30 Haziran 2020

Beth’s First Black Man


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Beth’s First Black ManWhat a great week! I had just got off the phone with Evroy. He isanother member of our little men’s group. He isn’t widowed however, he issingle though. Evroy Erington came to the area from Jamaica about twoyears ago. He had come up here to work seasonally originally and hadmarried a local lady to get his permanent status. Of course, she had lefthim shortly thereafter, to chase the latest workers to step off the plane.He had a handyman business, but made more money selling his Jamaican Ganja;I wouldn’t know, but apparently he did quite well here in town.Evroy had been talking with Bob, my neighbor and Tom Darling and hewanted Beth to come over and do a few chores for him! I told him that sheworked Monday’s and Thursdays! We were going over tomorrow!Another reason my week had went so well. Beth was now visiting me everymorning from eight until about ten; Monday to Friday! I now started my daywith a blowjob and a coffee! She had gotten really good in a short time.She had no problem taking my entire length, deep into her throat. An addedbonus that I hadn’t considered was that she seemed to like the taste ofcum. The last couple times, after I had blown into her mouth she hadswallowed it all. She would then pull my cock out to inspect it and wouldproceed to lick it clean; even squeezing my cock to get the last of it out.I have to admit, I wasn’t complaining and it made for great video!Oh! I did have a scary visit on Saturday afternoon! Beth’s mom cameover and had something very important to talk to me about. I was thatclose to packing my bags and making a run for it! She came over andexplained that during a doctor’s visit, the doctor had found that Beth wasnot a virgin; she had sex before. The blood drained from my face. Ialmost passed out in relief when she told me that they had always suspectedthe teacher, Mr. Smith and after an investigation found out that he hadexploited all his students. Wasn`t that shocking?!I told her it was downright awful! I wonder if she knew her daughterliked the taste of cum. She wanted to warn me that Beth had recentlystarted saying bad words. I didn’t believe it! I asked her what she wassaying. She didn’t want to tell me. I bet it was words like cock anddeepthroat! I wanted to tell her those weren’t bad words; they were someof her favorite things!At this point she had stopped talking and looked away from me. Sheseemed to come to a decision, “Fred, there’s something else. She may haveto stop coming over to your house.”Now I was paying attention. “Why?” I asked, “Is there a problem? What’s wrong?” Don’t take my fun away!She turned red and looked away. She stood up and took the mugs to thesink, “Beth has been, um, well, she takes her clothes off at random times.When I explain to her she has to leave them on, she says she’s hot!” Shehad a pleading look in her eye. “Fred, I can’t put you through that; it’stoo much and it’s not proper.”I had to fix this. I was bragging about my talking skills; now was thetest. I smiled and chuckled, “Keep in mind; I’m almost old enough to beher grandfather and remember we had 3 daughters of our own! She actuallydid try a couple times to get her sweat shirt off while she was here.” Shelooked aghast! “Don’t worry, I stopped her each time and corrected her.”It was time to canlı bahis şirketleri hit her in the emotions and play my widow card. “Of course,I understand, it’s not like I’m family. I’m just the old widower nextdoor.” I looked down at the table and raised my hand to my temple; my elbowresting on the table.She actually got teary-eyed! “Oh Fred, no, you’re more than that! You’re just like family to us! You’ve watched our girls grow up!” Shepatted my shoulder, “If you’re fine with it, we are too! I just wanted youto know, that’s all. Don’t worry, okay?” I smiled sheepishly at her andshe smiled right back. “We’ll be over Monday morning, same time!” Ibreathed a sigh of relief.Monday morning Beth came over at her regular time. She had on herfamiliar track pants, t-shirt and hoodie combo. After her mother left Ihad her strip down to her panties. I had stopped using the `hot room’trick and just told her to get her clothes off and we could color; workedevery time. We spent the morning coloring, eating cookies and dancing. Ihad quite the collection of pictures and videos now. I wasn’t sure what Ishould do with them, now that I had the real thing here every day! Bobthought we should start a website and sell them. He said he had heard of afake modelling site that tricked amateur ladies into modelling nude andthen sold the sets on a porn website. It was an idea!I got her to get under my desk and she gave me a blowjob while I watchedher videos. She had really gotten good at it; she didn’t spill a drop ofmy load and swallowed it all!We had some lunch then headed over to Evroy’s for one o’clock. We gotto his house and went inside. He was really happy to see us and aftershaking my hand, he shook Beth’s. She was staring at him. I knew she wasused to black people; her best friend Donya was one of the blackest peopleI knew. I’m sure it was his size.He was about six foot four and had to be two fifty if he was a hundredpounds. He had wide, linebacker shoulders and when he shook your hand,yours disappeared inside his. The part that caught people off guard wasthat he was very soft-spoken. He had a deep, sonorous voice with thatsmooth Jamaican accent. When Evroy talked to you, you just knew everythingwas going to be fine.”Fred, my friend,” he almost chanted, “you do me great favor in bringingBeth here today. She is an image of beauty.” His accent in that deep bassvoice was awesome! It was time to get started; Beth needed to work for her$5!”Beth,” I called to her. “Want to try on a new outfit I got you?” Shenodded and walked over to me. This time, I didn’t lead her into adifferent room though; we stayed in the family room “Great! Okay, get allyour clothes off and I’ll get it out of this bag.” I held up the paper giftbag I had carried in.She got undressed right in front of us and it was a lovely sight! Evroywas smiling and mumbling, but with his accent I couldn’t understand. Bethtook her socks off and threw them with the rest of her clothes and thenreached for the bag. I handed it to her and she reached in and then pulledher hand out, “Gone? Where is it?” she asked.I took the bag from her and made a show of looking inside. I lookedback at her, surprise on my face, “Where did it go?” She shook her head. “It was in there before. You got and finish coloring canlı poker oyna while I think whereit went.” She smiled and, without a stitch on, got