8 Şubat 2021

A Tale for the Middle Ages Pt. 04


Dear readers, apologies for the long delay in posting this chapter, however I hope you enjoy this. If you are new to this story I would suggest you read the earlier chapters as well as “The Reluctant Neighbour” which introduces the main characters .


Shannon looked down at the no-slip deck shoes on her feet and sighed at how ugly they were, to no avail. Melissa was standing back looking on approvingly. “Do they fit?” she asked nodding her head.

“Umm, they’re okay. You’re sure I need them? Are they that much better than my runners?”

“Yep. The first time you race in bad weather with water all over the deck and a big heel you’ll be glad you have them. I hate man overboard situations. You’re guaranteed to lose the race.” Melissa’s motivations were clear. If she was stuck with Rob’s new bunny as a crew-mate then at least the girl will have the right gear.

Shannon looked apprehensive. “Overboard! How often does THAT happen?” she asked, rethinking the wisdom of no-slip footwear. She was a Prairie girl and poking through the marine equipment store at Harbourfront was a very novel experience with all kinds of shiny bits and pieces and a lots of expensive looking electronic gear. Melissa explained that the electronics were for navigation and communications. Shannon was somewhat intrigued by the obvious complexities of a modern racing yacht.

“A couple of times a year,” Melissa replied, not very reassuringly.

She continued, “That’s enough for now. I’ll lend you some of my old foul weather gear – jacket and over-pants for this season but if you are still hanging out with Rob next year you’ll want to get your own.”

Shannon frowned at the thought of next year. ‘What would next year bring in her relationship with Rob … and Joanne?’ she thought.

Melissa continued, “Lets go grab something to eat and a beer.”

Walking along the waterfront Shannon drifted back to the Saturday night at Rob’s. She had tried to give them space, but the sounds of lovemaking coming from his room, made by the two people she liked and respected most in the city, were disturbing. They made her feel very alone.

Also, she could not talk away her physical attraction to Rob. She wanted him. But strangely, she also felt a pull towards Joanne that she had never felt towards another woman. She was drawn to her poise, her confidence and her success. Shannon’s experience didn’t even begin to help with the triangle she found herself in. These people were old enough to be her parents. She didn’t really understand what was happening.

Sitting on their bed, after Joanne had heard her in the hall and had held her hand and brought her in, was so comforting. But it was also arousing being with them. Even more strangely was how arousing it was sitting beside Joanne, wrapped in a towel and then, only partially covered by the towel.

Rob had sat with his back resting against the headboard, his knees up under the covers, trying to hide a growing embarrassment as Shannon and Joanne bantered back and forth over Joanne’s state of undress. He had finally said that despite how erotic it was having two nearly naked women sitting on his bed he had to catch an early morning flight to Seoul.

With a sigh, Shannon had scooted up to Rob and given him a quick kiss. She had then turned back to Joanne and given her a warm hug and then moved back into Rob’s guest room.


Shaking herself out of her reverie, Shannon followed Melissa into the noisy waterfront pub. She wasn’t really much of a beer drinker or really a drinker at all, however it was important to keep Melissa on side so she ordered a cream ale on tap. Melissa was a dark ale girl herself and ordered the 20 oz draft brown ale.

After a few sips of the tasty craft ale Shannon found herself enjoying the lively early evening crowd and had even started to feel comfortable around Melissa. Melissa was warming to Shannon and the initial sharpness in their relationship was gone. Their conversation was light and friendly.

Out of the blue Melissa, looking very pointedly at Shannon, asked, “Sooo … did you sleep with Rob in Vietnam?”

Shannon snapped back in her chair, blushed a deep red and stared back at Melissa, completely taken aback by her forthrightness. “Whoa! Where did that come from and isn’t that question a little personal?”

“Sorry. You’re right.

“By the way, you don’t have to answer. Your reaction and face tells me all I need to know.”

Shannon looked at the people in the room around them and then took a long drink of her ale. She had nothing to say to that.

“I’m really sorry. Its just that … ” Melissa looked down at her fingers for a few seconds and then continued, “Okay, I’m jealous I guess. I really like him. At first I just liked his boat. My parents have a tub – most parent’s boats are tubs. They’re typically more interested in the salon cushions and the size of the wine storage. Rob’s is a legitimate racing boat and I knew we could win races with it.”

