10 Şubat 2021

April’s Volunteer Assignment Ch. 02


April is excited as she climbs into her little car and drives over to Mr. Milton’s place for their weekly visit. After the last time she was there she has thought of nothing else, pressing down a bit harder on the gas pedal as she drives. For this visit she is wearing a super thin t-shirt dress and no bra or panties.

She hurries to the front door and before she can even ring the bell Mr. Milton is there opening the door. “Hi baby girl.” he says and pulls her inside, kissing her softly on her full lips. As he leads her into the living room she is disappointed to see someone sitting there. He is an old impish looking man, almost bald except for a few crazy white hairs sticking out around his head. He is stooped over in a way that shows he can no longer stand up straight.

“April this is Mr. White.” He turns to Mr. White and says loudly “MR. WHITE, THIS IS APRIL”. He looks back at April and tells her he’s hard of hearing.

April extends a hand and says loudly “NICE TO NEET YOU MR. WHITE.” Mr. White takes her hand in his and she noticed his fingers are twisted and knotted with age.

Mr. Milton takes her arm and leads her into the kitchen. When they get there she looks up at him, disappointment clear in her big blue eyes. “Don’t look at me like that baby girl, we are still gonna have our special time today. I just have a favor to ask of you first. You trust me, right?” and he kisses her again softly on her pouty lips.

“Yes.” she replies and leans in to the kiss.

“I would like you to do a favor for Mr. White. In return for this favor he is willing to help you out with some college expenses.”

“What kind of favor?” she replies apprehensively.

“Mr. White has suffered quite a few health issues, I’m sure you can tell. He can’t get an erection anymore, but he’s told me what he wants more than anything is to be able to lick a sweet young pussy again.”

“I’m sorry, what?? Are you suggesting I let that crumpled old man lick my pussy!?!” April glares at him and starts to turn to leave, but Mr. Milton grabs her arm and pulls her back, kissing her again this time pushing his tongue into her mouth and grabbing her around her waist and then down to rub and caress her ass. April eagerly leans in again, opening her mouth wide for him to plunder.

“No panties baby girl?” Mr. Milton say fondly.

April looks up at him with casino oyna her big blue eyes.

“I’ll be right here baby girl, but please, do this favor for me. He is willing to give you $300 for the opportunity.” he can see the hesitation in her eyes and he kisses her again.

She looks up at him, he can tell she is struggling with the idea, but he also knows she needs the money.

“You’ll stay here if I let him do this?” she says

“Yes baby girl, I’ll be right here.” he smiles

He takes her hand and leads her back to the living room. “MR. WHITE APRIL HAS AGREED.” he yells and she sees Mr. Whites whole face light up. Poor old guy, she thinks, and decides it won’t be so bad doing a favor for him.

“April baby, ” Mr. Milton says “for him to be able to do this you’ll have to lie on the table. He can’t really bend over anymore.”

She looks at the small table and then walks over to it preparing to sit.

“Take your dress off first baby girl”

April slips her dress off and lets it drop to the floor, standing there naked and uncertain. She sees Mr. Whites eyes go wide and he licks his lips, causing her to shudder.

“Thank you baby girl, you are so sexy” and Mr. Milton goes over to the couch to help up Mr. White. He leads him to the table and helps him sit in a chair at the end that has arm rests. Then he goes over to April. “Here baby girl I will help you up.” April climbs onto the table and Mr. Milton has her slide forward and put her feet on the chairs arm rest and he helps her slide down to the end of the table. The table is too small for her to lay back without her head hanging off the sides, she she props herself up on her arms and watches. With her feet on the chairs arm rests she is now open to this little imp man who is eagerly staring at her pussy and licking his lips. Mr. Milton goes around and helps Mr. White push the chair in closer. Once he is in close enough Mr. White dives right into her pussy. He shoves her legs open wider and begins eagerly lapping and her pink folds. His scratchy face feels pleasant against her skin, so April tries to relax.

