30 Haziran 2021

Alex to April Chapter Three


Alex to April Chapter ThreeRECAP“April” Momma said “help you sister” – “Get licking sissy boi” instructed Emma and over the next hour April when from being a novice cunt lapper to an expert, learning all the skills necessary to bring her sister to several orgasms. Following instruction from both Emma and Momma he leant how to rim around the lips of her pussy, when to be gently and when to put on the pressure, how to please her clitoris and most important of all how to swallow all the juices she produced. At the end of the session Emma told Momma “That’s the best pussy licking I’ve had in a long time Momma, you’ll have to try her”“I will baby, I will but no tonight ……” replied MommaThe next day Moma woke April earlier than usual – shaking her she said “Okay honey, time toget up and get ready for school” – but Momma April replied “it’s really early” – “I know April butget into the shower now and come back here smelling clean fresh and pretty and don’t date play withthat excuse of a cock”.Like a good girl April did as Momma told her and came back to her bedroom clean & fresh – laid out on the bed was a selection of sexy lingerie – “Momma” April said “I can’t wear that to school” all the whilesecretly hoping Momma would insist…“Oh honey if you can bring a black boy back here to suck off, you can wear panties and stockingsto school – it’s not as if I am going to dress you as a schoolgirl, at least not yet, just sexy pantiesunder your pants along with stockings or pantyhose…”“Momma where did these all come from?” April asked amazed having never seen such stylishpanties in the house before (and she thought she had looked everywhere) – “I wear them April”Mommy replied – “Not for your daddy, that old coot wouldn’t appreciate them, but for my loverswhen your daddy isn’t about – now make a choice”“Momma I like the little white pair but my cock would hang out the front” – “I know it’s very small April but it would look pretty with a pink ribbon tied to the end” Momma said – “but I also like the black lacy pair that would leave me with my asshole exposed” continued April – “you’ll have to pick for me”April’s Momma took both sets in her hands “Turn around April and no peeking – now pick right or lefthand” – April picked Mommy’s left hand and went to school with her little cock hanging out and as Momma konak escort promiseda pink ribbon tied on the end of it, “tomorrow you can go showing your asshole”. Then Momma dressed her in a pair of pantyhose encasing her cock, ribbon and all.As she finished dressing her sister came in the room – “Oh look at the sweet little clit on thesissy boi” she said – when Mommy turned around her sister whispered in her ear “My boyfriend iscoming around after school and he’s going to have some fun with you”. Hearing this April littlecock began dripping, momma saw this and said “don’t go making a mess before you get to school”and her sister added “and make sure you come straight home”.When April got to school she was very disappointed that her black lover was nowhere to be foundthat day – although she did get many strange looks and winks from other black boys in the school.Her little cock was drippy all day as it rubbed against her pantyhose and when she got her little erectionsshe could feel the ribbon tighten around the head. She also enjoyed the feel of the pantyhose on her legs and couldn’t help wondering what the teachers would think if they knew how she wasdressed under her school uniform – maybe one of them would want his cock sucked – someday she find out.After school April hurried home wondering what her sister had meant about “having fun” with herboyfriend. When she got there her sister was waiting for her.“Hurry up and go and shower” she instructed April, “then put on the slutty outfit I have left on thebed for you” – “What’s going on?” asked April – “Never mind just go and do what I told you”replied her sister “and hurry because Sam will be here soon”.In April’s room even more lingerie was laid out on the bed with a short, short cheerleader skirt, awhite blouse, white socks, black shoes and a blonde wig.After a quick shower April dressed as instructed and her sister helping her put on the wig then she sat herdown and made her close her eyes while she made up April’s face – when April opened her eyesagain there was a slutty looking cheerleader looking back at her. Instantly her cock startingdrooling into her panties wetting them so much they became almost see through…And when she stood up the little cheerleader skirt was well above her plump little ass leavingeverything konak escort bayan on show.God I look hot she thought to herself and it was only when her sister came