30 Haziran 2020

Another fantasy meeting


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Another fantasy meetingThis afternoon I wait for you out side your work. When you leave you don’t notice me taking a couple of pics of you as you leave. You come out of work looking as perfect as on the way in, having checked that you still have all your make up in place. Your legs look like they go on forever, accentuated by your high heels and skin tight jeans. Your hard fake tits are sticking up and out of your tight sweater, your push up bra doing its job, you flick you hair back and I manage to get a few pics of you before you move on. I follow you down the high street, watching hypnotised by your ass wobbling from side to side as you totter in your high heels, managing to video you on my iphone, pretending to text.You wait for your bus and I stand right next to you, i can smell your perfume and it takes me all my time not to put my hand of your ass and kiss your neck. But I resist and follow you on to your bus and sit on the seat right behind you. You take out your phone and I can see you texted and organising your night tonight. Then you take a call from Lizzie and begin chatting about what you are wearing and where you are meeting. You are complaining that you have nothing new to wear and are not sure what to put on, she agrees to come to yours before going out. I continue to sit behind you, just enjoying being near you and now able to hear and smell the girl that drives me mad on Facebook. I log onto Facebook on my phone and leave a message on your wall, telling you that I am near you and that tonight you’ll be mine…..I wait until you are getting off and follow you off. Only you and i get off at your stop and I immediately walk away, not wanting you to be suspicious, but when I know you have not noticed me I double back and follow you to your house…at last I know where you live…I watch you go in and then head off to get my car. Returning after about an hour I am just in time to see Lizzie, going in she is dressed ready to go out but she aint any where near as hot as you. I go on Facebook whilst I wait adn see that you have commented on your wall ‘wtf do you mean?’ I leave you a message saying I know where you live and that Lizzie is there with you and as soon as you get to the pub I am going to send you a drink before coming over and touching your ass.When I see you come out you are wearing more bimbo shoes, a 5 inch heel with a platform. You can barely stand up, it’s cold tonight but as we discussed earlier, it hasn’t stopped you wearing next to nothing. You are wearing a skin tight black dress, barely karabük escort covering your ass and every few steps you have to stop and pull it down. you are wearing bog gold loop earrings, you have straightened your hair and are wearing it down. You have bare legs. A matching set of lingerie, a push up bra and thong, bright red, to bring the slut out in you. You face is covered in foundation, bright red lips and dark black eye make up – super slutty. I follow your cab to the bar your in park up and a few minutes after you follow you in. I see you immediately standing at the bar and see you have ordered a Smirnoff ice, as have all your mates, there are about six of you. I go to the other end of the bar, where I can still see you and buy 6 more bottles of Smirnoff ice and get the bar man to take them over to you. I told you i would earlier and now you know I am hear and you are waiting for me to come and touch your ass. Your pussy is tingling in excitement and you are completely distracted almost ignoring the girls. I come and stand at he bar right next to you. The place is getting busier now. I lean on the bar and then put my hand on your wobbly big ass and then down on to you bare thigh. I feel you flinch as I touch you soft orange skin but you try and act cool so close to your friends, you turn around and see me for the first time. You just look to begin with and then lean and whisper to me ‘was i worth the trip?’ you lean away and smile, you know exactly how sexy you are and how completely worth the trip that you are. I whisper back ‘that depends on how many times you make me cum’… you smile at me tell me that there is plenty of time for that later…you are determined to make me work for you and to tease me so you go back to your mates and as I watch you from a far you watch me and constantly smile at me, push your tits out and turn around so I can see your big orange ass hanging out the bottom of your dress…….After an hour or so you and the girls decide to move on and head toward Oceana, where you and all of Nottingham’s sluts like to hang out. It is a short walk but it takes you ages, your hells are so high that you stagger step bu step and look as though you are already pissed, you also have to pull down your tight black mini dress every two seconds because it constantly rides up you fat wobbly orange arse, a couple of times you stumble, not quite falling over but everyone thinks that you are such a silly tart for wearing porno shoes on a night out, even the girls give you grief. I follow a few yards karabük escort bayan back enjoying the show and imagining exactly