22 Kasım 2021

Attacked in a dark alley


Attacked in a dark alleyFriday evening a wild black woman slammed me against a rough stucco wall, simultaneously undoing my dress and pushing her mouth into mine. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I moaned with pleasure. She sank her teeth into my shoulder and her fingers into my cotton thong…I had got this dark alley by mistake; thinking it would be a short way to the main street where I had parked my car.”Hey…no…”I whispered, struggling to pull away. But the girl pushed her own weight against me even harder.I really did not have much of a chance to make a decision. This wild ebony babe stopped my protests by putting just enough pressure on my clit to please me. My eyes rolled upwards, towards the dark grey sky.She slipped her long fingers out of my pussy lips and pulled down the straps of my tight dress. She pulled it down, wrapping it around my waist and she leaned in to bite my lower red lip even harder…She then ripped off my bra and leaned to suck my hard istanbul escort nipples. I heard some voices near and pulled her away quickly, turning away from her to cover myself up. But she was not going to let me get away that fast. Nobody was there; I gasped as she grabbed me again and pushed my face against the rough wall. She pushed my tiny thong aside, giving herself better access to my wet cunt and she kept biting my neck and my shoulder. I struggled to get away, scared of how badly I wanted her to continue ravaging my body. I needed it that evening; I could not even wait to get home to my beloved hubby…”Please…stop…this is wrong…” I whispered against the cold wall as the black girl continued to tease me. She could feel me getting wet for sure and she had guessed my darkest secret: I was not going to stop her attack.She again pushed her weight against me harder, teasing my clit, feeling my pleasure avcılar escort as my muscles began to tense. I struggled a bit more, trying to pull away, but she just pushed me harder, moved her fingers faster, making me gasp for some breath.”You want this. I know you do. So, bitch, do not try to get away…” Her deep voice hissed softly, as I felt her warm breath on my skin…My own knees seemed to be getting weaker by the second.She turned me around and held my body against the cold wall, as she once more began to bite at my nipples, while still stroking and teasing my swollen wet cunt. She held me tightly as I still tried to struggle a bit more…I moaned softly and pushed my buttocks against the rough stucco wall, letting myself enjoy the way my body was so sensually being treated right there, in that darkened alleyway, where anyone could walk by and see us.I felt so fucking naughty. She was making me weak, my pussy was wet. I could not şirinevler escort help but shiver with the pleasure this naughty girl gave me.I was beginning to lose control and she could know it. My eyes rolled back again in pleasure and I felt my breathing became ragged. She pressed harder, faster, still playing with my swollen clit, sucking on my hard nipples again, watching me shudder in pleasure and moan.Braced up against the wall, I could feel I was going to explode. I started again begging her to stop. But she was not going to, she never would. She murmured she liked the way I looked, with my back arched, hips protruding, my head thrown back, eyes rolling upwards, my whole body on the verge of orgasm.She made me come and then she smiled as she did. I cried out loud and cursed her, my eyes wide open watching at the dark sky; my body trembling with an unbelievable pleasure, feeling her long naughty fingers inside of me.She pushed me against the wall and kissed me very softly, gently on my lips, as I moaned catching my breath. I opened my eyes and smiled at her. Her fingers trailed along my spine, making me shiver again…I picked up my purse from the floor and gave her one last shy smile. Then I walked away from her, smiling to myself, thinking tomorrow I would enter this dark alleyway again…

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