8 Şubat 2021

Becoming My Best Friend’s Crush Ch. 4


Natalia woke up from an intense erotic dream pressing her right hand between her legs. She must have been touching herself while dreaming, but the feeling between her legs was like nothing she’d ever felt before. There was a great swelling there, as though she were expanding, throbbing, protruding out of herself. But how could that be possible?

Not to mention she wasn’t touching herself how she normally did. Instead of sliding her fingertips over her clit as she’d done so many times before, she now felt her hand gripping and squeezing something…something that felt like a large, erect, and throbbing —

“What the fuck?” she said aloud, but instead of her own feminine voice, she heard a low voice, a man’s voice, and it was definitely coming out of her throat.

She threw back the blankets and screamed in surprise as she looked downward to see a large, cotton-covered tent standing out of her underwear-clad crotch.

For obvious reasons this sight immediately drew her attention, but there was so much else wrong with the scenario. For one thing, the underwear she was wearing – men’s gray boxer briefs – were nothing like the tiny panties she’d gone to sleep in. And instead of her muscular, smoothly shaven legs she saw a pair of masculine legs covered in dark hair. She touched her torso, her waist, her chest where she was surprised to find no breasts to speak of. She was touching the body of a man. A nicely fit, slim, muscular man, but a man nonetheless.

She tried to calm her mind so that she could figure out just what the hell was going on, but it was difficult to think clearly, filled as she was with so much desire – with this aching hard-on throbbing up out of her crotch. Unable to stop herself, she again squeezed the impressive cock, and felt a pleasure the likes of which she’d never before experienced.

It was practically tearing through the fabric of her underwear, and she had an urge to throw her underwear off and start stroking the nearly uncomfortably erect thing right there.

But with a valiant effort, she tried to put her lustful thoughts aside, jumping out of bed and taking a look around. The disorienting things were too many to count – where was she? And who was this cute, slender but muscular young man staring at her in the mirror with the nice abs and the prominent hard-on?

She moved her right hand up to her hair, and saw the man move his hand up to the dark hair that hung down to his defined cheekbone. He was handsome in a delicate way, and he looked familiar to her somehow. She grabbed the waistband of her shorts and saw the man in the mirror make the same action. Then she readied herself and yanked them down.

“Ah!” she heard her voice, now low and manly in her throat as she saw her long, erect cock spring out, feeling the strange vertigo of understanding somehow that this was her body, this lithe, male torso, this impossibly stiff cock sticking upwards over a patch of dark pubic hair, these balls hanging below…

“OK, OK, don’t panic, just figure out where you are,” she thought to herself.

But as she slowed her breathing and became calmer, she began to feel her desire grow even more – almost completely clouding her mind. She needed to do something about it, and needed to do it now.

And before she knew it, as though by instinct, she had spat in her hand and begun to stroke her new cock slowly savoring the feeling of her palm sliding down over the aching slab of flesh. It was a brand new feeling for her – to be able to wrap her fingers around her own long, hard cock, and enjoy the incredible sensation both from the outside (which she was very used to) but now also from within. She gave herself over to the same instinctual urge, which now caused her to stroke faster, concentrating on the underside of the head which felt incredible.

She could hear her voice moaning now, low, involuntary, and opened her eyes to see her newfound self jacking off and, wow, did she look sexy. Her new face was handsome with clear skin, icy blue eyes, and sharply defined cheekbones and it looked so sweetly serious as she went about her task. The veins in her arms stood out as she jacked her cock, and the defined pec muscles bulged with each stroke.

As she watched and appreciated this new body of hers, and the look of strained desire on this man’s (her own?) face, all of a sudden, she felt an intensity like nothing she’d ever experienced, and the hot flesh in her hand swelled now even larger, even larger as she felt her balls tighten and…

“Oh, fuck!” she yelled out as she felt warmth radiating up through her groin and outward where she saw her cock begin to shoot out streams of thick, white sperm wildly, uncontrollably all over the mirror.

Geez, it was getting everywhere, but in her deeply horny state she didn’t care at all — she just kept jacking it and jacking it, getting out every last drop until the convulsions that wracked her body had subsided and she fell back on the bed in a satiated stupor.