back into the room inher uniform that she realised what a hot and sexy sister Emma was.Just as the two sisters were admiring themselves the doorbell rang – “Thats Sam – I am going tointroduce you as my cousin April – just follow my lead”.Going down stairs they opened the door to Sam, a strapping 6’ 2” boy a few years older than Emmaand her new sister April. “Cum on in Sam & meet my cousin April” Sam looked both girls up and downadmiring the sexy sight before his eyes – “Make yourself comfortable Sam – Momma is out for thenext couple of hours, there’s just us girls here in the house”. Sam down on the sofa and the two girls sat either side of him – Sam glanced from one to theother – April showing lots of ass and thigh and Emma showing lots of tit and thigh – “Take offyour shirt Sam and show April your muscles” – without a word Sam did as he was told – play with his nipples April, like you play with mine, Sam will like that.” At the mention of April playing with Emma’s nipples Sam sat up straighter then April reached over and pinched one getting the little nub up and hard – as she moved to the other nipple Emma took the hard nub in her mouth and bit down on it – Sam let out a whoosh of air and arched his back. Then April did the same on his other nipple.Emma instructed Sam to “take your pants off and show April what a big cock you have” – Samhesitated as Emma said “You can watch us fool around if you take off your pants – comeover here April and let me kiss you” – Sam looked on amazed as April went around to her sisterwho pulled her into a loving embrace and shoved her tongue into his mouth – she was an amazing kisser, twirlingher tongue around April’s, running it over her teeth, shoving it deep down her throat and mixingtheir saliva in each others mouth.In a flash Sam had his pants around his knees – April looked over, Sam had a big hard stiff cock butshe was amazed to see it was encased in gorgeous pink panties, sticking up out of the waistband –large and healthy “I only like my men in panties” said Emma laughing at the look of surprise onApril’s face.April nearly creamed her panties there and then escort konak looking at the lovely cock even if it belonged to a white boy.“Can I touch it” she asked hesitantly – “ Yes” said her sister and Sam together – April reached outand took a hold of the cock – it felt so warm and smooth in her hand, hot and hard – “Stroke it”Sam said and she started running her hand up and down it – “spit on your hand – make it slickand wet” Emma told her – April did so and then ran her hand from the smooth head downtowards Sam’s balls – her sister pulled Sam’s pink panties down so April could see his balls allclean shaven and full of cum.“I insist that Sam keeps his balls and asshole clean shaven for me – show her” her sister told him.Sam turned and presented his ass to April.April felt some drool running out of the corner of her mouth – “How do you get him to do all thesethings for you?” she asked – “if Sam wants the best sex around then he knows he better keephimself clean, shaven and in panties for me”“Now here’s where you cum in, rim his asshole” Emma instructed – “He likes it, but I don’t like doing it”She pushed April head down towards Sam asshole, “I’ve never done this before” she cried – “thatdon’t matter” Emma replied, “cover it with your mouth and give it a good tonguing, just likeyou did on my pussy last night”. Hearing this Sam’s cock gave a big jump and he opened his legswider exposing more of his clean asshole to April. She stuck her tongue out and started to lickaround the rim, Sam moaned his appreciation and April stuck her tongue into his asshole, withoutbeing told she knew what to do and latching her mouth onto his asshole, with her tongue inside ofhim she created a vaccum and sucked it as if giving it a French kiss. As she rimmed Sam her sistertook his cock into her mouth licking and suckling at the head , all the time stroking his balls.Emma could feel his balls swelling and the head of his cock beginning to pulsate “Don’t you dare cum yet Sam” she advised her boyfriend – “Come around here April to the front ofhis big cock” – April scooted around – Emma kept sucking Sam’s cock until she knew hecouldn’t hold back any longer then giving one hard final suck she pointed it at April and stroking itfuriously waited for Sam to shoot his lot of spunk all over her face. April didn’t flinch or move asthe torrent of hot spunk hit her on the check, nose eye and final into her open mouth – When Sam stopped shooting her sister told her “Clean him up, get his cock hard and ready to fuck me and then cleanyourself up”To be continuedCopyright Horn-dogg October 2018

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