30 Haziran 2020

A Visit Back to the Doctor


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A Visit Back to the DoctorI’ll admit, this story came out to be MUCH longer than I had anticipated, but I just kept getting more and more ideas! I hope it makes you as horny as I was writing it :)The next 2 weeks went by rather slowly. It hurt to sit down after the first couple days, but once that passed, I could not help but think about the immense pleasure that came from the doctor repeatedly thrusting that camera into my ass. After a while, I couldn’t wait to go back and have it done again. I told my girl friend Ashley all about it, and she said it sounded like the doctor had just tricked me and fucked me instead of using the camera. I scuffed at the remark and told her that wasn’t possible, he’s a professional why would he do such a thing? When we got home, I took out one of my toys and used it on my ass. The feeling just wasn’t the same. No dick could feel the way the doctor’s camera did. So I knew for sure that what Ashley couldn’t possibly be true. The day finally where I would be going back to Dr. Kocherd’s office. I felt abit embarrassed about having to take my pants off last time, so I decided to wear a pink miniskirt this time. That way I wouldn’t have to remove it, just flip it up. I also wore turquoise colored thong panties, a black push-up bra, a pink/gray tank top, and tight white long-sleeve sweater. Maybe I was being a little too provocative as my tits were just exploding from my chest and my ass was barely being covered by the skirt. I threw on some long knee-high pink socks and decided to just wear white tennis shoes this time. I put my hair up into a bun and went out the door anxiously excited for my appointment! I signed in when I arrived and waited for my name to be called. I got a little annoyed because people who came in after me were getting called up before me. I must’ve waited close to an hour before finally getting called in to see Dr. Kocherd. But when I was called I jumped to my feet and was giddy with joy. The nurse took me into a room in the far back. It was a weird room, the table had ankle and wrist restraints. I guess my failure last time must have called for a more extreme process this time. The nurse took my blood pressure again and then told me to wait for the doctor. It only took about 5 minutes for him to come into the room, and he was accompanied with another doctor. He was an older doctor, but still quite handsome. White skinned, but thin, and with an average amount of hair on his head. Actually he looked really good for an older gentleman. He had a very dominating look about it. Like a doctor that didn’t take no for answer, and did things the hard way. “Well it’s a pleasure to see you again darling” Dr. Kocherd said, “This is Dr. Daddy, he’s a pediatrician.” “It’s a pleasure to meet you doll” Dr. Daddy said. I gave a crooked look about doctor Daddy. This guy is a pediatrician? Seemed a bit odd. And I assumed his name was just to make young ones feel more at ease, no way his name was Dr. Daddy, unless he had it permanently changed. Doctor Kocherd explained it would require two doctors to handle my prostate exam this time since the last was a failure, and that Dr. Daddy was the only doctor who had free time at this hour. I shrugged and said okay. “Well let’s get started then” Dr. Kocherd said, “I see you’re wearing a skirt. That’s very good, won’t have to waste any more time. And it makes your butt look delicious!” Dr. Daddy agreed hungrily and gave my butt a good swat on the cheeks. He smiled wide seeing my ass jiggle. The two doctors strapped the restraints on me and said it was for my own good as the process today would get a little rough. I felt a little uncomfortable, but got used to it quickly. I heard the two doctors mumbling to each other in the back corner, and when they came back Dr. Daddy said he would have to administer some spankings to my butt to make sure my butt was properly ready to handle the camera. Hesitantly I agreed, I mean what could do, if the doctor says that something will help, I’m gonna do it. As Dr. Daddy got behind me and illegal bahis readied to start his spankings, Dr. Kocherd left the room to go grab a machine that would help stretch me for the camera. As the door closed, Dr. Daddy began his spankings. I could tell Dr. Daddy was really enjoying himself swatting my ass. He kept mumbling “Oh god yes” and “take it like a good girl”. I was starting to enjoy it too. I didn’t think I could get so turned on from being spanked, but Dr. Daddy did it in such a way that it was so hot! A little bit of precum dribbled from my cockette, and when that happened, Dr. Daddy stopped spanking me. I was disappointed, but shortly after Dr. Kocherd came back in the room and brought a machine with him. Because I was restrained, I couldn’t see the entire machine, just that it looked tall and looked like it would reach my ass perfectly. “Now, what this machine is going to do is insert itself inside your butt. It’s then going to piston in and out of your for a short while to stretch out your ass for the camera. When we feel you’re ready, we’ll remove it and try the camera again, okay babe?” Dr. Kocherd stated. I said okay, and then Dr. Daddy took a blindfold and put it over my eyes. “A lot of our patients don’t like to see what happens, so to keep you safe, we have to blindfold you okay? It’s for your own good” Dr. Kocherd said. And then Dr. Daddy