6 Kasım 2021

A Si ster’s Lust chapter 4


A Si ster’s Lust chapter 4“This area right here is going to be glass enclosed. It will serve as the cafeteria,”Herb said, quickly spreading out the blanket he had tucked under his arm when theyleft the car. “Sit down right here, Gail, and I’ll point out where all the classrooms aregoing to be built.”She sat gingerly on the blanket, making sure she was close to the edge so that Herbhad ample room to sit. It really was lovely out here. The new school was going to bebuilt on the edge of town. There were no houses near and she could faintly hearsounds of traffic on the highway running past town but the area was completelydeserted. She shivered slightly as she realized that she was sitting so close to himon a blanket in the middle of the woods, alone with Herb. What if he got any ideas?What would she do if he made a pass at her? She surely couldn’t let him . . . couldshe?Herb cast a quick glance out of the corner of his eye at his lovely companion. Gailwas staring off into the trees with an almost wistful expression on her face. Herbfigured she was about ready now. He’d been building up to this moment carefully,making sure that they were all alone and unobserved. This was the perfect place fora little fun. Nobody ever came out here this late at night. They would beuninterrupted if things went the way Herb wanted them to.“Uh . . we really should be getting back,” Gail breathed, her voice hushed by thebeauty around her. The stars were twinkling brilliantly in the sky and it was dark andprivate here under the tall trees. She shivered again as a cool breeze ruffled her hair.This was really isolated. Perhaps she shouldn’t have let Herb bring her out here afterall .“Why, you’re cold!” Herb observed, grinning in what he hoped was a friendly andunthreatening manner. “Here . . . let me warm you up a little.”She gasped softly as Herb’s arms folded around her. She hadn’t been planning onanything like this, but now that Herb was holding her she had to admit that it wasvery pleasant. She’d never been in a man’s arms before, except when she wasdancing, and this was very different than being on a crowded dancefloor in full viewof other people. This was private and no one would see if she just snuggled a bit inHerb’s warm arms.“Th-that’s much better,” Gail breathed. “I-I’m really not cold any more, Herb. Thankyou.”Gail felt a strange rush of erotic feeling as she glanced up at Herb’s face. He hadtaken off his glasses and he looked very different in the moonlight. He didn’t look likea schoolteacher with his glasses folded and slipped into his pocket. He looked like . .. well . . . he looked like a man, and Gail’s heart began to beat loudly in her chest asshe met his eyes.“You’re so beautiful,” Herb sighed, reaching up behind her to loosen the tight claspon her hair. “Why don’t you wear your hair down like that. It’s beautiful, Gail. You’vegot the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen.”“Uh . . . thank you,” Gail mumbled, feeling strange and slightly daring as her lightbrown hair tumbled down around her face.“I . . . I never wear it down though. It seems to get in my way.”“Just push it back, like this,” Herb chuckled, sweeping his fingers back gently throughthe lightly scented, shining strands of Gail’s lustrous hair and tucking it back.“Mmmmmm . . . just beautiful!”Gail could feel the hot blush that heated her face. Herb was holding her closer now,his fingers entwined in her hair. She was so close to him that she could catch thescent of his shaving lotion, a clean, masculine scent that sent the blood racingthrough her veins. She was beginning to feel very strange out in the open on ablanket in the middle of nowhere with an attractive man like Herb. She’d neverrealized just how attractive he was without his heavy, horn-rimmed glasses.“Ooooooh,” Gail breathed, as Herb’s face came closer and closer. Then his warmlips met hers and she shuddered wildly as he began to kiss her heatedly, a warm,moist kiss that filled her body with an ache she’d never before experienced. At firstGail thought that it must be the drinks that were making her feel this wonderfulweightlessness and warmth. The feeling grew the longer that Herb kissed her, andbefore the startled young woman knew what was happening, she found herselfpressing up against Herb’s body in a way that could only be described as sensuousand wild.For one fleeting moment, Gail thought of resisting. She wasn’t acting like herself.Suddenly all thoughts of resistance left her excited mind as Herb’s fingers moved upto cup her throbbing breasts, squeezing hotly until her nipples were punching outagainst his palms.