30 Haziran 2020

A Very Nasty Tale


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A Very Nasty TaleSo, there we were in a harshly lit hotel suite. My sister Barb,our sons, Scotty and Phillip, the three family pooches, and Ioccupied a rather tacky room in a cheap hotel.Barb and I had promised our boys a show that they’d remember forthe rest of their lives. We were not only going to havei****tuous sister sex with each other and allow our own sons towatch and video tape the action, we were going to fulfill ourboys’ every dirty request, we were going to do anything they askfor, regardless of how nasty or disgusting those requests mightbe. We were going to be nasty and do nasty, taboo things just forthe thrill of it, ours and especially our sons.We start with a little exhibitionism. For just a few moments,Barb and I sit on the edge of the bed, flashing smiles and pussyfor the boys’ camcorders. Sensing a certain impatience from oursons, we move pretty quickly from there to some more nasty stuff.Our sons are simultaneously shooting video tape and jerking sondickmeat, as we do our little act.All boys like to watch titty torture! With that in mind, Barbwrapped one of my big tits in elastic and tied a nylon around theother, causing them to discolor and swell, until they were justbig round balls (Ouch! tee hee), all tight with the nipplessticking up. She slapped them and pulled and pinched my bignipples hard, twisting them just for the show of it. She pulledthem out and up, away from my body and shook my tortured tittiessavagely! She bit, chewed, and sucked on them.I grabbed a boob from her and sucked it myself, looking andsmiling at the boys and their camcorders.So far, Scotty and Phillip were enjoying our performance. Theyliked it, especially when Barb invited them to cock whip mytitties. She took her son’s dick in her hand and slapped my titwith it hard, spanking it good. Then she did the same with myson’s hot pecker meat, slapping my swollen titty so hard that I’msure they heard it in the next room. SLAP!Both dicks leaked precum and Barb selfishly licked the juice fromthe ends of our sons’ swollen dickhead meat.From somewhere, Barb produced some metal clothes pins and clippedthem to my nipples. We are all having a great time. The boys arejerking cock meat and “making movies” and Barb and I are happy tobe playing “Whore Mommy” roles for our sons. Although there issome light pain involved, I’m genuinely enjoying myself! I likeit, it’s nasty and it got soooo much nastier!Barb pulled up her skirt and began to feed me her hot, shavedpussy. She encouraged me by being rough and calling me names.”Come on you little dog whore, show our boys what a good cuntsucker you are.”I sucked my sister’s pussy with all the enthusiasm in the world.Meanwhile, the boys were still watching and shooting video tapeof Barb’s cuntcake covering my painted mouth.I got hold of my panties and began to pull up on them. I pulledhard, splitting my fat cunt and jerking the crotch, making itdisappear between the folds of my swollen, shaved pussy lips.My tied-up, banded titties were harder than ever and Barb rubbedher wet pussy all over them. The boys really loved that and Icould see them jerking their sondicks from the corner of my eye.I sat up abruptly and rolled Barb onto her back, and climbedonto her mouth. Her tongue felt so good as she lapped at my cunt,all the while smiling for the camera.”You suck pussy as well as you suck dog dick,” I squeal.”Eat your Sissy’s big fat pussy Barb! Make it a real hot show forthe boys. You’re a fucking whore Barbara! Suck my cunt you slut!Show Scotty and Phillip how a doggy cumslut Mommy eats her ownsister’s pussy.”I swung around into the 69 position and began to feed Barb myslut cunt from that position. At the same time, I sucked andchewed on her clit, alternately jerking and pinching and twistingit viciously, just like it was a little dick!I reached around and stuck my own finger in my ass, while rubbingmy soaking, mommy slut pussy on my sister’s face.I also stuck the middle finger of my free hand up Barb’s butt, asI tongued her pussy hole.”Does this feel like a nasty doggy pecker up your ass s*s? That’swhat it feels like in my ass, a hot red dog cock, just the tip ofit.”Within seconds of saying that, we both came hard. Again, sensingthat maybe we were moving too fast, I looked at the boys andasked them if they’d like to see a bottle fuck, smiling, becauseI knew the answer.Barb and I got on the bed together and