5 Temmuz 2021

Antonia’s First BBC


Antonia’s First BBCHope you will enjoy hearing of my first ever big black cock…well it was three at the same time really! My then ‘boyfriend’ picked me up telling me we were invited to a party, being a naive teenager I never thought to ask what sort of party but I would soon find out!We drove to a block of flats near Rochdale, Dave buzzed a flat number and a voice said,” Yeah man come on up”, the door opened and we entered a nearby lift, taking it to the fourth floor. Getting out we moved to Flat 435 and Dave knocked. The door was opened by a middle-aged black guy, he looked at me and whistled, ” Hey guys this little honey is as cute as he said”, we entered the flat, I saw two other black guys in their 40s/ early 50s sitting on a dirty looking settee. The first thing I noticed was they were just wearing shorts and both had beer bellies hanging over their waistbands. The guy who let us in was taller and slimmer than the other two dressed in a vest top and shorts.” Hi baby I’m Jed, these here are Lee and Clive”, they waved an acknowledgement at me, Dave spoke ,” Right guys if you like what you see, we have a deal?” Jed nodded and pulled out a was of £10 notes and peeled off 15 of them and handed them across to Dave, ” There’s some beer in the kitchen, help yourself”, Dave moved to the kitchen, “Thanks Jed mate. You guys don’t mind if I take some pics do you?”. Jed laughed, I looked around at the other guys who were grinning ear to ear, ” You do what you like friend, if she’s as good as you say we will have fun!” One of the guys on the settee got up and moved towards me, his huge hand reached out and pawed my boobs,”Sweet look what you got there honey!”The other guy rose and rubbed his hand across my butt, squeezing it hard, I pulled away and looked at Dave, “Just relax babe, just enjoy yourself,” Jed stood in front of me, “Right baby look at me and let me kiss those sweet lips of yours,” his breath smelt of tobacco and beer as he planted a big sloppy kiss on my lips his big tongue pushing into my mouth, I felt Lee’s hands groping under my skirt as he pushed his fingers into the side of my knickers feeling for my cunt. ” Oh guys the little bitch is feeling pretty wet here, your kisses must be turning her on Jed man!” The man stopped kissing me and pulled off my tie, unbuttoning my white shirt, “Wow Dave man you weren’t k**ding about her titties were you?”I heard Dave laugh as a camera flash lit up the room, “I told you Jed she’s worth every penny!” Lee pulled down my dark blue knickers and fingered me roughly, the other guy Clive was stood watching as they groped me like a side of beef, bursa escort Jed pulled my bra down freeing my tits, his mouth dropped to my breast eagerly sucking on my nipple, Lee’s fingers pushed deep inside my wettening pussy, my knees slightly buckled as he did, “Whoh man! You got the sweet bitch going!” called out Clive, as I dipped I felt Jed’s hand on my head forcing me to my knees, I suddenly felt a slap on my cheek as his newly released hard cock hit me.” Come suck daddy’s cock babe, take it in that sweet young mouth, he pushed it into my mouth, at 8 inches it was bigger than Dave’s prick and as I sucked on it I felt it grow thicker, another camera flash and Lee said “God that looks so hot Jed, let’s lay her down so we can all have fun!”Jed’s cock sprang from my mouth and he and Lee carried me to the settee , positioning me for the next part of my abusive sex session. The guys placed me on my hands and knees across the settee, Jed immediately pushed his stiff cock into my open mouth, then I felt Lee get behind me and holding my pussy open entered my cunt with his long thin cock, all the time I was aware of camera flashes as Dave took photos of me being used my the two old black guys, I wondered where Clive was, then suddenly I saw him out of the corner of my eye wanking the biggest, thickest cock I had ever seen in my life, I gasped and Lee must have thought it was due to his urgings,” That’s right little girl enjoy my long cock ramming your tight teenage cunt, you hot little whore come for Lee little bitch!” I felt Lee’s cock filling my pussy, I gripped it and felt it grow harder as he thrust into me deeper, pulling out and driving back into me.I felt an orgasm building as I sucked hungrily on Jed’s thick cock, I came as Lee forced his cock back into me, the waves of ecstacy flooding over me as Jed’s cock throbbed and his hot spunk hit the back of my throat, he came four or five times filling my mouth with his cum, then pulling his softening cock out of my mouth, wiping it all over my cheeks and nose,”What a little cock sucking whore! She drained my cock real good! Look at the little fat slut! She looks like a total cum dump! Come on Clive feed her your monster!”Lee pumped wildly into my pussy his cock spurting spunk deep into my womb! I cried out as another huge orgasm surging through my body. I wanted to collapse but at that moment Clive pushed his huge cock in front of my cum drenched face, his prick must have been 12 inches at least and very thick even in its semi hard state, ” Wow baby! You look like a total schoolgirl whore, suck my cock baby, suck me dry!”Clive’s bursa escort bayan deep voice filled my head ,there I was drenched in Jed’s spunk , my shirt