Shannon casino oyna continued to stare at Melissa who stopped to take a long swig of her draft. “At first I just saw him as another one of the older guys around the Marina. Somewhere along the way I realized that he really was quite good looking – in a middle aged sort of way. I thought, ‘Too bad he wasn’t younger.’ I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you haven’t already figured out. Then I came to the realization that I didn’t really care how much older he was, I just wanted him to .. well … you know, make a move on me. I’m still waiting.”

Shannon decided that she at least had to respect the Melissa’s honesty. She decided that she would respond with some of her own.

“I didn’t give him any choice in Vietnam. I did everything I could to get him to make a move and then I just backed him into a corner, so to speak, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. You sound like you play more fair than I did.”

“Yeah, well that approach hasn’t got me anywhere.”

After a silence and more sips of beer, Melissa blurted out, “Sooo , how was it?”

Shannon looked quickly away and rested her face in her hand and then stared back at Melissa speechless

“Okay, Okay, I’m getting the message.”

Shannon waited a few seconds and said, “Melissa, he has Joanne. Yeah, we could be cute toys for him but she is amazing. Nobody that smart and successful should be so good looking as well. He is also really conflicted about … about .. you know, sleeping with younger women. He doesn’t see much of a future in it for us, well for me anyhow.

“And yes – he is a very good lover and that doesn’t make it very easy for me. I’m trying to stay away from him. Oh and by the way, I really have come to like Joanne as well. That makes it doubly hard.”

Melissa gasped, “Sorry, I’m still stuck at ‘very good lover’ but I won’t ask you to elaborate.”

Shannon hesitated, looked around the room and then came back to Melissa who was fidgeting with her fingers again. “Its not that he is a wildly crazy lover or has a huge .. you know what ..its just that he ..” Shannon had never put this into words before. There was really no reason to but now she felt she had to say this, for herself, and for Melissa. “He is all about … making you and your body feel amazing. Making you feel like the most important thing in his world. Maybe this is an older guy thing but he just seems to worship my body. Maybe patience for his own pleasure comes with maturity but I don’t know really. All I know is that I’m crazy to have him touch me.

“Its just so fucked up. I can’t get my mind off of him. I don’t know what to do!” A tear glistened at the corner of Shannon’s eye. She dabbed it off and then turned to face Melissa and gave her a weak smile.

“Wow!” Melissa gasped. She then took several deep breaths. “Okay, so at least I now know I’m not totally nuts to want him. Fat chance of getting him I suppose.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well like you said, he has Joanne. And if that’s not enough, he has you. Why would he want me.”

“Umm … okay, I’m not following. So this isn’t a competition I hope but why wouldn’t he want you?”

Melissa looked away and then replied, “Because you’re hot. I mean totally smoking hot.”

Shannon gasped. “Hey thanks, but I’m not sure I have what guys want in a girl these days and I’m kinda short.

“And I think you are amazing as well.”

Melissa just looked at Shannon and slowly shook her head as she realized this was insecurity coming from a girl she thought was truly beyond gorgeous.

Shannon was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. She wanted to move it elsewhere.

“By the way, thanks for helping me learn how to sail. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night’s race. Are we going to be okay without Rob?”

“Yeah. Clive is good. He and Andre can do the head sail changes and you and Joanne can handle the main. We should be okay.”


The Wed night race was the last one in August. The crew, minus Rob and skippered by Melissa, held on for a second place finish. Melissa had driven them hard after a rocky start when they were forced off the start line by a leeward boat. They did a tight turn but were late getting underway. Shannon thought it was amazing that they caught all the other boats except for the winner. Melissa didn’t care as she was grumpy about being outmanoeuvred at the start line.

The crew met in the pub to celebrate a solid race and even a grumpy Melissa loosened up. She had texted Rob about the screw up at the start but neglected to mention they still finished second. He had to pry the story of their near victory out of her. He was also relieved to hear the boat had performed flawlessly.

The conversation had flowed easily between the crew and particularly the women. Joanne found that being around the younger women was refreshing. Shannon was impressing her more and more with her openness, humour and intelligent canlı casino insights. She had some interesting thoughts on the whole yachting scene and the motivations of the individuals, particularly the tacticians and the skippers.

Joanne’s opinion of Shannon had moved quickly from cute but immature, slightly ditzy overachiever to

insightful, truly intelligent and very pleasant to be around. Joanne really had no younger friends other than Shannon. She stayed away from the social activities of the younger staff at the law firm.

