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Bridge Of Sighs


Bridge Of SighsIt was 1997 so I was 20 or 21, and I won from work an all expenses paid (as in flights and hotel, not spending money) 7 day trip to Venice.This was for me plus one. I didn’t have a boyfriend, and all my mates were still students,and could not afford to go with me.So, rather than waste the place, I had to find someone. I was racking my brains when a very nice and attractive manager stopped by my desk to ask for a report.I’d been drinking with him, in company, from time to time, so I knew he was divorced,unattached and solvent. He’d never ever come on to me, so I knew he wasn’t a perve or a lech,either. All I had to do was work up the courage to ask!The next time he stopped by my desk I made sure the letter awarding me the trip was prominently displayed there. He could not help but comment: “Oh, congratulations, Jo. How fabulous! Are you taking a boyfriend?””I don’t have one” I smiled”How come?” he asked, simply.”Well…I split up with my … c***dhood sweetheart, kind of thing, and I’ve been out with a few guys,and (sigh) had one or two.. one night stands, you know, but no, there is not one to take.My girlfriends are all students, so they can’t afford the spending money, and I can’t sub them,not on Modern-Apprentice wages””I see” he said “Well…something will come up !” and he made to leave”YOU don’t have the leave for it do you?” I ventured”I have more leave owing than I would ever take!” he replied “BUT.. I’d be no fun,boring old git like me!” “Richard! You’re not boring, you always make me laugh.. and you’re always NICE to me” I assured him “Do you fancy it?”His eyes scanned over me, and landed where I was exposing some stocking top. He averted his eyeslightning-quickly. I thought: ‘ I could have some FUN here ‘ I thought: Either : He DOESN’T fancy me, in which case he fucking well will when I make sure he accidentallysees me naked! Anyone, male OR female, would have wanted to fuck me when I was 21 and they saw me naked. OR: He DOES fancy me, and he’s trying his very best not to be lecherous, because I am 21 years younger and he doesn’t feel quite right about it, in which case I will tease him mercilessly, without admitting that I am. Bitch, eh? Heh heh. So Richard suggested we go for a drink to discuss it, so he took me to the Barnt Green Inn,over by his house and got me quite drunk, and he still never flirted. We did, however, during the course of conversation, cover the fact that he’d been on his own since his wife left him for her golf pro, three years previous. The implication was that he’d not had sex for three years, though it wasn’t specifically stated. I did manage to establish that he had only everhad two girlfriends prior to his wife.He broached the subject of accommodation, as in separate rooms, beds etc. I assured him separate rooms were not necessary, and foreign hotel rooms usually are twin bedded. By the end of the evening and his forty mile round trip to drop me home in his RangeRover, we had agreed he would renew his passport and come with me.Six weeks later we were at the airport together, along with the other people on the trip,who were all quite intrigued that we were going together. A few hours later we were arriving at our very prestigious hotel.We took the elevator to our room, and Richard was surprised and somewhat uncomfortable to see there was one double bed. I was not SO surprised because I had emailed the hotel and reserved one of their few doublerooms.We unpacked and kind of stood awkwardly. Richard was 42, 6 foot 2 or so and very very fit looking, but he was of coursefully old enough to be my dad, and he felt it. I broke the tension with the following statement…”Look , we are going to be changing and … getting dressed and undressed…. and trying to keep the other from seeing us.. naked… so what I suggest is we just SHOWEACH OTHER…NOW!””What?” he said, blushing already”I will go in the bathroom and strip, you do the same out here. When we’re both readywe .. open the door and .. bare all””Are you SURE?” he splutteredI said I was quite sure, and into the bathroom I trotted.I stripped off my sundress and g string, which was all I had on, and finally my shoes.I stood and admired myself in the mirror.I’d let my long blonde hair down, which I had tied up earlier to keep me cool, and also because of the temperature and humidity i HAD SHAVED MY PUSSY COMPLETELY, not there and then, but prior to the flight,so silky smooth cunt. Quite a rarity in 1997. So there I was, my tits looked big, they were I think 34D back then, and the nipples very erect, hourglass figure, shaved pussy, big juicy pussy lips all out and on display. It was left to Richard to call time and say yes he had got his clothes off and he was ready to see me, and me him.Eventually, after I had been stood waiting for a full five minutes! “Are you coming out?” , he quietly asked