“Oooooooh,” Gail sighed again. She’d never before felt this rush of heated feelingbefore and now that she was experiencing it for the first time, the inexperiencedvirgin didn’t ever want it to stop. It was wonderful and Gail’s body was trembling withincreasing abandon as she imagined what it would be like if Herb were squeezingher naked breasts. Of course she’d never let him take off her brassiere. Thatwouldn’t be ladylike, but it didn’t hurt just to imagine how wonderful it would be.Another few moments of Herb’s heated kissing and Gail found that she was meetingthe probing thrusts of his tongue with her own, pressing her breasts into his handswith ever increasing abandon and trembling with the beginnings of fiery lust. Shekept thinking about how it would feel to have Herb’s fingers on her naked breasts,squeezing her firm, thrusting nipples, and the rigidity of her self-control slipped. Itwouldn’t hurt to just let him go a little farther. Of course she’d never let anythingreally wicked happen, but a little more certainly wouldn’t jeopardize her virtue. Lots ofwomen went much farther than this and still remained virgins. Gail knew that for afact. The aroused young woman was positive that she could stop Herb if thingsstarted to get too wicked.Herb grinned into the darkness as he slipped his hands up under Gail’s loose blouse.So far . . . so good. She was making no move to push his hands away and he couldhear the blissful sigh she gave as he unsnapped the hook on her brassiere andreleased the firm, trembling mounds of her large breasts. Then he felt her youngbody shiver uncontrollably as he moved cautiously up the slopes of her breasts untilhe had grasped her shuddering, pulsing nipples with his fingers.“Aaaaagh,” she moaned, a strangled sound of distress escaping her moist, red lips.She shouldn’t be letting him do this! She shouldn’t be . . . but she couldn’t seem tostop herself. No man had ever touched her heated taut nipples before and theinhibited schoolteacher felt a sudden tide of delicious sensation streak through herbody. Her pointed, stiffly throbbing nipples felt as if they were on fire. Heatedcurrents of sexual fire were shooting through her body and she found that it wasimpossible to resist this unexpected assault. She didn’t want to resist. It felt toowonderful.“Oooooh, Herb!” Gail moaned, thrusting her shuddering nipples up into his hothands. “Ooooooh, pleeeese!”Herb felt like chuckling as he heard the desperate note in her shaking voice. Shecertainly wasn’t begging for him to stop. Herb knew enough about women to be sureof that. She loved it and her stiff heated, nipples were punching out at his fingers andtrembling every time he squeezed them between his fingertips. He heard her sharpintake of breath as he pulled her blouse out of the way and then her startled whimperas his greedy lips fastened around one crinkled, throbbing nipple.“Aaaaaah,” Gail moaned throatily. The sudden rapturous sensations were almostunbearable in their intensity. Her whole body was quivering now as anadolu yakası escort Herb’s tonguebattered and pushed at her pulsing nipple. Another whimper of pure lust escaped herthroat as he sucked voraciously at the stiff little hot pebble of her nipple, and hermind whirled around and around in growing arousal.“Ooooooh, pleeeeease!” the anguished young teacher whimpered, unable to pushhis head away. Now she was sure that she shouldn’t be doing this . . . shouldn’t beletting him take liberties like this with her exposed and quivering nipples. But even asGail’s mind told her it was wrong and she was taking a leaping step toward disaster,her hungry young body stirred with life and demanded that she go even farther. Shehad to find out what else would happen if she let Herb suck and lap at her nipplesjust a little longer. This felt so wonderful that she just had to find out what came next.Herb, encouraged by Gail’s lack of protest, began to inch his hand up beneath thelovely English teacher’s skirt. He felt the smooth ivory heat of her thigh as his fingerscrept higher and higher. She didn’t seem aware of his advances. At least she wasn’tmoving to get away from his seeking fingers. Perhaps she was more experiencedthan he had thought. A few minutes ago, Herb would have sworn that Gail had nevereven been kissed, but now he was beginning to have second ideas about this lovelyyoung English teacher. She certainly wasn’t acting all proper and innocent now! Herlegs were spreading slightly, welcoming the ascent of his fingers, and Herb couldfeel the heat drawing him like a magnet to the damp tendrils of fleecy curls thatpeeked out of the crotch band of Gail’s sheer white panties.