30 Haziran 2020

An Interview.


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An Interview.”Just put your hands on the arms of the chair, bend over and spread em.” I did as Vicki said, she’s the boss around here. Then out of the blue she drove her well oiled forefinger straight up my clacker. Her offsider was a real sweet young guy, barely looked 18. Vicki withdrew her finger slowly while young Marcus shone a torch up my arse. It was one of those skinny torches like Doctors use. I’m really being checked out big time I thought to myself.”All clear” said Marcus turning off his light and walking away. Vicki then gave me an oral examination rubbing her fingers on my gums.”Can’t be too careful these days, besides you’re a brothel worker aren’t you”? I was taken aback. “It’s more escort, I’ve got a few regulars they book through that establishment.” I fumbled. She smiled at me knowingly. “Any way I get ankara escort to sample the goods, like the guys previous.” My mind flashed back, I’ve had to suck 18 cocks to get this far, 6 last Tuesday then 12 on Thursday. They were pigs on Thursday, drunken losers seeing who could humiliate me the most. One jerk even ran a book on it. “I’ll back him out before Midnight” he screamed. “I’ll back him in” Cried another, then there was a flurry of betting activity, with people betting “in” or “out”, all happening in front of me. The bet was simple I go in the toilet/bathroom at 8 and stay till 12, if I leave early I lose.They nearly got me though, I’d serviced all the guys by 11.30 when the loud mouthed bookie and a young punk who gave me a hard time earlier, arrived. The little prick spat on me a few times then the loud mouth ankara escort bayan pissed me clean, he’d been saving up for a while too, pissing like runaway hose. When it was clear I wasn’t budging he tried to coax me out early saying I’d won, but I didn’t move till time. And now here I am on my knees between the legs of Miss World.Vicki reclined her comfy lounge chair and spread her legs granting me full access to her magnificent arsehole, the perfect home for my tongue. I licked her arse on a total high no d**g can give, and when I ceased for brief respite she screamed more, more, more. We now had the attention of the other 3 who’d been chatting away. “At last a decent arse lick in the joint” she declared to the others, who went back to their chatter.”Mommys got a full load for you pup and let me give you escort ankara a tip, no mess, people who don’t swallow only do me once.” Said she, sounding a warning. “Anything you say Mistress, I will swallow you with pride.” It’s no use fighting it I’m on another planet. I was in a state of total bliss when lips met Penis head, as her erection increased I noticed she enjoyed it when I bent her cock back beyond the perpendicular. I found the right “angle of her dangle” working cool with my mouth and tongue, it’s auto pilot time, when the real cocksucker in me comes out, and I’ve never been happier. No faking it either she’s enjoying the fuck out of it. Then all to quickly its cum time, a dollop of precum and Vicki started gyrating, I pushed down on her shaft my lips near her stomach as she started blowing, I took her load deep throat style and got every drop. Vicki complimented me on my gentle after cum lick clean. You’ve got the job as far as I’m concerned” Vicki said, running her fingers through my hair, make sure you look after the other 3.To be continued

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