reached into our bags oftricks, what do you know, some bottles, vegetables, and othervarious insertables are available to us!I start with a Miller High Life bottle. I like those, good shapeand they’re clear. Barb chose another long neck beer bottle andwe fucked them into our cunts, smiling and laughing and making abig deal out of it for the camera.”Oh no Scotty! Please no! Don`t make Mommy fuck herself with anasty, old bottle. That`s sooo disgusting.” I teased as I rammedit into my cunt forcefully and fingered my ass simultaneously.”How about something larger,” Barb suggested and winked.Out came the wine and whisky bottles. I licked Barb’s ass for thecamera, while she fucked herself with a nice Yukon Jack bottle.Then, with a nasty smile, she asked our sons, if there was achance that either, or both, of them needed to “take a leak.” Iknew what she was thinking, and so did the boys.Their dicks both looked too stiff to piss, and both had all thatnasty boy precumbubbling on their cock heads, this time I licked it off,ummmmmm….I put both their dicks into my mouth at the same timeand licked the precum from their piss holes. I smiled at them andwinked at them and teased them.”Come on boys, don’t you have some hot son pee for your whoreMommies? Mommy will drink it straight from your boy dick meatfaucets.”Barb chimed in with…”We know you do, you’d love to have a video tape of your Momstaking your nasty son piss in our mouths and faces wouldn’t you?”Well, the answer was obvious! First I stretched across the bedwith those two i****tuous boy cocks (son and nephew, what a slutI am) hanging in my face and Barb shot the tape, as they pissedall over me, drenching my face and hair. I put both pissing boycocks into my mouth at once and let them drain.”You are such good boys. Come on, Scotty, please give your whoreMommy some more hot son piss to gargle and spit. Make Mommy yourpiss whore! You too Phillip, your Aunt Veronica wants your hotpee too!”I giggle, as they squirt piss into my mouth and face, alwaysbeing sure to smile for the camera, as the boys hose me downgood.Then Barb got on the bed and I shot the tape.”Come on boys piss in my mouth.” she teased.”I hope you have some of that hot, pissy cock juice left for me,especially you, Phillip….you can’t let your Aunt kaş escort Veronica drinkall your piss and not save some for Mommy!”She had her answer in seconds, when two half stiff son dicksbegin to squirt her way. She took most of the double stream intoher mouth and gargled it, before letting it run out. She squishedit between her teeth and right back at those pissing pricks.Laughing and teasing all the time.Barb and I got on the bed together again, as my son Scotty triedfor a few more squirts (Barb’s son Phillip is shooting tape).Barb held my son’s cock for him and put the head meat right on mytongue, just as he managed to pee a bit more into my mouth. Icould hear Phillips camcorder zoom in for a close-up.Scotty then positioned our faces just right and let loose with abig squirt, right into our smiling mouths.”Give me a big pissy kiss you Mommy whore.” Barb said to me, butlooking at the camera and we traded my son’s piss mouth to mouth,with the boy’s pissing dick still splattered our faces.Barb had an idea, and reached for the Miller bottle.”Pee in the bottle for us baby.” she said to my son, and he did,draining all but what he shook off into our faces, when he wasdone.He quickly snatched up his camcorder, as we began to pour the hotboy piss onto ourbodies.”Want to watch us drink your hot son piss from a bottle?” I saidto the camera, as Barb poured the nasty liquid into the corner ofmy mouth.My son wanted even more of this nasty piss action and he broughthis pissing soncock to the parade again.He positioned his prick meat between his Aunt Barb’s pussy lips,at her urging. When he started to piss, I positioned myself justright and, with open mouth, let him piss into my mouth and facewhile his cock was there between his Aunt Barb’s very fat cuntlips.”I wanna copy of this!” he said to Barb’s son, his cousinPhillip, as the camcorder whirred. I just bet he does, tee hee.Barb and I stretched out again, face to face, and let my sonfinish draining his hot pee on us and into our mouths. Then itwas our turn to pee,”Come on Barb, pee in Sissy’s mouth for the camera.”OOOOOHH she peed all over me and then we put our cunts togetherin a crisscrossed legs position and pissed on each others cunts.”Are we the nastiest Mommy whores you’ve ever seen?” I