“AHHHHH! YESSS! OHHH! YESSSSS!” Gail whimpered again. She knew that sheshould stop him now. She’d never be able to forgive herself if she let things go toofar. She should act shocked and outraged and make him take her home . . . but Gaildidn’t want to go home to her lonely apartment and her packing. She wanted to stayright here on this nice blanket and find out what other exciting things Herb was goingto do. It wouldn’t be so awful just to let him touch her a little. Of course it wasnaughty but it wasn’t really wicked. She had a perfect excuse for going farther thanshe’d ever dreamed of going before. Her head was buzzing a little from the drinks.She could always act outraged when things got too hot and heavy and accuse Herbof taking advantage of her after plying her with drinks.Gail gasped as Herb’s fingers reached their goal. They were slipping right over thecrotchband of her frilly white panties now and Gail could feel the rush of heatedjuices that met his lightly sliding fingers. She was so embarrassed she almostfainted. Her panties were practically soaking! What would he think of her now?“Mmmmmm . . . nice and hot!” Herb groaned, pushing his finger into the groove ofGail’s pantied cuntal slit. “You like that, don’t you, Gail?”“Oooooh, yessss!” Gail breathed, before she had a chance to think. Then sheblushed crimson again at her thoughtless daring. She shouldn’t admit to somethinglike this! She wished she could take her words back but the excited young virginsoon forgot about her mistake as Herb pulled the moist crotchband of her pantiesaside and ran his finger up and down the juicy groove of her bare cunt.“Aaaaagh!” Gail gasped, attempting to jerk away. All that her frenzied effort did,however, was to guide Herb’s finger even more deeply into the heated slit of herjuicy-coated vagina.For a quick moment, she felt like screaming out in terror. Then Herb’s seeking fingerslipped over the quivering button of her clitoris and the inexperienced teacher gave agasp of pure joy.Never, in her wildest imagination, had she guessed that Herb, would know about thatsecret little pink button that gave her so much exquisite pleasure in the solitarywarmth of her bed. Herb seemed to know just what to do to make the pin pricks ofexcitement scuttle through her body in hot little streaks of pleasure. He was rubbingher sensitive little clitoris now, battering the flaming pink bump with his finger andbuffeting it this way and that until Gail thought she’d lose her mind in the glorioussensations that swept over her.Gail was so overcome by Herb’s expert caresses that she scarcely noticed as hisother hand busily began undressing her. A tiny voice of reason in the back of hermind called out that she should stop him. Gail didn’t listen to that small voice ofcaution. For once in her life, Gail was going to live dangerously. She lifted her hipseagerly as Herb pulled off her skirt and tugged down her lacy white panties.She didn’t realize the full extent of her mindless arousal until a shocking momentlater, when she found herself completely naked on the blanket, quivering lustily.“Oooooh, Herb!” the startled young woman gasped, becoming aware at last of herpredicament. “Th-that’s enough!”Herb grinned at the wantonly quivering girl and kissed her hungrily, sweeping awaythe last of her resistance. He had her right where he wanted her now. Herb wasn’tintending to stop until his stiff aching prick was buried between his young co-worker’slovely thighs!Her eyes flew open as Herb moved suddenly. Then she gasped again in fear as hebegan to remove his own clothes. My god! What was she doing? She couldn’t letsomething like this happen! Herb was getting entirely the wrong idea about her!