30 Haziran 2020

a good neighbour (still)


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a good neighbour (still)Since our first encounter, our fuck friend relationship, as any relationship for that matter, has evolved. We often have quickies in his garage where he bends me over his workbench and fills my ass with his cum. We have truly determined that He is the top and I am the bottom as he does not wish to get sodomized. He often makes me lick his asshole and jerk his cock, before cuming in my mouth. We have had this beat for about 3 months now, until last week when he invited me over and one of his friends was there. We had a few beers and his friend mentionned that he knew what we were doing and he would really like to participate. His friend was nice looking, clean and seemed like a generally nice guy. He told me he had heard that I really liked cock and if I would be able to handle 2 at once. I realized that my neighbour had really given him lots of details on how muchh I enjoyed dick up my ass and drinking cum. He had even showed him pics of my ass and penis (without the face) and he really had liked what he saw. nevşehir escort My neighbour suggested that we go in his outside spa. Wew undressed and put on some robes and went outside. It had been snowing and it was pretty cold but the very hot water felt great on my body. We sat next to eachother and his friend asked me if I would play with his penis, which I started doing under the water. He was not as big as my neighbour (who is ?…) and he got an erection really fast. I think that the whole anticipation really got him excited. My neighbour then slid next to me and asked me If I would take care of him as well and I happily obliged. He started kissing me with his tongue, as his friend was kissing me on the neck. We played around like that for a while, drinking shots of rhum at the same time. The preliminaries had been pretty nice and we decided to go back in. My neighbour told us that we had all day as his wife had left to see her friend for the week end. We dried ourselves off and went downstairs where my neighbour escort nevşehir put some bi-porn on his big screen. Naturally, I just got on my knees and starting sucking on their cocks, alternating from dick to dick, while jerking off the other that was waiting. I truly felt good as I was the center of attention and their pleasure. I know I was being their bitch, but that is excatly what I wanted to be. His friend was so excited that he told me he was going to cum. I pulled away slightly from him and opened my mouth. He finished himself off with his hand, generating a massive ejaculation, most of which I drank. My neighbour jokingly made a comment to the effect that he had cum really fast. His friend told him that he did that a lot but he would probably having another erection just by watching us. My neighbour sat on his couch and I sat on his swollen cock. I was facing him and he was pinching and sucking on my nipples, which I really enjoy. At that point, I was noy paying any attention to his friend, concentrating on my nevşehir escort bayan pleasure and giving my neighbour a nice orgasm. After about fifteen minutes of moving up and down his stiff cock, I turned my head and saw his friend with another erection. He took my head and directed it towards his shaft. I started sucking on his head. At that time, my neighbour asked me to get off his dick as he wanted me to drink all of his cum. he told me that he did not want to see a drop and I did what I was told, swallowing all of his spunk. His friend wanted seconds and he told me to bend over the couch so that he could fuck me good, which I did. he pumped me really hard but I did not hurt at all as my neighbour had cleared the way with his enormous shaft. As I was getting fucked, my neighbour told me that I deserved to be taken care of and he started milking me with spit that he put on my cock. We almost came at the same time and my orgasm was one of the beat I ever had. His friend emptied his load up my gaping shithole and I reached back to put some on my finger and taste it. Funny how when you finish fucking with 2 guys, you just feel like leaving, so I took a quick shower and that it what I did. I said goodbye to the friend and my neighbour and went home. We have another date in 3 weeks…

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