31 Mayıs 2021

Another Covid Lockdown Tale


Fucking Covid right! I’m thankful to have made it through so far without catching it but the lockdown changed things, (yes for the better), that otherwise may never have occurred.

I’m Marcus, 19 and was home from college at the same time as my older sister, 21 year old Lisa, when the lockdown hit. We were pretty lucky, our parents had jobs they could do from home but we were forbidden from going out other than for essentials like grocery shopping. While our parents worked, Lisa and I had nothing to do but watch tv, we had all watched our way through pretty much every series that streaming had to offer and would take turns picking a movie. During the week was fine, we were allowed to have our laptops in our rooms and could play games after studying but our Mom was kind of anti computer technology and we were expected to socialize with them, albeit just sitting watching movies with them most nights.

As the weeks went on my sexual frustration began to climb too, usually with their work and school I had a good few hours of alone time where I could jerk off in peace, our walls were all really thin and the way our bedrooms were, there was no way I could stroke one with everyone home. Our parents were under the impression the lounge couldn’t be heard from their bedroom of course so Lisa and I were quite often subjected to sounds of them having sex, normally an ‘eww, gross’ from both of us but when you’re stuck at home, away from your sex crazy girlfriend, the sounds of anyone having fun was a turn on.

I knew I’d start going crazy without release though, I found that one corner in the house where I could jerk off without worry of being heard since I couldn’t stay quiet when I came, thankfully a small bathroom and eventually worked out a window where I could get off and not be spotted or heard. I made it part of a daily routine, parents went to bed early to have sex most nights, Lisa would go shower when they were done and that gave me my window. That went well for a while until Mom threw a wrench in my plans and asked Lisa to shower in the mornings to help with the hot water balance but I made it work.

“Why the sad face Marcus, you’re usually so chipper in the morning?” said Mom as we had breakfast.

“Oh, email from Jen this morning, she’s decided this distance thing isn’t working out and we’ve to go our separate ways,” I replied.

“What? That bitch, dumped you over email? Almost as bad as my ex, dumped me by text last week,” said Lisa.

“This stuff is hard for everyone, you just have to stay positive kids,” said Mom.

“Easy for you to say, you get to go out shopping once a week,” said Lisa.

“Well they talked about easing the restrictions in another month, you’ll be fine,” said Dad.

That night we were all sitting watching a movie, Mom and Dad made their usual excuses and went to bed, 10 minutes later we could hear Mom moaning, Lisa and I just pretended not to hear it as usual. The movie we were watching had a pretty raunchy sex scene in it though and I held out for as long as I could but I needed my release.

“Well, I’m going to bed, another day of boredom done with,” said Lisa.

No sooner had she left the room I made my way to the corner bathroom, closed the door behind me and leaned back on the seat as I stroked my cock, gathering tissues for my impending climax. I froze though, I could hear footsteps and before I could react, Lisa came through the door, turned on the light as she kicked off her sweatpants and already had a few fingers in her pussy before she realized she wasn’t alone. She froze when her eyes got used to the light and she spotted me sitting there, cock in hand.

“What the, what the fuck are you doing here!” she said in a loud whisper.

“What does it look like, only place I can get off in peace,” I replied quietly.

Neither of us covered up, Lisa just looked at my cock.

“Move your hand away,” she said, looking into my eyes.

I did as she asked and expecting her to just look at my cock as she masturbated, I got the shock of my life when she instead turned away from me and sat down to take me inside her. I gasped in shock and pleasure, she took my hand and put it up her shirt and onto her breast and began to ride me. I had already been close from jerking off, her bursting into the room took me away from the brink but being inside a warm, tight pussy for the first time in forever I couldn’t hold back, I pushed up into her as I came, holding on to her waist as I exploded, emptying my full balls into her. Lisa furiously rubbed her clit and I felt her cum as the last few spurts from my cock filled her.

“Don’t tell anyone, this is our secret,” she said then got up and pulled on her pj bottoms and was gone.

“What the fuck!” I said to myself then cleaned up.

Next morning, Lisa didn’t say anything different to me, I had spent a good few hours laying awake, going over it all in my head. I’d cum in my own sister, what if I got her pregnant? How would our parents react to that? I didn’t get my answers until later.

“They’re finally allowing a second person shopping, I’ll actually get help this weekend. Your illegal bahis Dad has been called into work too, they finally realized he’s important,” said Mom as she drank her coffee.

“So who’s helping you this weekend?” said Lisa.

