30 Haziran 2020

A Wet Night at the Spa


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A Wet Night at the Spa”Do you think they have good sex?” My wife asked me.”It’s a tough one, they look pretty into each other now, but maybe its all a show. Maybe in the bedroom he can’t be bothered, or maybe she’s just someone he takes to swimming pools to play with and they’ve never had sex.” I watched as the two kissed, their bodies wrapped together.”She’s got a beautiful body though, that dark skin. It looks so sexy in the water.” My wife said, pointing out exactly what I was thinking,”I did notice her legs when she got in. And yes, she looks pretty good in that swimsuit.”My wife looked at me, a ‘as if I didn’t catch you staring’ look. But I knew she didn’t mind.The girl was Asian, with dark hair, her eyes shut but showing beautiful long eyelashes and s slim, tight body. Her slim legs were currently wrapped around a taller English man and she was able to hold her body up so their heads were level in the pool. Her long hair was tied up, just a small tuft floating in the water above her small shoulders, the water lapping at the top of her breasts in what little space was between their bodies. Apart from the dark straps, her full length swimsuit was hidden by the water and her face was mostly hidden by its proximity to her partner.”She’s licking his ear again,” my wife pointed at as she absent mindedly played with my cock over my swim shorts. We were sat on the stone steps of the indoor pool at our local health club. The steps took up a wide semi circle into the shallow end of the pool so you could sit submerged up to your shoulders and relax. It was a nice pool, not very practical for lengths, but on an evening like this with all the subtle lighting it made a nice place to chill out. There were no k**s allowed, and no lifeguards blowing whistles.”Is her tongue actually inside his ear?” I asked,”It might well be, maybe that’s what he likes…”The couple had been kissing and playing with each other for some time, while my wife and I unashamedly discussed their behavior. Both enjoying the show without either of them having looked at us once.”Fancy some time in the Steam room?” I asked, “I’m sure we can perv on these guys when we get back””Sure, are you going to be okay getting out?”At first I didn’t know what she meant, then she squeezed on my hard cock through my shorts. I looked around the pool, no-one else was about so rather than wait for my erection to go down I turned round and walked quickly out of the pool with my back to the couple. With a tent in my shorts I made it into the steam room where my dignity was hidden among the clouds. My wife followed my in and we both sat at the far side of the steam room. An LED light shaped like a crystal provided the only light in the mist as it cycled through different colours.As soon as we sat down my wifes hand was resting on my cock again.”Do you think they are going to have sex in the pool now?” She asked”I would if I was him, she has been teasing him for ages.”My wife moved her hand inside my shorts. “Would you like to have sex in the pool one day?” She asked”It feels like a good place to add to our list, never seems that busy, and we could probably be a bit more subtle than those two.” I put a hand between her legs, rubbing my hand against her bikini bottoms. My wife is lucky to be blessed with a flat stomach that she keeps toned through running and cycling and even now in her early thirties she was still able to get away with a bikini rather than a full length costume.She türkçe bahis squirmed a bit against my touch. “Better not press too hard” she said “I should have gone to the toilet.”I looked at her. “Just go here” I said, joking.”You are such a pervert.” She replied, a look of mock concern on her face. “You’d love me to just pee everywhere wouldn’t you.””I don’t mind either way, but we are basically in a wet room, who would even notice” My hand was still pressed on her pussy as I thought about her peeing on the plastic bench. And yes, something about it turned me on. We had never experimented with watersports, but whenever I had seen her piss there was always a twinge in my cock, some acceptance of it being a bit naughty, forbidden. For her to just go in a public place would maybe be a real turn on.She ‘tutted’ out loud. As if she could read my thoughts. “And what would you do for me?” She askedI thought for a moment. “Fuck you in the pool?” I said. “Whenever you like””Tonight?” She said quicklyI looked at her, “If you piss right here, I will fuck you in the pool tonight.”She smiled, her pussy pushing slightly harder against my hand, sweat dripping down her stomach. Then she