31 Mayıs 2021

Black in Me Pt. 10


I met Leroy at the truck stop that following Monday and the first thing we did was to eat lunch. Being such a big man, we had to eat the counter since he would not fit into a booth. He was friendly with the waitresses and they knew each other on a first name basis.

“So who’s your friend here Leroy?” asked a pleasant, middle aged waitress as she poured us coffee and took our order.

“This here is James, my good buddy,” he said, grabbing my neck in an obvious form of affection, which made me a bit uncomfortable.

“Nice to meet you, James. How long you known this fella?”

Before I could say anything, Leroy interrupted me. “None of your damn business Lara.”

“Just trying to be social Leroy,” said Lara as she turned my direction. “Let me rephrase that. How long you known this asshole?”

I couldn’t but laugh. Once again, Leroy spoke for me. “Lara, get the hell out of here,” he said, shaking his head.

“Alright, well if you need anything else, JAMES, let me know,” said Lara, pinching my shoulder as she walked away.

“I like her,” I said.

“She’s alright,” said Leroy, seeming perturbed, although I was uncertain why.

As we ate, Leroy’s mood lightened, his banter more playful. I discovered that Lara tried to seduce him before he told her that he preferred the company of men. I also found out that he was once married and that his former wife enjoyed watching him fuck other men, but that later she demanded money from anyone who wanted her husband to have sex with them.

As we finished eating, and left with Lara saying, “You boys be good,” I headed to my car to get my belongings, including various sex toys Leroy told me to bring: giant dildo, anal beads, bondage equipment, jock strap, panties and a negligee (had to make a special trip to purchase that).

After we got settled in, on the road and talked ourselves out Leroy told me to go into the cab, take off my clothes and put on the panties and negligee, then come back up front. He glanced over, looking pleased.

“Looking good,” he said, reaching over, feeling my leg but being careful to not take his eyes off the road for too long. “Yeah I think I’m going to enjoy you. Now lay across the seat and put daddy’s dick in your mouth.”

“Music to my ears,” I said, knowing this moment would present itself soon. With some help from Leroy who had obviously done this before, I positioned myself so I across the seats, my face was on his crotch. With his help, I lowered his shorts, and sucked his soft dick into my mouth, his furry belly resting on the side of my face. I worked my self so that his entirety was in my mouth, his tight, wiry hairs tickling my nose. There was a slight odor of funk, but nothing powerful.

“Yeah, just like that,” he crooned. I spent the next couple of hours with Leroy’s cock in my mouth, occasionally coming up for water or to rest my weary lips. He was obviously happy, singing while the radio played and talking to his trucker buddies on the CB. I wasn’t sure if he was normally this jovial or if my presence made him feel good.

For the first couple of days it was just Leroy and I. I was becoming more and more infatuated by Leroy, particularly his ability to take charge of a situation without hesitation. I admired how everyone showed him respect and didn’t throw shade despite us obviously being a couple. Well, almost everyone. There was the waiter guy at a truck stop in Kentucky who did his best to get with Leroy but was told that he couldn’t suck dick güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri like I could.

But on the third day I discovered that, unlike truckers, I needed to get much sleep before I could function properly, even while not working. But between his high sex drive and constant caffeination, I wasn’t getting nearly the amount of sleep I was used to. That night I discovered that Leroy had a moody side that included a short fuse.

Asleep in the cab, I felt his hand shaking me, telling me to wake up. Still groggy, I told him that I needed to get more sleep. I could sense that the truck was stopped but was too tired to get moving. I was under the blanket, still naked from our last sexual episode, when I felt it snatched from me.

“Bitch, you better get your ass up! What the fuck you think you’re doing? I work my ass off and all your lazy ass does is sleep,” he said angrily.

Waking up I was trying to process what he said, thinking that number one, there wasn’t much else to do but sleep, and number two, there wasn’t any work that I could do. “Get the fuck out of my truck!” he said, reaching over to open the passenger side door.

