4 Kasım 2021

Carrie and Miranda


Carrie and MirandaCarrie Underwood left the stage of “Ellen” after a nice interview. It was country week on the show and Carrie was the first interview of the taping session. They were taping two episodes this day and next up, after a short break, was Miranda Lambert.Carrie finished talking with a stage hand and approached Miranda’s dressing room. She lightly knocked and received no answer. She slowly opened the door and peeked in but saw something that almost caused her to faint. Miranda was facing away from the door, on her knees and in front of a black man who had not a stitch of clothing on. Her head was bobbing back and forth, making it obvious to Carrie what she was doing to this man who was not her husband. He noticed her standing at the door and smiled before closing his eyes and having what was obviously an orgasm in the singer’s mouth. Carrie quietly closed the door and backed away from the room.”What the fuck,” she said to herself as she walked back to her own dressing room.Carrie quickly changed out of her purple dress and into the pair of jeans and tight white tank top she wore to the studio. The entire time she changed, she could not get the picture of Miranda cheating on her husband out of her mind. She decided to leave the building and get back to her hotel room to think things over. As she exited her room, she bumped into Miranda who was heading for the stage.”Leaving already?” Miranda asked.”Yeah, I’ve got a bit of a headache so I’m heading back to the hotel,” she responded.”Too bad, I wanted to hang out a bit today before I head back to Nashville,” Miranda said with a smile.”Maybe next time,” Carrie said, smiling back.Miranda headed off for the stage while Carrie headed for the exit. As she passed by the restrooms, she bumped into the man she saw earlier.”Hey,” the tall black man said.”Hi,” Carrie said, looking at the ground.”Enjoy the show earlier?” he asked.Carrie looked at him with a disgusted look. “You know she’s married, right?””So am I, no big deal,” he responded. Carrie sighed and started walking away. “If you ever want a taste of chocolate, you know where to find me!” he shouted out.She started walking faster towards the exit when she realized she had left her phone in the dressing room. She walked back and passed by the man once again.”Hungry?” he asked as she rushed past.”No,” she simply responded.Once she got back to her dressing room, she noticed several missed text messages on her phone. She sat down and took the time to respond to all of them. By the time she was done, she realized that she had been in the room for a half hour. She got up and left, again bumping into Miranda as she left.”I thought you had a headache. Feeling better?” she asked.”A little better; I forgot my phone and got caught up texting,” Carrie responded. Miranda started to walk away when she was stopped. “Hey Miranda!” Carrie shouted out. “Why don’t you come to my hotel and we can hang out for a bit like you wanted.” The two shared a smile before leaving together. They both passed the man again, this time with no words exchanged. They went into their separate cars and headed towards the hotel. After a fifteen minute drive, they arrived and headed up to Carrie’s room. Miranda sat down on the bed while Carrie tossed her bag onto a chair.”Want anything to drink?” Carrie asked.”Got any beer?” Miranda asked back.Carrie retrieved two beers from the mini-bar and tossed one to her friend. She sat down on a chair and quickly drank the beer down while Miranda drank slower.”Thirsty?” Miranda asked.”It’s just…I need a drink after today,” Carrie said, grabbing another beer.”We were on “Ellen”, it’s not exactly a stressful situation,” Miranda said.”It’s not the show it’s…nevermind.””What? Did something happen to you?” Miranda asked as she stood up.”No, nothing happened to me. Just forget it,” she said as she finished her second beer.”Tell me right now,” Miranda commanded.”Really, it’s not important at all.””Tell me or I’ll break this,” Miranda said as she grabbed istanbul escort Carrie’s phone. Carrie tried to grab it back but Miranda held it out of her reach and started to dig her nails into the screen. “Last chance.””It’s you!” Carrie shouted out. “I saw you…with the guy…on your knees.”Miranda slowly handed the phone back to Carrie and sat down. She looked like a small c***d that had just been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.”How much did you see?” she asked.”I only saw you for about twenty seconds but it was…you know, the last twenty seconds,” Carrie said, not looking at her. “He caught me just as he was finishing and I left. That’s why I was leaving early, it was just so shocking.” Carrie stood up over Miranda and placed a hand on her shoulder. “You’re married, how could you do something like that?””It has nothing to do with Blake, I love him,” Miranda said.”Enough to suck another man’s…” Carrie stopped herself before finishing the sentence.”It just happened; it was one time,” Miranda responded, still with a shocked look on her face. “You can’t tell anyone.”Carrie sighed and sat down next to her. “I’m not a good liar and Blake is a good friend, I don’t know if I could hold something like this back.””You have to, Carrie. It would crush him to find out,” she said, grabbing onto her hand.”I don’t think I can.”Miranda looked around the room nervously before looking at