30 Eylül 2021

Army Buddies – Part I


Army Buddies – Part IThis is a story that I’ve wanted to tell for a long, long time, but didn’t for a couple reasons. First, I didn’t want the real identities to get out, and second, I just didn’t sit down and take the time to do it. It’s a story of a sexual adventure that sort of began between two soldiers, remained alive for a long time, and then evolved into quite a sexual escapade, involving men and women.Back in the late sixties, early seventies, I was in the U.S. Army, stationed at a major installation in Texas. There I met Adam. He was not in my unit, but a similar unit. We sat together in the mess hall for breakfast one morning and just started talking. We both had two things in common: the Army and our eternal quest for pussy.We didn’t do bad in the Army, both of us advancing rather quickly. Fortunately our careers paralleled and we were almost always assigned to the same installation or very close to each other, except for one tour to Korea. And we didn’t do too bad in the pussy department either, both of us having had several of the Army girls and the local civilian girls. And we both ultimately married. Our wives, while they knew each other, did not become the friends that Adam and I had become.While in the Army Adam and I had several opportunities to travel together. The Army calls it TDY, short for temporary duty. We traveled all over, usually staying in motels, separate rooms of course, but sometimes staying in the Army’s bachelor quarters on base if we were near one and they had rooms available.Now for you youngsters reading this, “back in the day” as they say, in the early seventies, there was no internet, no DVD’s, not even any VHS tapes or players. The only porn was eight millimeter or Super 8 movies that required a big and bulky projector to view. So all we really had were magazines and pictures that we purchased in Mexico, just across the Texas border in Nuevo Laredo. And we had some great porn; an entire briefcase full of pictures of spread pussies, hard cocks, titties, hard cocks penetrating pussies, hard cocks penetrating assholes, some really great stuff for the time. And we never left on a TDY trip without our special briefcase!While on the TDY trips we would finish for the day, return to our rooms after dinner, and whomever had the special briefcase in their room, would allow the other person to go through and pick out what they wanted, then return to their room and pleasure themselves. Usually we would not see each other until the next morning at breakfast, when we’d meet outside our rooms, and get all the porn locked safely back in the briefcase. Remember, this was the early seventies and porn was really frowned on. We did not want to be label as being weird, or get into any kind of trouble with the Army.One evening while staying at a small motel just outside the main gate of Fort Benning, Georgia, I completed my evening run, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and headed to my room, stopping by Adam’s room on the way to claim my evening ration of porn. Adam opened his door after hearing me knock and I saw that he had our pictures and magazines spread out on one of his beds in his room. I also saw that beneath his running shorts he had a huge erection. One that just couldn’t be ignored. I said, “What, you couldn’t wait?” He smiled kinda sheepishly and said it “popped up” as he was spreading everything out to see what we had.Now, at this point I think it is important that I be perfectly clear about our relationship thus far. Adam and I had not touched each other in any way sexually, nor do I think we had even thought about doing anything like that. In the seventies the Army really frowned on any kind of sexual contact between soldiers of the same sex. So we had done nothing. I’m not even sure we’d seen each other’s cocks in the showers; it’s difficult to remember what with all the bodies in the shower at one time. But for sure there’d been no sexual contact between us at all.Well, seeing Adam hard, and then my starting to look through all the pictures, started me getting hard. And I see Adam is trying to very canlı bahis discretely rub his cock through his running shorts. This made me that much harder, and at some point he commented “I see you’re wanting to get started too!” As we both rustled through the photos we began talking about some of the women we’d seen through the day and how good some of them looked, all the while rubbing our cocks through our shorts. Adam finally dropped down in one of the two little uncomfortable chairs in his room; you know the kind, with the little round table between them, right near the window, next to the noisy air conditioner. He motioned for me to sit in the other chair and make myself comfortable.Adam and I never really discussed what we were doing, but in a matter of just a few minutes, both of us had out shorts down around our knees, slumped down in the chair with our asses on the edge of the chair seat, as we held our favorite photograph in one hand and stroked our cock with the other hand. There wasn’t any conversation, but as I remember it, there sure was some heavy breathing from both of us. But no contact; remember, there was a small table between us, and we really couldn’t even see each other’s cock all that well as this was just a quick, very impromptu jerk off session.I remember hearing Adam’s breathing really change as he came first, and that caused me to come almost immediately after him. I usually moan quite