30 Haziran 2020

A experience to remember


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A experience to rememberWell, all these started when I was working in a company A, and there was this new girl (fresh Grad). I was late 20s at that time, and she like 24 years old. She always like to talk in very cute manner and it happen that her first project was to work together with me. I must say her boobs stand out to me eaach time she talks to me and I could feel that she leaning in on meslighly too much (not touching me) while explaining what she wants from the job over my shoulders. To cut the long story short, I decide to get her out for a drink together with my colleague. (male)well, This male colleague of mine is a super guai guai boy so I know if anything I will get this new girl.Long story short, eventually I managed to kiss her after we were drunk and all. And she wanted to be my gf! Well, I dont have a gf at that time so it was a win win situation.Now after I get to know her, I found out that she doesnt have sex before. I like “WHAT!” So slowly, once while sending her home, I was feeling horny. (Seeing her big boobs on her petite body make me cant wait to fuck. But I was in for a better surprise in months to come)We started petting in staircase. (Those staircase which got door type. Soem of you might know where. ) and I show her my cock for her to suck. And guess what at the age of 24 she say she dont know, türkçe bahis I was feeling so horny so I say, try. If you dont like its ok. So she tried and gagged a few times. but being nice she wanted to continue so I let her until I cum outside her.what comes next over the next few weeks was every man fantasy.One night, we were working in office, boss were not around. (my office is those like open type. Where the worker opposite can see you if he/she slightly lift up her head. And my ex suddenly come over to my table and whisper, I know its time you need it. Without warning, she unzip my pants and sit down on the ground. (All these while I have another colleague opposite me with a table and 2 computer monitor between us, and she started to BBBJ me. The feeling was exciting yet afraid that my colleague might ask what happen to her?I try to let her suck and suck for like 5-10 min. And all these while I try to act as if nothing is happening by having a poker face. but the fact that my cock is in her mouth, it make me a bit apprehensive of what if my cum in her mouth? how to wipe off without my colleague know what happening. but all these thoughts was taken over by my little b*o, I say WTF, just cum.Her sexy body on the ground showing me the full view of her cleavage. At least a C+.Just as I was coming cuming. My colleague poker oyna opp ask “Hey A, what r u doing? sleeping at my place?”I didnt say much as I was about to cum. In the end I couldnt take it n I shoot all inside her mouth.She stood up with all my sperms in her mouth. Went straight out of office into the toilet to spit it out. Oh boy what an office fuck we see in AV, I was thinking.Now at this point, ( She is still a virgin and I havent fuck her yet and she doing all the things that a guy fantasies. Thats y I didnt expect her to swallow)Now many of you readers would doubt with a girl like this, sure is loose one. cannot be virgin, But I must say she really is.coz…to be continue….Up me if you like me to continue.P.S) I neer thought I would write a real experience here online but seeing LUV4ALL and RAM experiences, I must say Im Inspired.)Time to continue..Well, I was thinking for a University student, sure not virgin already. Some more gives such a good head. So I drop the idea to her on a Saturday afternoon, let’s drop by a hotel to “Rest”. Well she knows what I mean, meaning my little b*o needs her attention. So after googling the nearest Hotel 81. We proceeded there under the hot weather.Once inside, we started kissing and all. Soon my hands were all over her nice C boobs and reaching out to unhook the bra. bets10 Took off her clothes as she help to take out mine too. Once we were down to our birthday suits, she started to go down on me, giving me a good blow while she sitting on the bed and I was standing. After a few minutes. I decided to try to insert by fingers and test her hole. Boy she was really really wet by this time. As I was circling outside the clit, while putting the middle finger in slowly, She let out a loud scream.. I can sense her body shivering and all these while I havent insert even half my middle finger. Oh my, she really a virgin…I stopped myself, and think… Should her first time be done like this? Telling myself no, I not going to spoilt her first time in a budget hotel. So I just continue the simulation of he clit for a short while, while she continue to lt out some soft noises. I can tell she loves it like this.. Without missing a beat, she sat up on the bed, flip me over and make me lie on the bed and started to Viciously BBBJ me. with fast motion, hands free on my little b*o. Boy, she hungry for my cock I can tell. Her hair was getting messy from the BBBj and she wild. Like a inner b**st in her wanting to take control. In the end, I lost. My army of load was in her mouth, and I let out a final sound…Looking at me smiling with her mouth close, she got up and proceeded to the toilet to crash my army on the basin and I was standing there looking at her at the door of the bathroom. Thinking. “wow, Its like getting the first price.” A BBBJ queen virgin.

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