giggled. “I don’t think I could” she said, “it would feel weird.”I shrugged, as if I wasn’t bothered either way.She looked at me, “Well move your hand, let me try.” she said”No. I’m not moving my hand.””You want me to pee on your hand?””Yes, I want you to pee exactly as you are” My cock hardened further under my shorts. And she felt it twitch.”You are such a disgusting pervert.””That’s why you married me”There was a pause, and then she adjusted her position slightly. “Such a pervert” she said, but I could see her concentrating. Was she actually going to go for a piss in the steam room? Through her bikini? I felt a slight contraction between her legs, but then, with a sudden gush of cold air the door to the steam room opened and the couple from the pool came in. I felt her relax again as she pulled her hand out of my shorts. Knowing the couple could barely see us I left my hand where it was on her pussy.”Ha, you nearly had your filthy wish come true! So close…” She whispered to me.I looked at her “I haven’t given up yet” I said to her,”Well it’s too hot in her, I’m not waiting for them to leave, I’m getting desperate.””Then don’t” I said, looking at her eyes,”Don’t what? Wait?” Her eyes widened. “You really are a perv!” She whispered, smiling. “Now let me out” She moved as if to stand up, but my hand held her between her legs. She struggled slightly, but didn’t want to make a scene.”So now I’m your prisoner?” She said”We had a deal…” I smiled.She sat there a few moments. The stakes had been upped. There were other people in the room. The couple opposite had calmed down somewhat, the girls head was on his shoulder and her eyes were closed. He was staring toward the wall relaxing in the steam.I looked at Cathy, a serious expression on both of our faces, and eventually I felt her legs tense again, my hand stayed rested against her pussy.Then I felt the front of her bikini fill slightly. A bulge appeared around my hand and her warm liquid soaked through the material. The pressure stopped as she moved slightly, and then it flowed again, I could feel it spill out around her bikini bottoms, a pool of urine appeared between her legs, then ran down the seat, it flowed down the bench and I felt its warmth being absorbed into my shorts. güvenilir bahis siteleri She was breathing more heavily as her piss flowed between the fingers of my hand. She pushed down with her hand on my cock through my shorts as she squeezed out the last and I would be lying if I said it hadn’t turned me on enormously.The couple opposite hadn’t noticed a thing. But then, as her piss made it to the end of our bench it started to flow over the side. A steady stream dripped onto the floor, apart from the sound of a heater somewhere in the walls, the noise of my wifes urine flowing onto the flow was clear to everyone in the room. I could feel her cringing in embarrassment, her face flushed a bright crimson, helped along by the heat. The woman opened her eyes and the man shifted his gaze towards the noise. They had no way of knowing, surely they wouldn’t have guessed. I smiled as I thought of the humiliation I could imagine my wife feeling as the stream turned to a steadydrip.We sat for a while, not talking, then my wife took me by the hand and forced me out. I managed to hide my hard on behind her as we walked out into the cold clear air of the pool.”I can’t believe you made me do that!” She laughed out as we jumped into the pool, cold water suddenly surrounding my body. She wrestled with me, knocking her arms against the huge bulge in my shorts. “You are disgusting!” She said as we surfaced, her wrists in my hands as she jokingly tried to grapple with me.”I can’t believe you did it!” I laughed. “But it fucking turns me on” I whispered.She released her hands from my grip and dived under the water in the pool. I felt her tug at my shorts, my cock jumped free, then the shorts were gone.”I’m keeping these” She said, and then stood on them under the water. I was left completely naked, standing in the deep end, my body hidden by the water up to my chest. I pretended to try and wrestle, as if to get my shorts back. But actually it felt great, my balls and cock were free, the water holding them and my arse exposed in the currents that surrounded us.She felt for my cock under the water, moved her hand up and down my shaft. “I can’t believe how hard you are. Did me pissing really turn you on?””It wasn’t just pissing, it was pissing in front of people.” I said. “You really are a filthy slut.” I smiled at her.”Would a filthy slut do this?” And she jumped up, wrapping her legs around me. Then with one hand round my neck she used her other to guide me inside her pussy. Without seeming