21 Haziran 2021

Ashley the Seductress


Ashley the SeductressBack story and Lead up”Well, are you ready?” Yuri asked with a big smile, I could tell she was very excited. Yuri’s adopted and she has always been my best and closest friend, we share all our secrets. Yuri is extremely athletic, fit and a vegan. Fortunately, she isn’t one of those vegans’ who constantly reminds you that they’re vegan.”Yoga? No.” I replied. “Why can’t we just do a regular workout?” I do go to the gym occasionally; mostly only have time for a morning run, I can’t fit in a proper workout, especially not with the hour’s I’m putting in at the office. “I can’t believe you actually managed to talk me into doing this stupid thing.” I continued.Yuri pushed back, “It’s not stupid. Come on Sam, you promised me you would at least try it once.” She doesn’t like people that break promises and I’m in no mood to get her cranky. “Besides we’re already here, no escaping now.” Yuri added.”Fine, let’s get it over and done with.” I said. She has been nagging me for weeks about going to a yoga class with her. I guess we’re already at the gym; I might as well bend over and let her have her way so she would stop nagging me about it. I begrudgingly opened the door and we picked our spot. As I slowly unrolled our yoga mats onto the hardwood floor, I scanned the room slowly, surveying the environment like I had just landed on an alien planet. A few large motivational posters lined the walls on the right and front side of the room, basic quotes you would find on a fridge magnet. The left side of the room, however, was all glass, top to bottom and ran from one side of the room to the other. On the other side was a small garden of sorts, beautifully maintained. Clearly someone put a lot of effort into canlı bahis making it look immaculate. Sat at each corner of the room were nicely trimmed plants, which too looked like they were carefully maintained. After examining the walls and the decor, I slowly realized that the majority of the room were filled with older mature women. Not a single man in sight, nor a woman under 35. “I do not belong here.” I whispered to Yuri. She clearly heard me but pretended to have heard nothing and continued to set up her things. I was already set up at this point and I could see everyone patiently waiting for the instructor. I mumbled to myself, “I can’t believe people pay to have someone teach them how to stretch.”After a short time I could hear the door open and a pleasant aroma filled the room. My nose wandered in the fragrance, it was seductive and tantalizing. I had to know who just entered the room, who was making such an irresistible smell. My head turned to the source of the scent. It was an Asian woman, mid 30’s, fit looking, about 5 foot 6, beautiful black hair which swept to her left side and had length down to her breasts. I could see that her breasts were similar to Yuri’s 14 c and it looked perfect on her gym fit body. She was wearing a light blue workout top with black leggings that really accentuated her ass. Her walk was seductive, with each step it was like she was putting me in a trance. She walked to the front of the room tied her hair up and unraveled her things.Yuri caught me staring and immediately threw a punch at my arm. I jolted to attention and snapping me from the seductress’s spell. “Wake up.” she promptly whispered. “You didn’t tell me the instructor was this hot.” I whispered back, “If bahis siteleri you told me earlier I would have done yoga a long time ago.” I added with a smile. “Her name is Ashley. She’s new, just started yesterday.” Yuri added whilst stretching. It’s been 45 minutes of following poses laid out by Ashley’s. She knew I was eyeing her from the beginning of the class but instead of resist she seduced. Throughout the duration of the class I was unable to break the spell she had cast on me. The class was just wrapping up, everyone was packing up and collecting their things. Again it was Yuri who broke Ashley’s spell, this time by slapping my arm. “Keep it together bro.” she whispered. I was snapped out of the spell and began to follow the others in packing up my things. “I’ll be right back, gotta go to the toilet.” Yuri continued. “I’ll meet you in the car, Yuri.” I sharply replied, hoping she could hear.Whilst packing I hadn’t noticed but Ashley was headed towards me. “Hey there.” Ashley said, “It’s Sam, right?” She added. I nodded my head nervously. “My name’s Ashley, nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you” I replied and placed my hand out expecting hand shake. Instead she leaned in and kissed me on the cheeks.ActionWhilst there she whispered, “Come with me.” I’m not going to turn down an opportunity like this I thought to myself. Before I could even say a word, she grabbed my arm and led me to a store room. down the hall. I shut the door behind us and before I even had the chance to turn around she had wrapped her arms around my neck, just egging me to kiss her. I leaned in and kissed. Without a second thought, still kissing, my hands slowly explore her body and finds itself fondling her breasts. I stop kissing bahis şirketleri her voluptuous full lips and begin its trek down her neck towards her 14 c bra sized breasts. I run my fingers down her body past her abs and down to her leggings. I gently rub my fingers over her pussy and she begins to shiver. I could tell she’s very excited and wet. “You want this don’t you?” I whispered.She whispered back, “Fuck yes.”I slide my hands down her panties and immediately, my hands are soaked in her juices. I bring my fingers up to her mouth and she licks clean. She turns around showing me her tight gym ass and slips off her leggings down to her feet and bends over. She backs up towards my shorts and begins grinding up on my cock, teasing and pleasing. With her right hand she places them down her panties, playing with herself, whilst still grinding on my cock. At this point I’m in total ecstasy. She stops grinding, turns around and with her free hand she pushes me back towards the wall and places her finger soaked pussy juices in my mouth. Still with the fingers in my mouth she slowly runs her free hand down towards my shorts and pulls them down to release cock, which springs into action. She gently teases the head of my cock with tiny licks and flicks of the tongue. After what feels like forever, she finally engulfs my cock, swallowing all 9 inches of me without gagging. I almost passed out from the pleasure. She was working my cock like a pro. After five minutes of continuous, non-stop pleasure, I was ready to cum. Ashley could tell I was getting close too and she was eager for that load. She deep-throated me one last time, and the pleasure was too much to hold on to and I came down her throat. As I came my whole body shook from the pleasure. She popped the cock out of her dirty mouth and continued to suck every bit of cum out of my cock.Then suddenly the door opened, it was Yuri standing at the door in total shock…(To Be Continued)

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