“Ooooooh,” she gasped, trying to clear her woozy head. She knew that she shouldgrab her clothes and put them right back on. This was really disgraceful! She’d neverlet a man look at her before! Something seemed to be wrong with her head though.Her hands were shaking and she couldn’t seem to reach for her clothes to put themback on. She was filled with all kinds of conflicting emotions that made her mind whirland her hands shake with excitement and fear. Of course she knew that she shouldstop Herb before the situation really got out of hand, but she didn’t seem to be ableto do anything except stare at Herb as he gazed down at her with lust-blazing eyes.“You’re beautiful!” Herb breathed, gazing at Gail’s quivering body in the moonlight.“You shouldn’t wear clothes at all. You look just like a statue of Venus!”Gail felt a rush of pride in spite of her nervousness. He really thought she was pretty.She’d wondered what a man would say the first time he gazed at her nude charms.She’d thought about it a lot in the privacy of her bedroom. He thought she was reallybeautiful!Herb pulled off his clothes quickly, before Gail could start thinking again. He couldtell she was shy by the way she was looking down and avoiding his eyes. Herb hadbeen prepared to hand her a line . . . to say that she was lovely without reallymeaning it, but the experienced teacher hadn’t been prepared for the lovely sightthat greeted him when he removed Gail’s clothing. She really was beautiful! Herbwas convinced that Gail had to be the loveliest sight he’d ever seen.Herb felt his huge cock stand up stiffly, saluting Gail’s lush charms. Her nipples werestanding straight out and they quivered like hot little cherries on the tips of herbreasts. The milky white slopes were shuddering and Herb’s mouth watered as hestared at them. Then his mouth came down, drawn to the quivering little marbles ofher nipples like iron filings to a magnet.“Aaaaaah,” Gail moaned, peeking up at him shyly. She knew that she should stophim now, before things got even more intimate, but she couldn’t seem to do it. Thelovely virgin didn’t know if her reaction was due to the drinks or the pinpoints ofpleasure ataşehir escort streaking through her body at Herb’s nibbling lips, but she just couldn’t stophim yet. She had to find out just a little more . . . taste just a bit more of this forbiddenpleasure before she put an end to this unexpectedly delightful evening. She wassure that she could stop Herb when the time came. Herb was a gentleman. Hewouldn’t take advantage of her if she really put up a fuss. She’d stop him in just amoment, right after he’d sucked her nipples just a little more.Gail slowly opened her eyes and glanced down at the forbidden part of Herb’sanatomy. She had to admit that she was curious. She’d never seen a man’s penisbefore. Her curiosity won out over her caution. She’d just glance at it and then all herquestions would be answered. Just a quick peek at his penis and then she’d put herfoot down and make him stop.“Ooooh!” Gail gasped, every inch of her smooth white body quivering as she caughtsight of Herb’s huge spear of cockflesh. Nothing in her experience had prepared herfor this moment. She couldn’t believe how huge and thick it seemed! Shivering inexcitement,. she thought about what little she knew of sex. His penis was supposedto fit right in the warmly shivering sheath of her cunt. Now Gail was convinced thatshe had gotten the wrong information somewhere. Something that large surelycouldn’t fit into the tight, shuddering place where she could barely insert her finger!That explicit little book she had found in one of the school lockers must be wrong! Itwas clearly impossible!“It-it’s impossible!” Gail whispered, the words came tumbling from her lips before sheeven realized that she was speaking her thoughts. “It’s too huge! I could never . . . itjust wouldn’t fit!”Herb felt the excitement pound in his brain as he heard the startled teacher’s words.So she was considering it! This was going to be even easier than he had thought.Now the first thing he had to do was lay her fears to rest. She sounded absolutelyterrified.“Why, Gail!” Herb grinned, thinking fast. “You surely didn’t think I was going to . . .“What?” Gail gasped, the blood instantly rushing to her face as she realized thatshe’d spoken her thoughts aloud. “You-you’re not? But what are you going to do,Herb? I-I thought you were going to try to . . . to **** me!”