“Your Dad, you’re both still considered high risk because of your asthma.”

“Mom, neither of us have had that since we were 10!”

“Well, there’s a history, you have to stay home.”

“This is bullshit.”

Lisa stormed off, I just finished off my cereal.

“You’re quiet this morning,” Mom said to me.

“Just a little trouble sleeping is all,” I replied.

“Well, I’m sure a nap later would be good, I’m going for a bath.”

Once Mom was in her bath, humming away to her headphones music, Lisa came to see me in the lounge. She sat facing me on the couch and had me put my book down.

“So, last night. I have been stupid horny all week, I swear as soon as I breath different Mom can hear it and she’s in my room ‘are you okay?’ before I can get off. That bathroom is like the only place I can cum in peace,” she said with a smile.

“I know.”

“Well, I couldn’t help myself with you there, are you mad at me for taking advantage of you?”

“Mad, not the word I’d use, spent all night worrying, what if I got you pregnant, Mom and Dad would kill me.”

“Is that all you were concerned with?”

“Well what else would there be?”

“Well, that I’m your sister and we had sex.”

“Would hardly call that sex, you sat on my dick long enough to cum.”

“But you’re not grossed out or anything?”

“Not really, I’m stressed about knocking you up!”

“I’m on the birth control shot silly, I made sure to get it right before we went on lockdown too.”

“You might have led with that, I’ve been worrying all night.”

“I’m sorry. It really didn’t bother you?”

“You should see my porn collection, I read erotica too, there’s not much that would faze me sis.”

“So, um, would you want to do it again, maybe last longer next time?” she said with a smile.

“In fairness, I was really close when you barged in, if you’d stuck around for another 5 minutes you could have had me again.”

“Well then, same time tonight? Maybe when Mom and Dad are fucking?”

“I’ll be hard and waiting.”

The sexual tension was almost unbearable as we watched the movie that night with Mom and Dad, Lisa had changed into her PJ’s as usual but had elected to wear a pretty tight fitting t-shirt and her nipples were hard the whole time. I had to wear my loose sweatpants to hide the fact I was semi hard the whole time so when our parents finally went to bed I was relieved. As soon as we heard Mom start to moan we were both on our feet and racing to the bathroom.

“I am fucking dripping already,” said Lisa as she pulled at my sweatpants.

“Good because I’m already throbbing, bend over the vanity,” I said as I stepped out of my boxers.

Lisa pulled her t-shirt over her head and I got to view her pert breasts for the first time, reflected in the mirror. I pushed into her from behind and played with her nipples as I started out slow, coating my cock in her juices and enjoying the view of her ass as fucked her. At her insistence I increased my pace and held on to her waist to thrust harder, she started to cum after a few minutes, shuddering as I kept sliding in and out of her. When she climaxed the second time I couldn’t hold back and pushed as deep as I could and erupted, filling her with my seed for the second time that week. I stayed inside her as I caught my breath, my cock refusing to go soft.

“Holy fuck that was good, are you still hard?” said Lisa as she caught her breath too.

“Yea, when I’m super turned on I usually stay hard for ages.”

“Nice to know, we should get back though, I’m usually headed to bed by now.”

“You’re going to leave me this way?” I said, finally pulling out.

“You’ll get us caught, rub one out or something.”

“It’s fine, if I leave it he’ll subside,” I said, grinning.

“Listen, don’t get cocky or get all weird on me okay, consider this a special treat since we’re locked down and I’m so frustrated. If you’re nice about it and play along, we’ll have fun but piss me off and I’ll go back to masturbating,” she said then kissed me on the cheek.

“Sorry, I was just trying to be funny.”

“It’s fine, talk tomorrow.”

Lisa left me while I cleaned myself up, I slept pretty well that night too and did my best to act normal around her. After dinner we watched the news and sat open mouthed at their announcement.

“Another 4 months of modified lockdown? What the fuck does that mean, do they not know how much they’re messing with people’s fucking lives here?” ranted Lisa, she was really mad.

“Lisa, language please!” said Mom.

“I’m sorry Mom but I can’t take this, I love you all but I need to get out, need to be around different people. Expecting us to just accept it and stay home isn’t fair.”

Lisa stormed off leaving a stunned Mom, grinning Dad and me not knowing where to look.

“Are you going to say anything?” said Mom to Dad.

“She’s illegal bahis siteleri right honey, it’s okay for us but keeping them home all the time is harsh.”

“Tell that to the Lawsons, their daughter, only 23, caught covid and she passed away.”