I had no idea where we were and was trying to adjust to his irritable state. I figured that at that moment it was best to do as he said. I found a pair of shorts and pulled them on, realizing too late that they were Leroy’s. Before I could find mine, he reached over, grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to the front of the truck. “I said get the fuck out!”

Wearing the oversized shorts, I made my way out of the truck, looking around and realizing we were at a dimly lit rest area. Unsure what to do, I held up the shorts and headed towards the building where I assumed the rest rooms were. There were a few other trucks there, so I figured I’d run into somebody who could possibly help. But help with what? I thought to myself as I entered the rest room and sat in one of two stalls.

As I sat and waited for whatever would happen next, I heard someone come in. Looking at his shoes I could see that it was Leroy, who took a leak, then walked past my stall and knocked. “C’mon,” he said. I followed him outside to the back, still holding the shorts up until we got to the wooded area, where Leroy reached up and broke off a stick. “Like my grandad used to say, I do what I like, you don’t have to like what I do.”

Knowing what he was about to do, but nor knowing why, I pleaded my case. “Leroy, I really don’t what I did to piss you off like this.”

“Oh, so now you’re deaf too,” he said, standing before me.

“I have to sleep,” I said, not knowing what I needed to say to convince him not to proceed.

“I ain’t arguing with you James,” he said, approaching me. “Bend your ass over.”

Not wanting to get into it with him, I did as told, my shorts falling down. He moved to the side, saying, “What you doing wearing my shorts boy?” Before I could say anything, I heard the sound of the switch then the intense stinging on my behind. “Now get your ass back in the truck.”

On my way back I tried to figure out what triggered Leroy, and if it would repeat itself. I passed a chubby Latino man who gave me a strange look, then heard he and Leroy laughing as I got back into the truck, rubbing my sore ass as I laid naked face down. As I waited I realized how incredibly lonely I was, thousands of miles from home with someone I barely know, and what I was finding out was not good. The sound of the door suddenly güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri opening startled me.

“C’mon, make yourself useful,” said Leroy from outside the passenger door. As I started to get out of the truck, Leroy instructed me to take off my shorts, as I did, meeting him naked. There was one truck next to us with someone sitting in the driver seat, so I was concerned about him seeing me naked. Just a few feet away from the door, Leroy stopped and pulled out his dick. “Get on it,” he said.

Trusting his command of the situation, I squatted down and took his soft cock into my mouth, slowly sucking as he liked. When I heard a truck door open I tried to pull off but Leroy forced me back on him. He positioned us so that the guy in the truck next to us could see what we were doing, and I was able to see that the chubby Latino man was jacking his dick while watching us. Leroy motioned for him to come over which he did.

“Is he a good cocksucker?” the man asked in a heavy Spanish accent. I looked over and saw that his cock was hanging out of his pants, average length and thickness. It was the chubby guy I ran across earlier.

“Go ahead James, show him,” Leroy said, guiding my head towards him.

His uncut cock had a musky odor but tolerable as I pulled it into my mouth, then slowly sucking. It took less than a minute for it to get fully erect, allowing me to deep throat it.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” he said, slowly fucking my mouth.

“He doing it right?” asked Leroy.

“A huevo!” I heard him say, then banging my mouth with increased ferocity.

“I guess that means he is,” laughed Leroy.

He pulled out of my mouth, asking “a pelo?” After some more conversation and gesturing it was understood that he wanted to fuck me bareback, but in his truck.

“Yeah, go ahead man,” I heard Leroy say.

Miguel, as I later found out his name, motioned for me to follow him to his truck. I though Leroy would go with us, but instead, he zipped up and headed towards the rest rooms. As I get into his truck, I noticed how small the cab was, and messy with an odd, over deodorized smell. In his broken English he told me to lie back. I watched as he quickly undressed. While he was chubby, he was not flabby. Though mostly smooth he had a large bush of pubic hair. He put my arms behind my head, then kneeled on them, hic cock at my lips. He kept saying to “suck my dick joto”, which I soon found out meant faggot. He mercilessly fucked my mouth, occasionally pulling out to slap my face with it. “I like you cocksucker,” he would say, then something else in Spanish.

