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Being a Good Neighbor


Chapter 1

When this all began, the phone didn’t ring much any more. It did a lot right after Mary died, I was invited over to friends all the time but, after three years, the calls had dwindled to pretty much a stop. We had a lot of friends who were very supportive while my wife of twenty-six years fought cancer, but, after all, they had their own lives to lead so I understood how it happens.

That’s what made it so nice when my next door neighbor, Brenda, called me one Saturday several years ago and asked if she could use my hot tub that evening and she offered to bring dinner. Sounded like a winner for me, I’m not the best cook in the world and only have a handful of recipes that I feel competent enough to use. So, any offer of a meal is met with happy acceptance.

About six-twenty, Brenda came over with a hamper basket and put several dishes into my oven set on low. She was wearing a robe and took it off to reveal a rather nice red bikini.

Now, Brenda had been divorced for about a year. She was younger than I am by five or six years, I was forty-eight, she was probably about forty-two or so. Certainly attractive, she had not let herself go at all but also there’d never been any particular sign of interest on her part, if you understand my meaning. So, I’d just left things alone. She didn’t live alone, her daughter, Laura, twenty, was attending a college about a three-hour drive from here and majoring in finance, I believe, and is home fairly often and during summer and holiday breaks.

She got things situated in the kitchen and I walked her out to the covered patio.

“I’ve got it all ready for you, Brenda. Enjoy the water and, when you’re hungry, I’ve got some wine we can have with that wonderful-smelling dinner you brought.”

“Oh, Vern, why don’t you go ahead and open the wine and join me in the hot tub. It would be nice to have some company and a nice glass of wine.”

Sounded fine to me so I went and changed into trunks and opened the wine and brought it and two glasses out to the patio. I got in and poured us each a glass and offered a toast, “To nice neighbors. Cheers.”

“Thank you, Vern, you’re a nice neighbor as well. And, your hot tub is very nice, very relaxing. I’ll bet you use it a lot.”

“Actually, yes, quite a bit. Almost every evening, it’s so relaxing.”

“Yes, and the wine is as well,” she said raising it up toward me.

“You seem so far away, Vern, move yourself over by me, I don’t bite, you know.”

I edged around the tub until we were next to each other and I lay my free hand around the rim of the tub right behind her shoulders.

“I’ll bet you don’t usually wear those trunks in the hot tub, do you?”

“Well, no, not when I’m by myself.”

“I think the water always feels nicer directly on my skin, don’t you, Vern? Why don’t we lose these suits?” and she pulled off the bottom and turned her back to me and asked, “Would you?”

I pulled the bow loose and she dropped both top and bottom on the deck and lay back in the water, her brown nipples just rising above the surface of the water.

“Mmm, so much nicer, yes,” and she closed her eyes.

My turn, I guess, this evening was getting more interesting than I had first imagined. The oven was only set on ‘warm’ so there was no chance of the food overheating, just maybe the two of us in the hot tub. I pulled my trunks down and, likewise, dropped them over the edge.

I lay my head back as I feel fingers being wrapped around my cock which, like any man’s dick under these circumstances, was rapidly becoming engorged. Brenda’s hand began going up and down, there was no doubt where the evening was headed, no doubt at all.

“That feels nice, Brenda,” I whispered.

“It does feel nice, nice and hard, just the way every woman likes them.”

I had dropped my hand over her left breast and was fondling it as she placed her hand over mind. She turned her head toward me and I leaned over and we began kissing, our tongues searching each other, now our hands ranging all over the other.

We were now in one other’s embrace, my hand down between Brenda’s legs which she had eagerly widened for me. I slid my middle finger in her as she moaned and squeezed my cock.

She suddenly sat up straight, put her hands back and hoisted herself up on the padded rim and spread her legs wide.

“Lick me, Vern, oh, make me happy,” and she pulled me between her legs as I began kissing and licking and tonguing her pussy as my fingers spread her open.

“Oh, oh, it’s been so long, oh, it just feels so good, just so good,” and she was gripping my head pulling me into her as I licked and sucked on her.

“Mmm. mmm, yes, oooh, right there, yes, oh, Vern, perfect, oh, don’t stop, oh, it is wonderful, oh, right there, right…AAAH, AAAH, OOH, oh, oh, that feels so good, mmm, oh, yes, mmm, lick right there, yes.”

She sure did have one hell of an orgasm. Mary was always fairly quiet and still but Brenda was humping my face, holding me down on her, just totally into what was sending her through the roof. I canlı bahis have always loved giving orgasms, it really turns me on, and this one was no exception.

