9 Şubat 2021

At Long Last: Gwen


The phone in my office rang and it was the secretary of our national professional association asking me if I’d be the responder to a paper that had been approved for delivery at the national conference. I asked the topic of the paper which the secretary provided and I asked her for a synopsis of it which she was also able to provide. However, when I asked who authored the paper the secretary provided a name with which I was completely unfamiliar.

When I expressed surprise that I’d not heard of this author, I was informed that the presenter was a woman who had graduated college, raised a family, and only then went to graduate school and completed her doctorate. This paper stemmed from the research she had originally conducted for her dissertation.

My next question was, “Is she now employed?” and the answer was she was working as an assistant professor at a well-known research university. Given the department at this university, I could assume the woman was no slouch so I agreed to be the responder.

In a few weeks the author sent me her paper which I promptly gave to one of my graduate students to review. The grad student was properly pleased to be asked to do such an assignment, apparently not realizing that his review was really a test to determine just how knowledgeable he was.

Within a week the grad student had placed the paper and his review in my departmental mailbox and I eventually got around to looking at his review. I was more than a little surprised to find a glowing assessment of the study described in the paper. Grad students usually bent over backwards to identify research faults simply to impress their professor with their knowledge. Intrigued, I sat down to read the paper and, upon completing it, concluded that it was a first-rate piece of work and eminently publishable. My guess was that the author lacked the confidence to submit the paper to a good journal for review until she had presented it orally and had received some feedback about its quality.

When the national conference commenced I did not encounter the woman to whose paper I would respond until her actual session. I found a very attractive brunette, small, very neat and stylishly dressed who I guessed to be in her mid-40s. She was nervous. In fact, she was very nervous. I had to smile at her discomfort and I assured her she had done some very good work and she should present it confidently. She looked at me dubiously.

She made it through the session, but certainly not flawlessly because of her nerves, but she did an adequate job. When it was my turn to respond to the paper I praised the research design and told, in quite some detail, why it was an excellent study and why the results were well-written. I found the woman looking at me with gratitude and overwhelming relief.

The question-and-answer period followed and, of course, a few pedantic jerks tried to suggest that her assumptions were flawed or she had misinterpreted some earlier research on which her study was based. She actually did a fair job of refuting the ill-founded critiques and what she left unfinished I handled for her and dispatched her critics.

Following the session I picked up my notes and as I was placing them in my briefcase I was aware that someone was standing very close to me. I looked up and it was Gwen, the presenter. She had tears in her eyes and she thanked me effusively for my praise of her work and for the support I had provided in the question-and-answer period. I looked at her for a while and asked, none too gently, “What’s wrong with your self-confidence?”

She was so nervous she actually hiccupped when I asked this question. I stood up, took her by the arm and said, “I don’t drink so I won’t offer you alcohol, but I do know where in this hotel they serve some great coffee and cheese cake.” With that I took her by the arm and we marched out of the conference room to the coffee shop.

We sat and ordered and I asked, “What is going on with you?”

She nodded and took a few minutes to compose herself and said, “To start with, I was told that you would be a perfect gentleman and not at all sarcastic, but you would pretty well tell me and everyone else what a poor study I had done.”

I nodded and said, “What else?”

She gulped and nodded and said, “I’ve had a terrible time with self-confidence since I married and especially since my husband left me after criticizing me every year we were married.” Again I nodded and asked, “And graduate school?”

Gwen shook her head negatively and ommented, “That was awfully tough. I never had, or felt I had, any real support from my adviser.”

I said, “OK” and added, “And, you’re working at a good, and maybe great, department at a great university now.”

She slowly shook her head affirmatively and said, “The department had to hire a woman and I believe I was the least objectionable one those bastards could find.”

At that I spit my coffee out of my mouth and back into my cup and laughed heartily. I wiped my mouth with my napkin and said, “Let’s casino oyna do this one at a time. I don’t slice up anyone, nicely or not, who does great work. Two, your husband doesn’t count. There could be a thousand reasons for his insecurity and inadequacies of which none were of your doing. Three, your adviser did support you or you wouldn’t have had an interview at the department for which you’re now working. Four, if you do one more study like the one you presented this afternoon in the next year, I’ll see to it that you can move to my department and replace a retirement that we have upcoming.”