Well, that was fun. And messy. She felt her mind come back to her, clearer now. And then the panic begin to rise again. Just what in the actual fuck was going on!

She started to look around the room, searching for clues to her identity. The room was clean, ordered, and sparsely but tastefully decorated. Looking at the photos on the dresser, she saw a photo of her new self together with a good looking athletic guy who also looked familiar. That’s it! She must have seen them around the gym. They were both pretty cute, though she preferred the friend – he was super hot. In fact as she looked at the photo she felt herself begin to harden again.

This made her wonder about the sexual proclivities of this man she found herself somehow inhabiting. If she was now a man, why was she was still attracted to men and not women?

Looking closely at the photo, she thought she could detect something about the way he was looking at his friend, something that might indicate a…stronger feeling than just friendship.

Curious, she began to look through the room — opening drawers, rifling through the closet. Bingo! Under some old sweaters in a drawer in a closet was a dog-eared, well used magazine on the cover of which was a ripped, oiled up stud sporting a hefty, semi-erect schlong barely hidden by a pair of tiny black speedos. She flipped through the pages and saw hot guys in various states of undress performing sex acts on one another.

One image caught her eye and she lingered on it – two hot, ripped guys, both nude, one blond and one with close cropped dark hair, making out with open mouths, each with his hand around the other’s hard cock. She was practically drooling.

Through the haze of her lust, she realized how strange this feeling was. For one thing, she’d never been that turned on by seeing photos of guys, but now she couldn’t tear her eyes away.

Also, though she loved men and had what she considered to be a very healthy sex life, she’d never found herself attracted to the idea of two men being together sexually – usually, if she was honest, it kind of grossed her out – but now she couldn’t get enough of the idea. Not only had that aching, stretching, deliciously full feeling returned to her new package, but she also felt a throbbing from within her – a familiar feeling of wanting to be penetrated, but now somehow emanating from a different, deeper place. She felt herself blush as she realized what this could mean.

Willfully pulling herself away, she realized that something about inhabiting this body must be influencing her sexual desires as well. Clearly she was taking on some of this man’s (or his body’s?) deepest sexual desires – namely, to be with men and, she realized with a deeper throb to her member, to be fucked by guys.

“Ugh – OK – get yourself together, Natalia!” she thought. What was going on? She was a super sexual person, but this inability to stop obsessing over sex for even a moment was something she’d never experienced. She needed to stop this nonsense.

With determination, she continued her search through the closet only finding more clothes.

On the desk in the corner of the room she found a pair of pants draped over a chair, in whose pockets she found a wallet containing a driver’s license with a cute photo of her new self, and the name “Nathan,” along with a birthdate telling her she was 22 years old. She also saw his address, which was in a neighborhood she recognized.

She began to rummage through the desk, soon coming across a notebook which she quickly gleaned was Nathan’s journal. Reading through it quickly, she learned a bit more about this young man. The picture painted by the entries was quite sad – here was a guy who was clearly smitten with his best friend, Jacob (and if that was the guy in the photo, who could blame him?) lovingly describing every part of him, and Nathan’s deep obsession to be with him sexually, something that could never happen.

And not only that, but he would barely admit even to himself that he liked guys even though it was plain as day. When he did admit his attraction to men, even the slightest bit, it was always accompanied by some phrase like, “No one can know,” or, “Why can’t I be normal?”

She felt bad for Nathan. She had plenty of gay friends in town and knew that once they fully admitted that truth to themselves, their lives became so much happier (not to mention they started to have a LOT more sex).

Nathan was so cute, she felt certain there would be a ton of guys who’d be into him if he were just open with himself. She wondered if there was anything she could do to help him along. And then, without meaning to, she felt her mind fall back to that cloudy, horny state that seemed to be this new body’s default mode — filling with images of Jacob, shirtless and working out, muscles straining; and other gorgeous men, kissing, jacking each other off, and fucking, glistening with sweat.