She slid down into the water, kissing me, and grasping underneath the bubbling surface for my cock which she soon found.

“Oh, that was wonderful, Vern. Oh, now, it’s my turn. Here, get up like I was,” and I sat up on the padded seat area that went around the tub and she positioned herself between my legs, holding my cock as she licked circles around the tip as she gazed up into my eyes.

It’s been a while since I’ve had my cock sucked but I was learning that my next door neighbor was superb at giving a man oral pleasure.

She was now sucking me fully up and down and the feeling was exquisite.

“Mmm. Brenda, this is really wonderful. You make me feel so good.”

She smiled up at me, obviously she was enjoying what she’s doing, I knew I certainly was.

“Do you want to finish me by hand or what?” I asked always trying to be a gentleman in case the lady in question didn’t want a mouthful of my cum.

Evidently she didn’t care as she continued right on sucking me, I knew she heard me so that wasn’t it. She just didn’t mind swallowing, I guess. That’s always nice.

I was getting close to a cum, she was very good at what she was doing and in another minute or so, I felt the tingly surge of semen rise and begin spurting into Brenda’s mouth. She kept sucking on as I emptied into her. It was wonderful and, after, I pulled her up in an embrace and kissed her over and over.

“Oh, that was terrific, you really know how to make a man happy, Brenda.”

“Well, you made me awfully happy, Vern, and truthfully, I just loved sucking you. I’ve always enjoyed doing that to a man, it feels wonderful when the warmth flows into my mouth. Does that seem weird or strange? I hope not.”

“No, not really, I love giving oral sex to women and getting them off, the bigger the orgasm, the better. So, no, I understand completely.”

“I think you and I are going to get along just wonderfully. There is one other thing I just love to do, can you guess what it might be?”

“I’ll bet I can but it’s more comfortable in a bed rather than a hot tub. Shall we have some dinner and discuss what it might be that you’d like to do?”

“Lovely,” and I stood up and pulled her up into my embrace as we held each other close, kissing as our bodies adjoined in a preview of our coupling to come.

I led her out of the tub and we each dried the other and walked back into the house to refill our glasses and have some nourishment.

It was the first meal I’ve ever eaten in the nude but, I must say, it has not been the last. In fact, I have found that a naked repast is a very splendid way to dine, especially when it involves mixed company.

As we ate, Brenda made sure that my napkin stayed in place through to the end of our meal. We took our final glass back to my bedroom where I pulled back the covers and we got in.

“Would it be too presumptuous to invite you to spend the night, Brenda?”

“Not at all, Vern, Laura isn’t home so I’m free as a bird. I happily accept your invitation,” she said as we snuggled together and kissed. It was so nice to have a warm, loving woman next to me in bed and my erection was a good indicator of my interests for the rest of our evening together.

“Mmm, this is nice, just what I’ve needed,” she whispered as our hands roamed one another.

We hugged and kissed and felt each other for quite a while, then Brenda whispered, “I’d like to get on top and give you a good fucking, Vern. Would you like that?”

“How could any man turn that down, of course, I’d love it,” and I rolled onto my back as she swung herself up over me, reached under and guided my cock into her as she lowered herself down.

“Mmm, that’s nice. You’re really far up inside, just where I like it.”

“Where I like it, too,” I said as she began rocking to and fro.

We both had lovely orgasms, hers first, mine soon after and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The sun was up, I really didn’t know exactly what the time was, all I knew was there were five fingers, not my own, wrapped around my cock gently squeezing it awake.

“Mmm, good morning, Brenda, what have you found under the covers?”

“Something very nice, I think? Something I might just have the perfect place for.”

She swept the covers back, got up over me and took my cock in her mouth and began sucking me as I fondled her breasts. Soon, she raised up, letting my hard cock flop down on my belly, swung a leg up over me and reached down to hold me up as she squatted down swallowing me up into her pussy.

“Mmm. That’s a proper good morning, Vern. Feel good?” she asked as she began rocking back and forth.

“Oh, yes, what a wonderful way to get up in the morning. Really wonderful.”

“We can do this more, if you like. I think it’s rather lovely.”

“I think it’s rather wonderful and I’m up for it, well, in more ways than one, for any time you want.”

“We could bahis siteleri make it a regular weekend thing if you wish, Vern. I don’t mean to push you, maybe you tell me what you’d like.”

“Mmm, that’s fine with me, every Saturday and Sunday. It’ll be nice to share my bed even if it’s just one night a week.”