Carrie again, only this time she was looking lower. Her eyes met Carrie’s heaving chest, watching it rise and fall with each breath. She could tell by the pace that she was beyond nervous.”Maybe I could do something for you to make sure that you don’t tell,” Miranda said, licking her lips.”Like what?” Carrie said as she turned towards her and noticed her staring. “What are you looking at?””You have a beautiful body Carrie.””Miranda?””Shh,” Miranda said, placing a finger over Carrie’s lips. “I know what I can do to keep you quiet.” She removed her finger and gave her a quick kiss, causing Carrie to jump up off the bed.”What are you doing!?” she yelled, wiping her mouth.Miranda stood up and walked towards her. “I want a shot at that pretty little body of yours,” she said.”I…I’ve…I’ve never done…” Carrie said nervously.”Shh,” Miranda again covered Carrie’s mouth. “Have a seat, sweetheart.”Miranda backed away. Carrie slowly made her way to the bed and sat down. Miranda stood in front of her and smiled before pulling her shirt off. Carrie watched as her friend lifted the tight black tank top off and wrapped it around her neck. She quickly tossed the shirt down and continued watching as Miranda unhooked her bra and let her massive breasts free.”Wow,” Carrie whispered when she saw them.”Blake said the same thing when he first saw these,” Miranda said as she pulled her jeans and panties down, exposing her clean-shaven pussy.Carrie stared at her crotch as she felt a stirring in her own. “I never would have guessed you were a shaver,” she said as an intense warm feeling grew in her pants.Miranda sat down next to Carrie and started rubbing her thigh slowly. She leaned forward and gave her another kiss; this time getting a much more positive response. Carrie timidly started kissing back until she caught herself and broke the kiss.”This isn’t right,” Carrie said as she tried to move away from her.”You’re right,” Miranda said, catching Carrie off guard. “You should be naked too.”Carrie stood up and started to walk towards the door but was stopped when Miranda grabbed her arm.”Let me go, I don’t…” she stopped after Miranda slapped her on the ass. “Don’t do that. Now…” she was again cut off when she felt her jeans being pulled down. Miranda roughly pulled Carrie down on the bed by her jeans and pushed her on her back. She climbed on top of her and sat on her chest, facing away. Carrie tried to fight her off but froze when she heard her zipper being pulled down. She avcılar escort felt her pants being roughly pulled off. She was beyond embarrassed when she felt a cool breeze on her trimmed pussy.”So you don’t like wearing panties…nice,” Miranda said as she pulled the jeans off of her and tossed them across the room.Before Carrie could respond, she felt Miranda’s fingers running through her pubic hair. She was nervous but also was getting very excited. Once Miranda’s hand pressed against her pussy, she found out just how excited she was.”Soaking fucking wet…I knew you were enjoying this,” she said, holding her wet hand up in front of her own face before licking all of Carrie’s juices from it.Miranda looked back at Carrie and slowly sucked on her own finger. This caused Carrie to giggle, which in turn caused Miranda to giggle. At this point, Carrie realized that fighting was not going to work. Once Miranda pressed her hand against her pussy again, she responded with a soft moan. They looked each other in the eye and it was on from there.Carrie reached out and pulled Miranda down to her, giving her the proper kiss that she had fought against twice before. Miranda put her wet hands around Carrie’s cheek and took control of the kiss. Both girls were in heaven as they experienced their first loving kiss.Once the embrace was broken, Miranda started grabbing at her new lover’s tank top and pulled it off over her head. She instantly dug her face into the perfect set of breasts beneath her. Only the sounds of kissing, slobbering and moaning could be heard in the room.After a minute of breast worship, Miranda rose from her chest and sat up, still sitting on Carrie’s hip. She grabbed onto her friend’s hands and drew them to her own chest. Carrie cooed when her hands grabbed onto the large mounds hanging from Miranda’s body. She never could have imagined how great it would be to play with a large pair of breasts before. She had only grabbed at her own before, but hers were a lot more firm and smaller than Miranda’s. Both girls closed their eyes and moaned as she kept her hands on Miranda’s chest for several minutes. Once she released her grip, Carrie gently pushed Miranda off of her and sat up next to her. They both tilted their heads and shared another kiss. As they kissed, both girls lowered their hands until they were touching each other’s soaking wet pussies.Carrie jumped when Miranda’s index finger found its way between her puffy lips. She returned the favor by doing the same to her friend. They never broke the kiss as they lightly fingered each other. They both got increasingly wet and tried slipping a second finger in. Carrie had not trouble putting another finger in Miranda, but it took some work for a second finger to fit inside her own body.Miranda pushed Carrie back down on the bed and shoved the second finger in as hard as possible. Carrie screamed loudly as he pussy was stretched further. She felt both fingers slide in and out at a