9 Ocak 2021

A Mother’s Love


Martin was thirty two years of age, slightly overweight, about six foot tall with dark hair, brown eyes and a goatee beard.

He had arrived back home from a night out with the lads at around ten thirty, he had been unfortunate enough to spill beer down his new yellow Ralph Lauren shirt. He left his mates at the nightclub by mutual consent, no point in ruining their night as well!

As he entered the house he saw a pink post-it-note stuck on the telephone; it informed him that his mother had gone around to see a friend of hers, and his father had gone around to his brothers to help with some minor d.i.y, job, with a few beers thrown in, both will be back late.

He took the chance to get out of his sticky beer stained clothes and take a bath. He went upstairs into his bedroom and selected a pair of blue boxer shorts from the drawer, placed them on his bed and removed his clothes and put them in the plastic washing basket.

He then turned to walk into the bathroom, as he got to his bedroom door his mother Julia; fifty seven years old, black hair, brown eyes about five foot six with a nice pear shaped body. Although it was now showing signs of middle aged spread. Was standing at the top of the stairs.

“I got home earlier than I thought I would” she informed him,

“I guess so” he replied, embarassed.

She went on to ask him why he was home so early from his night out, and he spoke to her for about thirty seconds, when he suddenly fell in he was standing there totally naked. And he started to get an immediate erection. Julia glanced down to her son’s enlarging penis.

“I can always wash your back, if you want?” his mother asked him,

“It’s ok I’ll do it myself,” he said, suddenly realising how impossible it was.

He entered the bathroom and ran the water, and once the water was at the right temperature he then got in. He just relaxed in the water and started caressing his penis, thinking about standing fully naked in front of his mother; this was not a normal occurrence, when she opened the door and entered the bathroom without knocking.

She told Martin that she was going to put some washing on, she had already put the white wash on. Julia motioned to Martin to lean forward in the bath, a thousand thought ran through his mind, mainly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that all this was wrong. He should not be thinking of his mother in an erotic way.

She then took the soap and dipped it into the water and lathered it into her hands then circled it onto his back, and started to wash in a circular motion, very gently. The touch of the soft skin on her hands, touching his arched back sent a tingling feeling that he could not describe, right through him. She then moved her delicate hands up onto his broad shoulders, she then rinsed his back with a soft blue sponge and leant him back against the back of the bath.

“It’s just like when you were a baby,” she commented.

As she moved around and started washing his chest. She then washed his feet and lower legs and moved up his legs towards his penis. Which had now shrunk and become un-erect as he felt slightly unsure of himself, and the natural nervousness of his mother touching him. As Martin moved himself in the bath a splash of water splashed on Julia’s multi-striped jumper.

“Oh, you’ve made me wet now” she said, joking.

And she pulled her top off, to reveal her rather slightly saggy but largely ample breasts. Now Martin’s erection grew again.

“Impressed, are we?” Julia said as she caught sight of Martin’s manhood.

“Just a little” he replied in an almost sarcastic manner. Almost expecting a slap from his mother for getting turned on by her breasts.

“Good” she said, “It’s nice to appreciated” she told him.

She then leant over the bath and ran her wet hands over her breasts. She picked up the soap again and lathered some more soap into her hands and started washing her own breasts.

Martin looked on in awe as his mother was washing her breasts right there in front of him. She then asked Martin to rinse her breasts with the sponge, which he did. Julia then stood up dried her breasts and picked up her jumper and left the bathroom, as quickly as she entered it, with no response to his Question of where she were going.

Leaving Martin to wonder at what just happened. He masturbated over what had happened in the last few minutes and shot his load of semen before washing himself and exiting the bathroom.

Once downstairs his mother suggested güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri rather needlessly, that they should not mention this to his father, Martin agreed, realising this was an amazing one off streak of oddity.

The following morning Martin awoke and looked at his clock, it was an hour after he should be up for work, he got out of bed and went to enter the bathroom. When he realised he could hear snoring from his parents bedroom, he poked his head around the door and saw only his mother asleep in bed. She must have overslept he thought to himself, he went downstairs thinking it might be the weekend, but his father was not there.

He ran back upstairs into his parents room and saw his mother had turned, facing away from him, but she had taken the duvet with her, he could now blatantly see her full back uncovered. He lightly tapped her shoulder through the duvet, she grunted, starting to come around, and turned towards Martin.

“Oh, Martin, what do you want?” she asked. In a rather groggy state.

“You haven’t woken me up, it’s eight thirty!” he informed her,

“It’s also Saturday!” she informed him,

“But where’s dad?”

“Around his brothers; he didn’t come home last night.”

“Oh, sorry,” Martin said.

By now his mother had turned to lying on her back, and the duvet only half made it’s journey back. Julia’s left breast, which was closest to Martin, flipped out of the duvet, revealing itself to Martin. And the line of the duvet exposed an almost diagonal line down the middle of his mothers curvaceous body, revealing Julia’s complete vaginal area.

“Come in and join me! You used to like it when you where a baby!” she told him.

She reached her arm out to feel at Martin’s growing erection through his blue boxers, she took the elastic and pulled down revealing his pubic hair and his manhood to her. Her other arm tapped on the duvet cover to her right, the empty side of the bed! Martin pulled his boxers down, leaving himself again fully naked in front of his mother, and walked around to the other side of the bed and got in. Martin got immediately aroused by the cotton sheets and duvet, although his own were cotton as well, the atmosphere made them feel different.

Julia turned sideways facing Martin, güvenilir bahis şirketleri her breasts rubbing against his arm, she took his hand and placed it on her breast. She let out a slight sigh as his cold finger tips touched her warm soft skin. He caressed her breast lightly for a few minutes.

She then put her hand behind his head and eased it forward, his lips docked her nipple like a space shuttle docking at a space station. He sucked lightly on her ample breast, savouring each suck. Meanwhile, he felt Julia’s gentle fingers caress his testicles, he almost shot his semen there and then.

He moved his hands cautiously over his mother’s body, feeling her soft pliable skin. She turned over in the opposite direction to her bedside cabinet. Martin took the opportunity to stroke his mother’s backside, extending his middle finger to follow the line of her backside, she lifted her leg so he could find her entry. In which he inserted his middle finger. She let out a murmur of satisfaction upon his finger entering her entry, then after a few minutes turned slowly to face him with a pale blue plastic packet in her hand. Julia opened the packet and slid out the candy pink condom.

Martin pulled off the duvet cover and let it drop to the bedroom floor. They could both see each other full naked now in all their respective glory, Martin raised himself onto his knees by the side of his mother, she lightly eased back his foreskin and slowly rolled on the condom onto Martin’s erect penis.

She then laid Martin onto the bed and positioned herself upon his manhood, she thrust herself upon him and they spent the next few minutes in sexual bliss. Finally Martin was about to ejaculate, he pulled out at the last minute removed the condom from his penis and shot his semen over his mother’s naked body.

He rubbed the semen into her pubic mound, gradually moving it towards her breasts. Julia then pulled herself up and took hold of Martin’s penis, and placed it in her mouth. Removing all traces of semen from Martin’s penis.

A few minutes after, they were lying there together naked, fondling each other. Julia then mentioned that she had not had such good sex for a long time. Martin admitted that is was a lot more fun than he would have thought.

The time was now nine fifteen, Saturday morning.

“Better have a shower now!” Martin said,

“Need any help?” Julia enquired,

“I think my back needs doing!” Martin replied, as he stood up from the bed, collecting his blue boxer shorts from the floor.

“Dad won’t be home for another few hours yet, why not” Said Julia.

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