11 Aralık 2021

A Husband Works Late


Friday afternoon and Barry was working over again in his office. Almost everybody else finished early on Friday but not him. He already knew that he stayed too long but also knew what needed to be done. He was in charge and had ultimately responsibility for everything that went out. He phoned Melanie, his wife, and told her he would be late home. He tried to explain that it was unfortunate but there were proposals that had to be completed for Monday. However, he had had a long discussion with Julie, his assistant, and starting next week he had reassigned more work to her. This had chewed up his morning schedule.

His good news was that he had a call from a client, Brenda Binley, who had extra items to add to their order. They had met, which took another hour, and he had taken her to lunch. The result was he had not got through all the outstanding paperwork. Then Brenda had wanted to collect her revised bid before finishing work that afternoon. So he had to wait in his office to see her.

“Come on Barry, why is it you alone have to put in such long hours? Couldn’t you have delegated some of the work to your assistants?” Mel was exasperated by his tale and let him know in no uncertain terms. She pressed on, “Sweetheart, have you got anything to eat this evening?”

“No I haven’t yet. Just don’t nag me.” Barry was on edge.

Mel got more annoyed and Barry could tell it in her voice. “Well you get something for yourself, I’m going out. I’ll not be cooking for you at nine at night. You ought to call a pizza delivery and have one sent. Should I get one sent round? And you should remember to listen for the front door, don’t let them go away as you have in the past.”

Barry was getting angry at her tone of voice, “Yes, OK, if let me get on and I’ll be home sooner.”

“Barry, are you alone?”

“Yes, more or less. Julie is getting ready to leave but Clara the cleaner is still in the ground floor rooms.” He paused, “Where are you going?”

“Oh, I don’t know. To talk to somebody, to Mum and Dad, I think.” Mel sounded despondent.

“Mel, give me ’til the cleaner finishes and I’ll leave then. Wait for me. I’ll ring you when I locking up.”

Mel thought a few seconds, “Why is Julie stopping later than the other staff?”

He answered, “Well she is single and it is easier for her to drive home across town a bit later on Friday when the main rush is over.”

“OK then, but don’t leave any later. I’ll order you something and get it sent across. And listen out for the door. Don’t let the man leave and you miss him. Love you.”

The idea of Julie staying with her husband troubled Mel. She was young, not long graduated. She was clever, pretty and unattached. Just the sort of girl to be on the prowl for a dissatisfied husband. owever she knew Clara was older than Barry and married, if that meant anything these days. Clara was a confident, mature woman in her late 30’s. Probably an experienced seducer of lonely men as well. But who halkalı escort is Brenda Binley and what is she like? Clearly a woman with some intelligence, and with the influence that it earned. Was Barry doing overtime for her or with her? That made three women for Mel to be wary of.

“Yes and thanks. I won’t be any later. I’ve told Clara I’m still in my room. I’ll be away when she leaves. Love you too.” Barry put the phone down. He knew that really should be worrying about what Mel was going to do and get back to her.

Barry worked a bit longer and soon was wrapping up. He had not checked the time but he heard the main entrance bell ring downstairs. Clara must have opened the door. Someone entered the outer office.


“In here,” Barry called out and reached for his wallet. However it was not the usual pizza delivery man. He was surprised when a woman entered his room. Especially so, as when they had spoken earlier she had not mentioned she would come up to see him. Nevertheless he was particularly happy that she had turned up. He had not really expected her to come to his office at this time of day.

“Do I owe you for the pizza?” he asked calmly and smiled at her.

“Pay me later when you decide how much it’s worth,” she answered using her sexy voice.

She was carrying the pizza in one hand and holding her jacket over her shoulder with the other. She kicked the door to behind her and locked it. She put the pizza on top of a filing cabinet and threw the jacket onto a chair near the door. Then she shut the blinds in the interior windows and dimmed the lights before facing him.

“How did you get it?” He asked, nodding toward the pizza. “You’ve never brought pizzas up to me before.”

“I met the boy as he arrived. He got here when I was at the front door. It was still open and he was coming in but I said I would bring it up to you. Don’t worry we’re alone and I’ve locked the door behind me.”

He looked at the attractive beauty in front of him. She was a slim blonde haired woman and her hair tumbled over her shoulders. She was wearing a tight fitting red silk blouse and a short black skirt that emphasised her figure. She had black stockings and black patent high heel shoes that displayed her legs to perfection. A glistening choker at her neck drew his attention to her face. Her make-up was more like that of a seductress than that of her true occupation. She held her lips slightly apart with the tip of her tongue showing, awaiting a kiss.

“What’s your name?” he enquired, curious to see what game she was playing. Of course, in reality he knew her name.

“You should call me Bambi for now.” She squinted her eyes at him and searched for his reaction.

‘Bambi’ leant forward and unbuttoned her blouse. Looked him straight in the eye and pulled it off. Her perfume filled the room as she stripped off her clothing. She tossed the blouse taksim escort onto the chair with the jacket. Her boobs were just about enclosed by a black lace bra that allowed her pale pink areolas to peep over the top edge. Still looking at him she shook her beautiful full breasts for him to observe.

