6 Temmuz 2021

Caught by the Maid


Caught by the MaidThis is a true story that I originally published in 2007 and currently gets about 500 unique pageviews a month on the site where it was originally posted. I’m reposting it here for your enjoyment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~A few weeks ago I got some encouragement to write the story of when I had a favorable outcome of being caught masturbating by a hotel maid. I should mention that although I am a frequent traveler and a frequent masturbator, with the two combined I have only been caught masturbating twice. The first time it happened to me I was so embarrassed that I immediately lost my erection and couldn’t even finish the act. Twelve years later it happened again and was a totally different experience. Last September my company sent me to Denver for an extended business trip. My assignment was to spend 5 weeks in the Mile High City to get things working smoothly in our satellite office. This involved spending 5 long weeks in an extended-stay hotel. I’m only glad that I came out of the experience with my sanity and a good story to tell about it. By the end of the second week I was on a first-name basis with several of the staff.As I said, I am a frequent masturbator and I am not ashamed of the fact. A masturbation session can either calm or energize depending on the circumstances. I enjoy an active and fun sex life, so my extended business trips can truly create more desire for a release. My masturbation sessions can range 5-minute quickies to multi-hour marathons depending on time, desire, and privacy. While I was in Denver the marathon session was a regular weekend event. On this particular Sunday I had gone to lunch konak escort with a coworker from the satellite office and had gotten back to the hotel by mid-afternoon. When I returned to the room it appeared to have already been straightened by the maid and the maid’s cart was nowhere in sight. My assumption proved to be in error. My room had been straightened, the bed had been made, and the dirty towels had been removed. The tiny detail that I missed was the fact that I did not have any new clean towels. Not being aware of that little detail, I set about getting comfortable and settled into a relaxing masturbation marathon.When I’m on the road I tend to be more casual about how I flog the bishop. A nice luxury of the job is that I carry my own LCD projector, speakers, a rotating selection of movies and tv shows on DVD, and my collection of porn movies on DVD. It means that when I travel I don’t have to depend on the hotel’s cable system and pay-per-view to keep me entertained, nor do I have to rely on typically flaky hotel internet connections to supply my porn. So I plugged my laptop into the projector, hooked up the speakers, put in my favorite porn compilation DVD, grabbed some lube, and settled in for a long, satisfying session on onanistic pleasure.Around an hour or more into my stroking session, and apparently distracted by the ongoing activity, I either missed the maid’s knock on the door or she didn’t knock at all. The next thing I knew the maid had walked in carrying a stack of towels. Since I was on the sofa there was absolutely nothing I could do to cover up the fact of what I was doing. I konak escort bayan was sitting there holding my diminishing erection, watching porn, and the maid had walked fully into the room with her towels. I’m sure I stammered something as I reached for the laptop with one hand and tried to cover my lubed privates with the other. She walked into the restroom to drop off the towels while I managed to stop the porn playing on the laptop. A few seconds later she came out of the restroom and looking at me the entire time she reached for the handle on the door. She said that she didn’t mean to disturb me and twisted the handle to open the door then stopped after opening it an inch or two. She closed the door and shocked me by asking if she could stand over there and watch me.In the span of a second I felt shock, fear, and excitement.I hesitantly asked what she meant and she said she wanted to watch me finish. I replied with something to the effect of “Don’t you have something better to do?”Her response was that she had already clocked out and dropping off my towels was the last thing she had to do before leaving for the day.Without thinking too much about it, my hand had already resumed the task of rubbing, squeezing, and stroking myself from flaccid to erect. At the same time I was consciously thinking that this was odd, this was exciting, and this could be a psycho Lorena Bobbitt in my room. I continued stroking and she released the door handle and took a step toward me. Thoughts of odd and exciting were quickly shoved away by thoughts of psycho Lorena Bobbitt. When I stopped stroking and was just escort konak looking at her she said that she just wanted to sit and have a better view. She sat in the chair that was at a right angle to the sofa and was looking at me with a tired smile. After several seconds I relaxed enough to stroke again. Five minutes or more into the stroking I was fully erect again, feeling more at ease, and feeling definite pleasant sensations. During that time neither of us said a word. It dawned on me that I was giving a show to a willing audience so I’d better make it worth it, even if she might be a psycho. I concentrated on my pleasure while making a good show of it. Some time later, maybe 15-20 minutes, she spoke and asked if I was going to cum soon, since I had become more vocal and was leaking quite a bit of precum. I replied that I was pretty close but could pace myself. Her reply was for me to hold on for a moment then go for it.She got out of the chair and went into the restroom. In her few seconds out of the room thoughts that I could be dealing with a psycho hit me again. I heard water being turned on, then off, and she returned with a wet hand towel.She sat in the chair again and I picked up where I’d left off. I spread my legs toward her and within a couple of minutes I shuddered and spurt in a satisfying, vocal, and full-body climax. I ejaculated like crazy, and what was not caught by my hand ended up on my thighs, stomach, chest, on the sofa, and on the floor. As I settled into the afterglow she said, “That was awesome!” and handed me the warm towel.I sheepishly thanked her for the towel and began cleaning myself up. She said she had to go and asked how long I was staying at the hotel. When I told her that I’d be there a few more weeks she told me her name and said that she worked every weekend part-time. Before I left Denver she got two more shows from me and gave me a great show of her own.

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