8 Ekim 2021

Bonus ball


Bonus ballI got home from work yesterday and was just parking my car in the driveway, when my 67 year old widowed neighbour Sheila came out of her house in a bit of a flap. She came over to me and asked if i could look at her washing machine as it had stopped working with laundry still in it. I told her i’d be through in 5 minutes as i’d need to change and grab some tools. I was as good as my word and 5 minutes later i stood in her kitchen with my toolkit. After a few minutes of inspection i realised that the water output from the machine was blocked.After a litle exploration i had dissconnected the output at the pump to discover a pair of purple satin panties lodged firmly in the pipe, Sheilas face went bright red when i pulled them out of the pipe. I said to her “these look nice, but i’d bet they would look nicer if they were on you”. Sheila blushed even more and then laughed. As i finished putting everything back together Sheila came back into the kitchen, now wearing a dressing gown instead of the jeans and tee shirt she’d been wearing when i arrived.She walked over to me and opened the front of her dressing gown, i stood and gaped at her in awe. She was naked apart from a pair of purple satin panties the same as the ones i’d just rescued, her big black and gray bush curling out of both sides at her thighs and also a tuft like an afro sticking out over the top of them.My cock instantly canlı bahis went rock hard, Sheila smiled a very mischevious smile and said “well do they look better on me”? I stuttered that they were fantastic aand said “let me have a closer look”? I crossed over to her and gently slipped her dressing gown down off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor, my eyes roamed over her big saggy tits, noticing that her big dark brown nipples seemed to swell and harden instantly. I bent down and cjupped her left boob in my right hand and eagerly sought out her now huge bullet-like nipple with my mouth, licking and sucking as Sheila mewed like a contented cat. I steered her backwards until she bumped into the kitchen table, i then pushed her backwards a little more so that her bum was now on the table. I then pushed her down so that her back was now flat on the table. I then started moving my mouth south from her fun-bags down over her wrinkly stetch marked belly until i got to the big tuft sticking out of the purple satin,i munched on the outside of those shiny panties getting down to the cleft between her legs, the gusset was already very damp and very tasty by the time my hungry mouth got there. I reached up and hooked my fingers into the top of her panties at each side and slipped them off her. Down on my knees between her legs i admired her fat lipped hairy cunt straight in front of me. My mouth bahis siteleri sought out her slit, licking and sucking like a hungry a****l. I found her now swollen clitoris with my lips, gently flicking it with the tip of my tongue, Sheila arched her back and spasmed as i did this, my mouth was engulfed in her juices which were gushing from her pussy like a river, my mouth was working as expertly as i could manage, her juices were running off my chin like a small river. Sheila all the while was getting louder and louder with her squeaks and moans until she was now almost screaming. She then grabbed my hair pulling my head out of her box and pleadingly she ordered me “fuck me hard now”. I stood up still between her legs opened my trousers and let them drop to the floor, my hardon was straining the front of my boxers like an escapoligist in a bag. My boxers were hastily shoved down round my knees, i grabbed both of her legs and slid her towards the edge of the table. My rampant cock slipped into her hole which by now was slippery. I lifted Sheilas arse up off the table so that i could thrust into her, every lunge getting a litle grunting moan from her. My balls slapped on her arse with every deep stroke, Sheila panted “faster,harder” at me. I banged her as hard and fast as i could manage. Sheila let out an ear piercing scream and almost pushed me over as she thrust towards my cock which güvenilir bahis was still plunging into her hairy hole. I couldn’t stop myself and erupted deep inside her, my sticky cum pumping into her wet eager cunt. With a shudder Sheila closed her eyes arched her back and pushed me back with her crotch. My cock slid out of her now dripping pussy, by now my dick was almost flaccid and dripping with the remnants of our coupling. Sheila looked down at my droopy cock and said “i’d better clean you up”, she slid off the table onto her knees on the floor and started licking and sucking the cum and pussy juice off my cock and balls. I was amazed at her oral skils as she nibbled on my bellend. I edged slowly onto a kitchen chair all the while Sheila was still eagerly chewing on my cock which was starting to get hard again. Her hands were eagerly wanking my cock as she devoured my balls, then my cock was back in her mouth and her hands moved back to my hairy plums. I gasped that i was about to cum, this caused Sheila to slip a finger into my bumhole as she sucked and licked my cock even more eagerly, making me spurt in her mouth. I apologised about cumming in her mouth and she winked at me as she swallowed my hot sticky gunk.Standing up she looked me in the eyes and said “the bible says love thy neighbour,so i think you’re on the right lines”. Then she bent down pulled up my boxers, which were still round my knees. Then told me to get dressed and then said “remember you’ve promised to come back on Sunday”. She picked up her dressing gown, put it on and shoved me towards the door.All i can say is roll on Sunday.

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