25 Kasım 2021



ApartmentApartment – I would dress from time to time when I could be alone in the house. I also began stealing girlfriends’ lingerie when I could. I would take if from their drawers or hampers. I was careful never to take more than one thing over a long period of time. As far as I know no one ever suspected it was me. As time went by and dating became more sexual I would make out and pet with a girl until she was came in her panties or at least was very wet. I’d sneak into her hamper the next evening and find the wet panties still smelling like her pussy. Sometimes I’d slip into them on the spot, other times I’d take them home and wear them to bed. I’d masturbate in them feeling her wetness against me.This continued through school and beyond until I met Anne, the girl I would later marry. Our dating life soon became intensely sexual and I had ample opportunity to enjoy both her and (without her knowing it) her lingerie. She finished college and got a small apartment in town. I soon start spending many nights there. It was across the street from a brownstone apartment building istanbul escort with several apartments in it. I soon discovered that there was a young couple (probably late 20’s) in one of the apartments on the second floor that would often have sex with the windows open. She would also walk around in her underwear or just a bikini or less. As I started watching them more I found that she was dominant and her husband was her submissive.Anne and I got married and moved upstairs to a larger apartment in our building. This put us directly across from the couple in the brownstone. Like most young couples just starting out, Anne and I both worked to make ends meet. Our work schedules were such that Anne would leave the house an hour or so before I did each morning. I used this time to dress in her things and enjoy myself. I’d dress in different outfits – from just her silk robe to full lingerie and heels and would get off in different rooms and positions around the apartment, fantasizing about being a woman avcılar escort and entertaining men there. One day I was sitting in a big chair in the living room with my legs wide apart and over each arm of the chair. I was wearing one of Anne’s bras and her shorty robe, untied and open. As I laid there enjoying myself, stroking my hard cock with one hand while playing with my nipples inside the bra cup with the other I suddenly realized I’d forgotten to close the d****s when I was getting ready. I looked across the street and saw the woman sitting in a chair in her apartment watching me closely. I was mortified and jumped up to close the d****s before dressing and fleeing to work.The next morning I woke up still thinking about it, put on Anne’s full length silk rode, and went to make sure the d****s were closed. As I did I noticed the woman was there in her chair in just her bra and panties, legs spread to me, apparently waiting. I didn’t know what to do so I closed the d****s and proceeded to get off then get ready for work. All day şirinevler escort long I was distracted wondering if she was waiting for me to show myself.The following day I couldn’t wait to find out. I was instantly hard as Anne pulled out of the parking lot and headed off to work. I slipped on her shorty robe and went the window. She was there again, in just her underwear as she had been the day before. I left the d****s half open and went to dress. I put on the same bra I had been wearing before and matching panties. I added thigh high stockings and slipped the robe back on leaving it untied. I went to the chair and got into the same position as the woman. I slowly ran my hands over my body and legs as my cock grew even harder and peeked from my panties. Soon I was masturbating and playing with my nipples. I came hard and short cum all over my chest, face, Anne’s bra and even the back of the chair. Catching my breath I looked over the see the woman had removed her bra and had her hand in her panties masturbating along with me. I let her watch me as I went about cleaning up the chair.This became our morning ritual several times a week. The d****s were left fully open. She and I would masturbate together with her nude or nearly so and me in lingerie. Sometimes I would use Anne’s sex toys. Sometimes she would use her sub as a sex toy. We continued like this until Anne and I move to our first home.

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