I opened the bathroom door and stepped out, and I heard Richard gasp out loud.”Oh my god you’re ….sensational” he breathedI gave him a twirl, showed him my bum and all that.Richard WAS naked, and he had a really great body, muscular and dark-hairy, but he was covering his groin with his hands.I just walked up to him.”Let me see” I smiled , and when he hesitated I took his hands and pulled them away. I openly looked down at his cock from less than a foot away. “Don’t be shy” I grinned, locking eyes with him.He was becoming redder and redder, because he was completely erect: as hard as bone.He’d got a really really nice cock probably eigt inches of it, and wide, and big balls too, covered in thick black hair. Cracking body.”Wow yourself” I said ” I wasn’t expecting that. The hard on, I mean” “Can I .. put it away now?” he asked. First time I’ve EVER been asked that.We both got dressed to go out to dinner, Richard took a cold shower first, before he could even get his cock back in his trousers.We had a lovely meal in a restaurant which he paid for in it’s entirety. We talked and talked,and nothing was mentioned about the nudity, or the stiffie. One thing of note was our waitress,who was remarkably beautiful, and Richard caught me admiring her arse in her tight black trousers.”Do you .. LIKE her?” he probedI was quite casual about it”Who WOULDN’T – she’s stunning!” I grinned. I went on to explain “I should explain – I went to an all girl Catholic boarding school,where .. well… anything goes. Schoolgirls ! Nuns! So I don’t see sexuality as being black and white. I am attracted to ….some women”He took a long draught of his wine and looked away, cleared his throat.”I wasn’t expecting THAT, either” he admitted”I am FULL of surprises!” I laughedAt about 11 pm we walked back across the square to our hotel, and back up to our room. I was wearing a halter neck top, no bra, no knickers, and a wrap round skirt. With no ado whatsoever, and no theatricality, I removed my shoes and these two garments, and laid them on a chair. “Fucking hell” he murmured “You’ve already seen it all!” I reassured him, but I was absent mindedly cupping my big tits, which must have beenquite offputting.He’d got light coloured chinos on, and his hard on, for it was back, was quite noticeable. “I’m just going to tell you this for information purposes only, but I’m horny” I told himHe audibly gulped. “Do you mind if I put the light out?” I askedHe slowly shook his head, perhaps in disbelief. canlı bahis In the dark I slipped under the cool cotton sheet which covered our bed, and immediately began to masturbate. “Jo!” he protested “You’re not……??””I am” I confirmed “I’m sorry but I’ve got to, the hot weather starts me off then …well I just get worseand worse. Now let me concentrate – PLEASE!” “Sorry” he whisperedI was giggling quietly I had my eyes closed as Richard took off whatever he was taking off, and I felt him slip under the covers with me,it was a very big bed, probably 6 feet wide, so there was quite a space between us. I felt him moving, and he seemed to be breathing rather heavily, and I thought he’s NOT is he?. I opened one eye,and I could see movement under the sheet. “Richard! You’re NOT!!” I chided , trying desparately not to laughRichard was defensive :”Well I can’t just lie here! I could go out onto the balcony and give you some privacy if you want” he said”No, no it’s fine, you carry on” I told him, and I carried on wanking, rubbing my clit with a finger whilstmanhandling my big tits with the other.About five minutes later he asked me “Are you getting there? “That’s a bit PERSONAL!” I protested”Sorry” he said “I was just wondering…” “Wondering what?” “Kind of what you do ..and how you do it” I threw the sheet back and clicked on the spotlight over the bed.”Watch me if you like ” I said quietly Of course throwing back the sheet had also uncovered Richard, with his hand wrapped round the head of his dark hairy cock, gently pumping away at it. He again was blushing uncontrollably.I started to push fingers into my cunt, first one then two.”Watch me ” I urged him againHe nodded animatedly”I’m WATCHING” he confirmed (gulp)”Hold your balls!” I told him “I want to see you massaging your ball sac”He did as he was asked and I could see his toes starting to go , so something was happening. His cock was bigger than it had been earlier, both longer and fatter. I was dying to get it inside me,but I had a day or two of teasing on my agenda first. “Oh you’ve got a big cock, Richard!” I cooedHe visibly shivered, even as he stroked it.”I don’t suppose….” he began, cautiously”No” I said flatly – to whatever the request was about to beI closed my eyes and imagined his cock opening, then pumping it’s hot contents into my ample cleavage.I rubbed harder and faster”OhhHH” I moaned He gasped “NnnnnnnNN” I grunted and my hips bucked on the bed as my body was racked with a huge multiple