Gwen looked at me for a long time and finally asked, “Are you trying to seduce me?”

I burst out laughing and said, “No, I’m not, but I sure as hell wouldn’t be averse to doing so now that you mention it.”

Gwen smiled and asked, “Are you married?”

I shook my head signifying that I was not.

She continued, “How many times have you been married?”

I held up my thumb and pointing finger and made the figure zero.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

Again I shook my head signifying I did not.

“Are you gay?”

I smiled and said, “No.”

Again Gwen looked at me for a long time and then asked, “Are you for real?”

My sarcastic response was, “No, I’m a figment of your imagination.”

Gwen sat quietly and then blushed deeply and asked in a halting voice, “Would you take me to dinner tonight? I wish you could have been my adviser in grad school.”

I was startled and said, “Let me see my calendar” and I pulled up my calendar and said, “I’m free and I would be delighted to take you to dinner.”

She said, “What time?”

I said, “Let’s see when we can get a reservation” and I called a local, excellent restaurant with a broad menu catering to anyone’s taste and got a reservation for 6:45 p.m. that evening.

Gwen said, “Thank you. I’ll meet you in the lobby at 6:25 p.m. and I think we can walk to the restaurant.”

I responded, “It’s a deal.”

Gwen smiled and she had a twinkle in her eye. She said, “Thank you for the coffee, cheesecake, and conversation. I’ll see you at 6:25 p.m.” And, then she leaned over and kissed me and walked away.

Naturally, standing right there and witnessing the whole thing was one of my department’s graduate students. She was standing with her mouth open and I looked inquiringly at her. She recovered her composure and said, “Oh my, the great Sphinx is human after all.”

I walked off saying, “Not to idiot grad students I’m not” and chuckled as I heard the grad student’s tinkling laughter follow me.

After showering and shaving I was dressing when the phone in my room rang. Answering it, I learned it was Gwen who was stammering and apologizing for her forwardness in asking to be taken to dinner and for imposing on my time. “Damn, Gwen! I told you I’d be delighted to take you to dinner and I am. Stop with these doubts. It’s my intent to seduce you while we’re here and to lure you to my department in the future so it’s important that we have dinner.”

There was a long pause at Gwen’s end of the line and finally she said, “Cancel the dinner reservation and come to my room now. Please?”

“Sure, I can do that. But, why are the plans changing?”

She responded, “I’ll be blunt. It’s been ten years since I’ve let a man touch me and I want you so badly.”

I responded: “It will be my pleasure” and I promptly cancelled the reservation and walked to the elevator to go to Gwen’s room.

Gwen opened the door at my knock and still showing a lack of confidence, she had trouble looking directly at me. So, I said, “Hi again, Beautiful.”

Gwen was dressed in a robe and I pulled her to me and gave her a gentle, but lingering kiss. She sagged against me and then buried her face in my chest. She mumbled, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

I suggested we lie down on the bed and just talk a bit until she was relaxed. She nodded her approval and lay on the bed. I asked, “Do you want me clothed, partially clothed, or naked?”

Gwen looked at me and blinked a number of times and finally said, “In your undershorts.”

I undressed down to my shorts and lay down next to her and held her gently.

She snuggled closer and held me back and I kissed her again. Then I asked, “And what are you thinking?”

She giggled and said, “I’m asking myself what I’m doing in bed with you.”

“Oh” I said. “Well, I’ve read your paper. Have you read my published stuff?”

Gwen said, “Yes.”

“Then that makes us virtually intimate.”

This made her laugh and she kissed me. I ran my hands down the outside of her body and lingered on her curvaceous bottom and I suggested she had a nice one.

She smiled and said, “I’m glad you like it.” Then, she pulled back from me a bit and asked, “Why did you cite my ex-husband’s inadequacies and insecurities downstairs in the coffee shop?”

“Well, in my experience, when someone constantly criticizes someone else, it’s almost always because canlı casino that’s a way to elevate oneself and lay one’s problems at someone else’s feet.”

Gwen stared at me for the longest time and then rolled into me and asked me to run my hands up and down her body again. I certainly complied with that request and after a minute of that she climbed on top of me and laid on me while demanding, “More!”

I continued running my hands up and down her body and she started moving against me. It wasn’t long after that that I smelled her arousal.