ask oursons and their always present camcorders.”You haven’t seen anything yet. Bring on the doggy dicks!”We’d brought my two dogs and Barb’s only dog to the party, MOE,LARRY and CURLY. Tee hee.”It’s gonna be a mother fucking, doggy-whore gangbang.” I say tothe camera.Barb had already started the show. One big dog was roughlylicking her pussy and she played with the dick of another…I gotthe third one down and started to play with his dick. It came outof its furry sheathe very quickly and I filled my mouth with it’ssquirting nastiness.I can see Barb sucking her big dog’s cock and having her pussylapped at the same time. Both of our slut mouths are full of hotdoggy dick and puppy precum. We kiss for the boys’ camcorders andlet all that dog juice run out of our mouths.”Your Mommies love sucking doggy dicks.” Barb says to the camera.”And eating hot doggy dick cum too.” I say, as the nasty dog gooruns from my mouth..We positioned the biggest dog on the floor, with his fiery reddick meat sticking straight up, and I squatted onto his massive,constantly squirting prick, leaning forward andoffering my tight butt to another dog prick.”Don’t let the knot slide up my ass.” I said to Barb, as shehelped the whore fucker mount me and managed to stuff a fewinches of his hot doggy pecker up my ass.Barb looked at my son Scotty and said in a teasing, sing-songtone, “You’re Mommy’s just a doggy dick double penetration slut!”My son was really having a difficult time, jerking his dick andshooting tape at the same time.I smiled into the camcorder at him and teasingly asked if I was”a hot enough Mommy whore for him.”All he could do was shake his head and motion toward the otherdog’s dick. I knew exactly what my baby boy wanted from hisMommy.I was able to reach the other dog’s cock with my mouth as Ileaned forward. And just as I did, it squirted some very juicy,clear precum into my face and mouth, which I savored whilelooking at the camera.So there I am. I’m sucking a dog’s cock and have a dog cock in myass and a dog cock in my pussy. I’m being watched by my son andmy nephew! I’m such a Mommy slut for my baby boy!But it’s too much, the dogs weren’t cooperating so Barb had tohelp. She let my ass-fucking dog mount her pussy and beganhelping me suck off the big dog cock in the floor.By now the boys are so horny that they are encouraging us.”Come on you cumslut Moms, give us the show we want. Suck on thatbig dog cock. Take that dog prick all the way into your cunts youbitches. Come on dog whore Mommies. Fuck’em and Suck’em! That’sit you dog whores, lick the knot. Show us the dog cum in yourwhore mouths. Squirt it into your slut Mommy faces!”Barb took the dog cock in her mouth all the way to the knot,gagging on it as it slid down her throat! I began to suck andlick the knot and balls. We started to get applause, as we madeeye contact with each other first and then the camcorder. The dogjuice was running out of Barb’s mouth and over the knot and I waslicking it up as fast as I could, but s*s got the big load and itwas way too much!At just the right moment, when Barb’s mouth was completely fullof dog cum, she replaced her mouth with mine and I got my shareof the thick, hot andnasty dog cum.I gargled it (a trick Barb had shown me earlier with our sons’piss). We decided to see if we could get the other two dogs tocooperate so we could suck their dicks off at the same time.Two dog cocks in our mouths at the same time. Our sons wouldreally enjoy that we thought!Barb went first, I held those big doggy dicks out for her and shesucked them both at once. Then me, then Barb again, then me werotated….all the while those big, nasty red dog dicks weresquirting precum, but most of it went into our k9 precum hungryMommy whore mouths. Finally, while I was sucking on them I suckedout a huge, thick and messy dog cum load from the smaller of thetwo dogs. It was so thick and sticky and gooey (almost chewy)that I was able to do some very nasty dog cum tricks for theboys, although I ate and I swallowed a lot of puppy cum, therewas still enough to save in my mouth for us to play with.Barb positioned her mouth at the knot of the remaining dog dick,as he is lay with his cock in the air, I sucked in just the tipof the doggy dick meat, and allowed the dog cum already in mymouth to run down the shaft over the big knot and into Barb’smouth.”Show me how a dog dick sucker, a woman who sucks the head escort kaş meatof her own son’s pissing prick, eats nasty dog cum.” I said.She