a lot when I cum, but being very self-conscious about cumming, for the very first time in front of another guy, I tried be as quiet as possible. Later Adam would tell me that he heard my breathing change and some muffled groans that alerted him to the fact that I was cumming. And did I ever cum. It was all over my belly, and I hadn’t pulled my tee shirt up far enough, so cum had shot all the way up to the collar of my tee shirt. And my belly button was just full of cum!Well, that was that. Adam got up, pulled his shorts up a but, walked past me as I pulled my legs in for him to get by, went to the sink area where he threw me a towel before cleaning himself up. I wiped the cum off my belly, tried to get my tee shirt clean, mumbled I’d see him in the morning for breakfast, and left quickly for my room. Later that night, while laying there on the bed watching TV, I started stroking my cock and thinking about the events earlier in Adam’s room. I became super hard and shot a massive cum load thinking about hearing Adam cum while I was looking at porn. Fell asleep and probably had one of the best night’s sleep I’d had in months.The next morning wed met outside our rooms, which were either right next to each other or maybe with one room in between us, I don’t remember, and things were a little different, but not crazy different. Just a little quieter at first, to see, I think, what the other would say first. I remember Adam asking me if I was okay, and me telling him was, and then me asking him if he was okay, and responding that he was, as he always said when everything was going his way, “Just ducky.” He apologized for keeping all the porn to himself all night long, at which I said, “No problem, I jerked off later without the porn and had just as big a mess as I had over in your room.” Adam smiled and told me he had done the same thing. Breakfast was good, and there was a waitress, who we think was the young wife of a soldier there at Fort Benning, who had the nicest breasts and tightest little ass of any woman we’d seen since leaving home a couple of days ago!So this is the way it all really began. From this point on we never took the porn back to our individual room and jerked off. We just did it in the room of whomever had the special briefcase. And while we knew what we were doing was certainly not mainstream, would not be accepted by our peers and certainly not our wives as acceptable conduct, we didn’t feel bad about it, dirty, or perverted. We just knew I think, without saying it, that this would stay between us, and certainly not profess any further than just jerking off in the same room at the same time.At some point bahis siteleri in the next few months, and I think it was in a motel outside Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, we started more openly watching each other masturbate, moan without embarrassment in front of each other, and even announce the event with breathless words, “God I’m about cum…I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” But we never touched each other. Never. But whenever on the road TDY, and we were on the road about ten days each month, we jerked off together every night, and on the weekends we might do it during the day and again at night. Whenever possible we were jerking off. Together.As happens in the Army, people get reassigned. Sent to schools. Moved all about. Adam and his wife, Jennifer, or Jen, left first, headed to Germany. A few months later I received orders; my wife, Jane, and I were also headed to Germany! Not at the same post or kaserne, as it’s called over there, but we would be less than twenty miles apart. Now don’t get me wrong; it’s not like I was pining away wanting to sit and jerk off with Adam. Nor do I think he was missing our together time so that it adversely affected him. But I’d be less than truthful if I said that I didn’t immediately think about getting together again with Adam for some special time!Now I probably need to throw in here somewhere something about our, my and Adam’s, relationships with our wives. My wife and I led a very active sex life. We were both very young when we married each other, me twenty and her twenty-one, but there was nothing that we did not try. We had all kinds of straight sex, we did oral on each other, and we did anal. I had fucked her anally she would massage my prostate…although at the time I’m not sure we knew she was massaging my prostate! And we took pictures, Instamatic of course, of each other while we had sex, and when the Super 8 movies became the rage, we bought a camera, ostensibly to film the k**s, we had two by now, but also to film us having sex. We had to send the movies off to a place in Los Angeles to be developed, but they were great to sit and watch as we started making out and fucking. We starred in our own prone films and I’m sure we weren’t the only ones doing it!Adam and his wife, I learned later, had a sex life that paralleled ours in many ways. Even down to the number of c***dren they had; two. They took pictures of each other and shot movies of their having sex. Adam said his wife really liked watching the movies as a form of foreplay and they therefore built up quite a library of their own movies and mail-order purchased movies. And in Germany there was Doctor Mueller’s Sex Shop where any kind of movie and adult toy could be found and purchased quite openly. Adam’s wife developed a fondness for the toys and they had quite a collection of vibrators, dildos, vibrating eggs, Ben Wa balls, butt