She feels him begin sucking on her clit, pulling the little nub into his mouth and she lets her head drop back a bit. Then he drives his scratchy tongue deep into her pussy and she moans softly. He keeps pushing her legs wider and he eagerly fucks her with his tongue, then canlı casino he goes back to her clit and nibbles while he slides one of those gnarled fingers deep into her wet slit, making April moan louder. Her arms are starting to shake and she drops back against the table, not caring now that her head is hanging over the side. Mr. White keeps twisting that gnarled finger into her pussy. April arches her back and pants.

She is close to cumming and feeling dizzy from her head hanging over the side of the table as Mr. White continues plundering her tight hole. Then she feels Mr. Milton’s hand on her breasts, caressing them and she moans out a soft “yessssss.”

“Baby girl you are so sexy, laying there with your legs spread wide for him,” he says while he pinches and pulls at Aprils nipples causing her to buck and push her pussy harder against Mr. Whites finger in her slit. “you have made me so hard. I have something for you baby girl, are you ready?”

“Yesssss” she replies breathlessly.

Mr. Milton walks around to stand near Aprils head hanging off the table and she can see he has his pants off and he is rock hard.

“Open your mouth for me baby girl.” he says and pulls on her chin for her to open. When she does he slips his shaft into her mouth and she licks across the shaft. He shudders slightly and then takes a hand and begins rubbing her throat. “I want you to relax your throat for me baby girl. I am gonna slide this all the way in. It may seems scary at first, but I know you can do it. Ready?” she mumbles agreement with his cock still in her mouth. He keeps rubbing her throat and pushes deeper. She starts to choke as his shaft pushes against the back of her throat and tries to sit up. “Relax baby girl,” he soothes while pressing his other hand down against her chest to keep her flat on the table. “you know what it’s like when you have to swallow a really big pill? How you have to open your throat for it to go down? It’s kinda like that baby girl.” he goes back to rubbing her throat and when he feels her relax he slowly pushes his cock all the way in. April can now feel his balls pushing against her nose. She starts to panic when she realizes she can’t breathe. He keeps a hand on her chest to keep her flat. “It’s okay baby I’ve got you.” he says soothingly. He knows he is cutting off her only air supply, and he holds there for a moment before pulling kaçak casino back.

Mr. White is still lapping happily at her pussy and pushing a twisted finger deep into her hole while Mr. Milton begins slowly fucking her mouth, pushing his cock deep into her throat. He keeps pushing in deep enough that his balls cut off her air, holding there for a moment before pulling back out again. April realizes that she is getting really turned on by this, having her air supply restricted seems to make everything she is feeling more intense. Once Mr. Milton realizes that April is aroused he starts pumping harder into her mouth, shoving his cock deep into her throat, pushing it to the hilt, he grabs her tits while pounds his shaft deep into her throat over and over his balls pushing against her nose while he pulls and twists her nipples.

As he does this he looks down just as Mr. White pushes Aprils legs as wide as they will go and shove all four fingers into her dripping snatch. Pumping them in deep, over and over, as his thumb pushes against her clit. Aprils back arches and Mr. Milton watches her cum hard, trying to scream out while his cock is rammed down her throat. He grabs her head and fucks her mouth wildly, thrusting deep then he holds her head still while he shoots his hot load deep into her throat. After a moment he pulls out to allow her to swallow and breathe and he collapses into nearby chair. April is not moving on the table her head hanging over the side with his cum dripping out of her mouth. Mr. White is now happily licking up her wet cum and sucking his fingers to get all the juices off.

Mr. Milton pulls his chair over and cradles Aprils head against his shoulder. “You okay baby girl?”

April smiles weakly at him and murmurs “Yes”. He kisses those full lips tenderly.

“You’re such a sexy girl.” he says and stands to scoop her up and lay her on the couch, covering her with a blanket.

Mr. Milton goes over and says “MR. WHITE, IT’S TIME I TOOK YOU HOME.”

April is dressed by the time he gets back, once again wearing that skin hugging dress and nothing else. He grabs her and shoves his tongue into her mouth forcefully, kissing her hard. He finally pulls away and looks down into her beautiful young face. “You are such a sexy little thing. I wish I recovered faster because I would spend all day fucking you, in every way possible. You are made for it baby girl” he growls.

“Looking forward to next week then Mr. Milton.” April smiles and Mr. Milton pushes the money into her hand and smacks her ass as she walks out the door.

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