6 Kasım 2021

another fantasy of mine


another fantasy of mineit all started when i met this black guy and we became pretty good friends. we started hanging out parting together.the white girls where always hanging on him.hey what guy dont want to have a friend like that lol.he came over one day wearing sweats.i noticed why the girls hung on him.he was hanging.i could see the outline of his head it was huge.i kept trying not to stare at it but found myself glancing at it.i never thought about cock before but he got me thinking.well i glanced at it looked at him he was looking right at me.i just played stupid and we went on like nothing hapend.well a few weeks later we where out partying.we got pretty loaded.well my apartment was in walking distance. so we walked back to my place. he asked if he could crash on the couch. i said sure.so we went to bed.all i could think about is his big cock.well you have to pass my bedroom to get to the bathroom. i new he would have to do that.so i left a little night light on in my roon.slept in the nude.didnt cover up and laid with my tiny white ass faceing the door.hopeing to get his attenching.then i put a bottle of lube on my night stand next to the bed.about 20 minutes went by and i herd him go into the bathroom.when he was fethiye escort comming out as he was passing my door i let out a little mone just enough he coold hear it and ajusted my ass a little hopeing he would be looking.Well he went on back into the liveing room.i felt bummed out it was not going to happen.next thing i know i could here something it was him omg.i started getting goose bumbs all over my body. then i started trembling like it was 30 degrees.it seemed like it took forever. but i herd him in a real low voice i know what you want.you want some of nigga dick.after he said that i just wanted to jump up and say hell ya give it to me.but i couldnt move i just layed there.i felt his hand touch my ass.my senses went into overdrive.he gave my ass cheeks a good squeeze like they where charmen. he grabed my shoulder and with a soft voice turn over here. i did but acted like i was still asleep.he let out a little laugh and said you can open them eyes cause i gotta suprise.i opend my eyes all i could say is omg.it was the biggest dick i ever seen.exept for on porn.it was 9 or 10 inches with the biggest head it was huge a lot bigger than his dick.he said open wide my little bitch.i w****d my lips around it and tryed escort fethiye to suck it the best i could.he grabbed my head and started forcing it in and out chokeing me.it made me slobber all over it.after about 5 or 10 minutes. he told me to roll over. i looked him in the eyes with fear on my face slightly shakeing my head no. he said o no you started this shit now where going to finish it. now i said turn over bitch. he flipped me over like a sack of potatos. he was 6 foot 4 250 pounds.he said o ya look at that ass.i herd him pop the cap on the lube.then i felt him aplying it in the crack of my ass.while he was telling me dont worry where going to do this right.he put one finger in and i was of and running squirmingg. he worked in another. then i dont know how many he used but he knew what he was doing. he said looks like you or redy.he grabed my hips and pulled me up on my knees pushed my head down to the bed.i felt him moveing up between my legs. i was shakeing bad knowing this is going to hurt. i felt him start to penatrate. i felt a sting then it stop he did that about a dozen times.all the sudden i felt a realy painfull sting i tried to pull away from him but held me said no no dont its in there just relax a minute. fethiye escort bayan he just waited a couple minutes. then started working it. i could feel it getting deeper .i could feel the head going up in me.like haveing a ball on a stick.next thing i know i felt his hips hit my ass cheeks. i new he was all the way in. i felt exited that i could take all that.then he started picking up speed. i could feel that head every time moveing up and down in me.he started slamming it deep i could feel it hitting a nerve in me.i guess the male g spot but i was peralized.he owned me.after a few minutes of that he slowed dow.i thought cool the worst is over boy was i rong.he pulled it out i let out a sound of relief. then bam he poped the head back in omg i let out a scream. then he pulled out again and poped back in.i tried to get away from him. i couldnt take that. he pushed me down on bed and layed on top of me. i was so wore out i couldnt move. he did it atleast a dozen times. then he jumped up and yelled turn over bitch. i tried to but he grabed me fliped me and. stuck that head in my mouth and started cumming.he ytold me swallow all of it bitch.or where going to have to do this all over again.that was all the insentive i needed .i swallowed every drop.and passed out i guess .i dont remember anything after that.the next day i got up he was gone.and we or still friends we just act like it never happend.this is my story and i am sticking to it.hope you like

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