After a while he stopped, then slid down to raise my legs, wasting no time entering me on one motion with just my saliva as lube, causing me to cry out.

“Slow,” I begged him. The pain was not subsiding but he still fucked me with increasing force. To cover my loud moans, he bent over and placed his mouth on mine, kissing me deeply and passionately. His strong body pressed on top of mine, becoming more tense as the thrust became more forceful. The pain was replaced with waves of pleasure as his cock probed my insides, rhythmically stroking. I wondered if the sounds of two men pleasuring each other could be heard outside the truck. Then the familiar throbbing, feverish pace and loud, guttural moans as he poured his seed inside of me. Miguel collapsed onto me, our sweaty bodies heaving in cadence with each other.

“Fuck, you have a good pussy,” güvenilir bahis şirketleri he said, wiping the sweat from his brow that was covered with dark curls of hair. He rolled off me, lying by my side but still pressed together because of the cramped space. “I planted that deep man,” he said, laughing.

“Leroy will enjoy that later on,” I joked.

“That’s a big man, his dick is fucking huge. How you keep that pussy so tight?”

I told him how my daily anal exercises helped with it, but that I wasn’t as tight as was years ago. He went on to tell me he is bisexual but enjoys sex with men more. The conversation was short, Miguel told me he had to get some sleep. Even though I had no clothes, it was a short walk to Leroy’s truck and chances were no one would see me. When I got into Leroy’s truck, there was someone in with him, sucking his cock, so I turned to leave out.

“James!” Leroy shouted. “Get your ass back here!”

I realized that in my state of nakedness I had few choices but to stay in the truck but wanted to show respect seeing that he was with someone. I got next to Leroy watched as the long-haired, stocky white guy suck him and knew right away that he wasn’t doing a very good job. Too much hand and Leroy wasn’t moaning like he did when I was giving him head. “Show him how to do it,” Leroy whispered in my ear. When I bent down to suck Leroy, the stranger gladly gave it over to me. Already wet from his saliva, Leroy’s cock easily slid past my throat, my face buried in his wiry pubes. I felt his hand on the back of my head, moaning, telling me how good it felt.

“Damn, that’s fucking impressive,” I head the white guy say in a southern accent.

“Yeah, get it nice and wet,” Leroy crooned as I watched the two kiss and make out. My ass was pretty sore from getting pounded by Miguel, so I was hoping Leroy was planning on fucking the other guy. Within minutes Leroy did exactly that, taking the man doggie style, pulling his long hair as he pounded his ass. He screamed out in pleasure several times, sounding like he was immensely enjoying the ride. Leroy mercilessly smacked his butt cheeks while he fucked him, merging pain and pleasure in a way that I soon became familiar with. While I was the expert at sucking cock, this guy was taking Leroy’s brutal fucking better than I could. I got in front of the white guy and he immediately sucked my cock into his mouth.

“Awww fuck, I’m about to nut!” said Leroy, delivering a final thrust and emptying his seed into the man. Immediately after I nutted in his mouth, giving him a double dose of sperm. After a few minutes of silence and small talk the stranger left, leaving just us two. We cleaned ourselves up in silence before Leroy got back in the driver’s seat. I could sense he was no longer cross. As I got into the usual position of me sucking his cock while he drove, Leroy stopped me.

“Nah baby, get you some sleep. Got some plans for you,” he said, rubbing my thigh.

“Sounds intriguing. Mind telling me a little about it?” I asked, hoping he would share some details.

“Get a motel room, invite a few friends over. Get full. We got the whole weekend.”

“How many guys you talking about?”

He looked at me with his evil grin. “About 10, maybe more. You know how guys flake out.” Leroy must have seen the astonished look on my face. “Think you can handle that?”

The prospect of taking on ten plus guys was beyond understanding but alluring. “Guess we’ll find out,” I said, returning the sly grin.

Leroy laughed, continuing to rub his large, rough hand on my thigh. “We make a good team. Now get yourself some sleep, you’re going to need it. Gimme kiss first baby,” he said as he tilted his head to the side. I kissed his bald head, then got in the back of the truck and fell asleep quickly.

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