30 Haziran 2020



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A THANKSGIVING TO REMEMBERA THANKSGIVING TO REMEMBER!k**s were at Gramdma’s from night before so we had all morning to play, and we started early, like 5 AM!First we started normal, I was verrrry horny, and ate her to one orgasm, gor her very wet, fucked her some to get my cock wet, had her suck me some, then fucked her tits and was getting ready to cum, when she stopped me. She said it’s been WAY too long since she’d seen me dressed, and she wanted to return all the favors I’d just shown her!That blew me away, because she has never shown much interest in my dressing before! But I hurriedly put on my 56J bra, stuffed with 2 bath towels in each cup (Making each breast almost the size of my head!), panties, hose, my 5″ (with 1″ platform) heels, a lovely swirly black nightie, and a long Godiva blonde wig. She told me to bring our 14″ double dong with me, and I did. She oohed and ahhed over how beautiful I was, and sucked my big tits for several minutes while she was fondling my cum-clitty. She knew not to give it too much attention, or I’d cum!We kissed for like 15 minutes, fondling each others’s tits (hers are all-natural cantaloupe-sized!) and kissing each others necks, it was sooo hot!Her jet-black hair was getting twined in my long blonde hair and it was soooo sexy!She said, “Ooh, I wish tuzla escort bayan we had a big COCK to suck, don’t you?”, to which I answered, “Ooh yeah, Ii’d give anything for a big hard DICK to suck, and to fuck me between my big TITS!”She grabbed the dildo and said, “Slide this in me baby, let’s see how much I can take, you got me sooo wet with your eating me out and fucking me….”I slid it in and she easily took about 8″ in, but there was still 6 thick inches sticking out….She said “Lay on top of me and feel my hard cock sticking up!”I did and it was so fucking hard! I said “Oh fuck baby I have to suck your big DICK!” I crawled down the bed and didn’t waste any time, I started fucking my mouth up and down on that stiff rubbery plastic cock!She was really getting into it too, grabbing my hair and using it to fuck my face saying things like, “Oh you’re a good little cocksucker!” and “Take my hard cock all the way down your throat girl! Ooh yeah i know you want it, suck it like it’s the best thing you ever tasted!”I was just about to fill my panties with cum while doing this, and I swear she was squeezing another inch or two of the dong out of her hot pussy and making me take more and more into my hot willing throat! I was loving every inch, though! But then she pulled my head escort tuzla off and said, “But I promised you the same pleasures you gave me, lay down and let me FUCK those big soft sexy TITS of yours, you sexy slutty doll!”i am sooo proud of my huge tits, I happily flopped over my back, my erect cum clitty tenting my panties up with a big wet spot of precum already…. I held my tits apart, and she straddled me, slapping my tits with her dick, which of course I did not really feel, but pretended to…“Oh baby yeah, dickslap my big titties, that feels so fucking good! Now FUCK them for me! I want to wrap my JUGGS around your COCK and MASTURBATE you with them!” I said to her as she mounted me like a man mounts his busty woman.She roared and slapped the thick plastic rod in my cleavage and wrapped those towel tits around her schlong and started pumping her hips back and forth! It looked incredible, and I actually felt the friction on part of my chest that the bra didn’t cover! I stuck out my tongue and lapped at the cockhead when it came close to my mouth, and she said, “Yeah baby, lick my dick while I fuck your great big tits!”I almost lost it again right there when she said that and just started moaning uncontrollably, and I was sooo close to cumming….She said “Oh baby, I don’t want tuzla escort to cum on your face yet, one more thing first…”, and I was so turned on and wet I wasn’t thinking and I said, “Oh anything baby, anything…”, and without a word she slid down my panties, grabbed my cock and squeezed really hard without stroking, and SLID THAT DILDO RIGHT UP MY VIRGIN GIRLY-HOLE AND STARTED FUCKING ME!SHE STARTED PEGGING ME FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, AND THEN STARTED STROKING ME, AND I YELLED IN 1/3 PAIN 2/3 PLEASURE AND STARTED CUMMING LIKE I NEVER HAD IN MY LIFE BEFORE!I SHOT CUM ON MY OWN FACE AND IN MY BLONDE WIG, WAY PAST MY FAKE TITS!I CANT BELIVE I GAVE MYSELF A FACIAL BUT I DID!SHE KEPT FUCKING AND STROKING AND I KEPT CUMMING, LIKE A 25- YEAR OLD STUD! IT MUST HAVE LASTED OVER A MINUTE!i lay there with blonde hair, huge tits, and a face plastered with sperm, in a bra and panties and high heels, with a 14″ dildo hanging out of me… and her snapping pics on her phone camera… of her little sissy girly…. boy does she have it over me now!I never knew she would take it that far!Guess she finally figured if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, at least from time to time!Only thing I need to do now is to suck a real cock and taste another man’s load. , and take a real man’s cock in my girly-pussy and feel hot cum squirting inside me, and I’ll be a real sissy gurl. Preferably while dressed. In huge tits and my beehive wig(s). long fake nails. highest heels. slutty clothes. With my sexy, understanding wife directing the action.

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