5 Nisan 2021

A Dirty Wish


This is just a quick and dirty story inspired by my wife of 20 + years. Don’t ask it’s a long involved tale for another time.

Dom Woolf


Janice slammed out of the corporate office more pissed off than she could ever remember being. She stalked down the warm evening sidewalk every strike of her heels telling those around her to stay clear. Four blocks later she was still mad as hell as she shoved open the heavy door to the bar and headed for the table that her co workers always occupied on Friday night.

Three of the regular group was already there with a pitcher of beer and the remains of the first of several pizzas’ they always ordered. Jan stopped at the bar and ordered a tequila shot, downed that and ordered another. She finished that before she sat down and poured her first mug of beer.

“Susan is a fucking bitch.” Was her first declarative sentence. All conversation at the table stopped. “A back stabbing, lying, work stealing cunt.”

Jan was always Miss Goody Two Shoes. Darn was a heavy cuss word in her world. Her friends were shocked. True, Susan was a loser of a boss that would never be promoted out of middle management and every one of the group had arrived at the bar pissed off at her at one time or another, but Janice never got upset, hardly ever drank, and never cussed. This was a major departure from her normal behavior.

“The witch stole my proposal, put her name on it, and got it passed by the board. They gave her a bonus. You know what I got? Nice work, keep it up.”

Janice drank down the mug in one long chug and poured another. “What did you say?” Charlie asked.

“What could I say? Thank you Ms. Blake.” Janice sat there and fumed. “What am I doing wrong, Charlie?

“You’re just too nice and she’s a slut trying to sleep her way to the top.”

The rest of the group arrived and conversations turned to other things. One by one the group drifted off and headed on home until only Charlie and Janice were left. Janice had been steadily drinking all night and she was well on her way to being drunk.

“Why do you think I’m too nice?” Janice asked. “I’m not you know. I can be naughty.”

Charlie laughed. “Look at you. You dress like a middle aged matron. You never speak up at meetings and let everyone walk all over you without a complaint.” Charlie looked at Janice. “Tonight was the first time in the two years that I have known you that you even cussed.”

Janice sat there thinking about what Charlie said. “So I should dress more like that slut does. Complain all the time and be as obnoxious at meetings as she is?”

“No. You just go on being you and in time the higher ups will figure out that it’s you who does the work.” Charlie sat back and smiled at her. “Besides I doubt you ever did a slutty thing in your life.”

“I could, you know.” Janice looked up at Charlie through her brown hair. “I could be a slut. I think about it all the time.”

“What do you think about?” Charlie asked suddenly interested.

Janice beckoned him down next to her and whispered. “I think about sucking cocks. Penuses peni “she stammered. ” Dicks. I think about sucking dicks in public.’

Charlie eased back in the booth and really looked at Janice for the first time. She was a cute girl and might even have a good figure under all those clothes.

“I bought a movie about girls sucking cocks in a peep show, through a hole. I think about that all the time.”

“Really and you think you would have the guts to do something like that?” Charlie laughed. ‘You can’t even show a little leg at work, what makes you think you could do anything like that?”

Janice looked up at him. “You think I’m a wimp. You don’t think I have the nerve. Well mister smarty if I knew where a peep show was I’d show you.”

“Ok, let’s go. I know one just two blocks from here.

It actually was closer to four blocks and halfway down a little alley but it was there and was a lot bigger inside than Janice expected. Charlie wandered around for a few minutes looking at the DVD’s. He had Jan find the one she had at home. It was titled Glory Hole Sluts. Charlie had seen it once before and remembered that the girls in the flick started out dressed and ended up naked. Charlie thought he could work with that. He bought a batch of tokens and led Janice into the back rooms where all the video cubicles were. He checked out several, brushing past men looking tuzla escort at the each cubicle’s movie titles.

Each one looked up and appraised Janice as she tried to slip past the men without touching. One made sure she had to rub across him as she passed, he smiled, and she blushed.

Charlie finally found the booth he was searching for, it not only had a booth on each side with holes in the walls between booths, but it was playing a cock sucking movie full of sucking and cum shots. Charlie pulled her inside and locked the door. He started the movie then turned to Janice.

“If you want to be a slut, you’re wearing way too many clothes.”

Janice hesitated; now that push had cum to shove she wasn’t sure she could do all the dirty things she fantasized about in the privacy of her bedroom.

“That’s what I thought. I told you, Jan. You’re a nice girl. You’re never going to be anything but that nice girl.”

He started to unlock the door and Jan decided it was now or never. She pulled the sweater and shirt off over her head.

Charlie sat back down. He gazed at her body still dressed in a slip and bra on top and the long skirt, just removing what she had taken off showed a lot more figure than Charlie had expected. She had a tiny waist, flared hips and well rounded breasts. Jan dropped her skirt to the floor and began to wiggle out of the slip.

Charlie was amazed that she still had on pantyhose with panties underneath and a bra of really heavy material that compressed her breasts.