how I am going to fuck you later.Once in the club and you have more drink inside you, you take to the dance floor and begin grindin and dancing like you own the place and you love all the attention you are getting from the guys as they touch you up, you are either too drunk or too slutty to stop them all having their hands on you wobbly ass, which is now on full show as you cannot be bothered pulling it down anymore. However you constantly know where I am and constantly make eye contact with me every few minutes, you know exactly how much of a tease you are being and are loving acting the princess in front of me, you now exactly how you make me feel and are loving the power you are holding over me. After a while you make you way over to me, much braver now than in the bar. You begin to dance right in front of me, shoving your big ass in my crotch, feeling my cock hard for you. You are practically acting like a lap dancer in the middle of the club, I can see your friends pointing and wondering what the fuck you are upto, but you don’t care, you remember all our conversations, all my stories and your lust for me is taking over.I grab your waist and pull you into me, holding you tight against your will, you want to keep dancing, i tell you to meet me outside in ten minutes. You look me directly in the eyes and say nothing, but look at me with the filthiest fuck me look you can manage….When you step out, you see me there and I grab you hand and drag you off towards a taxi, we walk back towards market square but before we get there I drag you down and alley and behind a wheely bin, pinning you to the wall I kiss you neck and down to your cleavage, one on my hands grabs a handful of your fat ass cheek and you lift one leg up and wrap it around my back. I pull your panties to one side and dip my fingers in your dripping pussy, ‘i want your dick not your fingers you shout’ i unbuckle my jeans, let them drop and guide my cock quickly, deeply and easily into your sopping bald teen pussy. You audibly gasp as it sinks into you and lift both your legs up and wrap them around me, I grab both your ass cheeks and begin fucking you like you life depended on it, you lean your head back screaming and telling me to fuck faster and harder, your dress is so tight that is has fallen down and I am able to lick, kiss and bit your tits. You begin to scream louder ass your orgasm rises in you, all of escort karabük a sudden you grab my head and pull yourself into me as your orgasm grips you, pushing your clit down on to my cock, I can feel you juices flowing and can smell your sex. I lift you off me and force you to your knees, your grab my cock in both hands and begin to suck the end before taking it deep in your throat gaggin on it barely able to swallow my cock in. you suck it like a pro before you feel it twitch, you pull your head back, open you mouth and wait for my load to spray all over your face and down your throat, once the cum has finished you suck me again cleaning of the cum and your pussy juices, then looking up at me with a smile on your face and cum dripping off you chin. I pull you up, enjoying the site of you, you dress hitched up around your waist, you tits sticking out over the top of it, looking like a cheap £10 hooker I could pick up anyway – but you took a lot more chasing……..I watch you as you try and make yourself decent again before getting you into a taxi and taking you back to the hotel. AS soon as we get into the hotel room , I turn on the shower and lift you into it still fully dressed, the hot water showers over youand you enjoy the way your clothes now stick you are as they are all wet, standing next to you I slowly remove your clothes and begin to use the soap to rub every inch of your body, exploring all of that fat wobbly orange skanky body. on my knees i begin you lick you bald orange gash, you lift one leg over my shoulder and hold by head, pulling my tongue deeper into you. Another orgasm rips through you and your cum empties into my mouth and down my chin. I turn off the shower and turn my attention to your fake nipples sticking out in front of me, you grab my dick and lead me to the bed, you push me back, straddle me and lower your tight teen ass towards my dick you balance the tip of my cock on your ass and slowly sink down, my cock completly filling your ass, you control the movement, playing with your clit at the same time. You feel so tight but you can only fuck me slowly, the mixture of pain and pleasure clear on your face, but you want to give yourself to me completely and are determined to show me what a complete slut you are. It gets easier for you and your rhythm gets faster and faster, biting your lip as you do, I sit up, turn you over and take control, I continue to fuck your ass, forcing you down on the bed, you grab a handful of the covers showing me how much your are feeling me deep inside you. I can feel another load cumming inside me and with one final deep hard thrust I cum deep inside your ass, you squealing as i do. I collapse next you spent for the time being, we fall into a drunken sleep, dreaming of more when we wake……………………

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