“Of course not!” Herb admonished, holding back his amused chuckle. “I’d never do athing like that. I’d never fuck you unless you wanted me to. I have much too muchrespect for you to do something like that!”“Oooooh,” Gail breathed, sensing somehow that she had been put on the defensive.“Well . . . why did you take off my clothes then?”“There are other ways to have fun without fucking,” Herb explained patiently, tryingto keep his voice even and innocent sounding. “Just thought we could have a littlefun, that’s all. Now that we’ve got our clothes off I want to touch you again and youcan touch my prick too.”“Touch it?” Gail gasped, not quite believing what Herb had said. She hadn’t evenconsidered that possibility, but now that Herb had suggested it, she really did want totouch that huge, quivering pole of cock flesh to see what it felt like. It looked so bigand hard as it jerked in the moonlight and there was a shining wetness on the tip of itthat made Gail very curious indeed. Surely there couldn’t be anything wrong in justtouching it. Herb seemed to know that she didn’t want to do any more than that. Hewas really being reasonable now. There was no reason in the world why theycouldn’t have a little fun as long as things didn’t go too far. Gail was certain that shecould keep things on a purely investigative level. They’d just explore a little and allher questions would be answered without really doing anything. She was just luckythat she was with Herb tonight, and not with someone who would take advantage ofher!“Go ahead . . .“ he encouraged the shy virgin. “Reach out and touch it. Wrap yourfingers around it and see what it feels like.” Even though Herb’s voice was light andcoaxing, he could feel his breath grow ragged and he clenched his fists as he madea Herculean effort to control himself. Now that he’d gotten a good look at Gail’slovely naked body, he wanted to throw himself on top of her and thrust his hot, stiffprick right into her cunt. It took every ounce of his will power to talk smoothly and notmake a lunge for the lovely young schoolteacher.“Just touching it can’t hurt anything,” Gail breathed, convincing herself that all thiswas purely in the interests of expanding her knowledge of biology. She really wasn’tdoing anything wrong. Herb was a perfect gentleman. Hadn’t he promised that hewouldn’t do anything she didn’t want him to? Gail was sure that she wouldn’t losecontrol of herself. Nothing would happen except a very interesting little investigation.This was sort of like field research. She really did want to see what Herb’s hugepenis felt like to touch.She shut her eyes and reached out. She felt terribly daring as her fingertips touchedthe smooth, hot skin of Herb’s huge cock. Then, at the first tentative touch, a streakof boldness shot through her body like wildfire. She wrapped her fingers around histhick prick eagerly and shivered a little at her daring. She’d never dreamed that itwould feel like this! It was so hard and hot that it felt like a glowing rod of steel in herhand. Gail was totally unprepared for her lusty reaction to touching Herb’s prick. Herhands trembled as currents of excitement rippled through her body. Just touching itwas making her feel weak and dizzy. It was almost as if the heat from his huge,stiffened cock were transferring itself to her own, frantically quivering body.“Yeah . . . that feels great, Gill!” Herb gasped, trying to keep himself under tightcontrol. “You’re making me feel really good, honey. Now just grab it a little harderand shake it up and down. That’ll be even better!”Gail had a quick impulse to stop, but her curiosity drove her on. Why shouldn’t shedo as Herb asked? It wasn’t really wrong to just touch and shake his penis up anddown. He said that she was making him feel good. Gail couldn’t understand howshaking the hot, thick pole of his prick up and down could do that but she foundherself doing it without even thinking much.“Ooooooh,” she gasped, giggling slightly as Herb’s blood-engorged cock jerked inher fingers. “Is it supposed to do that?”“Mmmmm, you bet it is!” Herb groaned, grinning at her quickly. “Every time it jerksthat means you’re making me feel good. Just do it a little more, honey . . . it’s great!”Gail blushed with innocent pleasure. Herb really liked what she was doing and it wasso simple. Who could have known that just shaking his hard thick cock up and downthis way would make him groan in pleasure? This evening was turning into a lot offun and Gail had forgotten all about the packing she had waiting for her at herapartment. Jerking Herb’s thick cock up and down was making her feel all shiveringand weak inside and it was a very exciting feeling.