracefully up and down my penis his tongue was rapidly vibrating around my penis and swirling like a whirlwind. He was more experienced than I. I stopped him for a minute and put on a strawberry condom, because I knew I would ejaculate soonish.

He also put on a condom. His was not flavored, as I found out later, but worked just as well.

He began to work his magic again. My body was quivering with excitement. I was ready to burst. He must have been well versed kaçak bahis in sex because right when I was about to be complete he pulled off so that I could last longer.

We switched rolls once again. I attacked his dick with the same intensity that he had done mine. I had to lick my lips frequently from the latex, but a minor detail. I rubbed his balls with my thumb and stuck my little finger up his ass. He was in ecstasy.

He loved this but I could tell by the intense look on his face that he was close to ejaculation, so I returned the favor and stopped.

He grabbed my boxers. I was wearing gym shorts, as I had come from working out and ripped them down to my knees — not literally –. He stuck his tongue in my ass for a few seconds to get it lubed up. He licked up to my balls and carefully caressed them with his tongue while he jacked me off.

He inserted a digit. I knew I was going to cum soon. Soon enough he took my dick in his mouth, and put his hand on his own.

He was jacking himself off! I think not. I grabbed his penis and began jacking him. He smiled and then went back to his work. His tongue was amazing. It felt like he had 3 of them.

Sure enough, we ejaculated at approximately the same time. He pulled his finger out of my ass slowly. This was intense. We both went back to masturbating ourselves as the movie concluded.

I began to ask him, “What’s your name?”

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