smiled knowingly, as she licked it all up.I’m sucking the last, and biggest, dog’s cock in earnest now. Ipass it to Barb, who sucks on it for a bit and then she passes itback to me, then to Barb again…all that dog cum and two suchnasty doggy cumslut Mommies have gotten our sons really hard andhot! They really encourage us now..”Suck that big dog dick you Mommy whores! Get all of it. We wantto see you take it down your whore throats. Show us that dog cumgurgling out of your mouths. DOG WHORES! DOG SLUTS! DOG SUCKINGBITCHES! Gag on that dog prick.WHORES! DOG CUMSLUTS !” They shout, trying to shoot tape and jackoff at the same time.The last dog’s cock is really big, and it’s oozing warm slipperypuppy precum constantly. It’s piss hole is so big that the hotooze forms a pool there and we lap the juice out like the dogcumsluts we are. I watch s*s lap it up and she smiles at thecamcorder and passes the big purple prick to me.I stick my tongue into the pool of dog cum and raise my headmaking a shining string from my mouth to the dog’s cock and winkat the camera. I stick my tongue back into the dog cum pool andgo deep this time. This dog’s dick hole is so big! I stick mytongue inside his cum hole and taste it.”Get a close-up of this boys,” I tease, as I actually tongue fuckthe big dog’s dick juice hole! “Umm, umm good.” I quip to all andinto the camera.”This is such good dog prick meat Don’t you agree Barb? It`s thefirst I`ve ever had that I can taste from the inside out!”She just laughed and took her turn licking at the cum pool. Iheard our sons talking and before we knew it, Barb’s son isstanding there pissing on our faces and mouths and all over thatbig dog cock.I hear my son say, “Lick up that hot piss, Mom, you fuckingwhore! You too Aunt Barb! Suck up your own son’s piss! Do it dogsluts! Slurp that hot piss off of that dog prick.””Piss right into my Mom’s slut mouth!” I hear my son Scottyencourage his cousin, Barb’s son Phillip.”Piss right into that little dog cumslut’s mouth.”I open my mouth and get a big mouthful of my nephew’s pee andthen shove the squirting, precummy dog dick back into my mouth.The dog likes the added warmth and gives me a pretty good squirtthat mixes in with Phillip’s boy piss.”What are you gonna do now, you whore?” Barb asked.I just threw back my head and gargled, letting the nasty mess runfrom my mouth. I saved some for my sister though, and we tradedit mouth to mouth.Suddenly I felt a warm jet of doggy precum on my chin and knewthat it was time to suck more dog cock. The big thing is oozingand squirting more than anythingwe’ve ever seen before, as we suck and suck and suck, passingthat hot dog meat back and forth between our mouths.Without warning, I feel something else warm on my leg. I lookaround and another of the dogs is pissing on me.”Oh no, I’m getting a doggy piss golden shower.” I teased for thecamera as both sons scramble to capture it on tape.It just took me a second and I got turned around with that dog’spissing cock in my face. I got under his leg and let him piss inmy face.”Good boy, give doggy whore Veronica all of your hot doggy prickpiss. Make Scotty`s Mommy whore suck on your pissing peckermeat!” I said just before I opened up and took that hot, pissingdog cock in my mouth.I gagged, I almost puked! It was just sooo nasty though, that Iactually came, while gurgling and choking on doggy pee that I wasslurping right from a big, hot puppy pecker!”The dog’s pissing into my little whore Mom’s mouth.” I hear myson say, as I suck out the dog piss and let it run out of mymouth. It shot out in little jets and some I swallow, becauseit’s the nastiest thing I can think of to do.When the dog was finished pissing into my mouth, I tried to suckhim hard again, but he wasn’t interested. I just got a few morelittle spurts of hot dog pee for my efforts and then offered Barbmy mouth for a taste.She, of course had a very large mouthful of doggie precum, sowhen we traded it was a nasty sight.We both got back to trying to satisfy that last, still squirting, big dog cock before us. He squirted and shot and we sucked andsucked.Our sons stuffed our cunts and assholes with cucumbers andcarrots and we were a nasty sight, there in the floor, with pissand cum all over us and still trying to coax a big hard cum fromthe biggest dog cock we’d ever had.Then, it happened. He filled s*s’s mouth and mine over and over,there was so much hot, extremely thick dog cum that we filled afluted glass and sucked it up with