faster and faster pace until she could hold on no longer. She arched her back and let out a deep moan as an intense orgasm washed over her. She was so lost in her lust that she did not even realize that Miranda was busy licking up every drop of cum that her pussy produced.Carrie remained still on the bed as she received her first licking from a woman. She stared up at the ceiling with a big smile, feeling Miranda’s tongue and breath on her swollen and sensitive opening. After a few seconds, she saw Miranda’s crotch above her head. Slowly, it lowered down until it met her lips. Without missing a beat, Carrie let her tongue slip out and started licking her pussy while hers was still being ravished.The girls were locked in a 69 as Carrie experienced the taste of another woman for the first time. She had tasted her own juices many times in her life but never before tasted different juices. She immediately realized that pussy was indeed one of her favorite tastes. She slowly worked her tongue şirinevler escort around the hot, wet hole resting against her mouth as her nostrils soaked up the intense smell of pleasure.Around two minutes after the 69 was locked in, Miranda sat up and put all of her weight down on Carrie’s face. Carrie was unaffected by the change of position and kept her tongue circling around inside the increasingly moistening crotch around it. Miranda leaned back and purred as her body started to tense up before exploding in an orgasm that drenched her friend’s face. Carrie closed her eyes and lapped up as much of the hot cum that fell from Miranda as she could, all while keeping a big smile on her face. Once Miranda came down from her orgasm, she removed herself from Carrie’s face and collapsed next to her. They two girls embraced in a hug before taking a chance to relax.”That was awesome,” Miranda whispered into Carrie’s ear.”I never thought I’d like being with a woman so much,” she responded before sharing a small kiss. She stared into Miranda’s eyes before jumping out of bed and going through her bag. “I’ve got an idea for something fun we can try,” she said while looking.”Like what?””Like this!” Carrie said, holding up a ten inch, pink dildo.She flipped a switch on the toy and watched as it violently shook in her hands. She looked over at Miranda, who was licking her lips and running her hand down her body. She reached for the toy once Carrie got back in bed but was stopped.”You went first last time, it’s my turn,” Carrie said with a devilish smile.Miranda rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide. Carrie held the toy against her clit and drew it closer to Miranda. She licked her lips before slowly inching it into the waiting cunt of her friend. Miranda’s eyes went wide as the thick toy slid between her soaking wet lips and into her pussy. She immediately arched her back as the feeling of fullness ran through her. Carrie held her eyes closed and mouth open, groaning as she started thrusting in and out. It took no time before she was slamming it is hard as she possibly could.Miranda spread her arms out on the bed and laughed with each thrust. She had never had someone fuck her with a toy before and she loved every second of it. She looked up at Carrie and saw the fake-angry face she was making as she pumped away. Miranda could not help but laugh at the faces se was making. Eventually, she just closed her eyes and took in the fucking.Several minutes in, both girls felt a stir within their crotches. The vibration on Carrie’s clit sent her into another orgasm while at the same time; Miranda had her own climax around the toy. Both girls froze in lust as they felt the pleasure rush through them.Before Carrie was fully recovered, Miranda took the vibrator from her, pushed her onto the bed and took her turn. Without skipping a beat, she slammed the toy as deep as she could into Carrie, causing her to jump back into reality. Carrie did as Miranda and spread her arms wide, closed her eyes and just took in the feeling. Miranda was a lot rougher with the fucking than she had been…and she loved it. It was the hardest that she could ever remember being fucked.Miranda, meanwhile, was loving being in charge. She treated the toy like it was attached to her body and made sure to get full use out of it. She held it in one hand while using her other hand to slap various parts of Carrie’s body, particularly her breasts. After just a few minutes of fucking, Carrie’s breasts were beat-red. Miranda kept fucking her for several minutes until Carrie arched her back and had yet another orgasm, this one accompanied by a loud shriek.”FUCKING SHIT!” she screamed as a puddle of her juices formed underneath her ass.Miranda pulled the toy out of her and started rubbing it against her clit. Shortly thereafter, she stood up directly over Carrie and started slapping her own pussy until her cum started spraying out. She squirted what seemed like a gallon of cum all over her friend. Carrie opened her mouth wide and caught as much as she possibly could. When it was over, she was coated in a thick layer of sweet smelling liquid.Miranda lay down next to Carrie and snuggled next to her while they both recovered from their intense love-making.”That was beyond awesome,” Carrie whispered. “I never want this to end.””Be patient sweetie, this isn’t over just yet.”To be continued…

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