At the end of the evening she found herself inviting Shannon over for dinner on the upcoming Friday.


“Hey, you didn’t tell me you had a hot tub,” Shannon said as she gazed over Joanne’s carefully manicured urban garden and deck, their dinner of Fettuccine Alfredo just completed.

Taking another sip of her wine Joanne replied, “Oh yes, I keep it running in the summer but don’t use it much. Its mostly a winter indulgence for me. Rob likes it too. We enjoy soaking under the stars or watching the snow fall around us. Toronto Hydro loves me for it. I keep half a reactor in business.”

“I love jumping into a spa after a ski day. Hey, tonight is cooling off just fine. Can we go for a hot tub?”

“Sure, let me bring up the temperature and get the cover off. Would you like to borrow a bathing suit?”

Shannon hesitated while looking around the enclosed yard and then asked, “Do I need a suit? Your rear deck is quite secluded, surprising as it’s in the middle of a huge city.”

“Umm, okay. I’ll dim the lights a bit but yes, we are quite secluded. I work on the landscaping and shrubs to give as much privacy as possible,” Joanne replied.

She was feeling hesitant in reality. She thought of seeing Shannon naked again. The episode on the nude beach and how unsettling it was came to mind. Joanne couldn’t put a name on it but in reality Shannon in the nude was simply erotic.

“Great! Can I drop my clothes in your room and grab a towel?”

Taking a deep breath, Joanne led Shannon upstairs to her bedroom. Shannon locked eyes with Joanne and slowly shimmied out of her shorts and then pulled her t-shirt over her head. Looking at Joanne she asked, “Could you unhook me please?” She turned her back to Joanne and lifted up her hair. Shannon sensed Joanne’s nervousness as she fumbled with the clasp of the baby blue lacy bra.

Mission accomplished, she let out a sigh and then a small gasp as Shannon slipped off the bra freeing her breasts. Shannon turned and smiled, sensing Joanne staring at her. “Am I a bit small on top or do you think my boobs are okay?”

Joanne gulped, “They are beautiful! Wow!”

Shannon giggled and replied, “Thanks. I’m really not very curvy but some guys seem to be OK with me.”

Joanne choked at this, stifled a gasp and rolled her eyes. “Really Shannon, are you serious – some guys? Men drop in their tracks behind you. And speaking of guys, Rob is a puppy in your presence.”

“Lets talk about Rob in the spa. Are you going in naked as well? I don’t want to be the only one with a bare butt.”

“Hmmm … Okay. Let me get some towels – and a really big one for me, the old lady.” Joanne scurried into the en suite and pulled out two large fluffy towels. She handed one to Shannon in the bedroom and retreated towards her walk in closet. ” I can meet you downstairs on the deck while I.. umm .. get ready.”

Joanne was conscious of Shannon standing there naked looking at her. Shannon had removed her matching baby blue panties and was wrapping the towel around herself. “Its okay. I’ll wait for you.”

Joanne turned away and slid out of her pretty sun dress, hanging it up in the closet. Still facing away from Shannon she counted to five and fumbled reaching back for her bra clasp. “Hey, let me help,” Shannon said, moving behind Joanne and reaching out to unclasp the bra. She then slid the straps over Joanne’s shoulders and ran her hands down her arms. And then she turned Joanne gently towards her.

Shannon giggled at Joanne’s blushing face. “Hey your boobs are beautiful too, much more woman like than mine.” Joanne’s breasts were more rounded and larger than Shannon’s.

“I hope mine look this good when I’m a few years older like you.”

“Ha! A few years older she says. Try about twenty,” Joanne laughed at Shannon’s compliment.

Shannon giggled too, still staring at Joanne’s chest. She was now blushing as well. They both stood facing each other for a few seconds and then Shannon said hesitantly, “Umm Joanne, would you mind if I touched yours? I’ve .. well … never touched another woman’s breasts and I’ve wondered if they would feel the same as mine.” Shannon looked hesitantly into Joanne’s eyes.

Joanne was transfixed by the request. Outside of a medical checkup, no woman had ever touched her and she was stunned at the request. She also felt her temperature rising and the blush deepening.

At a total loss for words, she blurted out a shaky “Umm ..Okay.”