straws later for thecamera….as we were mounted by the two other (by then)ready-to-fuck-again doggies!”Make Mommy suck that big dog dick Scotty! Make Mommy your dogslut. Make me suck the doggy cum from that big dog dick. Get thedogs to fuck Mommy again Scotty!””Fuck me doggy! Fuck Scotty’s Mommy’s whore holes! Fuck Scotty’sdog slut Mommy, Veronica.””Good boy Scotty, make Mommy slurp the cum from the big, nastyand meaty dog dick! Now shove the dog’s cock right up my Mommydog whore asshole k**do, make Mommy squeal!””DilDog fuck my ass with that dog prick Scotty, that’s it–YES!YES! You’re going to make Mommy squeal!””Take it out of my ass and make me suck on it! That’s right!Shove it down Mommy’s dog piss gurgling throat! Gag Mommy withthat smelly old dog cock! If you feel Mommy resisting, pullMommy’s hair! Slap Mommy’s ass! Twist my big fat nipples! YES!Make Mommy your dog dick sucking whore k**do!”For my son Scotty, I guess I had begun to sort of steal the show,at this point. He was pretty much directing my actions, and thecamcorders weren’t as active.Phillip was similarly engaged in a little private party with hisMom. One of the dogs was cock slamming my sister’s shaved (andnow very swollen) cunt and she was sucking her son’s dick. Icould hear him telling her how to suck him.”Suck you’re son’s fat cock cunt Mommy! How’s that dog cock feelpounding on your slut pussy? You’re a whore for dog cock aren’tyou Mom?”Barb didn’t respond, and Phillip jerked her away from sucking hisdick by her hair and ask her again.”I said, you’re a whore for dog cock, aren’t you Mom?” “Now answer me this time,” he added and slapped his whore Mommy(my sister) pretty hard, right in the face.”Oh Gosh YES! I’m a whore for doggy cock baby. You know it!You’ve seen Mommy sucking and fucking all of our stinky old dogs.I can’t resist their big, nasty, smelly pricks. Mommy will suckany dog for you baby! Any stray son, because Mommy is a whore fordog dick–in my mouth and choking my whore throat, ripping mypussy apart, or up my Mommy whore asshole baby. YES! kaş escort bayan Your Mommy’sa whore for doggy prick meat, and especially all that hot dogdick juice.”I think Barb would have kept going on about how much she was awhore for dog cock for hours, had not Phillip shoved his cockinto her mouth again.”That’s a good whore Mommy,” he said as he began to pump hisMom’s mouth as hard and as fast as the dog had been fucking herpussy.Phillip came hard into his Mom’s cum-hungry mouth, and shegreedily swallowed all of it. The dog had turned around on her,and had left her pussy quite full of some very nasty dog dickfluid–something that I thought I might exploit, just to roundoff the evening.”Make Mommy suck the dog dick cum from Aunt Barb’s puss cake,sweetie,” I suggested to my son.He liked the idea, and Phillip (with two fingers plugging hisMom’s dog-cum filled cunt hole) led his Mom over to me, and shesquatted over my mouth. Phillip unplugged his Mom’s pussy, and myface and mouth were flooded with an awful lot of mixed dogprecum, doggy cum, and girlie cum.Surprise! As I sucked that mess from my sister’s pussy, my sondecided to piss in his Mommy’s face again. Of course, Phillipwanted to piss too, and Barb. Wow! They sure made a piss whoreout of me.I shared the funky liquid mixture with my sister, we played withit. It was thick and ropey! I could yo-yo it back and forth in mymouth, allowing it to string out in a big strand and then suckingit back up again.As it turned out, my son wanted some of what his cousin had justhad. He wanted to have a little private dog party with his Mommy.Except, instead of Mommy sucking his cock and taking doggy dickin my pussy, he wants to fuck his whore Mommy, while she sucksdog cock meat.”Good doggy! Mount my head and fuck my mouth with your big, reddog prick. Pump my face until you cum juicy hard into my doggieslut mouth. I want to suck on that dog dick! I want my son to seeme choke on your big, smelly dog cock! I want to gag on it! Myboy wants to see his dog whore Mommy eat all of your nasty k9cock and ball juice. Yes Scotty, fuck you dog whore Mom! Yes! Putme on all fours and fuck Mommy like a bitch, while the big, nastydoggy fucks Mommy’s face. Make Mommy take your cock and eat yourdog’s cum. Make Mommy your juice whore k**do.”Scotty stroked my pussy hard and fast, and the big doggy sureknew how to fuck a whore’s mouth. From the moment he shoved hisdoggy dick into my mouth and locked his paws around my head andshoulders, that