“Awwww . . . great!” Herb gasped, reaching out for Gail’s breasts without thinking.“That’s it, Gail . . . just do it a little harder!”“Ooooooh,” Gail gasped, squeezing Herb’s heat-stiffened cock between her fingers.Her nipples swelled up into crinkled hot points as licking flames seemed toencompass her whole body. Just holding Herb’s big hard heated prick was having astrange but wonderful effect on the lovely virginal schoolteacher. She couldn’t helpbut wonder what it would be like to really go all the way . . . to feel Herb’s excitinglylarge cock slide into her tiny ümraniye escort vaginal opening. It wasn’t wicked just to think about it.Gail shivered as she thought about it with more and more intensity. She wished thatthere were some way to just try it for a second. Of course she didn’t want Herb tolose respect for her. Her curiosity was practically killing her. All the girls she’d knownat college had gone all the way with their boyfriends. Why shouldn’t she try it justonce . . . for no more than a second or two, of course.“Let me you too,” Herb groaned, reaching quickly for the fleecy curls of Gail’s cuntalmound. “I’ll make you feel just as good as you’re making me feel.”When he put it like that, she certainly wasn’t going to refuse. There was no reasonwhy she shouldn’t feel good too. Of course she was feeling good already, squeezingHerb’s thickened hot prick. But if he wanted to make her feel better that was perfectlyall right with Gail. It seemed impossible to make her feel any better than she felt atthis moment, but Gail was willing for Herb to experiment.“Aaaaaah,” Gail sighed, as Herb slipped his fingers over the fluffy mound of her cunt.She hadn’t expected petting to feel this wonderful. Now she was beginning to seeexactly how Herb could make her feel better and Gail didn’t have the slightestthought of resistance as Herb began slipping his fingers forward heading toward thatsecret glowing place between her legs.She shivered wildly as her legs slid apart. She knew that she was acting like awanton but she couldn’t seem to stop. She really wanted Herb to touch her again. Ithad felt so wonderful before. Then the aroused girl gave a deep moan of satisfactionas Herb traced his finger along the soaked little slit of her cuntal groove. This washeavenly!“Oooooh, Herb!” she moaned, stretching her legs out so Herb could push his fingerright in between the shivering pink petals of her labia. This was the most fantasticmoment of her life. It felt even more wonderful than it had earlier. She was doublyaroused, feeling the heated stiffness of his cock in her hand and the delightfulstroking of her virginal groove. No wonder people talked about sex so much! Thiswas much more fun than she ever had expected!“Oooooh, Herb!” Gail breathed, feeling her whole body shiver with tingling passion.“Yes . . . it-it feels so damned good! Please . . . more, Herb . . . more!”Herb grinned in the darkness. He could tell that Gail was shaking with arousal. Herheated little cuntal slit was so creamy that his finger slid easily to the round littleopening that would give him so much pleasure if he could talk her into going just alittle farther. It was time to make his move. Herb was very pleased with the way hisevening was going. He’d hoped for this kind of response from Gail but he hadn’treally expected it. She was really a hot little number once he got her worked up.“You’re going to love this, honey,” Herb groaned, pushing his finger forward just alittle, teasing the opening to her virginal orifice with his light touches. “Just let me trythis, honey . . . just for a second.”Herb wiggled his finger forward and tried to keep his mind off the delicioussensations that Gail was creating with her excited stroking fingers. The closer he gotto the entrance to her moist little cunt, the harder she stroked his cock. It was almostkilling Herb to keep himself under control but somehow he managed. He didn’t wantto blow everything right now. He was going to get a lot farther before this night wasover. With a little bit of luck, Gail wouldn’t go to the teacher’s convention as a virgin!