orgasm. My skin was burning, heart racing, my eyes watering; it seemed to last forever but gradually it calmed down, and my breathingand heartbeat began to return to normal.For a moment I even forgot Richard was there. I opened my eyes and looked at him”That’s BETTER” I giggledRichard was still wanking, really quite quickly by now. “This is getting quite frustrating” he admitted “It WANTS to come but I’m just not getting there””It happens to me sometimes” I said “Relax. He’s just got stage fright. It’s only me here. You don’t .. MIND if I watch?” He shook his head”I guess it ought to HELP!” he smiled I nodded and grinned”I loOOve watching guys wank themselves off” I told him”How was yours?” he asked “What were you thinking about?” “Great orgasm – MASSIVE! Really enjoyed it. very staisfying you know…and I’m not telling you – it’s private. You’d be embarrassed If I told you””Go on. Do tell.. Please” he begged “Sigh.. ok I have a thing, well…. it has to be with me and a couple … a proper couple, long term or married,and I…. I get in between them.. and well ..both of them want sex with me… I sit on the husband and fuck him,and then when I’ve come, but before HE comes, I jump off him and make her suck him off, and his cock is…all… wet from me… you know. sorry””Have you done that for real?” he askedI nodded”Once” “How was it?” “Well they were both gorgeous, a lot older than me, and it was probably even better in reality!””Did you actually have sex with HER?””Oh yes! I was more forward than her. I went down on her. She was quite nervous.. of me, she took a long timeto umm. ….for me to ring her bell. Then she tried to do me, but she was too shy to really get into it, but her husbandreally um..enjoyed watching her efforts! Then, well… she didn’t ….she wasn’t into .. having anal, so the husband was really pleased that I AM, you know. So..he fucked me up the arse. He absolutely loved it. She enjoyed watching us as well””Oh Oh” moaned Richard “detail!!!! Tell me, SLOWLY and exaGGERATE”I roared laughing “O-..Kay! Well he got me on all fours with my face in the pillow, his wife came and licked my bum to lubricate””YES! YES?” “And he [I omitted the condom for the telling] got his cock in his fist .. and pushed through my ring””YES! Yes?” “And he fucked my arse, he went on about how tight it was, and he reached under to grab my tits and ..squeeze them… ooh”I paused”I am going to have to have another wank!” I told him (Gulp) – RichardI slipped off the bed and went to my case and came back with my vibrator. Richard couldn’t believe his eyes.”Now that’s VERY big” he commented “It doesn’t USUALLY go inside” I told him “I just use it on my clit” And I did.I turned it to half speed and immediately applied it to the top of my cunt where it immediately made me shudder with pleasure.I grasped my breast with the other hand and lifted it to kiss it.”Can you suck your own brasts?” he asked – he was GETTING BOLDER NOW!!”Well.. sort of” I began to explain “I have big tits and a long neck, so if the nippleis fully erect, I can get my lips to it, and lick it, and if I really bend my neck to the enth degree, suck it””Show me” he begged”Hang on a minute ” I said “I am TRYING to come, here” “I’d like to see the vibe INSIDE you as well” he said”You’re VERY demanding, all of a sudden!” I smiledI repositioned the vibrator in my hand and pushed it into my cunt as far as it wouldcomfortably fit.I groaned as the vibrations hit home, rattling my very CORE”oh JEEZ” I moaned and my hips began their Mexican wave again.Richard had moved down the bed and was watching from between my spread legs “God that’s inCREDIBLE” he whispered My second multiple orgasm shook both me and the bed we were both on.Finally I collapsed in a sweaty heap as my involuntary situps subsided. Richard went back to lying next to me, STILL wanking.I slipped the wet, glistening vibrator out of my depths and leant over to apply the side of it, still running to the base of his cock.He flinched and gasped. I really did think he was close to the edge now.His large cock was SO hard it was all bent back towards his navel. The foreskin wasmost difficult to retract, because of how swollen his knob was, so shiny and reddishpurple. I was watching quite closely and I fancied I could see my face in it.Then the whole bed shook and he moaned loudly”OH! CHRIST!” he grunted and the big shaft bucked in his hand and he started to spurt and spurt and spurt.The first shot was impressive, the second one even more so, and he went for a third and a fourth, thick pearlescent and white: the steaming hot jets festooning his dark haired andtoned six pack and pooling in his navel.”Oh my god” I giggled with a hand over my mouth as if in shock “You’ve got a lot of sperm! Blimey There’s enoughto give me about ten babies there!”He was blushing furiously, his bahis siteleri breathing was ragged.”You know once you’ve COME, you seem to return to sanity, I