back down into hercoloring position and continued coloring.Evroy was nodding, “Fred, that is a nice pussy.” She had her legs spreadand her ass pointing right at us. I could just see her little titsjiggling through her legs as she colored. After a couple minutes I hadEvroy turn on some music and I asked Beth if she would dance for us. Shewas more than happy too as she just loved to dance.She dance for about ten minutes and Evroy didn’t take his eyes off ofher. He followed her every movement. I asked him if he was ready for somefun. He smiled and nodded. I told him to stand up.”Beth,” I called to her, “Can you help Evroy please? His doctor toldhim he had to have his cock deep-throated every day. Can you help?”She walked over and looked up at Evroy. She smiled then patted his armand nodded. She undid his jeans and then grabbing everything, pulled themright down and squatted at the same time. She was wrestling his jeans offhis feet and finally looked up. She wasn’t moving. His cock was hangingdown right at her face level. It was huge! What is it with black guys andlarge cocks? He was also uncircumcised and his head was covered.She looked over at me and I motioned her to go ahead. She looked backand after a short hesitation, reached up and held it in one hand. Shegiggled and then grabbing it with her other hand began to play. Evroy wasjust standing there and had that same easy smile watching her play with hislong cock and balls.It wasn’t long and it was fully erect and she took it into her mouth. She was bobbing her head up and down and was only able to take about half,her hand jacking the other half. She was playing with his balls and hejust kept on smiling.Of course, I had my camera going and was recording it on video. Bethwas doing getting quite a rhythm going when Evroy reached down and holdingher hand, he pulled her up gently into a standing position. She wassmiling, gazing up into his soft face. He held her hand and walked herover to the couch. He lay down and then reached over with his large,muscled arms and pulled her on top of him, placing her sitting up on hisface.She was looking down at him, her eyes wide; her whole body tense. Icould see his tongue going, working her pussy lips, exploring deep inside.This was probably her first time enjoying someone’s tongue!He had reached up and with his huge hands on her back; he was gentlypushing her forward. She snapped out of her trance and leaned forward,placing her hands on his thighs. He wasn’t done yet though. He keptpushing and she lay down on top of him. He was so big and she looked solittle! She got the idea though and started sucking his cock. He had anass cheek in each hand and had stretched them wide; burying his face in hersnatch!I heard a quiet, low pitched tone and realized it was coming from Beth!I got my camera around and was recording Evroy as he worked his magic. Histongue was working a rhythm over her clitoris and he had his index fingerin her pussy and his middle finger in her ass, slowly working them in andout. Her hips were rocking gently now, but seemed to be speeding up.I moved around to record Beth and she had her eyes internet casino closed and wasdefinitely going faster! Both her hands were busy and her head was bobbingup and down; jerking each time his cock hit the back of her throat. Hiscock was wide, I wasn’t sure if her throat would be able to take it all in.As I watched Beth sucking cock, I noticed her eyes were squeezing tightertogether. She was almost singing now around Evroy’s cock and her wholebody was starting to shake!I moved back down to the other end and caught him in action! He now hadtwo fingers in her pussy and two fingers in her ass! She had her backarched, pushing back against his hand! He was still working her swollenclitoris with his tongue, but now his face was slick with her pussy juice!She was coming down, from her orgasmic high and Evroy moved his handsdown and grabbed her head. In his massive hands all I could see was blondehair sticking out between his fingers. I had moved around to catch theshow on my camera! He was bogging her head up and down like she was a ragdoll! Her eyes were wide and I could see she had a death-grip on the baseof his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. Her hands weren’tmoving; she was holding on for dear life!He was moaning himself now; a deep, from the stomach satisfied moan. Hewas really pumping her head up and down now, jerking each time his cock hitthe back of her throat. She wasn’t taking part anymore; she was just atool, soon to be a receptacle!Suddenly, he was talking quickly in his English-Jamaican creole! I hadno idea what he was saying, but I hoped Beth was ready! His hips werejerking up in quick, strong movements and he was jamming her head up anddown on his engorged cock! Her mouth looked like it was stretched as wideas it could go; her breathing through her nose coming in great gasps!He shoved her head down, holding it still as he fucked her face, a greatgroan escaping his pursed lips! He had forced his cock in and down herthroat! Fuck Me! His balls were sucked in tight to his body, but I couldsee them pulsating as they emptied into her throat! He had his cock so fardown her throat though, I was sure he was shooting it straight into herstomach! Finally, he pulled out and she laid her head down on his upperthigh; her eyes closed her breathing deep and ragged.We drove back to the house; a hundred dollar bill in my pocket. I hadtold Evroy it was only fifty, but he had insisted. Who was I to argue?We got inside and Beth went to lie down on the couch. I turned thecartoon movie on low and covered her up. She wasn’t long and she was fastasleep. My cock needed some attention after watching her with Evroy, butshe looked pretty tired. She had worked hard today for her $5! I wentinto the computer room to upload the pictures and video off my camera andto take my problem in `hand’! On a whim, I after about ten minutes ofjacking, I went out to the family room and Beth was on her back. I put myfoot on the couch and straddled her face, pulling her jaw down, opening hermouth. I worked my cock with my free hand and shot my load into her openmouth. Automatically, her reflex kicked in and she swallowed it all. Istood up and she rolled onto her side.When her mother got there later that afternoon, she asked how it wastoday. “Were there any, um, episodes?”I shook my head, “Not at all. She was a regular lady today!” I smiledas they left. She had said she would bring Beth over in the morning for acouple of hours. Beth would enjoy it, because Donya would be here.You know, I’ve got it pretty damn good!

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