“Mom, Darla Lawson smoked meth and who knows what else, pretty sure covid just got to her before the drugs did,” I replied.

“They told us she quit that a while ago,” said Mom.

“Nope, my friend John used to date her and tried to get her into rehab but she didn’t care, he said she was still smoking that stuff a week before she got sick.”

“Well, with both of your medical histories I’d rather be safe.”

“Fine but we’re out of stuff to watch, should maybe let us on our computers more, I mean, we’re both adults.”

“My house, my rules, I’m sorry. Maybe you could give me a list of movies I can get for you?”

“Bored of movies Mom…” I said then walked away too.

A few hours later my Dad came to my room, he had my laptop in his hand.

“So I spoke to your Mom, she’s agreed to give you both more computer time. Just don’t be downloading porn or anything okay?” he said.

“Awesome, thanks Dad. I don’t suppose it comes with our phones for more than two hours a day too?”

“One win at a time son, you know how she is.”

That night, as soon as our parents went to bed, Lisa pulled me by the hand to our corner bathroom. She pulled her sweatpants and panties down and bent over the vanity but I wasn’t expecting sex again so soon and wasn’t hard.

“What, you get bored of my pussy already, why aren’t you hard?” she said, noticing I wasn’t ready.

“I wasn’t expecting you again so soon,” I replied.

Lisa gave a frustrated sigh then pulled my shorts and boxers down and started sucking my cock, it didn’t take her long to get me hard.

“Good and hard please, I’ve been frustrated all fucking day,” she said, standing up again.

I got behind her and eased my cock inside her, gave a few slow thrusts to coat my cock in her juices then built up a pretty hard pace that she’d requested. I shifted my stance a little to give more strength to my thrust, Lisa responded with a ‘oh fuck yes, right there’ so I kept it up until she gasped ‘cummming…’ then almost went limp as I continued thrusting. When I kept my furious pace, Lisa reached back and tapped my hip.

“T.. ti.. time out,” she said, breathlessly.

“Sorry, you okay?” I replied.

“Y.. yes, I just need a break, you’re thumping my button really well, feels amazing but I just came so hard, I need a minute.”


“Are you close?”

“Kinda but I’ll take a few to cum this way.”

“Okay, you can go again, deeper but not as fast.”

I did as she asked, it took her cumming again to set me off, I pushed in as deep as I erupted, shuddering as I sprayed my seed into her. I stayed inside her until my cock started to soften then slowly pulled out, she pulled her panties and sweatpants back on then left quietly.

For the next few nights things went the same, I’d spend my days just looking forward to being inside her again, I hated to admit it but lust had me wanting to do anything to please her, something Mom picked up on when Lisa asked me to get her a drink as we watched a movie one night.

“You threaten him or something, usually he’d tell you to get it yourself if you asked for a drink,” said Mom.

“Well, since we’re stuck in this house together we came to an agreement to be nicer to each other,” said Lisa without a pause.

‘And by nicer we mean fucking each others brains out’ I thought to myself.

Later that night after we’d just had sex, Lisa paused before she left for her bed.

“Hey, you have to be more careful about changing so much around Mom and Dad,” she said.

I was still coming down from an explosive orgasm, couldn’t think of anything to say so I just put my hand on her cheek and kissed her softly on the lips.

“Wh.. what the fuck Marcus,” she gasped, pulling away from me.


“We’re fucking, I’m a wet pussy to spray your cum into, that’s it. We’re not lovers, we’re not going to run away and spend our days gazing into each other’s eyes for fuck’s sake. Why do you think I always have you take me from behind?”

“I couldn’t help it. You can’t expect to give me this and have me just cum in you and not want to please you in return. I love this but I care about you too.”

Lisa just looked at me for a few seconds.

“I love you, but you’re my brother, Marcus, don’t go falling in love with me okay, this is just sex to stop us both going insane thanks to Mom. I won’t be here tomorrow night, I need time to think.”

I spent the next day with my head in a book, I was terrified I’d fucked things up, that I wouldn’t get to have her again. That night though, when our parents went to bed, Lisa pulled me to the bathroom without saying anything. Once the door was closed behind us she pulled my face to hers for a kiss that seemed to last forever.

“I’m sorry about last night, I was kidding myself that I wasn’t enjoying the intimacy between us even though it’s canlı bahis siteleri always been from behind. If you want, we can try other ways, we can be secret lovers until all this is over,” she said after finally breaking the kiss.

“I would like that,” I replied.