“Oooooooh, yessssss!” she breathed, squirming and wiggling on the scratchy woolblanket. He was moving his finger around and around now, almost like a corkscrew,wiggling it right in her flooding cuntal mouth.“Yesssss!” the excited young virgin gasped, making a grab for Herb’s hand andpushing it forward until his finger slid right up inside her creamy cuntal tunnel. “It’swonderful, Herb! Just wonderful!”Herb knew that this was the time to make a move. He suddenly plunged his fingerforward, wiggling it around. He could feel the tight little barrier of Gail’s virginalmembrane but that wouldn’t be holding him back much longer. One good lunge withhis meaty erection and it would be long gone. Then Herb was sure that Gail wouldreally love fucking. When she got used to it, Gail would be the hottest fuck he’d everhad. Herb could tell that already and he was only moments away from proving it tohimself. Now all he had to do was take her off guard and plunge his stiff aching cockinto her cunt.“Wh-what are you doing?” she gasped, as Herb moved quickly between her legs.“Herb! I-I don’t really want you to . . . to . . . to do anything!”“Just let me try it for a minute,” Herb pleaded, intending to go ahead anyway, even ifGail objected. He was too close to back off now. Herb congratulated himself for hisremarkable restraint tonight. He’d been very careful about treating Gail gently. Truthof the matter was that Herb was getting more than a little impatient. He didn’t want towait any longer. The wait was driving him crazy with lust. His penis was ready toplunge right in and now nothing would stop him.“Come on, honey . . .“ Herb coaxed, restraining himself as best he could. “Just raiseyour knees up a little. Just let me try it for a little while. If you don’t like it, we’ll stop . .. I promise!”“Well . . . just for a little while,” Gail agreed eagerly. She really did want to see what itfelt like. Of course she wouldn’t let Herb go all the way, but a little more wouldn’thurt. He had promised to stop and Gail trusted Herb. He’d never even tried anythinglike this before and the slightly drunken virgin really thought that all Herb wanted todo was to touch her cunt with his cock. She never dreamed that Herb was intendingon shoving his blood engorged member right into her tight virginal opening andr****g her innocence.Gail looked up at Herb’s huge lust-bloated cock and shivered slightly. Perhaps thingswere going a little far. If she wouldn’t have promised to just let him slip his cock intoher pussy groove, she would have backed out right now. But Gail wasn’t the type ofwoman to back out on a promise. She was sure that Herb wouldn’t lose his selfcontrol.He was a gentleman. At least she thought he was a gentleman . . .“0oooooooh,” she moaned, feeling a twinge of fright as she stared at Herb’senormous looking cock, gleaming in the moonlight. It looked a lot bigger and moremenacing than it had a moment ago. It was throbbing and jerking violently now andGail was sure that it had grown twice as big in just a few seconds.“Aaaaaaaah!” she gasped as Herb slid his huge, hot prick forward. Then shequivered in passion and a wondering smile spread over her face as she realizedexactly what Herb was doing.. He was sliding his hot, hard cock up and down hercreamy little cuntal slit. It felt so wonderful that Gail almost squealed right out loudwith pleasure.“Ooooooh, yessss!” Gail gasped, moving her hips up and down eagerly. This wasn’treally awfully wicked. They weren’t actually doing anything lewd and disgusting. Itwould have been different if Herb were trying to fit his huge cock into her cuntalmouth but he was just sliding it up and down her soaked little cuntal groove and it feltmore wonderful than anything she had ever felt in her whole life!Suddenly a wave of sensual dizziness hit Gail’s mind. She quivered from head to toeas she realized that this wasn’t enough. She really wanted Herb to push his hugelythrobbingprick into her cuntal mouth! She desperately wanted him to fuck her! Theinnocent young virgin trembled and before she could stop herself, she was movingher hips to position her cuntal opening so that Herb could do it.“Pleeeeeease,” she begged, tossing her hair back and staring up at Herb withpassion blazing in her eyes. “Please . . . I want to . . . Ooooooh, Herb! Do it! Please .. . I want you to . . . to . . . to fuck me!”

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