“That’s not your real name, is it? It sounds like a stripper’s name to me.” He went along with the play acting.

“Never mind, you think of me like that tonight. As a ‘Sex Worker’ or an ‘Escort’.”

“Then I bet you are expensive?”

“Oh yes I am. Sex with me could be the most expensive you will ever have.”

She unfastened her skirt, stepped forward and let it fall to the floor. ‘Bambi’ was wearing a lace thong to match the skimpy bra. She pirouetted on her toes for him to see what she had to offer and turned around once more. Leaning forward and peeping over her shoulder, she quickly wiggled her bum for him.

“That’s very beautiful, very enticing,” Barry said, keeping cool, “but I’ve seen lace lingerie before.”

“Then let me show more.” ‘Bambi’ pouted and reached behind her back; her bust bulged forward as she stretched. She unclipped the bra and it popped off, freeing the splendid orbs to bounce from their restraints. Without stopping she lifted the waistband of her thong and flipped it over her hips so that it too dropped to the floor. “Well? Say what you think.” She held her hands out as if expecting to be taken in his arms.

He considered the near naked body as she revolved around on her heels. He noticed now that her tits sagged a bit but her nipples still stood up like little pink strawberries on wobbly cream blancmange. She straightened up and displayed her neatly trimmed pubic hair. She was definitely a natural blonde. Her outer pussy lips were closed hiding the secret place within.

“Come here.” Barry demanded, spinning his chair to one side. His trousers bulged and as his manhood strained for freedom.

She glided around the end of the desk and bent forward to press her lips to his in a gentle kiss. Dropping to her knees and grasped at his trouser belt. It was easily loosened and his zip pulled down. Her small cool hand groped inside for his cock, found it and was dragged into the open. Not for long though. Her mouth opened and ruby red lips enclosed the tip. She drew back his foreskin and rolled her tongue over the naked flesh. He moaned and ran his fingers through her hair as she bobbed beneath his gaze. “Oh god, woman,” Barry sighed at her ministrations. She let go and leaped up straight onto his lap. Her legs straddled the arms of the chair and she threw her arms around his neck.

“Guide it in for me,” ‘Bambi’ whispered and dropped her swollen pussy toward his erect cock. He obliged and she sank the full length into her vagina. Once again she looked into his eyes while flexing her thighs to raise and lower her arching body. He thrust up to meet her fall many times until, şişli escort first her, then he yelled and felt the surge of sexual ecstasy their climaxes brought. She drew him closer and their tongues duelled in the passion of the moment.

“I should be going home to be with my family and not be here with a loose woman like you.” He made a weak protest as she released her grip.

“Please don’t leave me like this,” ‘Bambi’ persuaded. “Take me again.” She shifted to sit on the edge of the desk and lay back. “Come on; please do me again, now.” She grabbed at his wrist and twisted him onto her. She held his arms and he braced himself with his hands either side of her on the desk. His cock was at exactly the right height to force its way into her slippery cunt. He moved in between her wide spread legs and did as she demanded. Now he pounded into her until she squealed with delight at the treatment she received. For a second time that evening they enjoyed the high of a well executed fucking.

He stepped back and sat in his chair. “There, I’m certain you haven’t had that treatment at home have you?” She spoke up then rolled forward and they kissed again. “I need to clean up and have a pee. Back in a minute.” She was still gasping for breath.

Barry directed her to the door in the corner of his office. “In there, on the left.” She kicked off her shoes and ran. He watched her arse swaying as she went.

He followed her. “I’m having a shower. Join me.” Turning to the right he started the water and waited for it to run warm.

He stepped under the spray and she was there with him immediately. They soaped and caressed backs, bums, boobs and balls. The slipping and sliding of hands and fingers became slipping and sliding of cock and pussy.

“You’ve done it in the shower before, haven’t you?”

“I can’t remember the last time. With my boyfriend, sometime when I was at University.”

“Then don’t worry, we’ll just do the same way.” They did, slowly and gently as the water trickled down their skins.

They dried off and returned to the office. He produced a hair dryer for her and got dressed as she finished. She found her handbag and stepped back into the toilet to reapply her makeup. He admired her femininity as she bent forward and peered into the mirror beneath the bright light. He watched her pursing and rolling the lips he would be kissing very soon. For him, touching up lipstick was one of the most female of female actions.

Barry opened his cold pizza and ate a slice while he gazed at her dressing. He had fallen in love with her and he loved being with her.

“I ought to take you straight home with me for more, no hanging about. We could carry on for a bit longer. We’ve got time. What do you think?” He teased.

“Your wife isn’t at home at the moment, you know. So you could. We could be very naughty.” She laughed and taunted him back.

“I know very well she’s not there right now. Ah, but the kids will have a sitter. She would guess what we were up to.”

There were a few silent seconds.

“I took them to mum’s earlier. We’ve got until tomorrow afternoon before need we collect them.”

“You think of everything, evil woman. I’m glad I married you.”

“And I’m glad you married me too. Let’s go home. You can take me to bed.”

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