Just at that moment the light from a movie in the next booth shown through the hole in the wall. Jan froze and Charlie took his chance. He picked up the clothes she had dropped and bundled them up, setting them against the wall under the hole.

“It’s now or never girl.” He gently pulled on her arm and helped her drop to her knees facing the wall.

“What? How? I don’t know what to do.”

“Put your fingers through the hole.”

She reached out to obey him, sliding her polished nails and dainty fingers into the hole, and wiggling them. “Oh!” She turned her hand over and began to move it into the hole. Slowly she drew the cock that had been placed in her hand back through. Charlie let her stroke it for a few seconds before pushing the back of her head towards it. He paused when her lips were just inches from the throbbing member bobbing in front of her face.

Janice licked her lips, staring at the male penus waiting for her next move. Clean and circumcised its tiny slit had a drop of precum forming. She reached out and licked the tip sweeping up the droplet. Slowly she edged forward parting her lips and engulfing the head of a strangers cock. She began to suck, sliding her mouth down and up the shaft as Charlie watched fascinated. He never expected her to go as far as stripping and now here she was sucking a cock through a glory hole in a sleazy adult video booth.

Charlie whispered in her ear. “Sluts should be naked.”

Janice nodded her head never releasing the dick in her mouth. Charlie stepped behind her and undid the six hooks on her heavy white bra. He slid it off her beautifully large rounded tits and tossed it on the bench beside her. Charlie couldn’t resist reaching around and hefting the heavy melons, he squeezed and played with her nipples eliciting moans from the girl even as she sucked.

Janice concentrated on doing her best to suck the cock poking through the glory hole. This was only her third, no her forth cock ever so she tried to emulate all the porno queens she had watched so religiously. It wasn’t easy with her co-worker stimulating her breasts; she wanted to just lean back and enjoy the man’s hands manipulating her. Then she felt it, the tremor in her mouth. She pulled back as it erupted cum across her face and hair, stinging a little where it caught her eye. When she could see again the hole was empty, her first glory hole cock gone.

Charlie turned Janice towards him and used her bra to wipe the sticky cum from her face. “Good girl! Now stick your tit in the other hole.” Janice looked across at the opposite wall. The hole was bigger on that side and she shifted around, still on her knees and bent to place her breast even with the hole. A black hand reached through and began to play with her tit. Charlie lifted Jan’s ass by her hips and stripped her pantyhose and panties down together.

Naked and kneeling in an adult video store’s tuzla escort bayan cum soaked peep booth, Janice could feel herself getting wet between her legs. It was her ultimate turn on cum to life. Jan dropped down on all fours as the black hand withdrew and a long skinny black and pink cock replaced it at the glory hole. Janice had never seen a cock so long in real life. She began to lick the shaft, enjoying the musty taste of the man’s organ.

Charlie whispered instructions. “Lick his balls.”

She bent her head further still and began to soak the dark kinky hair with her tongue and saliva. Charlie took out his cell phone and hoped the light from the booths movie screen would be enough. He quietly began snapping pictures. He focused on her face, tongue stretched out and licking the hairy balls of the man in the next booth, then a wider shot of those magnificent melons dangling nearly to the cum spotted floor, and finally a shot of her wide white ass sticking up so invitingly.

Charlie set the camera phone on motion picture and placed it on the bench, hoping he set it to capture the action as he unzipped and took Janice from behind. His raging hard on easily penetrating the girls soaked pussy.

“Suck his cock. Take him in all the way down. You can do it. Deep throat that nasty dirty cock, you slut.”

Janice moaned as Charlie ordered her to be the nasty slut she was becoming. She tried to deep throat the long thin cock and got it in her throat a couple of times but choked and gagged each time. Still judging from the words of encouragement from the other booth Janice felt she wasn’t doing to bad. She could hear the man in the next booth. “Yeah baby. Suck it in. Suck my cock, bitch. Take it all.”

Charlie wasn’t about to let her quit; he grabbed a handful of her hair and pressed her head down deeper on the shaft, forcing it into her throat. Each time she gagged he would let up just long enough for her to draw a breath then force her down again, all the while fucking her pussy.

Janice braced her hands on the sticky wall of the booth and let her co-worked control her head and body. She started to get the rhythm of relaxing her throat and breathing around the cock sliding deep into her. Her pussy was being pounded and she was getting closer and closer to cumming.

Janice felt the man starting to cum and tried to pull back but Charlie had other ideas; he forced her down farther than she had been able to take so far just as the spunk began to shoot into her throat.

“Swallow it slut, every drop.” Charlie ordered.

Janice did her best, but it was too much and cum exploded from around the shaft in her mouth. Once again the cock withdrew back through the glory hole, spurting sticky strands on to her face as it went. Charlie shoved his groin into Jan’s ass pressing her against the dirty wall as he filled her pussy with his own hot fluids.

