30 Haziran 2020

brotherly love


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brotherly loveIt had been 4 years since I‘d seen my br0ther. He’d moved overseas for work and his visits back home had coincided with me being away also. Nevertheless we had always been close and he’d been the perfect big br0ther to me while we were growing up, being 6 years older. I was only 16 when he left home and was at University when he moved overseas. He was always protective of me and I always loved being near him and had often fantasized that he would be my protector and lover. He had a great physique and had spent a lot of time at the gym and sculpted his body to perfection. As I matured I followed in his footsteps as I idolised him and wanted to look the same, even getting similar tattoos as him.Now it was time for a reunion. I’d got a job as a pharmaceutical representative and had been sent to Singapore for a conference and was dying to meet up with my Br0! I caught a taxi from the airport to my hotel and freshened up after the long flight. He finished work early and came straight to the hotel which was near his work. It was electrifying meeting him, his broad beaming smile and physical frame came towards me as we embraced in the foyer. Our hug was like glue, as he clung to me saying it had been way too long. His eyes welled up and I felt emotional also, as I swallowed against the lump in my throat. He slapped me on the back and hugged me again as if he couldn’t believe it and then uncontrollably planted a kiss on my forehead.“I love you buddy” he said.He had never been this demonstrative in the past. We stood in the foyer holding each other for minutes, each beaming at the other and not letting go. It was a magical moment.He was much the same to look at, a bit older but still as handsome as ever. I knew he would have many female admirers. He had piercing brown eyes like me and a broad chin and beautiful smile, he really could have been a model. We decided to head for a drink and then a meal. After that we ended up at the hotel bar and continued drinking. My Br0 told me some of his adventures and also some of his disappointments in life. He got a little sad at one point and ordered more drinks to cheer himself up. I didn’t drink too much as I had to be OK for the conference the following day.By about 11pm I realised my Br0 was in no fit state to get home so I helped him up and teetered towards the elevator. He really was much more drunk than I’d realised.We got to my room on the 15th floor and I let him sit / fall onto the king size bed. He lay straight down on his back and looked like he was going to sleep. I took his shoes off and then his socks and he commented on how nice it felt me touching his feet. He started unbuttoning his shirt and propped himself up but looked a bit dizzy. I removed his trousers, he smiled at me cheekily as I undid his belt. If only he knew what I really wanted to do!! I pulled his iskenderun escort trousers down and saw his muscular legs and thighs again for the first time in years. They were still magnificent and had just the right amount of hair to make them super sexy. His briefs were bulging and looked impressive, I knew what was inside as I’d seen him showering a few times in my teenager years. I got him standing and walked him to the bathroom for a pee, which he did sitting down. He looked so vulnerable sitting there as I brushed my teeth as I got ready for bed also. I supported him back to the bed and let him climb in. By the time I was undressed he was asleep and I got in my side removing my briefs at the last moment. I always liked to sleep free and easy.I slept well having vivid dreams with my br0ther in them, it had been so surreal to meet up again after such a long time. The dreams were wonderful and full of the motions that we’d felt at the embrace in the foyer. I dreamt of him when he lived at home and we were having a sun bake after a swim. He had rolled over and started massaging sun tan lotion into my back. It felt beautiful, his hands and muscular arms in contact with me. I couldn’t help but get aroused and felt me cock expanding in my bathers.It was then that I woke up and realised where I was and what I was feeling. I was fully erect for good reason. I could feel the warmth of my br0thers body spooning with me in the bed, his hard cock warming my perineum and nuzzling my balls from behind, somehow he had got his briefs off and his cock fully between my cheeks. His broad arms were around me and his face was nuzzled into my neck. I looked at the clock and it was 5:30am, the hint of sunrise could be seen in the sky as I ‘d forgotten to close the curtains. I didn’t want this to end it felt so nice. Then I began panicking about what would happen when he woke up. Thoughts were whirring through my brain at an unnatural rate as I pondered what to do, I thought about it for what seemed like ages and then looked at the clock again and it was only 5:32. It was then that I felt his arms move gently sliding over my chest and his lips pressing into my neck kissing me.“I love you” he said, as I imagined him having a dream with some girlfriend.He continued kissing me, rubbing my chest and then our hands interlocked and he squeezed my hand with our interlocked fingers. His cock was hard and firmly between my legs and I could feel him gently moving in and out. “God how good would this be if he was awake”! I thought to myself as his hand left mine and rubbed over my stomach to my pubes, gently pressing and rubbing my stomach making me harder and wetter. His hand brushed my hard cock and it felt so good, and his hand didn’t seem to register that it had touched something foreign.His tongue traced a line on my shoulder and escort iskenderun he continued kissing me, nuzzling into the hair on the back of my neck.