can’t believe I , we did that!” he admittedI grinned and disappeared into the en suite and came back with a clean hand towel.”Clean you up” I grinned and stood over him like a nurse on bed bath duty.I mopped his chest and belly then boldly took his cock between thumb and forefinger to lift it to clean underneath,he flinched even at my non sexual hold on him. “You DON’T get a spit and polish” I giggled He looked somewhere between relieved and disappointed. We opened a bottle of wine and sat naked together and drank it, we each went and showered, and re joined the other.I reappeared wearing a towel wrapped round my torso, but I almost casually took it off again when I sat with him.He also remained naked, which was nice.We finished the bottle and fell into bed, with the masturbation, the travel and the wine, we fell into a dreamless sleep.We awoke the next day, made no mention of our shared voyeurism, dressed normally and went out to see the sights. We rode in boats and gondolas, ate al fresco in cafes, and walked across ornate squares. It wasn’t until our evening meal, and our first alcohol that the conversation became intimate. He asked me about my timeat school and all the things we got up to after lights out. See my story ‘Boarding School’ for the details. I spent aboutan hour just on the highlights, with regular top ups of wine, on his dime, as payment for the next tale, and the next tale,I actually made some up just to fuel his ardour. Hairy gymslip pussies sat on my face, the lot I told him about. He went white. When I suggested we move inside,he admitted it would be a while before he could stand up. When pressed he did admit it was due entirely to a stiffiethat he could not THINK down. I changed the subject to horse riding, somwething we both had done a lot of, and some time later, his erection subsided,we made out way back to the hotel. We had one last lewd conversation of the day, back at the hotel, when he asked me what was the most outrageous thingI had ever done. I’m sure what I told him wasn’t the MOST outrageous but hey it floated his boat. When I was in 6th form, we had a competition in the common room to raise money for charity. We each had to offer something,for auction. Some examples were a guy’s entire record collection, one girl offered to streak through the canteen. The idea was these “prizes” were auctioned. Being Solihull, Knowle even, there was no shortage of funds. My ticket was the chance to come all over my tits. It specifically stated I would not assist other than to strip – to the waist only -and kneel. The winning ticket went to a geeky lad called Royston, for £150, a hell of a lot of money for a 17 year old, back then (1993).I nonchalantly took my t shirt off and my bra and knelt. Geeky or not he was VERY tall and the sperm would have a longway to fall. Did I mention this was to be done in the company of the entire 6th form? There were a fair few 5thformers had sneaked in also. Royston got his cock out, eventually, it wasn’t even hard, he was so nervous. His eyes were watering behind his thick glasses. He eventually got his asthmatic breathing under control and began to pull his cock. It was hardening up now,and it was surprisingly big, but he was six foot plus, so it was I guess to scale. I just always expect a guy with a bigcock to act with a degree of confidence from it, and he wasn’t. I’m sure I derive some of my confidence from my figure.Anyway once he got going, he managed to ignore some of the catcalls, the girls were the worst, the boys remainedquite reserved. he reddened and grunted, and rained a deluge of loose gloopy semen all over me, much of it in my faceand hair, rather than the intended target of my tits. It wasn’t like you could easily miss them. I probably shouldhave given in and given him a titwank to keep it tidy, I told Richard, finally. He was visibly moved. Well.. he was laughing actually. He compared to to when his wife was pregnant and all hormonal and horny, and her parents were due for lunch,and she made him go down on her before they arrived, and his face was soaked with her come. Then immediately the inlaws arrived and he had to kiss her mother.We got into bed, naked again and I fell asleep om the left hand side of the bed, lying on by left side,facing left as is were. He was lying on his left side on the right hand side of the bed. He was naked as well. At some point during our sleep he must have moved toward me, so I could feel him snuggling up against me. He was genuinely asleep, I could tell by his breathing, but snuggling up my my curvaceous silky (award winning) bum had given him the most enormous erection. I was tucked between my buttocks. If I’d been ready lubricated I would have been tempted to pull him into my bottom, I was horny. “Richard!” I whispered “You’re up against me and you’ve got a hard on” He moved away. “I’m sorry” he said in a gravelly,just woken up type of