22 Haziran 2021

Beths visit


Beths visitAnn smiled as she watched Beth nurse on her breast. Slowly moving her hand over Beth’s g****fruit size breasts. As she tugged Beth’s right nipple Beth inhaled deeply and releasing Ann’s nipple. Leaning down Ann kissed Beth deeply. Stunned as Ann’s tongue pushed into her mouth, Beth looked up at Ann. Beth let her tongue dance with Ann’s tongue. Breaking their kiss, Ann shifted and softly kissed Beth’s breasts. Moving her attention to Beth’s nipple, Ann circled Beth’s quarter sized areola. Beth closed her eyes and pulled Ann’s head down against her now swollen nipple. Taking it between her teeth, Ann softly bit and tugged gently. Beth’s breathing quickened as she felt Ann’s hand move slowly down her stomach. As she reached the waistband of Beth’s anadolu yakası escort panties, Beth pressed her hand against Ann’s holding it in place. Ann sat up and seen the fear in Beth’s eyes. Kissing her cheek and ear Ann whispered, are you OK with this. Stuttering Beth said, I’ve never. Ann interrupted her, relax. We’ll go slow. OK honey. Taking a deep breath, Beth nodded her head. Reaching down Ann said, let’s get these off. Slipping her thumbs under the waistband of Beth’s panties, she slid them down. Beth raised her hips, allowing Ann to pull her panties down and off. Seeing her smoothly shaved pelvic area Ann smiled and asked, who’s this for. Blushing Beth said, no one. I just felt like doing it one day and liked the feeling. Kissing anadolu yakası escort her Ann said, I think it’s beautiful. Beth jumped when she felt Ann moved her hand down to her moist lips. Beth moaned loudly as Ann parted her outer lips with her finger. Beth watched as Ann put her fingers in her mouth and sucked Beth’s juices from them. Leaning forward Ann kissed her again. Feeling Ann’s fingers on her pussy again, Beth spread her legs. Ann slid her fingers in slow, then moving up to her clitoris. Dragging her nail over it, Beth squealed loudly. Ann whispered, that’s it. Let it out. Beth’s heart felt like it was going to jump out of her chest. She couldn’t catch her breath as Ann rubbed her clitoris and moved a finger in and out slowly. anadolu yakası escort Ann leaned down and sucked Beth’s nipple in her mouth. Within a few minutes Beth was shaking. As her first climax hit her Beth pushed on Ann’s hand. Slipping an other finger in her, Ann said, cum for me baby. Moving her hand quicker, Beth arched her back and screamed as her orgasm ripped through her body. Beth grabbed Ann by the hair and pulled her down. As they shared a deep kiss Ann pinched and twisted Beth’s nipple. A second orgasm raced through her soaked pussy. Beth clamped Ann’s hand in place with her legs. The look in Beth’s eyes encouraged Ann to continue. As her second orgasm erupted Beths body shook violently. When Beth recovered Ann brought her dripping fingers up and pushed them in Beth’s mouth. Beth sucked on them as she caught her breath. Ann smiled and said, you did well. Replacing her fingers with her swollen nipple, Ann held Beth tight. Beth closed her eyes and tried to clear the hurricane that stormed in her head.

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