Well, it was clear that she had casino oyna to do something for Nathan – it wasn’t healthy to be this obsessed and not to do anything about it! And along the way she might be able to help him realize his true self. That’s what she told herself, at least, though a part of her just wanted to take this new body for a joyride. She wasn’t nearly as inhibited as it seemed Nathan was, and if she was going to be this incredibly, uncontrollably horny, she was going to do something about it.

She knew that a ton of guys would be attracted to the sexy young specimen she now found herself to be. And, to be honest, she’d always felt a little jealous of how promiscuous it seemed gay guys had a license to be. She’d finally get to see how it felt to live in their world.

But where would she go? As she dutifully cleaned up her cum from the mirror, she found herself thinking back to a conversation she’d had with a friend, a co-worker named Ted who was a fellow trainer at the gym. He was very hot (if he wasn’t gay she would have bedded him ages ago), and seemed to have endless stories of going out to a bathhouse in town where, from the sound of it, nothing was off limits.

She had always wondered about this place and what it must be like to have anonymous sex with the men there as it seemed Ted did on the regular. But of course at the time it would have been impossible for her to go – the place was for men only. Clearly that was no longer a problem and she felt certain the clientele would be quite happy to see Nathan.

She went about getting ready with a delicious mix of anticipation and fear – showering and delighting in lathering up this new body with soap, trimming her body hair, and putting lotion all over her body, preparing herself for the men she hoped to satisfy.

She didn’t spend too much time on her outfit as she knew the spa where she was headed required full nudity — threw on some jeans and a t-shirt, grabbed her keys, and headed out quickly, not wanting to run into anyone on the way out.

Getting into Nathan’s compact car, she took stock of her surroundings, pulled out, and began the drive to the bath-house, a couple miles away.

As she drove, she wondered again what had happened and how in the world she’d ever return to her normal self, but soon her thoughts drifted back to her mission and she began to think with a single minded focus only of what awaited her at the spa.

She arrived and parked. From the outside it was nondescript – a single-story building in an industrial neighborhood surrounded by other semi-illicit establishments – a few porn shops, a couple strip clubs. She’d passed this place a million times and was excited to finally be going in. She locked the car, took a deep breath, and went inside.

She strode purposely up to the counter where a cute guy about her age and build stood behind a cash-register.

“How can I help you?” he asked. Natalia could feel his gaze traveling over her body with an open and very clear appreciation.

“One please — for the spa,” she said, still becoming used to her new voice.

“First time?” the man behind the counter asked. She smiled, thinking that he had no idea in how many ways that was true.

“Yeah,” she said, “anything I should know?”

The man behind the counter grinned lasciviously and turned to grab a bracelet with a key from a wall behind him.

“I think you’ll get the hang of it quickly – a guy like you should definitely have a lot of fun here.”

Again she felt the anticipation rise and her heart quicken. “What makes you say that?” she asked. The man grabbed her hand gently and slipped the stretchy rubber bracelet around her wrist without breaking his gaze.

“Just a feeling I have,” he said, smiling. “You’re just his type.”

“Pardon me?” she said, thinking she must have heard wrong.

“This key will unlock your locker. No clothing allowed in the spa,” he said, patting her on the hand, “and that’s all you’ll need to know.”

Nathan quickly paid the entrance fee which was reasonable, and headed toward the door to the locker room. “Have fu-un,” the guy at the counter said suggestively. She looked back to see that he was very openly checking out her snugly denimed ass. A little surprised (but no less pleased) she smiled and went in.

As she entered, she felt a small thrill at entering a men’s locker room for the first time, nervously finding her locker. She looked around, trying to get the lay of the land without letting her gaze linger anywhere for too long. Men of all shapes, sizes, colors were in various stages of undress – coming and going from a door that must have led to the saunas. Her gaze quickly alighted on a face here, a pendulous cock there, a well-conditioned chest, a beautifully toned ass. She went to her locker and hid her face, glad to have a moment to collect herself.