to care about where we were she started to fuck me. It was a hard fuck, grinding against me as she moved up and down.I held her butt, slipping my fingers underneath her bikini as she kissed me.”Would a filthy slut want you to touch her arsehole?” She asked.I moved my right hand round under her bikini and pushed my middle finger onto the surface of her asshole. I probed at her as she fucked me harder. Then I slipped the tip of my finger inside her arse. Just as I heard the steam room door open behind me I felt her asshole open up and convulse as she came. She couldn’t help it. The couple were both watching us as an orgasm rippled through her and I could only imagine the look on her face as she held me close. Further humiliation as she was caught by the couple again, no way we could hide what we were doing.The man smiled, the girl giggled and covered her face as the stopped at the side of the pool. Then the girl whispered something güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to her and the man smiled right at me.”Don’t stop because of us!” he said and the girl laughed again, holding herself against him.My cock was still inside Cathy, her pussy wet and warm and my balls being caressed by the water between us. I took my finger out of her arsehole to grab her properly. Then, with both hands on her bum, I slowed started to pump back and forth inside her. I could tell from the way she was holding me that she was shocked. Embarrassed and vulnerable. But I could also tell how turned on she was. Her nipples through her top were like bullets, her tight pussy twitching in post orgasmic bliss. I smiled at the couple watching us as I continued to move inside her. They laughed again as they made their way to the changing room.”Have they gone?” my wife asked, “why didn’t you stop!”I laughed, “Yes, and be quiet, you loved it”Then I fucked her hard, not caring if anyone else would walk in, I held her ass tightly between my hands and drilled deep inside her. She lent back, looking at my in the face, her arms round my neck as I pounded her.”Fill me with your cum…” she whispered at me.That was all I needed to tip me over the edge and I erupted inside her, pump after pump filling her up as her pussy convulsed around my hard cock. Me kissed, she rocked on my dick, squeezing out ever last drop.Then suddenly, the awkwardness of reality came back. My shorts were returned quickly, her bikini re-arranged. We were suddenly aware it was time to leave. I held her, pecking kisses at her neck as we moved quickly out of the pool. She looked around and gave me a deep but quick kiss before we went into our separate changing rooms. My dick was still semi-hard as I left her, and I grabbed my towel to cover it up.As soon as I passed the corner, I was face to face with the man from the other couple. He had just come out of the shower, a towel around his waist. He was younger than I had first thought, probably late 30’s, with a big but fairly toned upper body.”Sorry for interrupting,” he said, in a genuine voice rather than as a joke. “You wouldn’t be the first person to get caught in here”.I laughed nervously, “No problem, was all my wife’s fault.”He smiled and walked away. As I walked towards the shower he turned around to face me, hesitated a bit and then said, “but, erm… if you are interested in meeting the others.” he paused, “I mean, similar people, we have a kind of unofficial club. I’m not supposed to say, but I think you guys would like it.”I looked at him, kind of knowing what he meant but not quite sure I could believe it. Did he mean a swingers club?”It’s here, so it’s not to weird.” He said, “In the pool mainly, we have the whole spa for the evening once a month. No pressure, no need to ever come back. But me and her enjoyed ourselves, and have met some great people.”I opened my mouth, wanted to ask a question, but wasn’t sure what to say.”Second Sunday of the month.” he said. “Hope to see you both there?” He left the question hanging, I said nothing. Then he walked away.I was left to go the showers, my thoughts already filled with the imaginary naked bodies of ten couples fucking each other in the pool, around the pool, in the changing rooms and the steam room. e and Cathy watching, towels round our waists. Then her sucking my cock in front of them all, men watching her tits as they swung above her flat stomach. Women watching my cock going in and out of her mouth. My cock hardened quickly again in the shower and I tried to think about something else.As soon as it had been mentioned to me I knew this was something I wanted. Next question would be, is this something my wife would go for?

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