secured the blindfold around my eyes. It was pitch black for me. Dr. Kocherd positioned the machine right behind my butt, and then he turned it on very slowly. I could feel it starting to penetrate me, little by little. And as it slide in bit by bit, Dr. Kocherd put a little more lube on the device to go in more smoothly. “Now baby, this machine is going to start going really fast and hard inside you, we have a little something here that will go in your mouth, all you have to do is suck on it and it will relieve some of that pain okay?” Dr. Kocherd whispered in my ear. I said okay and then I felt something dry but kinda large park itself right in front of my lips. I opened my mouth and allowed Dr. Daddy to put this thing in my mouth. And as soon as it was in I started sucking. Dr. Kocherd was right, it did make me feel a little bit relieved from the machine. As I was suckling the thing in my mouth and being penetrated by the machine, I heard Dr. Kocherd say he had to go deal with some other patients and that’d he’d be right back. he closed the door and left me with Dr. Daddy. “Mmmmmm how’s that feeling there baby?” Dr. Daddy popped the thing out of my mouth so I could answer. “It feels really good Dr. Daddy, sucking on that thing really takes some of the pain away” I said. “That’s good, I guess we are ready to turn the machine up then. Oh and you can just call me Daddy, all the little ones do” Dr. Daddy said. “Okay Daddy” I said. Daddy then turned the machine up and quickly placed the thing back in my mouth for me to suck on. But this time the thing in my mouth was moving back and forth, going deeper in my mouth. I took the full 6inches in my mouth, and wondered what was going on. But I figured that because the machine was going faster and deeper, it must just be the machine that’s making it feel that way. I felt Daddy petting my hair and placing his hands on the back of my head. He must have wanted to make sure I was stable and didn’t get dizzy or anything. After 10 minutes of being roughly penetrated by the machine, Daddy started to say something. “Oooooooh yeah you slut! How’s that feeling now baby?” But his hands were still on the back of my head, I couldn’t answer him, so I just tried humming the words with the thing in my mouth. “Ohhhh that’s a good slut! Of course you love it!” Daddy said, “Now baby, I think it’s time we end this and bring in the camera. The device in your mouth is about to shoot a liquid into your mouth and throat. Be sure to swallow as much as you can because it will help relax you for the camera.” I managed to mumble “Okay Daddy” and with that Daddy said “You are such a good babygirl, here comes the liquid, youwin güvenilir mi it may be a little warm and salty, but you’ll enjoy it I’m sure.” Doctor Daddy then grabbed the back of my head with both hands and left just the head of the odd device in my mouth. It then shot out it’s creamy liquid and I did just as Daddy said and swallowed all that I could. Daddy petted my head and said I was good girl and that I was so brave for going through all that. He turned the machine off and called for Dr. Kocherd. The liquid the odd device shot out tasted similar to the lotion that the camera spurted in me last time. It tasted a bit different, but still very yummy. And it did just as Daddy said, I was now very relaxed. Dr. Kocherd came in a few minutes later, and that Daddy had done a wonderful job helping me relax and that he may now take his leave for the day. I was still blindfolded and couldn’t tell what was going on but it felt like it was now just me and Dr. Kocherd. “How did that go sweety, are you nice and relaxed? he asked, “Oh yes Dad…, I mean Dr. Kocherd, Daddy did a very good job helping me relax!” I said. “That’s good baby! Well let’s waste no more time and get that camera inside you” he said. The camera seemed larger than last time, and it sunk inside my ass when it was put in. All 11inches of the camera slide smoothly into my butt, but for some odd reason, it got stuck again. The doctor seemed infuriated and started pounding it inside my butt harder and harder. He began spanking my ass seeing if that would help, but it didn’t. It kept getting stuck 11inches in. Even I was getting a bit peeved! I felt Dr. Kocherd wrap his arms around me and he got his hands accidently wrapped around my cockette. “Ooops doctor, I think you grabbed the wrong spot” I said. “No no baby, I can see your hard by all this, and I don’t blame you, so I’m just gonna take care of this while the camera does its job” he said. I nodded again, but asked Dr. Kocherd if I could suck on the odd device again since this was getting pretty painful. He said “Sure baby, just let me go get another doctor.” Another doctor? Why couldn’t he just put it in himself? Oooooh he must need someone in front of me to make sure it doesn’t fall out! I got it now. Two sets of feet came back into the room and Dr. Kocherd quickly put the camera back in my ass. Another set of feet came in front of me, and placed another odd device in my mouth. I sucked on it eagerly as the pain was starting to really get to me. But this device was different from the last, it was smoother and thinner than the last, but also a bit longer. I didn’t care though, it took some of the pain away. Dr. Kocherd thrust the camera deep inside me, pistoning it in and out of my ass over and over again. He was still spanking me very hard, and I was really enjoying it. “This ho can really suck a mean