“I love you buddy, I always have” he said.I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, was this dreaming, was he awake.?? I couldn’t be sure, but my heart was pounding. I felt momentarily terrified and paralysed at the same time. I pushed myself against his body, making the sensation of his throbbing cock harder between my legs. The heat coming from that thing was like red hot!! It was starting to become sticky as his precum had oozed onto my leg and was making the sliding motion easier. As my ass responded by synchronising with his gentle thrusting, his hand slid onto my hardened cock, gently tickling me sending shivers through my being. His thumb gently circled the head of my cock, slick with precum, sending electrical tingling all over my body, his fingers gently stroking the shaft. I was now in a land of make believe and didn’t want to return.The hands on approach to my cock got me unleashed as precum started oozing out like a slow leaking tap. My br0 expertly slid his hand from top to bottom of my shaft massaging the head with his thumb when he got there. The sensations were sublime. He did this about 20 times and the amazing sensations just got better with each return. Early dawn light was beginning to lighten the room and I was desperate to be hands on with my Br0 also. I still couldn’t be sure whether he was asleep?? That feeling of his hot rod between my legs was almost too much to bare, I wanted to suck that thing.I decided to roll against him so that I would be on my back. It would either end the encounter or let me see what I was hoping more than anything in this world to see. I raised my arm as if still asleep and pushed against him, feeling his cock slide out from between my legs, he moved a bit, but was still on his side propped up on one elbow, his hand still gently stroking my hard wet slimy cock. I reached my arm behind my head as if yawing, and put my hand behind his head, pushing my fingers through his tousled hair, looking up in the process.There was my beautiful Br0 staring down at me, with his beaming smile that he’d greeted me with the day before. I smiled back, the sense of wonderment at this situation echoed in my soul. His hand was momentarily motionless on my cock as if he was wondering whether or not I was aware of what he was doing or not?“Don’t stop” I said as I smiled up at him.He smiled even more broadly and leant in to kiss me. Our mouths meeting softly, the pressure from his lips giving me what felt like a facial orgasm. He gently touched my cheek with his hand as our kiss became more passionate. I opened my mouth and let his tongue invade me, like I wanted his whole body too. Stimulation and tingling was all over me, as my Br0 iskenderun escort bayan repositioned and straddled me, still maintaining our passionate kiss. His whiskered face against mine sent shivers in all directions as our lips sloppily separated and I sucked on his lip from time to time and him on mine. My hard wet cock was now sliding along his ass grove, between his cheeks and he was maximising my pleasure by rocking back and forth, bending my cock in a firm downward direction. His cock was gliding up and down my belly, as I arched my back to force more contact between him, me and his cock. Our arms grappled and locked around each other, sometimes he had them wrapped around me, sometimes they were on my face, gently holding me.He began pushing his ass hard against my cock and his ass groove was now slick and slimy with my precum oozing out like sap from a tree. He reach down and held my cock in place while he slowly allowed his puckered hole to open and envelope me. The sensation of him sliding down onto me and us becoming one was only just slightly more beautiful than the expression on his gorgeous face. He rocked back and forth and both of us felt like we were complete for the first time in our lives. It was unbelievable the feeling of completeness and complementarity. He began thrusting gently, so that he could feel my cock sliding in and out of his ass hole. I could see the waves of pleasure on his face as he bit his lip and closed eyes. He leant in again and kissed me some more and I held his body tight against me as I began thrusting my cock back and forth inside of him. He began moaning with pleasure, his cock slithering across my belly being sandwiched between our two grinding bodies, stimulating him to the max. He hooked his hands under my armpits to his elbow and cupped my head in his hands, controlling my head and holding me in place for more passionate kissing. He pulled back as I realised he was close, his body spasmed as I continued thrusting inside of him. I felt his hot juices spurt out between our bodies, making our contact even more slippery and heated at the same time. He was groaning and panting as he fired off each pulse of cum into our sandwiched stomachs that were sliding and grinding each other. With one last plunge I could feel I was about to blow and the warm tingling sensation of orgasm radiated through my body as I pulsed and contracted shooting load after load of hot cum into my loving Br0’s ass. “Oh yeah, fuck yeah” he screamed as he pelvic thrusted onto me to continue my pleasurable contractions and give me like a double orgasm. He pushed himself upright, with his hands on my chest, still straddling me, my cock still deep inside, gently rocking his hips back and forth. The pressure from his hands on my chest felt good and controlling. The last tingling of orgasm warmth were lingering and about to be gone from my cock but were still shimmering all over the surface of my body.“I love you little br0ther, I’ve always loved you” he said, as tears welled up and rolled down his face.“ I love you too” I said.http://xhamster.com/photos/view/669905-10770335.html

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