“Perhaps you just want a home-cooked meal, is all.”

“Oh, no, this is what I want most. You and I naked in my bed.”

“Mmm, me, too.”

And she rocked away making me feel so good.

We had a nice leisurely breakfast, just the way I was beginning to like it, naked, and went back for more sex, then a nice hot shower. And, she packed up her hamper and we set a time for next Saturday.

Well, well. It was looking like my sex life was back on track, well, at least for now. And, Brenda was an attractive and talented lover. Made me pretty happy.

Chapter 2

The next Saturday, right at six, the doorbell rang and I pulled it open to see Brenda and her daughter, Laura, standing there, Brenda holding the hamper with our dinner.

“Um, oh, hi, Laura, come in, come in.” I was relieved that I didn’t answer the door naked or something, I just wasn’t expecting Brenda’s daughter.

“Laura’s home this weekend and I told her how much fun we had last weekend and she wanted to join us in the hot tub, if that’s all right.”

“Oh, sure, fine. Let’s put the food to warm and go out, okay? You can show her where to change.”

They went to a spare bedroom near the back of the house and I went and changed into trunks. I hadn’t gotten them out of my dresser because I had assumed we would have a bare soak in the tub, but, that’s changed. Well, perhaps, later.

I was in the tub when they came out. I hadn’t seen much of Brenda’s daughter in the last few years but she was quite pretty, a younger version of her mother and she was wearing a very attractive, very skimpy bikini.

We all settled into the water, Brenda next to me, Laura on the other side of me, a bit farther away.

“This is really nice, you must use it a lot.”

“Oh, I do, almost every night, great for relaxing in.”

“Mom told me you have a pretty relaxed dress code for the hot tub, is that true?”

“She’s told you that, huh, well, we are consenting adults after all.”

“Well, in that case,” and Laura pulled off her bikini, laying it on the rim of the tub. She was immediately followed by her mother who joined her.

Laura’s breasts were beautiful, round and firm, topped off with puffy, pink nipples that were just above the surface of the water, whether on purpose or not, I could not tell.

Not being one to be left behind, I slipped off my trunks and draped them on the rim of the tub with the other two.

I didn’t take Brenda long before her fingers had encircled my rather hard cock as she moved her hand up and down.

“Isn’t this nice? I told you, Laura, Vern’s hot tub is just perfect and that he is the perfect host. He knows how to entertain a woman properly, I can attest to that.”

I really hadn’t noticed Laura moving closer but it became inescapable when another hand moved along my thigh up to my cock as Brenda let go and a new set of fingers encircled my dick and began to stroke me.

My heart almost stopped. What was going on, I thought? Both of them? Mother and daughter? Well, there was no getting around it, it was Laura’s hand and it was on my cock. I decided to stretch out both my arms and just let my hands see where they could land and they found a nice breast on each side, one somewhat firmer than the other, but both quite nice.

Both women turned to me and began kissing me, each one tonguing my ear, then I heard Brenda saying, “I think maybe we should all have some dinner, don’t you, Vern? No need to dress, I hope.”

It was pretty obvious where this evening was headed. Brenda must have told her daughter about our last hot tub session and Laura wanted to join us. What else can it be?

So, we got out of the tub and dried off and headed inside to have dinner.

“You’re very nice, Vern,” Laura said as she took hold of my cock again and gave me a kiss. “Mom was right, I hope you don’t mind having us both tonight?”

“Not at all, Laura, two beautiful woman, and dressed for dinner in such a wonderful manner.”

“When Mom said you two had dinner naked, I just knew I wanted in. Hope you don’t mind?”

“No, I’m not as young as I once was but I’ll try my best.”

I sat between my two woman guests as they each took turns playing with my cock and keeping me hard, even talking about my dick as we ate.

“Vern’s ready for some fun, Laura, feel how hard he is,” and Brenda’s daughter’s hand exchanged places with her’s slowly rubbing me up and down.

“Mmm, yeah, nice, Vern. We’re gonna have fun, Mom and I. We’ve done this before. I’ve started sharing my boyfriends with her and she has with me. Kinky, huh?”

“Well, I suppose it’s nice to share like that…mother and daughter.”

“We’ve shared lovers before, Vern, I hope you don’t mind. Laura was eager to bahis şirketleri come tonight and I think you and she should go first. If that’s all right with you.”

Well, Laura is a very pretty young woman. I’ve spent most of my dinner time admiring her lovely body. The three of us quickly became comfortable with each other, I petted both women’s breasts and each took turns fondling me to my great enjoyment.