“Good, now I hope that is your boner I feel poking me, want to try taking me with my ass on the vanity?”


Pushing my cock into Lisa’s pussy felt different when I could see her face, see her pleasure in her eyes, the position didn’t allow me the force I could give her from behind but we lasted longer and our orgasms felt more intense. She kissed me softly on the lips then held me as my cock softened.

“So what happened to super turned on, can stay hard twice?” she said, grinning.

“Oh it wouldn’t take much to get me going again but that was amazing,” I replied.

“How about we try anal tomorrow, I haven’t had it in so long, I’ll bring the lube,”

“I’ve never had that before.”

“Well, jerk off in the shower tomorrow if you can so you last longer in me, I will try and wear my plug but I’ll be tight.”

“Can’t wait.” I said, grinning.

“I’d best go, goodnight.”

Lisa gave me one more kiss then dressed, quietly slipped out of the room. I never could get off in the shower but I managed to jerk off while Mom was making dinner, she gave me a look when I sat down at the table. Time seemed to be going slower that day too but parents finally went to bed and Lisa and I practically sprinted to the bathroom.

“So, I want you to eat me until I cum so that I’m a bit more relaxed,” she said once she’d stripped naked.

“Oh good, I love eating pussy,” I replied.

Lisa sat on the vanity and opened her legs, I was already hard but I kissed her first then kissed my way down her body, sucking each nipple to hardness before finally kneeling before her, her beautiful shaved pussy in my face. I started slow, licking and tasting her juices, exploring every inch of her labia then when her breathing got heavier and her clit engorged, I rasped it with my tongue until she shuddered, flooding my tongue with her cream. She pulled me up to kiss her when she got too sensitive, kissed me with a passion she’d not given me before and I loved it.

“Th… that was awesome, you can definitely do that again. Ready to fuck my ass?”

“Hell yea I am.”

“Lube’s in my pocket.”

I watched as Lisa pulled the plug from her ass then she took the lube from me, coated my cock and pushed a few fingers coated in lube into her ass. She got into position and took my cock in her hand, guiding me to her asshole.

“Take it slow until I tell you okay,” she said.

She was right about being tight, it felt amazing, I slowly pushed inside her, thrusting slowly until she had all of me, my balls resting against her soaked pussy.

“Ohhh, that feels fucking good, okay baby, nice and slow.”

It took a while but I built up my pace, thankful I’d managed to cum already or I’d have exploded in seconds but I lasted through 3 of her orgasms, she was furiously rubbing her clit as I pounded her and I could only groan when I finally came. I held her tight as we caught our breaths.

“I think that will settle me for a good few months, you’re bigger than my ex so I couldn’t take this every week,” she said in between kisses.

“Well I enjoyed it for my first time,” I replied.

“Goodnight my love.”

Next day at dinner Mom had some good news.

“So, your father and I will be going back to the office, you will both be allowed to be on your phones and computers more and we still expect you to be doing the laundry but you should be allowed to leave the house soon too,” she said.

“Oh that’s awesome,” said Lisa.

“I’m installing cameras outside too so no sneaking out,” said Dad.

That night as I fondled Lisa’s breasts from behind, my cock still twitching from filling her with my cum, she leaned back against me.

“I can’t wait to take you on a bed, I’m going to ride you, sit on your face, 69 you and make you fuck me hard while I’m on all fours,” she said, almost purring from her orgasms.

“It’ll sure be nice not to have to be quiet too,” I replied.

“Oh fuck yes, so many times I’ve wanted to scream in pleasure but had to suppress it. I’ll tell you what, Monday is sheet day, let’s spend all day fucking. Soon as they’re both gone I’ll come to you, wake you with a nice wet pussy on your lips.”

“Can we tape it so we can watch ourselves later?”

“Fine but I’ll seriously cut your balls off if you show anyone.”

“I wouldn’t.”

That Monday was like Christmas to me, Mom and Dad left for work and after she confirmed the house was empty, Lisa came bounding into my room with no clothes on. She helped me set up my camera then after making out we got into 69 position, her on top as she sucked my cock and her pussy perfectly positioned for me to eat her. I got a little mad at the time but found out why after it, right as I was cumming, while she was spraying her cum over my mouth and chin, she stopped sucking me. I spurted once then she put her mouth back on my cock as I finished my climax. When she got off me my heart dropped and I wanted nothing more than for the ground to open up. Mom was standing in my doorway, her mouth wide open in shock. Lisa just sat up beside me, my cum on her cheek and on her lips.

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