As she stripped, she realized that almost all of the men were watching her. And then she reminded herself of why they had come, and thought that maybe she didn’t have to be so careful. As she clicked the locker closed and stood there, fully nude, she met the gaze of each of the men she passed and they looked right back at her – some smiling, some giving steely, sultry stares. She realized that whatever she, as Nathan, had, it was something that these men deeply desired – and they were not afraid to show it. The only trouble now was choosing the lucky guy who would be her first conquest.

With a thrill, she walked to the door of the sauna (still delighting in the feeling of her cock swaying back and forth) took a big breath, and opened it.

As she entered the sauna, the heat swept over her fully naked body – a dry heat that made the sweat stand out on her new skin. It was dimly lit and full of steam so she couldn’t see much of anything for a moment. Then, gradually, masculine bodies began to materialize out of the thick steam, leaning against the walls and sitting on benches in the long room that stretched back, like a corridor, shrouded in vapor. All of the men’s cocks were in a state of arousal – some fully hard and standing straight up, others semi-erect and lazily interested in the proceedings. Everyone there looked openly at one another, appreciatively, and many directed those looks toward her. Horniness and male hormones permeated the air. She heard the sound of slick flesh moving along slick flesh, and the moans of men orgasming, or getting close to it.

“Wow,” she thought. “OK, I’m really here. I’m really doing this.” She felt the now-familiar, lustful, cloudy, delicious feeling begin to take hold of her as she beheld the proceedings. Bodies emerged from the fog – shoulders, jawlines, muscular thighs – and she saw now that there were several men, handsome, fit and completely nude, standing around her, stroking their erect cocks as they looked toward the front of the room.

She smelled sweat and chlorine, and a sharp unmistakable smell that made her nipples immediately harden – the musk of masculine arousal. The air was charged with a strong male energy that she hadn’t experienced before, never having been around this many horny men at once. She continued to be pleased that many of them seemed acutely interested in her new body. She felt their lustful gazes feasting on her taut form as an almost physical sensation, and she luxuriated in the idea that she, in her new form, was the cause of their ridiculously swollen cocks. She realized, not without some self consciousness, that this was also causing her to become fully erect, her attraction to all these men now plain for all to see.

She quickly decided she had nothing to hide here — in fact her throbbing cock seemed to be bringing her even more attention than before — and she definitely enjoyed the stares it attracted.

“Who’s the new guy,” she heard a deep voice behind her say, and felt a strong hand gripping her bare ass which she reflexively, but playfully, swatted away. “Mmm, hard to get…I like it,” said a beefy older man with silver hair, a barrel torso, and a fat hard-on.

She hesitated a moment but continued forward, not wanting to simply take the first opportunity that came by. Besides, she was curious about what everyone was looking at further in toward the back of the room.

She couldn’t help but take one glimpse back where she saw the man (wow, he really was handsome) gripping his cock, staring at her ass, and biting his lip. She gave him a playful smile and continued on.

As she got further, the men were uniformly staring ahead, rapt, no longer interested in anything but what (or whom) lay ahead. Her curiosity was piqued.

Then from out of the haze at the end of the room, she began to see the form of a large man, fully nude, sitting upright on the bench, gazing out over the room.

He was majestic with long, dark hair brushed back from his forehead. His skin was tan all over and he was brutally good looking – a strong jaw, wide neck, broad shoulders and chest – huge arms. Dark hair covered his brawn and a sheen of sweat made his muscles glisten in the dim light. It was no exaggeration to say that he was physically one of the most impressive men she’d ever seen.

But as her gaze traveled down his exquisitely built torso, she was surprised to find the most incredible thing about him was the beast that rose out of his lap, glistening in the dim light of the sauna — an astonishing length of cock the likes of which she’d never seen. The glorious giant was impossibly erect, throbbing visibly atop two large, heavy hanging balls.

Everything about him seemed to radiate masculinity, virility, and dominance.

He sat with his hands on his muscular thighs, staring forward. As she admired his defined quads and the impressive size of his calves, she realized that she’d been standing there for some time in his thrall, devouring his body with her eyes. She looked down and saw that her cock was even harder than she’d yet experienced, finding canlı casino it awkward to be showing this man such a visible sign of her powerful desire.

