1 Ocak 2021

Beach Vacation


I was walking along the beach in Jamaica on a beautiful summer day. I had come to the resort as a vacation and to clear my mind. I had just ended a three-year relationship in a tumultuous manner. I had found my ex-girlfriend cheating on me. We had a huge fight when I confronted her about it and we were through. I took the trip just to get away from the whole situation. The pain of rejection still stuck to me and I found myself keeping human contact, especially with women, to a minimum. There were many gorgeous, half-naked women on the beach and around the pool but I could not look at them with anything but lust. I’m sure that with an ounce of effort I could have gone to bed with one of them, but I could not bring myself to have an empty fling.

The hot sand was beginning to burn my feet so I wet them in the cool ocean. I stood there for a moment to take in the scenery. Tropical palm trees lined the inland jungle. The bay that I was in was full of sun and blue water as far as the eye can see. A lone figure sat near the tree line with a large fishing pole that looked like it was made of bamboo. I watched the man as he sat watching his line. There was a wicker basket next to him with at least one fish inside. Fishing sounded like a relaxing activity that would help me spend my time and take my mind off my troubles. I walked toward the man to strike up a conversation.

The man shaded his eyes as I approached. I waved at him and said hello.

“Hi, how are you today?” he asked.

“Just fine. How’s the fishing?” I replied.

“Pretty good. It’s just the thing to relax and soak up the sun,” he said.

“My bahis firmaları name’s Mark,” I said, holding out my hand. “Do you mind if I sit down?”

“No, go ahead. I’m Stewart,” he told me shaking my hand.

I took a seat next to him looking out at the sea. I asked him some questions about fishing; what was he catching, what kind of pole he was using. He gave me a brief history of his fishing experiences here. He had been coming to Jamaica for years to just sit in the sun and relax. We soon fell silent listening to the gently crashing waves, neither of us being big talkers. For the first time since I had been here I began to loosen up. I heard a rustling behind us. Remembering some vague warning of snakes in the jungle, I quickly moved out on to the beach. Stewart remained seated but with a big smile on his face.

“That’s probably just my wife rolling over. She likes to have some shade when she lays out,” Stewart said. I sat back down, feeling a little foolish. We stayed mostly quiet except for a few words of generality for quite a while. After a while, I stood up and thanked him for his time. I wanted to search out my own fishing equipment and get going. He stood up with me and said, “Before you go, would you like to meet my wife? I think she’d be upset if I made a friend and didn’t introduce her.”

“Sure,” I said, not wanting to be rude. He planted his pole in the sand and began along a small path that really just consisted of branches that had been previously pushed out of the way. We made our way to a small clearing about 25 feet from where we were sitting. Lying on the ground was kaçak iddaa his wife. She was topless and wearing only enough of a yellow bikini bottom to cover her pussy. Her chest was small and further flattened by being on her back but that did not stop me from immediately being aroused. It had been months since I had seen a live naked woman. I could not think of anything to say. I averted my eyes to keep from appearing like a pervert. She was asleep so I made a waving gesture to Stewart to indicate we should go.

He briefly gazed at my expanding shorts. “No, it’s okay. I can see you’re…up,” he said in a low voice so she would not awaken. I became rooted to the spot with my lust and decency wrestling with each other. Lust soon won as I stared at her naked chest. Decency’s only victory was that I did not reach down and grab her body. I just stood there drooling over the naked body in front of me.

“Why don’t you jerk off on her?” Stewart suggested. I could not believe he was serious. I thought he was being critical of my leering. I began to retreat to the beach. I had my back already turned when he said, “Wait. I mean it. She loves having cum on her. It would be a treat for her. Hopefully she won’t wake up until you’re done.” I again weighed my options before losing to lust again. I undid the tie on my shorts and dropped them to the ground.

I tried not to appear too anxious. A wave of self-consciousness came over me as I stood naked in front of this virtual stranger. I soon overcame that thought as I began to stroke my hard cock. She was not a great beauty but her lithe body was more than enough to help kaçak bahis me release my pent up cum. I kneeled down next to her with the shadow of my hardon covering her breasts. I focused on her hard little nipples and the postage stamp of a bottom she had on. I spotted a bottle of suntan lotion nearby. Picking it up, I squirted some into my hand. I slowly spread it across my dick as I rubbed myself. The slippery oil was more than enough. I shot several streams of cum across her tits. I squeezed the last of my spunk onto her face, leaving drops on her forehead and lips.

I was breathing heavy and suddenly remorseful. I looked up at Stewart who was giving me a big smile. “Hon, you can get up now,” he said. The woman arose smearing my cum into her skin.

“That felt great! Thanks!” she said as she rolled over and began to fondle my semi-erect, greasy dick. She got up on her knees and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then she took my face in her hands and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I began to get erect again. “Maybe we can see you tonight?” she asked as she took another long stroke of my cock.

“Um, sure,” I stammered.

“See you then,” Stewart said. He had gathered the few things that they had in the clearing. His wife got up and stuck her tanned ass in my face before walking over to him. The view of her string thong running between her tight ass cheeks got me back to full staff. As they disappeared behind the thick foliage, I dumbly sat there naked and dripping cum. After I thought they would be gone, I gathered up my shorts and put them back on.

As I reemerged on the beach I noticed that Stewart had left his fishing pole behind. There was a note with their hotel and room number on it. I cast the line into the water and sat down under a tree. It looks like this vacation was going to be just what I needed to relax.

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