plugs, and you name it, they had it. I think my wife and I had one plain old white vibrator that sound like a jackhammer when turn on.I also found out much later that there were some differences between Adam and Jen’s sex life and mine and Jane’s. More on this later, but quickly, Adam was unable to cum in his wife’s mouth when she sucked him; not because she didn’t want him too, but he just couldn’t do it. He also had a hard time cumming in her pussy without his or her hand manually stimulating him, or basically jerking him off with the head of his cock in Jen’s pussy. And Adam didn’t like anal sex. Jen didn’t force the issue mind you, but Adam did not want to stick his cock in Jen’s asshole. And he didn’t want her putting anything near his asshole, to include her fingers. Jen got her anal stimulation only from her butt plug.Adam and I worked for the same Army unit in Germany, just at different locations. In short order we were traveling, together, all over Germany, France, Spain, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, and even once to Switzerland. All on official business, while TDY, with food and rooms paid for by our generous Uncle Sam. And we just naturally fell right back into our güvenilir bahis private, special, mutual jerk off sessions every evening we were on the road.Everything was pretty well the same between Adam and I as before. He’d grab his porn, I’d grab mine, and we’d sit next to each other and jerk off. We started mixing in private porn, my pictures of my wife, and his pictures of his wife, into our porn that we used when jerking off. As far as our wive’s knew, we took it with us so we could jack off while looking at them. They would have died had they known that I was jacking off to Jen’s pictures and Adam was Jacking off to Jane’s pictures! But we were back in the swing of things and having a helluva good time. And, in Germany, we were also getting a lot of German pussy while on the road. It was hard, no pun intended, not to get a lot German pussy. It was everywhere and it was available. We had more than a few occasions where we brought women back to our rooms, Adam in his and me in mine, and we fucked them most of the night. There were also more than a few occasions where we brought one woman back to one room and we’d both fuck her. Usually Adam would fuck her first while she was sucking me, then I’d fuck her and Adam would finger her pussy and jerk off, sometimes shooting his cum all over both me and the woman. As they say, we were living the life. Things were good.As time passed we became more and more comfortable with our arrangement. In addition to our wive’s pictures, we introduced lube to our jerk off sessions, starting with just Jergen’s hand lotion, or vaseline, and later getting KY Jelly from the Post Exchange. But we were still on our own, sitting side by side, but each of us tending to our own needs. I stroked my cock, Adam stroked his cock.Adam and I were at a gausthaus in West Berlin when things started to change. We’d been in Germany several years by now, both of us extending several times for our current duty assignments. Our wives had good jobs in the military communities where we lived, and our c***dren were in the DOD school system. We’d each been promoted often and ahead of our peers. On this particular night we had several German beers after dinner. When we went upstairs we both went into Adam’s room and started our ritual as we’d done so many times before; picking out our porn, dropping our pants, assuming a good jerk off position, and, since we started using the lube, lubing up our cocks as we looked at porn and stroked ourselves until we came.But tonight we were sitting together, side by side, on a small couch. Notice I did not use the term love seat and that was intentional! We’ll just call it a small couch. We had our pants down below our knees, our cocks were rock hard and glistening with the lube. I had started to jerk off as usual, with my fist around my cock, thumb side up, kind of with my palm toward me. And for some reason, and I don’t know to this day why and it’s really not important, I turned my hand the opposite way, with my thumb down, kind of with my palm away me, and stroked my cock like this. It sort of felt like I was getting jerked off by someone else, like maybe my wife. But you see where this is going.I told Adam as I was stroking my cock what it felt like, he was watching, and turned his hand and started stroking his cock the same way, liking what he felt. Then, without saying anything further, he squirted some more lube in his hand, I seem to remember we were using the KY Jelly by then, reached over, pushed my hand away, and started stroking my cock. I couldn’t do anything but enjoy what Adam was doing. I came quickly, like I’d not cum in a long time. And I let my enjoyment show and be heard. I sprayed cum all over. I think some even hit me in the face. As soon as I could catch my breath, I reciprocated. I stroked Adam’s cock until he came, which was also a massive eruption, with him thrusting his hips into my fist. We had cum all over us. We both said how good it was, cleaned ourselves up, and I left for my room. This was the start. Not back in the early seventies, but now.I’ll continue with this, and there is much, much more to come. This is not a story of two gay guys. Neither Adam or I are gay; not then and not now. We didn’t know it then, but we were basically bisexual. And we were just getting started.

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