voice. “It’s okay” I reassured him “I’m not offended or anything, I just didn’t want it to get .. embarrassing”He nodded, and tried to adjust his cock which was making a tent in our sheet. I smiled”Let ME!” I said and reached acrossI simultaneously threw the sheet back exposing his rigid cock. He was holding it. I wrapped my cool, soft little hand round his cock and moved his away. He grunted and breathed out noisily through his nose. “Let me know if I’m gripping too hard” I told him I began to wank him quite quickly, with my hand round his big knob. Used my other hand to open his legs and then massage his big balls.”Oh my god, Jo, that’s wonderful” he enthusedI was on my knees above him. I added a second hand, placed towards the base of his cock. He began thrusting into my hands, becoming more urgent. I felt him begin to tremble, and his hips start to buck, I leant in and placed his cock between my tits. I gathered them around his knob, and he groaned as he dumped the contents of his big ballsinto my soft young cleavage. He came and came and I even gave him a bit of tongue down his pipe. “MMMMMMmmmmmmMMMMM” he moaned “So much come!” I commented. My tits were covered.”Is that better?” I grinned broadly He was breathless and flushed. I gave the end of his cock a kiss and went off to the en suite to clean up.When I returned he had gone back to sleep. Bless.I spent the ret of the night wanting sex, but not getting any. The next day was again filled with innocent tourist activities, we barely spoke of any intimacies. That third evening we ate at a restaurant called Riviera, which unsurprisingly was on a canal, absolutely beautiful, VERY romantic and Richard’s corporate Amex card took a hammering with several bottles of wineat – probably £30 GBP equivalent a pop, this back in 1997. The conversation took a turn for the rude, but during this, he actually told me I was the most incrediblybeautiful woman he had ever .. (he hesitated) .. been with – kind of. So then I looked into his eyes Locked on.And said…..”Did you want to FUCK me, tonight?” He spluttered his wine. “OH GOD YES!” he gushed. I was gushing too, a good thing I had worn pants or I would have been leaking onto the seat. “I didn’t think we were.. going to DO that” he went on to sayWould YOU bahis şirketleri have tried to talk your way out of it? I thought not.I had a little reach under the table and squeezed him – he was fully hard already at the suggestion of actually getting his cock inside me.”What do you like most about me” I asked him playfully “Your eyes, your smile” he began”Bullshit” I grinned “TRUTH?” After four or five piles of bullshit we got to My big titsMy curvy assandmy luscious SHAVED pussy.”That’s more like it!” I laughed “Be HONEST with me, and I with you, and we will get LAID. WELL and truly”We took our time over eating, we weren’t in any rush, but the tension built as we ate our desserts, and the conversationdried up a little. At my suggestion we stopped in a little bar on the way back to the hotel and had a shot of somehugely strong local licquer for a bit of Dutch courage. Once back in the room, he soon reached to kiss me properly for the first time, I opened my mouth, gave him my tongue, whilst grinding my mound into his hard cock. I broke the kiss and dropped to my knees, pulling my bigtits out of the dress as I did so. Big tits, pert but pendulous, I mean they’re pretty ace NOW, but at that agethey were stupendous. See the paintings if you’re on Xhamster.I opened his trousers and pulled his erect cock out, and straight into my mouth. My sister had a friend who was in her late twenties, she’d had a lot of boyfriends and she was renowned as a bit of a blowjob expert. She had shown me how to deep throat, using a dildo, but I hadn’t deep throated a human before, so I had a go, I gagged but he seemed impressed.I dipped down and gave his big hairy balls a good sucking. He threw his head back and groaned. Finally I stood up and took my dress and knickers off, so I was naked apart from black silk stocking and a black suspenderbelt with little blue flowers on. I personally think they look better with a hairy cunt, but hey , he loved it anyway.And who wouldn’t? “Get on the bed!” I told him He got, he lay down.I slid up his prostrate body. I positioned my black stockinged shaved pussy right over his mouth.”I want you to lick me” I said “You’ve got a big cock and I have a tight little pussy, you need to get me soaking wet or we’re going to struggle!” I didn’t wait for an answer I just sat down onto his mouth.It might have been a while since he’d seen any action but he’d been married a long time, and it showed. He slipped his tongue inside me lapping my insides. He soon realised I’d been LYING, basically, I was dripping wet already.As I leaked onto his lower lip he made his way to my stupendously hard clitoris. And I nearly took off.”Oh my GOD that’s NICE!” I moaned as I looked down