19 Ekim 2021

Bob And My Wife…….By Charlie6334


Bob And My Wife…….By Charlie6334The new neighbors, Jen and Bob, moved in on a Saturday. My wife looked out the window and saw them unloading their truck. She called me over and told me to go over and see if I could help.I walked over and introduced myself to Bob. He gave me a big smile and accepted my invitation to help. With the first piece of furniture, it was clear he was much stronger than I was. He lifted his end of the sofa with ease, his biceps bulging under his shirt, as I struggled on my end. But, he was patient.After an hour, we got most of the bigger pieces moved into the house. I was drenched with sweat.”Jen!” Bob called out. “Come out for a minute!”A tall thin, gorgeous woman stepped out of the kitchen, saw me and smiled. “Well hello there.” I just stared at her, frozen. She laughed a little. “Come into the kitchen and I’ll get you some iced tea.”I followed her into the kitchen and just stood there. She handed me a glass of iced tea and I mumbled “thank you.””No, it’s you we should thank.” Her eyes were bright blue and her smile was mesmerizing. “I’m Jen.” Again I stood there mute. Finally she prompted, “And you are…””Sorry. Steve. I’m Steve. And my wife is Barb.”She asked me a few questions about the neighborhood and I managed to give 2 or 3 word answers. As time passed, I finally noticed that Bob wasn’t with us. “I should go back and help.” I said.”I think Bob has met your wife.” Jen said, nodding out the window. I looked out and saw Bob’s muscular frame standing very close to my wife. She stood there staring up into his eyes, her hand on his arm.Barb and I went to bed early that night. buca escort She was in bed before me. As I slipped under the covers, she pushed my head down. Knowing what she wanted, I went under the covers and started to lick her pussy. She was very wet. It wasn’t long before she grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her. As she came, I could swear I could hear her say, “Oh God Bob, yes!” But with her thighs pinned over my ears, I can’t be sure.As I came up for air, I put her hand over my cock. She just gave me a quick kiss, said good night and rolled over.Over the next couple weeks, each night I’d come home from work and Jen would be in the kitchen with Barb, chatting and having a glass of wine. I never said much. I would just stare at Jen’s tits or ass and mumble hello. Jen and my wife would giggle and Jen would make and excuse and go home.One Friday night I came home and no one was there. My wife’s car was in the driveway, so I knew she couldn’t be far. I put my things down, changed into sweats and a t-shirt and grabbed a beer.Just as I was finishing, there was a knock at the door. Jen stood there in a tight dress. She smiled and grabbed my hand, “come with me.”She pulled me over to her house and in the front door. She put her finger to her lips “Shhhh. Don’t say anything.” We quietly went upstairs. She pulled me into her bedroom, reiterating that I should be quiet.My wife was on the bed, naked, on her hands and knees facing away from me. Bob was behind her and his huge cock was thrusting in and out of her ass. Barb was pushing back into him. “Fuck that ass! God that cock buca escort bayan is huge! Give it to me!” she screamed.Jen pushed me into an armchair in the corner where I could see. Barb didn’t know I was there.Jen quickly pulled my sweatpants and underwear off. My own cock sprung out, as hard as it had ever been. Jen looked at it and giggled. Compared to Bob, my cock was like a little boy’s – thin and short. Jen gestured for me to stay where I was.Jen walked around the bed to where my wife could see her, Bob still fucking her ass. Jen reached underneath and pinched my wifes nipples hard, whispering something to her at the same time.””Oh God!” Barb screamed, “Cum in my ass, Bob! Cum now. I want it in my ass!” Bob thrust harder and faster, then grunted and came. “Yes! Give me all that cum!”Bob slowed down and stopped. He cock plopped out of her ass. He stepped back, saw me and smirked. Jen whispered something to my wife again.”Without looking over at me, she said “Steve, clean Bob’s cock up. Put it in your mouth and suck his cum and taste my ass.”Bob walked over to the chair and stood beside me. He took his flaccid penis and pushed it against my lips. He grabbed the back of my head and I opened my mouth, letting it slip in. I licked all the bitter cum off. After he pulled it out, I looked up and could see Jen and Barb staring at me.”Come over and lick your wife’s ass,” Jen said. I walked over and knelt behind my wife and started to lick her ass and all the cum leaking out of it.”Do you like licking another man’s cum out of your wife’s ass?” Barb asked. “His cock is beautiful. escort buca It’s sooo much bigger than yours. God it felt good. Does his cum taste good?”As I licked Barb’s ass, I reached down and started stroking my own cock.A moment later, I heard Jen whispering next to me, “Stroke your little prick, Steve. Cum into my hand. You want to cum don’t you?”With Jen’s whispering, I quickly came, spurting cum into her hand.”Barb, turn around a minute,” Jen said. She then put the hand with my cum in it up to me face and simply said “lick it.” I did as I was told, cleaning the cum out of her hand.Barb laughed and told me to go home and that she’d see me tomorrow. I went home and crashed, exhausted and confused.The next morning I was woken up by someone climbing into bed with me. It was Jen. I was groggy and confused and started to ask what was going on. Again she just put her finger to her lips and said “shhh.”She climbed up on me, straddling my chest. She pulled her dress up, revealing her beautiful shaved pussy. It was wet and swollen and I could see she had just been fucked.Jen climbed up over my head and just lowered her pussy to my face. “Lick,” she said. “Your wife tells me you are a wonderful pussy licker. Clean Bob’s cum out of me.”I did as I was told, licking her for all I was worth. I got my tongue into her as deep as I could and Bob’s cum flowed out. Jen came hard, grinding herself on my face.She climbed off of me and pulled the sheet down. My little cock was hard again. “Barb will be back soon. Bob is fucking her tight pussy. Apparently your little prick didn’t stretch it out much.”Jen walked to the bedroom door, paused and looked back. “Next weekend, Bob and I are having a little party. Some friends, mostly. Lots of big cocks and pretty pussies. We need a pussy and ass licker. You don’t mind doing that for me, do you?”I just nodded my head yes and she smiled and walked out.

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