17 Haziran 2021

Beginnings…The End, last part.


Beginnings…The End, last part.I went home that night and after showering off the remnants of my day being used by those two older men I was going over in my mind all the sensations I’d experienced and was a little overwhelmed. I mean I had fucked sucked, been sucked before, and been fucked before, but not to the extent that I’d just been through. They had thoroughly used my holes, and filled my mouth and ass with several loads of cum, and they had the pictures to prove it. The werent selfish either as both Lou and Walter left with my cum inside their holes as well. Before I left Walter gave me his phone number and asked me to call him the following Saturday. The week went by rather quickly, and I was very curious what surprise they had in mind. Saturday morning I called Walter and he wanted to meet me at Lou’s around 3 pm. I got there right on time and the three of us sat down to talk. Walter asked if I’d ever been to a porn movie before, and I said I’d watched them with my friend Rick, but never in the theater. They asked if I wanted to go with them to see a couple movies güvenilir bahis and have some fun. I wasnt old enough, but they assured me that there wouldnt be any problems, so we left to head to a theater a couple towns away. I had heard all the stories of all the horny old men that frequented these places so I figured it we ould be cool to see a giant screen porn movie and play around a bit there.We got there and went in and we sat in the back row watching a movie and it didnt take long for all three of us to be stroking a bit….I was in the middle and had a cock in each hand. They said we would just play around a bit then go to Walter’s place later. I was looking around and there were a bunch of guys sitting alone, and a several more sitting together, and every once in a while one would lean down to suck his friends cock. I noticed a couple guys fucking also. Lou got up and went over to some guy he knew, so I focused on Walter’s cock as he focused on mine. I was having a great time here and told him so. He smiled and pushed my head down to take his cock in my mouth which türkçe bahis I gladly did and it wasnt long before he starting bucking his hips and shot his cum in my mouth. When I looked up there were a couple guys I’d never seen before watching from the row in front while stroking their cocks. They asked me if I wanted to suck them off, and I mumbled something like fuck yeah,lol. I Leaned over the seat back while one guy knelt in it and I started licking the head of his cock, and playing with his balls. As soon as I took his hard cock all the way in my mouth he shot his load. After a few seconds he said thanks, and pulled out and left, no sooner was he gone then the other guy shoved his cock in my mouth. His cock was huge. way bigger than any cock I’d ever seen up close, and I couldnt get it all the way in my mouth. Walter was laughing and offered to help, so he leaned over and we both sucked this huge cock. Soon the guy started to moan a lot and he pulled his cock out as it shot his cum all over us….We were both covered in his cum as Lou came back with a couple more guys. güvenilir bahis siteleri He said to me ” Jay, this is your surprise….you are gonna suck a lot more cock today, and you are gonna get a lot more in your ass, if you want it. He said that they told all the guys in this place over the last few days to be ready for today, cause they had an insatiable cocksucking cumloving slut to take care of all of them. I was looking around and there were about a dozen guys waiting. Then another guy put his cock in front of me and as I leaned down I felt my ass bring probed by what felt like another cock….as it was, everyone just started sucking cocks, …..and fucking each other so it wasnt all on me….but when I saw the pics that night, and the film later, I counted 10 loads I swallowed, and about another 10 in my ass. There was so much cum dripping out of me that it pooled by my foot as I was getting fucked while sucking those cocks…I was barely able to walk outta there that night….and I was in a daze as well…..so much pleasure…..it was amazing……this was the last of this period of my life….but there are more stories later….you’ve already read some, and theres a few more…..and I’ve made at least one friend here that I got to meet, and we had a very hot afternoon a couple months ago…

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