We kissed for a long, long time with our tongues in each other’s mouths until Gwen withdrew and with pleading eyes asked, “You won’t hurt me, will you?” I smiled at her and said, “Neither emotionally nor physically.”

With a smile, Gwen sat up and removed her robe revealing her naked body. My breath caught in my lungs. This was a beautiful woman.

Still lacking self-confidence, Gwen was looking at me questioningly and I said, “Gwen, you are genuinely beautiful and I’m thrilled that you are sharing yourself with me.”

With that Gwen leaped into my arms and kissed me with real passion. When she finally slumped back on her haunches I said, “A beautiful lady in my presence has some very aroused nipples that are begging to be kissed.”

Gwen almost sobbed as she leaned forward into me and I licked one and then the other nipple. She responded with gasps and her head fell backwards. When I commenced sucking her beautiful hard nipple she moaned and I felt her hand groping for my cock. She found my cock and was fumbling around trying to extricate it from my undershorts and I removed my mouth from her nipple long enough to say, “Wait a sec.”

I stood up quickly and stepped out of my undershorts and then rejoined her on the bed. We laid down facing each other and I placed her left hand on my cock and resumed sucking her left nipple. I sucked and sucked and she gripped and re-gripped my cock as she gasped for breath. I released her left nipple and placed both of my hands around her right breast and kneaded it as I sucked her nipple. Her response was electric. She writhed on the bed, gasped for air, and alternately moaned at the same time. Clearly, she was starved for intimacy.

I finally released her breast and pulled her to me to kiss. As we kissed I slid my right hand between her thighs and she opened herself to me. I massaged her hairy pussy and exerted a little extra pressure on her clitoral area which resulted in her gripping my cock ever more firmly while simultaneously sliding her hand up and down it. She was, by this time wheezing and I asked, “May I insert a finger into the lady’s pussy?”

Gwen actually glared at me and said, “You’d better and you’d better be quick about it, too!”

I paused in my ministrations and asked, in mock surprise, “Is the lady aroused?”

“Stop the clowning” Gwen pleaded, and grabbed my hand and slammed it against her pussy.

I determined that I’d better quit the clowning and I slid my index finger into her really sopping pussy. Gwen moaned, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” and humped my finger rapidly. Her pussy was so hot I thought she’d scald my finger. As she furiously humped my finger we kissed hard and long with dueling tongues until she went rigid and groaned. She flopped back onto the bed gasping for air, but between gasps she managed to babble, “Please hold me.” I wrapped her in my arms and she flung her left leg over my hip and held onto me tightly. When her trembling eased she whispered, “That was so good. Thank you.”

Whispering back, I said, “No thanks are necessary. That was my pleasure.”

In response, she hugged me hard and when she relaxed the hug I kissed her and said, “Act Two.”

Releasing Gwen, I reached up and grabbed a pillow which I positioned against her beautiful bottom and said, “Lift your hips.” Gwen looked puzzled, but she lifted her hips and I stuffed the pillow under her and positioned myself between her legs.

Gwen’s eyes became large when I asked her to spread her legs for me, but she complied. She not only spread her legs, she spread them as wide as she could and I was touched by the trust she displayed. I leaned forward and played gently with her hairy bush which was soaked with her juices.

Using both hands I parted her hair and looked at her open pussy that was still pulsing gently from her orgasm. I wasted no time and licked her open pussy. Gwen yelled and her legs slammed shut on my head and her legs stiffened. Within a few seconds she realized that she was suffocating me and re-opened her legs saying, “I’m sorry…I’m just sensitive there right now.”

I ignored her explanation and licked her again and she moaned loudly, but kept her legs spread as I licked her slowly and continuously. Eventually I concentrated on gently licking her clit and Gwen raised her upper torso while wrapping her hands around my head. She literally pulled my face into her drenched pussy until she again stiffened and groaned and enjoyed her second orgasm.

I extricated kaçak casino myself from between her legs and wiped my drenched face on the sheet and then held Gwen as she twitched and shuddered. When she had caught her breath she giggled and noted, “Now I see why you’re a full professor.”

I found that pretty funny and enjoyed a good laugh. Gwen snuggled tightly against me and again wrapped her left hand around my cock which, by now, was as hard as a nail. Even in her dazed state Gwen noticed and said, “Oooh, he’s really hard.” She stroked my cock and asked, “What’s his name?”

