30 Haziran 2020

A Whipping From Lawrenzo


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A Whipping From LawrenzoTwo months had passed since I left the book store and started my future career at a Television Station across the country as a young 19 year old rookie field reporter. My new boss, Mr Weatherby, had noticed that I was becoming a little more distracted as each day went by so he called my previous employer, Mr Peterson, to find out more about me and see if there was anything he could do. I of course had no knowledge of this as Mr Peterson filled him in on all our sexual encounters and my insatiable need to be spanked. Mr. Weatherby was grateful for all the information and even though he personally could do nothing about my “condition”, he did however know of someone that would be more than willing to give me the attention I so desperately needed.It was Friday afternoon when Mr Weatherby called me into his office and asked me if I would like to cover a Medieval Fair that is held once a year, on Saturday, at a near by town. I was to take the camera crew and record the day’s events, my contact and the person that would be our guide was called Lawrenzo. This was to be my first real assignment and I promised Mr Weatherby that he would not be disappointed and I would do what ever it took to cover the whole event. He looked at me and said that he was certain I would do an excellent job and that I would remember this assignment for a long time. Little did I know the events that had been set in motion and the plans that Lawrenzo had for me.I was a nervous wreck as the crew and I headed out early Saturday morning but the guys were calm saying don’t worry they would help me through any glitches so just relax and be myself. I wanted to look good on camera so I wore a sweet short flower print summer dress, no bra, thong panty and high heel open toed shoes and the crew could not stop telling how great I looked.We pulled into the little town which was like stepping back into the 12th century, every one and everything was authentic right down to the cobble stone streets. As we were unloading our equipment, our contact approached us, shaking hands with the crew and introduced himself as Lawrenzo, he then turned to me took my hand and kissed it saying you have to be Jennifer what a pleasure to meet you.The day passed quickly as we watched all kinds of events and plays, Lawrenzo was a perfect gentleman and we were becoming very comfortable with each other. I was flirting with him so much that my sound man whispered into my ear that if I was to stay the night he would be willing to come back in the morning to pick me up. I was a little embarrassed and asked if it was that obvious, he nodded yes and added that he was sure Lawrenzo felt the same way about me. As the Fair was winding down there was an announcement lara escort over the PA system reminding everyone not to miss the “Whipping of the Wenches” in the town square when the Fair was finished. I looked curiously at Lawrenzo and asked if I had heard correctly and what that was all about. He laughed and replied that the “whipping of the Wenches” was every ones favourite event, 2 young girls volunteer every year to be displayed on a stage in the Town Centre and whipped with a light whip. He went on to describe how they would be tied up, their clothes ripped open just enough to protect their modesty and they would pretend and act like they were really being whipped. He assured me that not only was it great fun but quite arousing for all who are watching, and then he gave me a little wink. My crew, Lawrenzo and I made our way to the Town Centre and positioned ourselves right in front of the stage and soon a horse drawn wagon worked its way through the crowd with 2 young bound girls in the back like they were prisoners. The first victim was a tall well built girl and she was putting on quite a show, taunting the crowd and cursing at us, It was then that I found out the Whip Master was our own dear Lawrenzo as he pulled her from the wagon and dragged her up onto the stage. In one quick move he slipped a rope around her wrists and winched them high above her until she was just on her tip toes, and as he ripped the back of her clothes open the crowd went crazy, whistling and yelling “whip the bitch”. Lawrenzo picked up the whip from the side of the stage and with the first lash to her back the crowd cheered and within seconds was lashing this girl back and forth as quickly as he could. She was an excellent actress putting on a good show, screaming and thrashing around and I watched entranced wishing it was me up there but soon she pretended to faint and thus ended act one. When Lawrenzo went to get the second girl he stopped and talked to her, it was plain to see that she was not feeling well and he needed a replacement. He made a bee line for me and asked if I would fill in for the girl, I said Oh I couldn’t but my crew encouraged me saying it would be great fun. The crowd almost went insane when I stepped up onto the stage and when he tied my hands and hoisted them over my head it made my dress ride up and over my hips exposing a very tiny very wet thong panty. I could not believe what happened next, Lawrenzo unhooked the clasp behind my neck that held up my dress and let it fall to the floor, and just as quick slipped my panties off my legs and waved them in the air for all to see. I was mortified, exposed for hundreds of people to see and then I looked over and realised my crew was recording the whole affair, I pleaded escort lara with him but he ignored me simply folding up