5 Nisan 2021

A Dream of Love


She walks in the room, wearing sweats, no underwear. She was always sexiest when she was comfortable like this. She approaches me, her curves obvious, and moving constantly through the soft material. We embrace, my chin fitting in the little pocket between her neck and her shoulder. I whisper to her, so gently, that I love her, and she responds, sounding close to tears with the significance of what we are about to do. I draw my head up, taking in her magnificent face… and I touch her lips with mine. Within an instant, we’re kissing, passionately, forcefully… and urgently. We need each other desperately, and we both know it.

Before moving towards our bed, we each remove the shirt of the other lover. After I remove hers, I take a moment, admiring that perfect neck and collarbone. I begin making oral love to it, kissing it, brushing it with my lips, before taking each tiny segment of flesh and licking it with a tongue guided by passion and affection. We finally begin to sink down on the bed, with me lying down. She climbs on top of me, straddling my crotch, and begins grinding against it as we explore each other’s mouths. My mouth, now taken by lust, begins to make its way down from hers, towards those perfect, beautiful breasts. Each one is a bit smaller than her head… impeccably shaped. As my tongue first lays upon her left nipple, she gasps aloud, the pleasure too much for her to keep silent anymore. She moves her pelvis in such a way that I find I must return the groan or explode.

We continue like this, switching breasts now and again, sometimes taking both rosebud nipples into my mouth at once, until finally, I realize I must tuzla escort taste her. I turn over, pushing her off of me, and taking my place atop her. Continuing my mouth’s caresses, I begin working my way down her body, taking time to pay attention to each part of it individually… her breasts, her cleavage, her stomach, the sensitive areas around her naval… finally, I remove her last piece of clothing, revealing a sight that can only be described as a vision of Heaven.

Hairless on the sides, trimmed on the top, and smelling of roses thanks to the soap she uses… I nearly dive directly in without taking my time. This was not a moment to rush. This must be drawn out! This is the moment in which I am happiest, and I am able to bring my love, my lover, to the far reaches of ecstasy! Forcing myself to concentrate, to bring the highest pleasure possible, I begin at her knees. Slowly, I lick, kiss, and suck my way up each one, nearing closer to my goal each time. Her breath, coming faster now, is forcing her to make slight panting sounds… I feel such an exhilaration that I make her feel so good.

It is time now. Using my fingers to part the sides of her moist entrance, I watch as her flower opens up to me. With one motion, I take the entire slit of womanhood into my mouth, draining the juice from it. Her cries are likely heard miles away as I spell out “I love you” with my tongue on her clit. I do not insert my fingers. That honor is for my manhood, when the time is right. Gradually, I work her up to a point where she thrashes about wildly, screaming my name when she can utter a coherent syllable. Finally, in a fit of spasms, she announces her impending tuzla escort bayan orgasm. She takes fast hold of my hair, and grinds her pussy into my already hard-working mouth, riding out her climax as a surfer rides a wave all the way to shore.

Finally, she relaxes. I take the time to crawl up next to her, and kiss her face, over and over again, tearfully describing how much I love and adore her. After a moment, she has recovered. It is now her turn. She guides my mouth once more towards her breasts, and I begin devouring them, nipples and cleavage. I know what she is planning.

Her first move is to remove my pants, already half gone from all the thrashing I did in my attempts to bring her to orgasm. She then kisses down my lower stomach, around my legs… then engulfs my penis in her mouth, using her tongue and all her lip muscles to bring me to full hardness. I am nearly in pain, I am so overwhelmed with sensation. My moans are a communication that no human being but her would understand, as she works her expert mouth precisely around my throbbing head. After a moment, this ceases. Her breasts, now, are the object of desire, as they wrap themselves around my lengthening penis. Pushing them together, I make love to her bosom, as she pants appreciatively of my actions. This feeling is beyond sublime, but this is not how my night is to end. Her face, searching mine for a signal to continue, finally finds it. She whispers that she loves me… I exclaim it out loud in response.

Rolling over, she is now on her back, her legs spread wide. This is the answer, the meaning to all we are. This sharing of our bodies is what we have desired escort tuzla so fervently, and now we are to culminate this desire. No artificial means of protection are required, we care not about consequences… we are together forever. There is no more beginning or end. As I move to cover her, I have one final thought before I push inside of that flower that blooms eternally for me: I could not possibly be happier.

My entrance is swift. My actions are not. After a short battle to gain entry to her hot, sweet, wet pussy, I rest for a moment, enjoying the feel of being inside a woman whom I love. It feels as though her love canal was made for my love alone… every niche of her inner flesh was tailored to my fit. With a look of pure love in my eyes, I kissed her, and then began my movement. Slow, long, deep thrusts, helping her both adjust to the pain of being entered, and to the feeling of being taken. After a moment, she breathlessly begs me to go faster. I oblige, increasing the speed of my strokes, finally bringing it up to an all out love making tempo. Her moans and groans match mine, her every utterance is a mirror of my growls. We stay like this for a solid five minutes, wrapped in each other, making perfect love, when she screams aloud that she is about to cum. I cannot pass up such an opportunity. When she finally climaxes, I allow myself to do the same… a simultaneous orgasm at the height of our feelings for each other. The thick, hot seed pouring from me into her convulsing sex… it is the single most amazing feeling that will ever be felt by our race.

Afterwards, we lay there for some time, still embraced sexually… but it has become a comfort, instead of a scene of sex. Once more, I whisper my everlasting love. Once more, I do not know whose face it is on my lover. Once more, I am lost in my own dreams… praying for an answer, and a lover.

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