Charlie kept her face pressed to the wall as he picked up her skirt and wiped himself clean. He used it to wipe her ass and pussy dry as well. Lifting the cum drenched woman, he sat her on the bench and wiped her face and tits with her now spunk covered skirt.

“Cum for me. Play with that hairy pussy and cum for me.”

She obediently began stroking her pussy; legs spread wide, her head laid back against the rear wall and her eyes closed. She was so close already. Her fingers became a blur and she rubbed her clit hard and fast.

Charlie filmed her sitting nude in the booth legs spread and covered with other men’s spunk as well as his own oozing from her wide open pussy. He gathered up all her clothes and slipped from the booth saying he would be right back.

Janice barely noticed him leave; she was so close, just a few more seconds. It came over her like a wave crashing on a rocky beach that seemed to go on and on and on. She could hear her self giving little cries each time the wave hit. Finally she slumped back against the wall, breathing heavily and totally spent.

Charlie quickly walked to the men’s room. He dumped all of Janice’s clothes into the trash can on top of cum soaked tissues and used towels. He kept the black nylon slip rolled it up and stuck it in a pocket. He wet several paper towels and grabbed a bunch of dry ones before heading back. Charlie stopped at a vending machine and got two bottles of water. He looked around and began to navigate his way back to the booth.

Janice opened her escort tuzla eyes to a scene from the still running movie of a girl giving a hand job to two guys at the same time. It seemed to her still drunken mind as if the movie was showing her what to do, because from each of the two glory holes emerged a cock. She wrapped her hand around one and her lips around the other, stroking and sucking her world narrowed to just those two ideas. Every few seconds she would switch; sucking on one cock and giving a hand job to the slickened other cock as she wet each in turn with her spit.

She was in the process of changing from one to the other stroking both when they both rained their fluids across the booth and onto the naked girl between them. Janice was literally covered in cum, dripping from her hair, down her face and droplets highlighted her breasts and belly.

Charlie reached the booth at the same time as two big men in construction jeans and tee shirts started to open the door. Charlie smiled and stepped back to watch. The men looked in and whistled at the site of the voluptuous naked and cum drenched woman waiting on the bench. They crowded into the booth and Charlie could hear their excited voices ordering Janice to her knees. He listened as they made crude remarks about her body and he could hear her little cries and pleadings as they took her and fucked her. They were in the booth and the booth was rockin for almost ten minutes while Charlie stood watch outside sipping from his water bottle.

The men finally exited, zipping up their jeans and Charlie pushed open the door to see Jan lying on the on the filthy floor cover with dirt, cum and dirty tissues stuck to her body. He closed the door and assisted her back on to the bench. He used the moist towels to clean up the worst of the mess, while she drained the water he had brought.

Charlie retrieved his camera phone which no body had noticed propped up besides the movie screen. He help Jan put on the one article of clothing she had left, before guiding from the back booths. Every guy in the place watched as her large breasts bounced and jiggled under the thin material of the slip. He stopped her just before the door and slowly lifted the nylon over her ample ass, giving the patrons one last look at her.

Charlie had to help her down the street and hail a cab. He had her give the driver her address before he let her lie back in the seat. She was almost totally out of it and paid no attention as Charlie spread her legs and lifted the slip so the cabbie could get a good look.

During the ride Charlie reviewed the footage his camera had caught. It wasn’t Oscar material by any means, not even good porn but it defiantly showed Janice being fucked and sucking cock and the footage of her masturbating, the shower of cum from the double hand job was excellent. The final two guys had been mostly below the camera, but they must have put her on her knees when they were about to explode because her face was suddenly right in front of the camera lens as white spunk splashed and covered her face twice in just a few seconds. Charlie froze a frame of her face covered with cum and dripping off her nose and her tongue flicking out to gather up the sticky treat.

Charlie helped her up to her apartment and into a shower. He washed her down good and pushed the shower nozzle and hose attachment into her cunt to wash it out good. Janice was out on her feet as Charlie dropped her naked and still moist body across the bed. In seconds she was sound asleep.

He walked into her closet and looked at the clothes Janice owned. Most of them were her usual Miss Goody Two Shoes wear. Charlie went into the kitchen and got a box of garbage bags.

Two hours later he dumped the last of the bags into the church collection box a block from her apartment.

He returned and laid out one of the few outfits he had left her. A white short sleeved button down top that he carefully removed the top three buttons from. A pair of black slacks that he judged must be several years old and would be tight on her. No panties and a black half bra that must have been bought for the single cocktail dress he had found in her things. He had stripped the closet of pretty much everything else and her panties’ drawer was history as well as all but two of her bras.

He went to her computer and downloaded the pictures and movie from his camera phones 4 gig memory card. He sent a copy to his email address, and changed her screen saver to show the pictures of her night in the booth. He printed out a message with her instructions for Monday, kissed her goodnight, and closed the door behind him.

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