But the man’s gaze forward betrayed none of the desire she saw straining beneath his waist. He looked impassive, unshakable. She felt herself drawn to him, but as she got closer, walking through the crowd of gorgeous, fit men, she began to slow, feeling timid in his presence, even while drawn involuntarily closer to him.

The men surrounding her were jacking off as they stared ahead at the man, their nude bodies shimmering with sweat.

She took a step back, meaning to fade into the crowd and find a good vantage point, but as she did so she saw the man raise his hand up from his body, and point a large finger directly at her.

An audible gasp rose from the crowd as all eyes focused on her.

A large grin spread across the mans face, and he motioned with his finger, beckoning her to come closer.

She was frozen. She looked behind her, thinking he must mean someone else.

“You,” he said, with a low and smoky voice, ”come on, don’t be shy” .

Though she was nervous, something about him and his decisiveness calmed her. She stepped forward, shoulders back, head held high, erect penis jutting upwards.

The man looked her over from head to toe, as though appraising every inch of her newfound body.

“So,” he began, “what makes you think out of all of these guys I’d choose you?” he asked.

Was that what this was, she thought, some contest for this man’s affection? Though she would be happy for him to lavish it on her, she didn’t quite want to play his game. But who was she kidding, of course, with a prize so absolutely mouth-watering, she would do practically anything to win that contest.

“What makes you think I’d choose you?” she shot back, looking him in his deep gray eyes.

He laughed at her insouciance.

“Well, you sure seem happy to see me,” he said, gesturing at her hard-on. Inside she felt herself swooning, loving his attention. But if she knew one thing about men, it’s that they love a challenge. She remained silent for a moment.

“Well, you’ve got quite a giveaway there, too,” she said glancing down at his otherworldly hard-on.

“Oh this?” he said, gesturing toward the object of beauty in his lap. “What makes you think you’re the cause of this?” the man said, gesturing out at all the other men in the crowd. She blushed feeling silly, but maintained her confidence.

“Just a feeling I have,” she said smiling coyly. The man smiled back, and the two were like that for a long while, staring at one another. No one spoke, amid the sounds of stroking, deep breathing, and sighs of pleasure.

“Why don’t you come closer?” he said, breaking the silence. “I want you to be closer to me.”

She wanted to pause a moment to maintain the illusion of casual, nonchalance. Everything in her told her to stay put and continue to play hard-to-get.

But…who was she kidding? She was no match for the lust she felt, and was definitely seduced by his forthrightness. So, despite her wishes, she found herself stepping forward briskly and coming to a stop standing just inches in front of the man.

“Mmmm,” she felt him growl low as he devoured her with his eyes. “You are just my type.”

Her thoughts were drawn back to the man at the counter. Is this what he was talking about? She stood silently, desire roiling inside her.

“Don’t stop there,” he said, “climb on up.” And with that, he brought his hands down on both of his muscular thighs with two slaps that resounded through the room.

She hesitated for just a moment, surprised by his brazenness, still wondering how to play it. She then heard him say, “Or else…I can ask one of these other guys too.”

She laughed a little to herself, astounded by his arrogance. But he just continued to sit there, unflinching. She looked at him and felt the seriousness in his steely gray eyes. Something powerful from within her drew her to follow his order. Of course the magnetism of the man himself was overwhelming, but there was also something about this exchange happening in front of an audience of hot guys that piqued her imagination. And even more than that, she wasn’t about to lose this experience to anyone else in the room.

So, putting aside all self-consciousness, she slid first one knee onto the bench beside his hip, then the other, bringing herself up to straddle him, now only inches from his smiling, arrogant face. She knew that, in this position, her ass was now on full display for the audience of hot men and, somewhat shamefully, felt herself involuntarily angling it to give them the best view.

“That’s it,” the man purred, clearly pleased. He leaned forward, wrapping his arms around her, drawing her close. She closed her eyes and let herself sink into his strong, warm embrace reveling in the feeling of his naked flesh against hers. She felt his breath whispering into her ear, assuring her, “You’re way hotter than any of them.”