at him licking me. I had to lift my tits out of the way, to see properly, so I gave them a loving squeeze as I did so.I got hold of the painfully erect nipples and held them, grinding my pussy down onto his devouring mouth. “I’ve got to have you IN ME” I told him and I moved down to get his cock into me. I manouvered down. “HOLD him” I saidHE held him, vertical for me, beforehand before-hand as it were he was so hard it was bending back into his belly.”Condom!” he urged me. I’d seen him disappear into a pharmacy earlier.”No” I shook my head “I definitely want to feel you come inside me”He gulped hardI gently rolled his foreskin back and slipped his bare knob inside my juicy pussy lips.”Feel good” I asked, grinning wickedly HE nodded “Little bit MORE?” I teased He nodded imperceptiblyI sank an inch further down onto him. My denuded pussy lips were all pumped up and oozing with juices. My hole slid down him another inch and another until his big cock was crammed into me right up to his balls.He groaned in ecstasy and reached up and grabbed my tits. “That’s fantASTIC” I enthused. I reached back and pulled my own buttocks apart to get the last fraction of his cock into me.The other end was a long way up, banging against the entrance to my womb.I moved gently up and down on him, clenching my pussy muscles to make myself fully as tight as I had advertised.He was going redder and redder”Don’t COME” I urged himHE visibly gritted his teeth”I KNOW it’s difficult” I teased We carried on for – not long – three or four minutes perhaps with me sliding up and down on him. He was really FIGHTING to hold back his sperm, I could see. I stopped “Right” I said “I want to COME now, what I want to do is lie on top of you with my legs out and I want you grab my arseREALLY firmly, dig your fingers in, and GRIND me, push me right down onto your cock, then lift me off and push meright down again””Really? Why is this?” “It really rams my clit into the base of your cock and well.. it makes me come! What else did you need to know? Just DO IT” HE did it, and he did it well, as it happens. About two minutes of that and I was creaming him, coming for England,squirting, gripping, biting, groaning and swearing in his ear. A quadruple multiple orgasm.Finally I stopped coming and slithered into him for emotional, reassuring kisses. I climbed off of him. “OH” he said, disappointedly.”It’s Ok we’re not finished yet” I reassured him, and with that I got onto all fours, presenting my pussy and ass, all framed in the stockings which were nowrather messed up my my come.”Fuck me from behind?” I offered”Oh GOD yes” he agreed and moved up behind me”In your PUSSY?” he enquired “To start with” I giggled “You can fuck me up the ass as well, though. Come wherever you want” “I AM going to want to go up your ..ass” he croaked, his throat was constricted”Calm DOWN” I reassured him “I’s sorry, its just that .. my wife would never do that, and you have the most EXQUISITE bottom” “I know” I smiled “And it would be a pity to WASTE it? A lot of men have said that. You need to lubricate me now, then”HE moved behind me and fingered me, coating two fingers in my juices and pushing them into my ass.”Oh GOD! That’s GOOD” I groaned “I LOVE the.. .trepidation. Lick my ass as well, get your tongue up there” He dutifully got down there, holding m by the stockings, parting my buttocks and slipping the point of his wet tongue rightup my bum. I grabbed handfuls of the pillow, squirming in exctasy. Shivers were running down my spine like it was a lightning rod.Having satisfied himself I was penetrable, he pushed his cock in through my wet flaps and began vigorously fucking my cunt. He reached under and grabbed my tits, forcefully kneading them. I pushed my ass back into him as be grabbed me by the stockings and pulled me into his cock.I came again, after rubbing my clit. Pretty soon Richard was ready to go up my ass. I wasn’t complaining. Although he said his WIFE didn’t like it, he had presumably done it before,as he deftly popped through my ringpiece, and buggered me. We were both groaning in exctasy, as he collapsed into me as he pumped all his hot come up my bum. My Richard was a real SPERM FACTORY. Lord knows how long he’d been storing all that lot up!So having cleaned ourselves up we were enjoying a relaxed sixty nine, he was eating my pussy while I sucked his balls and gently wanked him. I then told him: “Richard, you know OUR waitress?” “The one with the BUM?””The one with the bum yes. I have some news” “What?” “She’s …. gay” “WHAT?””I saw her with a girl, they were doing that linking little fingers thing. They’re an item””What was she like?””Not NEARLY as hot as me” He laughed “So why mention this?” “Because if you wanted a threesome with her, then at least we know she likes girls””Are…. we going to TRY?” “Yes” I assured him “we ARE”To be continued

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