9 Kasım 2021

A Whole New Ball Game


A Whole New Ball GameMistress was going to have her amusement and I was being prepared for it. Wrists were tied behind my back, not that I needed to be, but to prevent any involuntary interference on my part.Minutes before, she had spread some depilatory cream thickly over my entire pubic area. I’m normally quite sparse in that region and usually trimmed but ithis was obviously going to be different. Minutes passed and I could feel the skin tingling hoping that she didn’t forget but it was OK. A buzzer went off and my Mistress scooped off most of the cream with her spatula and then wiped me down with a wet flannel. As my skin was revealed I could see that I was as smooth as the day I was born with not a hair in sight. The downside was that the skin of my sac was quite pink and tingling intensely. Very sensitive to the touch.Mistress cupped my balls briefly, watching approvingly as they squirmed in her palm.“We’ll see about that,” she joked as she finished removing all trace of bursa escort the depilatory before leading me to the kitchen where I could see she’d set up a stool with a basin sitting on it. She led me up to it and as I straddled my legs across, she lifted my balls up and over so that they dangled in the basin. It was exactly the right height. It was full of warm water and I found my balls engulfed in the heat. The sting was instant, but the water was not very hot, it was just the sensitivity of my depilation and slowly things adjusted. That is, until she topped up the water from the kettle bringing the temperature up. Now the stinging was from the heat more than the sensitised skin and it took a while before it abated and she topped up the water again. I was immersed for ages as she kept the temperature topped up. My ball sac had gone bright pink from the heat this time and the skin slackened an relaxed letting my balls hand limply, each nugget clearly defined under the skin.Mistress bursa escort bayan expressed her satisfaction but I had no idea what was coming next. Out of my view behind me she had been melting butter in another basin and slowly bring the temperature up as I found when she whipped away the water and replaced it with the molten yellow liquid. I was immune to the warmth by this time and the butter seemed soothing as it touched the skin of my sac and I was left there a further length of time for my balls to be basted.I was led to the bed. The one that she uses for her pleasures. She spread-eagled me, tying me at wrists and ankles and then with great satisfaction knelt at the foot with her head right by my balls.“Yes, they are tasty.” she purred as she licked the skin of one testicle. She quickly drew it into her mouth sucking all the buttery taste off it, pulling it down until she’d had it all. My second testicle received the same treatment and the same approval as to its taste, escort bursa but then, instead of releasing it she opened her mouth a bit more and with finger and thumb popped the other in. It was quite a mouthful for her but she could now close her lips and teeth over the neck of my sac.“Mmm mmm.” she muttered with satisfaction as she settled down to enjoy herself. I cannot describe the sensation. There was no way my balls could be extracted as a pair and her teeth bit down on them. She chewed on them fiercely as if they were chewing gum. Pressure down, tongue flicking them from side to side, teeth clamping and with her head, pulling on them. She was lost in her pleasure and plainly in no hurry to release them.Eventually though she noticed that my cock was rearing wildly and started to touch my frenum with her fingertip. Of course, that tripped me over the top as she’d intended and I started spurting wildly. She said the sensation of my balls jerking in her mouth was terrific, especially as she bit down on them extra hard. For me the sensation of comig with my balls in her mouth was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. My balls ached for a week after from the chewng and the teeth marks took days to go.

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