big red, dick never stopped squirting precum! Iwas forced to swallow much of it, since it seemed to squirtmostly on the down stroke and the doggy dick was often down mythroat, on the down stroke.”You know what Mom? I’m gonna fuck your hot asshole, and we’regonna get Aunt Barb to suck on your pussy while I do.” Scottysaid, as he jammed a finger up my butt.Before I knew it, Barb was under me sucking my abused pussy, Iwas still sucking a humping, squirting k9 prick, and my son hadhis dick stuffed all the way up my ass. My nephew Phillip was nowrecording it all again, having regained some interest in thegoings on.”Take my dick Mom! Take your own son’s cock up your tight, whoreasshole. Suck on that fat dog cock Mom! I wanna see that dog’sball juice cause your fucking cheeks to bulge! I wanna see yourdog slut mouth filled with cum! I wanna see it squirt all overyour dog dick sucking face! Not just the precum Mommy, you cuntbitch! I wanna see a real money shot you fucking piss slurping,dog sucking cunt! I’m gonna hold back my cum Mom, until you makethe dog’s prick come for real, right into your fucking slut-whoreface and mouth Mommy! I’m gonna keep fucking your ass as hard andas fast as I can, until I get what I want Mommy. Is ituncomfortable for you whore? Too fucking bad bitch! Eat that dogcock! Eat it raw Mommy, you dog piss swilling slut!”Now Scotty really got the hang of it, and gave it to me like Ideserved it and like I liked it! If my mouth hadn’t been so fullof dog cock, I surely would have screamed as my son gave my ass arough cock pounding!Suddenly the big dog stiffened, and I knew that it was time forMommy to give her son what he was demanding. Scotty stiffenedtoo, as he realized it to, on the down stroke. He held there, hiscock buried balls deep in my Mommy slut ass!Barb really began to suck my pussy hard from underneath,alternately rising to suck on my son’s balls. Everything cametogether, all at once.I knew what to do. I rested on my elbows and cupped the dog’s bighot cock knot with both hands and sucked on his dick meat gently,but firmly–not moving my head, and doing my best to fool the doginto believing he’d knotted my sucking mouth. The dog’s piss slitwas at the very back of my throat. It almost was at my gagreflex, but not quite.Scotty reached out with his hand and pushed my head forward,causing the dog’s big, nasty cock meat to slide past my gagreflex and on into my throat.He held my head there and dick pumped my asshole hard a few timesand then chided me.”I wanna make sure that you eat at least some of that good dogcum Mommy. So do doggy dick deep throat for me. Do you understandcunt? Shake your head, and let me hear you choking on dog cock,if you understand.”He shoved my head even further and shook it in a “yes” fashion.The dog’s dick slid further down my throat and I did begin tochoke and struggle some. I was frightened as my son forced thedoggy dick knot even further into my stretched-out doggy dicksucking mouth. The big knot was starting to force itself behindmy teeth, when it started.The first big squirt went right down my throat. The second squirtcame quickly after that, and sensing my genuine struggle, my sonallowed me some breathing and cum tasting room. I backed off andmy mouth was flooded with nasty dog dick cum, the thick, hotstuff. My cheeks bulged just like Scotty wanted.”Swallow whore! Eat all that dog dick slime Mom. That’s it!You’re such a fuck whore for dog cum Mommy.” Scotty cursed as hefucked his Mommy’s asshole again now, for all he was worth.”I’m gonna come Mom! You dog sucking, ass fucking cunt bitchwhore. You’re gonna make me come hard with your whore asshole!Suck that big dog pecker. Eat it! Eat that doggy dick Mom! I’mcoming up your ass whore! YES! Take it whore Mom! Take it andlike it! YES! Oh yeah, my Mom’s a cunt! A dog dick sucking, soncock slurping, piss gulping, ass fucking i****t whore!Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”I tried to scream, as my own son pumped his hard cock meat in andout of my Mommy whore asshole! My mouth, however, was full of dogdick and a lot of very nasty, thick and gooey dog cum!We were about to wrap up this phase of the evening’s festivities,and I wanted a spectacular ending, I suppose I had that. Ofcourse, after cleaning up a bit and drinking a bit more, wetreated our boys to some Bum Sucking shows and Bum Cum games thatturned into way more than that, but that’s another story.

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