diii……” the person in front of me began to say before cutting off his sentence. “HO?!” I muttered around the device. “Uhhh yeah sweety, it means healthy occupant, which refers to you” Dr. Kocherd said. “Ooooooh ogay” I said around the device. The two doctors then began thrusting both the camera and the odd device into my ass and mouth. “Oh shit baby! The camera isn’t going to be able to take much more, it’s going to shoot it’s lotion inside you” Dr. Kocherd said. “Hmmmm?” I said puzzled. And then I felt Dr. Kocherd start retracting the camera from ass, but it was a little too late. I felt the camera start spurting its lotion while it was still in my ass. Dr. Kocherd pulled it out while it was still spurting and then he held my ass down. I felt rope after rope of lotion shoot onto my back and on my ass. It felt very warm so I wasn’t too upset about the mess. And then the guy in front of me said the device was about to explode it’s liquid too. He started pulling it out saying that I had swallowed too much already. As he pulled the entire device from my mouth, he told me to keep my mouth open and to stick my tongue out. He kept his large hand on my perabet head and then I felt the device start shooting it’s creamy liquid all over my face. Some went into my mouth and I swallowed immediately. The rest got in my hair and all over my face though. I was a little displeased I would be so messy. Both doctors came in front of me and told me that being a good girl meant cleaning the heads of the devices. So I took the heads of the device and camera in my mouth and cleaned them up. They still seemed to have a bit of lotion and liquid on them. It tasted really yummy! But for some reason I just couldn’t understand why they tasted different, but at the same time so similar.I shrugged it off and lay there on the table, still restrained and blindfolded. Dr. Kocherd removed all the machines in the room and told me to just relax and get comfy and that we were almost done. The other doctor left the room and from the other side of the door I could vaguely hear the two doctors congratulating each other and smacking hands. Dr. Kocherd came back into the room and started to remove my restraints. He removed the blindfold and carefully led me to the chairs in the room. He sat me down and wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be too dizzy or weary from all that had happened. My legs were very wobbly and I felt very weak. The doctor said I should lay down for a bit, and helped me back onto the table. As I laid down I started feeling a little better. But then the doctor took my cockette in his hands and started stroking it. I asked what he was doing, and he said that he felt bad that he didn’t finish the job. It could have helped the camera do its job. As he stroked my cockette, it wasn’t long before I felt I was ready to cum. The doctor must have felt it too because he tried moving my cockette in a way that wouldn’t be too messy, but he must’ve goofed because when I came, he had my cockette pointed at my chest, and I came all over my clothes and even some landed on my face. I tasted it and it didn’t taste like the lotion or liquid that was used, so I knew that there wasn’t any foul play going on here. I felt better after cumming, but tired. The doctor escorted me out of the room and to the receptionist desk. “She’s all taken care of Jillian, she just needs to sign that form I gave you and then she can go home” Dr. Kocherd said. Jillian nodded, and gave me the form to sign. I was so tired I didn’t even bother looking it over. I just signed the damn thing and started to leave. But before I got out the door Jillian called me back. “Wait! Doctor Kocherd would like to schedule your next appointment for next Friday at 7pm, is that okay with you?” Jillian asked. I nodded and just didn’t care. I then started leaving for my car. But when I left the building I was stopped. Daddy was standing there, almost like he was waiting for me. “OH Hey baby! How’d the procedure go? I’m just out here having a smoke before I have to go back in” Daddy said. “It went okay, I’m just really tired now and would like to get home” I said. “Oh well if you’re tired I can drive you home, wouldn’t want you to have any accidents now would we? I don’t have anymore appointments anyways, just some paperwork left to do” Daddy said. I was hesitant to say yes, but I really started feeling sleepy and felt it would be better to be driven home. I agreed to let Daddy drive me home, and then we both got in his car and he started taking me home. As we got to my house I was really nodding off. He helped me up the stairs to my apartment and led me to my bed. “Thanks so much for driving me here Daddy, I owe you one” I said. “Ooh that’s okay darling, you don’t owe me. But if you’d like, I brought one of those devices with me for you to suck on. It should help you go to sleep. Do you want it?” Daddy asked. “Sure Daddy, I’ll take it” I said. And with my eyelids heavy and me falling asleep, Daddy stuck the device in my mouth and I dozed off in a slumber. When I woke up the next morning Daddy was gone and there was a dry white cream all over my face. I must’ve made the device shoot it’s liquid and Daddy must’ve not been paying attention. “Oh well” I thought and I headed for the shower ready to bring on the day!Thank you and I appreciate any and all comments! Hope you enjoyed this one as much as the last! 🙂

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