This time she couldn’t contain her swoon, to be so close to him, to smell his musk. She had never had such a big, sexy pair of arms wrapped around her.

“You’re my favorite,” he said, in a voice so low that only she could hear.

And just like that she was kissing him, his powerful arms now pulling her close in. He had incredibly soft, pillowy lips for such a hard bodied man. Her chest was pressed against his chest, broad, strong, and nearly twice the size of hers. Below that, she realized that their cocks were now sliding together, lubricated by their sweat and the condensation from the steam around them. Her hips gyrated, grinding involuntarily against him, dry humping her cock against the man’s as their kisses grew deeper. And the man responded in kind, working his mind-blowingly large cock against hers. She let her hands play in his long hair as he grabbed her ass, kneading her taut glutes.

Throughout this exchange there were gasps and moans from the men around her, she was pretty sure some were even coming, not able to contain themselves as they beheld the passion playing out before them.

As they continued to make out, she felt the man’s big hand slide down around both of their shafts, jacking them like one huge, all feeling cock. “Ungggh” he moaned aloud, or was it her own voice rising in her throat? She couldn’t tell any more.

He stopped kissing her, and now stroking just her cock lightly he said, “You know what I’d love?”

At that moment feeling his hand on her sex, being so close to his animal attraction, she’d do anything he said. She even said it out loud.

“Anything,” she said, dazed by lust. “Anything.”

“That’s my favorite word,” he said. “Well,” he continued, smiling at her as he continued jacking her off, “here’s what I’d love — my friend Clive would like to join our fun, would you like that?”

With that, the man motioned to the crowd. Following his gesture with her eyes, she was happy to see the silver fox who had earlier grabbed her ass striding up, his cock even harder than before. She felt herself smiling.

“Mmm – you like Clive?” he asked.

She nodded somewhat sheepishly. Clive was incredibly hot.

“I can tell,” he said. “Now what I would love is if you would wrap those sexy lips of yours around my cock while Clive licks your ass. Does that sound good to you?”

She felt herself nodding as she got on all fours on the bench before his spread legs, sticking her muscular ass in the air behind her, and beholding the majesty of his cock now up close.

It was even more impressive from this vantage, a fat scepter of flesh topped by a tremendous, oozing head that shone in the dim light. She wanted to take it all.

She decided to start at the bottom, leaning in and placing her tongue gently on his big ballsack, pressing it down and letting it slide up between the heavy balls, onto the base of his tree-trunk sized manhood, then up, and up, and up seemingly forever until she reached the underside of the plump, salty head, eliciting a gruff moan of pleasure from above, which felt to her in that moment like everything she’d ever wanted.

She felt his hand on the back of her head, gently urging her on and she allowed it, opening her mouth in response, letting the cock crown slide between her lips, tasting his pre-cum dragging a trail down her tongue as the man pushed the head slowly in and out between her lips.

Now she felt a hand gently lower onto her upraised hip, and was pleased to remember that Clyde was still there. She moaned involuntarily at the thought.

“Mmm, I knew you’d let me have this ass,” she heard Clive say behind her, the naughty grin audible in his words.

She looked back to see him smiling at her and kneeling down. Her knees gave a bit as his piercing, green eyes met hers. She nodded at him, coaxing him on.

Pulling herself from Clive’s gaze, she quickly resumed what she had been doing, slipping her lips over the engorged head hungrily, then swirling her tongue around it slowly, savoring it.

Meanwhile, she positioned herself to give Clive better access, sticking out her ass and leaning forward so that she was in a doggy-style position with her forearms resting on the man’s massive quads. Clive’s hand began to fondle her balls from behind, and then, suddenly, deliciously she felt a warm sensation back there as his wet tongue began to glide up and down over her asshole.

Her moans were muffled by the fat cock which she now forced further and further down her throat. “Yeah, lick his ass” she heard the man say as she felt Clive’s hot tongue spreading her tight hole open, beginning to penetrate into her with his tongue in tantalizing little thrusts.

Meanwhile she realized the man was now moving his hips, driving his unbelievable cock deeper, ever deeper into her throat, and she was taking it – driven mad with horniness by Clive’s tongue kaçak casino now rapidly, but gently spreading her tight ring, his hands holding her hips steady, burying his face between her cheeks.