“I’m not fool enough to turn down such a wonderful offer. Laura?” I said as I motioned toward the hallway leading to my bedroom.

We both got on my bed and Laura stretched out and I lay down next to her as she rolled toward me and began kissing me as she held my cock. My hands were around her back, rubbing up and down her soft skin, down to her buttocks and hips.

She then rolled onto her back, spread her legs as I got up over her between her legs. She opened wide as I pressed up against her wetness and I slowly slipped inside her. Once in, I did what every male does and soon we were both enjoying one another as a man and woman should.

“Mmm, Mom was right, Vern. I feel nice and full, just what I wanted after a nice warm soak with a naked man.”

“Yes, this is wonderful. Two beautiful women and a lovely naked dinner, just perfect so far.”

I felt Brenda’s hand cup my testicles as I was slowly fucking her daughter and begin to gently rub me there. I raised up off my hands which had been propping me up and knelt upright moving my hips back and forth as my hands kneaded Laura’s firm breasts. Her nipples were erect and hard as I bent down to suck one.

“Oh, this feels wonderful. I always love Mom’s guy friends. There’s something about an older man, they just know how to please a woman. And they don’t cum too quick. You sure know how to make a woman happy, Vern.”

“It’s a pleasure when the woman is as pretty as you, Laura,” and she raised her legs up onto my shoulders as I fucked directly down into her while she wiggled around under me. Her mother was now up in back of me rubbing her breasts against my back as I went in and out of her daughter under me. Brenda’s hands were around rubbing my chest, I was happily sandwiched between them just amazed at what the evening had become.

“Mmm, Mom was right, you’re quite a nice lover. This is so nice, Vern. It feels so good when you push down deep inside me, do that some more, you’re hitting a spot that feels just wonderful when you do.”

I always like to hear suggestions or encouragement when I’ve done something right. I learned long ago that the more I did to satisfy the girl or woman, the better things would be for me. As a result, I’ve always had very good relationships which were sexually very satisfying. Now, I was hoping this one would be as well. It’s not everyday that this forty-eight year old guy has a chance with a twenty-year old woman, especially such a perfectly beautiful one and her mother, too.

“This is just lovely, don’t you think, Vern? After we had such a wonderful time, I wanted Laura to enjoy you, too,” said Brenda from behind me, her breasts feeling so nice rubbing around on my back.

“Oh, this is a man’s dream come true. Two beautiful, sexy and eager women in his bed. I just hope I live through all this.”

“Oh, we wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, Vern. We just want to all be happy.”

“Well, I’m sure that.”

“Mmm, oh, I’m starting to feel it, oh, yes, oh, Vern, you’re gonna make me cum. Mmm, feels so good, just keep…OH, OH, oh, uh, uuh, mmm, oh, that was beautiful, just perfect,” and Laura pulled me down and covered my face with kisses.

I love giving women orgasms. Their ecstasy is the catalyst I need to bring myself to cum and, with Laura, that’s just the way it happened. I felt the tingly rush along the length of my cock which I jammed down into her as its throbs began spurting my cum deep inside her. Her mom also pushed hard against me on my back, her naked body up against mine which was over her daughter.

“Mmm, oh, I feel it all nice and warm inside me, Vern,” and Laura kisses me as her mother kisses all along my back and shoulders.

“I’m getting a bit skwooshed, can you two move?”

Brenda and I got up off her daughter and we all lay there on my bed, Laura on one side of me, Brenda on the other.

Laura’s hand was caressing my chest as her mother caressed me rather lower.

“That was lovely, very. Mom said I’d like you. She was sure right. You are a very wonderful lover. I can’t wait to watch you do Mom.”

“Well, Vern needs a bit more rest, dear. I’m afraid you rather drained him dry.”

“Mom, I’ll bet you know how to help him along.”

“Yes, I do, I was just thinking of that,” and she raised up, bent over and began sucking my cock back to life.

“Oh, Brenda, you sure do, that just feels lovely,” as I ran my hand down along her butt cheeks and up under her wiping her wetness up and back along her slit.

“Mmm,” she moaned as she sucked me. I was getting harder, it’s difficult to not get an erection when a woman is sucking your cock. As her mom sucked me, Laura leaned over french-kissing me while she rubbed her soft hand across my chest, her finger tracing around my nipples, leaning further to gently lick and suck them, oh, I was covered with women. It was wonderful and I was sure hard.

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