was flapping open and my pussy was oozing Lee’s creamy spunk, I opened my mouth wide and licked his bell end, his cock grew another inch as I closed my lips around the shaft. “Mmm go on little girl, that feels so good”, I took more of Clive’s cock into my mouth, surprising myself by my ability to take so much hard thick dick into my mouth.Clive started to fuck my spunk covered face, his hard cock hitting my throat each time he did. As I sucked I saw Jed wanking his 8 inches back to life, ” Oh my sweet little bitch that looks so so hot! Little fat, white girl sucking that monster cock, perfect picture Dave, hope you’re getting some shots of your girl working so hard,” Clive started to withdraw his cock from my mouth, ” Baby I want to feel that sweet young cunt on my prick, now you’ve got my cock hard as steel!”He moved to my rear lifting my ass up a little and pushing the head of his stiff twelve inches at the entrance to my spunk filled pussy. ” Oh yeah! Lee has greased you up nice honey, now feel me in that hot cunt , he rammed his cock into me without any finesse and started to pump away hard, I had never felt so full in my pussy, never had such a long dick in me I came almost instantly as his glistening black cock drove in and out of my tight white pussy, every single thrust stretching me, Lee moved towards me forcing his limp cock into my sticky mouth, ” Get me back to life honey , suck me up nice and hard as that monster black prick is spearing you good”, all three of the middle aged blacks laughed out loud as Clive fucked me whilst Lee’s cock pushed in and out of my spunk splattered face.I felt myself cumming hard again as Clive’s 12 inch cock fucked me mercilessly, Lee’s hardening cock continued to pump in and out of my mouth whilst Dave’s camera flashes lit up the room as Jed wanked his eight inches back to hardness. I shuddered as my orgasm reached its crescendo, Clive’s cock carried on like a machine slamming into my sopping wet pussy, Lee’s cock suddenly jerked as his spunk shot into my throat, spurting five or six times as he called me “His cock sucking little fat whore”, his spunk dribbled down my chin as he pulled out, Clive’s prick still pounded my cunt silly until his monster cock spewed streams of hot spunk into my already wet cunt, I felt as if he was cumming forever, I know I was, I had never cum as many times.I felt Clive’s large hands squeezing my tits, kneading my nipples as his orgasm subsided. Jed burst escort bursa into applause, ” Well fucked my man! I reckon you’ve destroyed the fat whore!” I glanced down to my pussy to see a long stream of spunk running down my thigh, tinged with streaks of blood where Clive’s violent fuck had split my pussy , Jed spoke again, ” Well little girl you are still to feel my dick in there!” He laughed again as he turned me over and moved between my legs.He entered me and pushed his cock squelchingly into my abused pussy, his thick cock moved in and out rhythmically as he gave me my third straight fucking that hour. Jed continued to fuck me for over ten minutes, his prick bringing me at least two more huge orgasms, my body felt so limp as I just gave myself to him, he bit my breasts and sucked greedily upon my engorged nipples as he pounded my cunt, his beery breath hit my nostrils as he French kissed me deeply as he ripped up my pussy, then he suddenly moved position and lifting me up a little I felt his cock pull out and the bell end press against the tight rosebud of my arse.His slippery cock already lubed up with the spunk and juices of my sodden pussy inched its way into my ass, my sphincter relaxed and I gasped as he entered me fully, I had never felt so full, I gripped his shoulders and heard myself cry out, ” Fuck me you bastard fill my sweet teen arse with your nigger cock, aagh!” Yet another orgasm washed over me as Jed pumped his hard cock in and out of my arsehole.” Fuck me you black arse fucker, make me cum, I want to feel your spunk in my butt!” The other two guys cheered him on seemingly turned on by my cries, Dave had moved closer with his camera and I could see he was also wanking wildly as he took his photos, I cried out loudly as another orgasm rushed to my head, Clive suddenly pulled out of my reddening ass and huge spumes of cum splattered onto my tits and neck as he gave a guttural growl and shot his huge load over me.The others stopped wanking and stood to applaud, “Next time I get to use her ass cherry “, laughed Clive as Dave took some last pics of my spunk splattered body, my white shirt was still on me but drenched with sweat and spunk, my tits had rivulets of spunk running down past my nipples, my pussy and arse continued to ooze with my juices, the guys’ spunk and traces of blood, I felt as if I could sleep for a week, Dave’s voice brought me back to reality.”Right sunshine it’s time we were gone ,get your shirt on and let’s be off. I dressed myself, the wet shirt sticking to my body as I fastened it. The guys gave me a kiss each and Clive pushed a £20 note into my hand, ” You were good baby damned good”. In Dave’s car he spoke, “See babe I told you my friends were cool! Now let’s get you to my flat and you can have a good bath then I’ll taste your black spunked pussy before I get you home!”

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