30 Haziran 2021

a morning of flashing


a morning of flashingguys first my phone/camera is broken so i will not be able to upload anymore videos :'(…. now for the morning of flashing, so this morning around 5 a.m. i am on my way back towards the house and i think since im passing all these bus stops and its this early why not wait for some ladies to come to the stops… idk if luck was with me or what but i flashed about 6 women in the course of an hour and maybe a half…. so im at the first bus stop (this is a busy bus route and i am in) and there is this lady ima call her mary, shes a mature white woman who doesnt look bad nice rack and ass… well im sitting on the bench and she is standing up and i already have my pants pulled down but i pull them down more so my balls can be free.. so i start to stroke it and she sees it out of her side vision and i continue to stroke while she is looking for her bus to come.. well she looks a few times i was jerking it for at least 10 mins she looked a few times i asked he the time she looked at me and watched my dick getting rock hard… i said to her ‘it would be a shame if someone had just walked up to the bus stop right now” she looked again and proceeded to look for konak escort her bus… now another bus perpendicular to where i am sitting is dropping passengers off… and of course they make their way to the stop that i am at… the lady i believe liked it because she didnt walk away at all… now i cross the street and i see again the girl from one of my videos that i cummed on and her coworker crossing the street so i wait for them to get to their stop and i proceed to jerk my dick again.. at this stop its a big parking lot and cars are occasionally riding through it… so i dont jerk for long but i did it often making noises while i was jacking.. their bus comes multiple times before they actually get on it meanwhile im just a jacking away i didnt try to startle just was trying to be a bate ninja after they get on their bus im thinking about goin home when i see another lady from the same job as the two women that just left (she actually went into the store first) and this big booty big titty sexy black woman come to the bus stop but further down… i take a seat in the adjacent bench and pull my dick out just the black woman is there at this time… konak escort bayan i was scared shitless foreal but then she started watching but i was looking away for a bit until my dick got rock hard now she goes from standing near a light pole 10 foot away to sitting on the bench next to the one i am sitting on… at this time im like fuck the cars driving past and i have my full hard dick out jacking it up and down… she is watching she is liking it… now the other lady comes from the store to the bus stop while my dick is hard i now have the black girl watching and the other coworker is walking up (she cant see yet the bus stop’s shelter is in her path) they other woman walks past the shelter to see me mid stroke while the black girl is watching… the black girl takes her eyes off of my dick and looks at the other girl and back to my dick… the other girl (shes white btw) was shocked and walked under the shelter… so its now just me and the black girl at this moment and the traffic thats driving past which i am not worried about at 5:50 in the morning … shes watching me im lookin at her and im stroking until this old indian man walks escort konak up but i pay him no mind she looks at him like “can you please leave im enjoying the show”) [this is dead ass shit im telling you guys i can not make this up] so now im gettin close to busting a nut and im actually amazed she is still watching as i am about to cum the white girl walks back over (i was shocked after she walked off after seeing my dick) and i start cumming all over the place the white girl walks off again but i aint even paying her any mind im stuck on this sexy ass black woman… shes smiling and im tryin my best not to make direct eye contact but ive already done it like 5 times already… the man comes back looking like are you ok ma’am LMFAO and her facial expression is like dude im good i can handle myself…. as im cleaning myself off im lookin at the woman to see her expression… its priceless but its genuine at the same time… like excitement and arousal… i clean myself off and am gettin ready to leave when i say to her these exact words…”THAT WAS A MESSY SITUATION (chuckling)” and her reply with a big smile was yes it was her bus pulled up i went home and now im writing this… im sad because my phone is broke and that would have been my best flash vid yet…. i thanked her before i left and she was obliged…. i never fell in love with a flashee until now… sigh…. PS THAT I BELIEVE WAS MY FIRST FLASHEE THAT VOLUNTARILY WATCHED ME CUM…

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