She did her best with the cock in front of her, sliding it into her throat, pushing it as far in as she could take. Judging by the moans she elicited from the man, which were rapidly increasing in volume and depth, she must have been doing a good job, though she knew she could do better and kept on trying – deeper, deeper, deeper with every swallow, until she gagged and was forced to take a break, stroking the saliva-lubed masterpiece before her as she caught her breath, before dropping her head and hungrily returning for more.

Meanwhile, Clive was doing a great job of getting her nice and ready, getting her very wet with his spit and stretching out her tight ass with his tongue.

“Mmm,” she heard the man’s voice above her. “Clive, I’m ready for him.”

She felt Clive stop licking and step away obediently.

Sensing a new and different phase, she popped the man’s wand out of her mouth, continuing to stroke its length as she looked up to him. “You ready?” the man said, looking her in the eyes. She nodded. “I want you to ride me,” he said, and she quickly complied.

She rose to kneeling and then straddled him again. This time she was wild with lust, and it was clear that the man was driven a bit mad by horniness too. He lifted her quickly by her hips so that she was kneeling high, her cock pressed against the deep central ridge of his upper abs, then with his left hand still on her hip, he gripped his cock with his right hand, bringing it into tantalizing position, the tip of the head pressed just against the puckered center of his asshole, still wet with Clive’s spit.

By now she wanted very, very badly to be penetrated. She’d never felt anything before like this desire to have him deep inside her. Of course, she’d done anal plenty of times before but it was never her favorite. But now, in Nathan’s body, it was her single-minded focus, everything she wanted in that moment.

Kissing the man, she began to push back gently against his cock. Her asshole was so tight, and his cock so huge that it seemed almost impossible to make it work, but she was determined, and with each small push back she began to feel it stretching her, stretching her just a tiny bit open, and then a bit more until *POP* suddenly the whole head was inside her!

She moaned deeply with the sudden flush of pleasure that washed over her, but she barely had time to savor it as she soon found she was instinctively riding him, and the man, following her eager cues, was no longer holding back but responding to her steady bouncing with upward thrusts that were driving deep, deep inside her ass, causing her to moan uncontrollably as she rode the man’s massive cock. He fucked her deeply, enveloping her in his arms and thrusting unceasingly.

She had been fucked in the ass plenty of times, but she’d never felt anything like this, the head of his cock sliding over and over against a new center of pleasure deep within her which she could only guess must be her G-spot. And he seemed to know exactly where it was, hitting it again and again. She realized that with each thrust, pre-cum was spilling out over her cock, oozing down onto her balls, her hard cock bucking up and down as she rode him with abandon.

Then she felt herself rising, and realized the man was lifting her, arms wrapped around her back, still with his cock firmly buried in her ass. He kissed her deeply now, and gently placed her on her back, lying down fully on the bench. She willingly lay back and cocked her legs up onto the stud’s broad shoulders, knowing exactly how she wanted to be fucked. She braced herself as he leaned over her, and pulled out for a moment.

“Are you ready?” he asked, poised like a statue of the masculine ideal right above her. She reached out, gripping the magnificent fuck-tool, stroking it and bringing it back to press against her asshole. He grinned, said “Guess I’ll take that as a yes,” and slid his cock back into her asshole. She responded by grabbing onto the man’s muscular ass, gripping it and pulling him into her, holding him there to fully savor the full length of his cock within her.

The man leaned over her now, his handsome face again nearing hers to kiss her deeply, their torsos now making contact as he really began to fuck her.

Between thrusts, she vaguely realized that a ring of men was now surrounding the bench, standing closely, jerking off, beholding the copulating pair. The sight of them filled her with even more frenzied lust.

“Fuck me,” she heard herself saying, “Fuck that tight ass,” but the man didn’t need much encouragement as he drove into her again and again, his handsome face contorted with pleasure.

Now he started to pull back a little bit, not as deep, but with intent and she realized that the experience had somehow become even more pleasurable as he drove into the center of her pleasure, her prostate, her G-spot.