my dress and placing it aside. He stepped off the stage, leaving me there helpless and went back to the wagon where he grabbed a real horse whip and brought it back, my eyes were huge with fear but the tingle and wetness between my legs betrayed my real feelings. Lawrenzo stood for a minute admiring my flawless flesh, small perfect breasts, narrow waist and full rounded hips and bottom. He lifted the whip high above his head which brought renewed cheers and cat calls from the audience and then, whoosh smack, it curled right around me and struck my bottom like a bee sting, then quickly whoosh smack whoosh smack whoosh smack, the audience was going wild. As I burst out crying and the welts started to form on my bottom and thighs it started to sink in with the crowd that this was a real whipping, and they quieted down so they could hear my cries as the whip cut the air and struck my flesh. I looked at Lawrenzo for pity but his focus was on my hips and the slick thick fluid that was glistening between my legs. Soon he was swinging the whip left and right as fast as he could, whip whip whip whip, on and on he went as tears ran down my face and dripped onto my breasts, my cries echoing off the buildings around us. He now changed the target to my pubic area and with the first kiss of the whip on my pussy lips and clit I gave out a blood curdling scream and brought a loud gasp from the crowd, but as the strokes bit into my sex the fire it started was not pain but sheer a****l lust. Instead of cries for mercy I was now emitting grunts of lust and thrusting my hips forward to meet the whip. A massive climax was building and Lawrenzo could see it coming, but he had all along decided that the only way this wench was going to orgasm was impaled on his hard cock. I was shocked when he put the whip down, almost begging for more but he knew he had to shock me out of my present state and so placing a straight back chair near the edge of the stage and untying me, he bent me over the back of the chair with my welted swollen bottom facing the crowd. He produced a heavy thick leather prison strap and with one hand holding my head down to the seat he began walloping my blazing backside, whup whup whup whup, the heavy meaty sound of the strap impacting my unprotected swollen bottom brought renewed cries from me. The strap nearly knocked me off my feet with every stroke, whup whup whup whup, 2 dozen heavy blows causing such pain all I could was cry and weep.I finally went limp across the chair, unable to support myself due to complete exhaustion, Lawrenzo lifted me up and slung me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes lara escort bayan and carried me off through the crowd, as if on cue all the people erupted in applause. Lawrenzo carried me down the street to a small holiday trailer that he had parked there and once inside he let me slip off his shoulder and flop onto the bed. I lay there with my knees pulled up to my chest and watched him undress, soon a fit handsome man with a massive thick erect cock stood at my feet. He stood there looking into my eyes with no intention of asking and not intending to take me with out my permission, but he did not need to say anything so holding a knee in each hand I slowly opened my legs wide. There was no need for foreplay and definitely no need for small talk so Lawrenzo knelt between my thighs and easily guided his cock into my waiting hungry pussy. He brought my hands down and pinned them to my sides as he started to thrust his manhood into me, full long fast strokes felt like his cock was going right thru me, driving me into the bed, faster and harder until his cock erupted a flood of hot liquid love juice. The feeling of it filling my insides triggered my own intense orgasm as he continued to thrust hard up into me, wave after wave timed with his hips driving his iron rod up into my belly. Lawrenzo collapsed onto me completely spent and with no more energy we fell asleep in that very position.I awoke in the morning cradled in Lawrenzo’s arms, and as he started to stir I could feel his cock once again growing and pressing against my bottom, so I rocked my hips a little and could feel it sliding back and forth between my bum cheeks. Lawrenzo whispered in my ear what a naughty girl I am and how I should be soundly spanked, I gave a little laugh and kneeling on the bed looked back at him and said well then I guess you had better get at it. He gave my bum a few good hard smacks with his hand but it was so bruised and swollen from the night before that it didn’t take much to start the tears again. While still kneeling he moved up behind me and holding my hips, slowly slid his renewed erection deep inside me. He held still for quite a while, gently running his fingers over my swollen flesh, massaging each welt, and then ever so gently started to move his cock in and out. It was a long slow fuck as Lawrenzo wanted to make it last, he enjoyed watching his manhood slide in and out of me as I teased my clit with my fingers. He watched as my body started to jerk in ecstasy and as I started to slow down he could hold on no longer and pushing deep inside me released another load of sweet cum. We lay there holding each other wishing it would not end, but I had to get back to the city and get my hands on that video of last night before my crew makes copies. We made a date for the next weekend and every one after that so Lawrenzo could make sure that my needs were satisfied and I wouldn’t be distracted at work anymore.Hugs and sweet kisses, Jennifer.

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