Puzzled, I asked, “Who?”

Gwen shook my cock and said, “Him!”

“Oh, I get it” and racked my brain to find a name and came up with ‘Ivan’ so I said, “Ivan is his name.”

Gwen laughed and said, “Ivan the Terrible?”

I laughed and said, “I hope not.”

Gwen laughed, too, and wiggled her way out of my arms and slid down my body until she could put Ivan in her mouth and she began gently sucking me. Now, it was my time to voice an “Ooooooh!”

Gwen sucked and licked and giggled as she said, “I love this.”

I let her know that both Ivan and I loved it, too.

Gwen sucked me for a long time and then abruptly stopped and slid back up the bed and snuggled against me. She kissed me and said, “It’s been so long. Please be gentle at first.”

I whispered, “OK, and tell me how you’d like it. Would you like to be on top?”

Gwen shook her head ‘No’ and said, “Under you” and she rolled to her back and spread her legs for me.

I got between her legs and kissed her long and hard and then ran my cock up and down her pussy. Gwen groaned and mouthed, “So good.”

I’m not sure how long I teased her pussy with my, by now, rampant hard-on until Gwen said, “Now.”

I pulled her legs around my waist and poised my cock at the opening of her pussy and asked, “What’s her name?”

Gwen’s eyes shot open in puzzlement and I said, “Your pussy. What’s her name?”

Gwen slammed both of her fists into my chest and yelled, “I can’t think of one now! Stop teasing!”

Laughing I pushed the head of my cock into her steaming pussy and we both exhaled a guttural “Ahhhhhh!”

Time stopped as the sensations of penetration overtook us. I pushed a little deeper into the inferno and slid back a bit and pushed again. I couldn’t describe the sounds Gwen was making and I wouldn’t doubt that I was a bit unhinged with lust myself. Hers was the hottest and softest pussy I had ever experienced.

Somehow I managed to maintain control and push slowly in and out of her pussy. Gwen’s head began to roll back and forth and I leaned over and managed to capture her right nipple. I sucked hard on it as I slid my cock in and out slowly until she muttered, “Faster.”

I picked up the pace and the sloshing sounds of my cock penetrating the fluids gushing out of her pussy were more than a little audible. Gwen muttered, “I may still be fertile so please don’t cum in me.”

As I increased the pace of my thrusts I reassured Gwen that I’d been fixed and could only shoot blanks. She looked at me gratefully and smilingly said, “That’s wonderful. Then, fill me up with your cum.”

With that, I really shifted into overdrive with the speed and intensity of my thrusts and she began to meet them. We were both humping in uncontrolled lust and I managed to hold on until she stiffened yet again and groaned her orgasm. I’m not sure, but I think I bellowed her name and blasted my load into her.

When sanity returned for us, we were both gasping for air and laughing at the sheer joy of our rutting sex. I rolled off her onto my side and she rolled into me. We held onto each other and listened to each other’s heaving breaths. When our breathing approached normal, Gwen kissed me and then said, “That was the best sex of my life.”

“Mine, too” I responded. We both looked at each other and, although unsaid, we were both wondering what we’d blundered into with each other. There was something, as yet undefined, but special, that we’d found and we both sensed it.

Finally, I broke the spell and suggested a room service dinner given that I was hungry and I had to think Gwen was as well. Gwen grinned her approval of the idea and asked me to get the menu from the desk which I did. We quickly settled on what we’d like for dinner. She phoned in the order from the bedside phone and when she hung up she suggested that we shower. I agreed, pending my ability to stay upright for any length of time following our tryst. I expressed some doubt about my ability to get vertical and to stay vertical and Gwen responded with a grin, “You do well for someone your age.” I just gave her a look and she stuck out her tongue at me and said, “Get up!”

I got up and followed Gwen into the bathroom. She used the toilet while I readied the shower and then I used it as she got into the shower. I joined her and we commenced washing each other. She commented that she was a sticky mess between her legs. I explained that she gushed like Old Reliable and she countered that I ejaculated like a fire hose. With the debate unresolved I washed her pussy and legs clean. When done, Gwen turned off the water and we held each other and kissed for a long while.

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