Shannon kaçak casino locked her eyes on the very deeply blushing Joanne and took a step closer. She slowly, tentatively reached up both hands and gently touched the sides and curvature of Joanne’s breasts at the bottoms. She gently squeezed them while moving her thumbs to the other side of each boob. Both women then looked down and saw how enlarged and rigid Joanne’s nipples had become. As Shannon gently massaged her breasts Joanne’s knees began to tremble.. She was lost in the sensations from her body and her thinking was shutting down..

Shannon giggled. The sound brought Joanne back. “What?”

“I can’t believe how good your boobs feel. Now I get why men go a bit nuts over our breasts.”

Joanne was transfixed as she looked down at Shannon’s tiny hands on her breasts. ” So soft .. so gentle,” Joanne almost whispered.

Shannon thumbs moved slowly to the edge of Joanne’s areola and gently touched her rigid nipples eliciting a gasp from Joanne and a giggle from a very aroused Shannon. The jolt Joanne felt shook her out of her daze. “Ummm … the tub should be up to temperature. We should go get in.”

“Yep, lets go jump in. But I have to tell you your boobs are sooo beautiful … and soft but firm at the same time. I love the feel of them. I think it takes me back to my mom when I was a baby.”

Joanne gave a deprecating laugh at that and replied, “So says she with the perfect set. Come on kid, let me grab a towel and get in before all that electricity goes to waste.” With that she wrapped a towel around herself and both women padded down stairs and out onto the deck.

Shannon loved the feel of the warm water flowing around her body, particularly in a tub without the heavy chlorination of public or hotel tubs.

Joanne’s equilibrium had returned to a manageable state. She tried to relax and chat with Shannon as the naked young woman floated around the spa. Shannon was very curious about what led Joanne into the Legal profession and why she chose criminal litigation. She asked about her boundary cases: the worst ones, the most satisfying ones, the hardest losses and whether she could defend a client who was clearly guilty of a heinous crime.

Rarely had Joanne opened up to a non-colleague about her experiences. Most people just wanted to hear some of the sensational aspects of certain cases. Joanne shut down these conversations as politely as possible. She could not and would not talk in any detail about her clients, particularly to satisfy someone’s idle curiosity. However, she sensed in Shannon a deep intellectual interest in the practise of Law and tried to answer questions on the hypothetical situations as honestly as she could.

As Joanne leaned back against the jets she closed her eyes while explaining the path she took into criminal law. Shannon floated towards Joanne and leaned against her knee while concentrating on Joanne’s narrative. With a start Joanne opened her eyes as Shannon rested an arm across her knees, balancing in the bubbling water and resting her chin on her arm.

“Sorry, am I distracting you?” Shannon asked lifting her head off her arm but leaving it on Joanne’s knee. ” I’m really intrigued by your reasoning. The need for everyone, even brutal criminals to have a proper defence as a basic requirement of our justice system is something I know intellectually but I’ve never really felt it in my emotional brain. There is an undeniable tendency in our culture to read the papers and decide on guilt or innocence based on the journalists bias, overt or subtle. I think I’m guilty of that as well.”

Shannon said this all the while looking intently at Joanne. “I admire what you do even if I don’t fully get how you can be around these people.”

Joanne sensed the depth of this young woman’s intellect. There was an understanding and light in her eyes that sent shivers through Joanne. She couldn’t comprehend the feelings Shannon stirred in her body. They took her to a different place. It wasn’t just Shannon’s closeness that was shaking her. It was the total package – her youth, her intellect, her matter of fact unashamed manner, her sincerity and with a gasp Joanne knew it was her body as well that spoke to her.

The conversation continued on while Shannon drifted around Joanne, holding onto her knees and sometimes running her hands down her calves all the while never missing a beat when speaking. Shannon seemed oblivious to her touching of Joanne. She seemed absorbed in Joanne’s professional experiences.

Joanne was thrilled that Shannon was so clearly interested in what she had to say. And Shannon seemed unconcerned when Joanne lost her train of thought from time to time. In truth, Joanne would get lost in Shannon’s deep blue eyes and virtually forget what planet she was on. Joanne would shake her head and allow her deep training to bring her back to the topic and make sense of her thoughts.

The logical part of Joanne’s mind was simultaneously trying to comprehend how this tiny girl could be throwing her off her game, the intellectual process that made her a familiar name in legal circles and beyond. ‘What is she doing to me?’ she thought.

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