The man responded when he heard her moans change, knowing exactly what he was doing with precise control, staying in that one spot and hitting it again and again.

“I want you to come,” he said now, holding her hips and driving into that spot.

As she felt a profound wave of pleasure begin to build in her, and she began to moan uncontrollably, the thought occurred to her that she didn’t think a man could come this way, just by being fucked in the ass. But the feeling in her body was telling her something very, very different. Feverishly, she matched his thrusts over and over, driving her prostate against the fat head of his cock.

As she looked into his steely grey eyes, locking in with him as he fucked her, she could feel it unmistakably welling deep within her. “Make me come,” she said, “Yeah, make me come!”

He kissed her deeply, gripped her firm butt, and kept thrusting in the exact same spot, blinding her with pleasure. She couldn’t stop that unavoidable feeling flooding through her.

As the men around her realized what was happening, they could no longer contain themselves either. She began to hear first one and then many voices crying out in pleasure – she was making them come as well.

The first moan worked like a wave, setting them all off until all of the men were coming, causing the space to echo with moans of pleasure.

And then she realized she couldn’t last any longer. The man looked into her eyes and said, “Come,” as he kept on thrusting.

*Spurt* then she felt it, gliding through the length of her hard cock and out onto her chest.


She felt wild, orgasming solely from his skillful penetration of her ass. The man knew what he was doing, not slowing the movement of his hips as she came uncontrollably. Only as her convulsions slowed did he reach down and grab her cock, coaxing the last drops out and causing her to moan even more loudly.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, she began to focus even more on his pleasure. Looking into his eyes, she could tell just how much he was enjoying this tryst.

“Now I want you to come,” she said.

The man kissed her deeply, and said, “Turn over for me.”

He slowly pulled his cock out of her ass, astounding her again with it’s tremendous size.

As soon as it was out, she turned over onto all fours quickly, wanting it right back in. She was now positioned to be looking out over the crowd of men who were avidly watching the proceedings. She delighted in seeing how much she was turning them on. She couldn’t help but smile, and as she did so she saw one of the men standing closest begin to come, spurting his seed onto the floor. “Fuck yeah,” she couldn’t help herself from saying. She enjoyed the power she wielded over these men in her new body.

But she didn’t have long to ruminate on this, as just then the man slid his cock right back inside her, all the way up to the hilt, balls resting against her perineum. She moaned now involuntarily as he held there and wrapped his big arm across her chest, lifting her front half off the ground, causing her to arch her back. She leaned back now, tilting her head and kissing him as he began fucking her softly, gently.

He seemed to be savoring it, letting each stroke linger. And then, still kissing her, he began to thrust harder with quicker movements.

She turned to steady herself again on all fours, hands against the ground. He gripped her ass with both hands and now started fucking her entirely for his own pleasure, enjoying every inch of her ass, stretching her out, using her.

She bucked her hips back, fucking onto him, encouraging him. And after several thrusts, she knew she could feel it. That familiar feeling she knew when a man is just on the brink. She increased the tempo and moaned for him, willing him, with everything in her, to come.

Now his cock swelled just a bit more and tensed up. She turned her head to look back at him. There he was thrusting, eyes open, his abs flexing and relaxing with each movement. “Yeah, I’m gonna come,” he said now as though in a trance.

“That ass is so good, make me come,” he said. She looked out at the audience and saw guys coming again, not able to take it. She thrust back harder now, giving it everything she had.

He moaned now, clutching onto her hips and driving more deeply than she even thought possible. “Fu, fuck – yeeeeeah.” Her knees were lifted up off the ground by this final push as she felt an incredible, warm geyser now rushing out into her, a great fountain of cum flooding her so that she could feel it spilling out of her onto the bench below.

When he was finally done he pulled out, laughing, content. “Wow,” she heard him say, “Just…wow.”

She got up on her knees now, approaching him. He pulled her in for a deep kiss as she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, both of them basking in the afterglow. She silently thanked Nathan, whoever he was, for allowing her this experience, and then began to think about what she would do next…

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